My dad was George Evrett Sellers Born Dec.24 1890 Little River Co. Ark. my
Grand father George Washington Sellers Born 1850 Died 1890 in Ark or Okla
.>James Sellers<

JAMES, Thanks,
we don't have much? info on LITTLE RIVER CO, AR =
(made in 1867 from Hempstead Co, AR)
lays next to Sevier, Howard, Miller Co's AR
lays next to BOWIE CO, TX
lays next to MCCURTAIN CO, KS
GEORGE SELLERS 1890/ probably shows BOTH parents on death certificate or obit.
Have? order
WHO was his MOTHER = name,age, born/maried =
YOU must Piece together this info to Prove Families

GEORGE SELLERS 1850/1890 will be on the 1880 federal census
OR  possibly 1885 AR/OK census = Many States had 1885 State Census-

GEORGE SELLERS 1890 will be on Census in 1900 even if dad died =
Living with Mother =
Living with Remarried Mother

OR who IS in 1880 LITTLE RIVER CO, AR Census =
OR married when=where/whom=
WHERE First Child Born=

ANY BROTHERS/SISTERS of GEORGE 1890 = Otherwise , we don't know/prove if same Geo SELLERS 1850 kids=

SEND WHAT FAMILY INFO = NAMES, AGES, DATES,PLACES, you can and will see what we have OR OUR SELLERS families may have on this area.
LAND - Counties changed, So, You Need to Research ALL surrounding Land and Where Married, Died, etc.

USE = USGEN WEB (on a search) go to states, go to counties, and read the documents OR ask for LOOKUP on a SPECIFIC person/date and Send Us More Info
THANKS for sharing SELLERS, I am sure we have many SELLERS connected to your family that NEED Your help also! marie, iowa
JAMES, WHERE  did George 1890 marry and to Whom=
WHERE first Child born and name/age =

IF you answer this FIRST, before the first letter with all questions, MAY be faster, BUT, probably need the other info for our other SELLERS families, marie, iowa