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I am searching for parent's of Isaac Sellers b. sept. 7 1824 d feb. 5
1888 =
      Pendleton Co. Ky.
     married Ruth Wood b 1831 d ?   married feb. 5  1846 (Pendleton Co., KY, msh)
     children  Catherine b 6  4  1848  d 11  13  1880
     George P  b10  12  1850  d 4  5  1882
     married Nancy Ramsey 2nd m  no children by this marriage.
     married Rose Ann Fields 3rd marriage
     children by this marriage
     Alphus, James, Laura, Susan F, Mattie, Icilina, and Clarence all
born in =
     Pendleton Co. Ky.
     any help will be greatly appreciated.
     James Sellers  sellersc@ccrtc.com=20

JAMES - Thank You for Sharing - We would appreciate the names of the
kids of the child you connect to = (the next younger generation) It
helps our youngers subscribers And
Have you read any Census/Wills/Land areas, etc = Please Send=Our SELLERS
do share-
marie, iowa

Searching for information  on John Sellers bca 1814 Germany? lived in
Covington KY until grown and married and went to bracken CO KY then to
pendleton CO KY and about 1880 or after he went to Ill. Where I dont
know. The information I have is that he died there at about age 80.
1880 Pendleton CO KY census
John Sellers  65
Louisa           40
Alvin              16
William          12
Orville             10
Mary                8
Charles          5
John               2
would like to know where he went and any information where he died.
James Sellers

JAMES - So are We!

Kindly send Your childs connection and Where/Names/Dates
WhoWhen/Where  did they marry or Go?
Give Some Info!
So we kinda feel like we are Sharing!

AND then I have a 'do-to- list'  for you to check on for Other info-

IF You have Found No Info on Your Connection -

You have probably Not Followed up on the other kids, etc and You HAVE NOT
sent Info.
This Discussion Group is for SHARING -

Thanks, Marie
John Sellers is a brother to Isaac Sellers and I can not find parents
of Isaac so thought if could find where John went could possibly find
death certificate of John that would name his father.
I will send all info. I have on John and Isaac if it will help. But
tomorrow as it is late.
    any help you can give will be appreciated.

I am searching for parents of Isaac Sellers he is my ggrandfather, his
son Alphus is my grandfather, his son Jesse Clark is my father.
1850 Pendleton Co, Ky census annotated =

I'm still very interested in the Samuel Sellers and Henry Sellers. Have
you ever tried to get probate papers on the HENRY SELLERS, dec'd 1820?
enclosing a copy articles on Pendleton Co, KY you and others may find
marie, iowa

Will send info on John Sellers who went to Ill. who was brother to
Isaac in day or two. Hope someone will connect.

JAMES, I believe you could be in Bracken Co, KY in 1830 either with
Catherine SELLERS (probably sons of her deceased son ISAAC) .
George SELLERS also has kids this age. But,  naming patterns of kids
kinda look good for Catherine. Look at our info and study and advise.
Make sure you read the court case in the 1830's (most articles are by
It loads just a hair slow - need to link some of info to other pages-

WE do NOT have a Good 1840 BRACKEN CO, KY census - Copied All I could
read from my 1840 film. IF SOMEONE has , would you please send, so we
can post the ones I couldn't read on the film, thanks, marie, iowa

             "James Sellers" <sellersc@ccrtc.com>
   Marie, Jsellars,Frank and all
Thanks for the Info,
Marie this was on census of John Sellers who was Bro. to Isaac. I have
found no reference of there Father on any census that I have or any
that I have seen. This Is the only Reference of where there Father was
born or from.
The Isaac that was bonded to Amelia Reeder Is as close as I have come.
Also I feel he could be a child of Catherine as she has children this
age. If so Then Michael Sellers and Katy Cowell? Just a guess. Its a

I found a census that I copied while searching
> and
> >> didn't copy the top.  To the right of the name it says Kentucky
> >> Pennsylvania Kentucky.

Marie  it is page 27 line 15 microfilm  m 33 - 27

>JAMES, what page number? My index does Not show - has some SELLENS,
>sometimes the actual census with show SELLERS and sometimes they will
>on actual census and Not of Index! Thanks, If its Not an alphabetical
>list, perhaps, we can see his neighbors. marie, iowa
>James Sellers wrote:
>> Marie & all
>> Does anyone have information on a John Sellers 1820 Pendleton Co
>> John Sellers 16 to 26
>> 1 f 16 to 26
>> 1 m 0 to 10
>> James

Isaac Sellers The infant orphan of Michael Sellers I believe is
mine,although I know he had a brother John.  But there was no mention
of any brothers or sisters that I have found. But there was a Jacob
that was an orphan of Michael also.
1880 census say Johns father was born PA. But EE Barton papers say
John came to America with Parents when very young. Family Bible of
Isaac's Dau. never mentions Isaac's or Johns parents. Could this be
the puzzling Michael?
Is there proof that John Michael's Michael was still living after
Still trying to sort things out. I was un subscribed for a while and
just came back maybe  I missed out on this.

             Re: Michael

JAMES, If you just send Info with Proof to your Family, May Help !=
Names/Dates/Places = Every 10 yrs or =

YES, I see you in PENDLETON CO, KY =
IF you have studied that county, you should have More Census, History to
Appears to Connect to BrackenCo,KY=

SEE how much they have shared and Grown=They Shared Census/Wills/Land
Thats what PENDLETON CO, KY needs to do=

Post All Collected Info =
It must come Back to Bracken Co, or County Before or Beside us-

WHAT is THIS dau of ISAAC SELLERS bible info?
AND who= Name/Age/Married when/where=

WHERE did his kids go/marry etc=
YOU have NOT sent this INFO - we NEED for US and OTHERS that may be
connected to YOUR family younger/down the road
AND I don't think YOU have sent =
SEND Names connected to YOU = Name/Date/Places from 1850/1900=
The One Child You connect to = And Follow Thro Each 10 Yrs or so=
ALPHUS SELLERS born = Send Info

THANKS, marie, iowa

JAMES = which =Put some Dates or Info with Names-
Rev War John Michael Sellers /Catharine Dillman had son Michael alive in
1851 from Rev War Records=
He MAYBE a JOHN SELLERS on records=
WE  probably Need to Check Each Family out/thro =
marie, iowa

Children of Isaac Sellers
Catherine m Bryant King son of Joshua King
George P m Alice J Reed 25 mar. 1875
Alphus M Elizabeth Foley dau of Sam Foley
James m Lou Haufler 7 april 1891
Laura  m William Johnting  28 feb. 1884
Susan F m Henry Ott 2 april1891
Mattie m Wm. Scheitz 26 nov. 1894
Icilina m Wm. Johnting 9  feb.1896 2nd.m after Laura died
Clarence never married
Isaac lived on Willow Creek  Then to south fork of Licking river where
he owned a small farm. Isaac died 29 feb 1888
The family Bible was passed down from his dau. Icilina (Sellers)
I can find no wills that Isaac left .

JAMES, Thank You -

Jacob Zeller b 1700 m Urschulla Sorgin , Dewangan, Ger. came to
America 1749 with son Johannes Michael Zeller who became John Michael
Looking for other children of Jacob if had any. I believe I descend
from John Michael's son Michael. This Michael had a son Isaac b 1824
this is where I am stumped. Is this the right Michael?
Any help at all.
Jim Sellers
JAMES - you might be able to find when they signed a naturalization paper - usually within 5? yrs after arrived in US .
ZELLER, JACOB; ZELLER, Conrad; ZELLER, Johannes - page 222, Oct 17, 1749.
Foreigners from Palatinate, Wirtemberg and Rittenhim.  Ship FANE, Capt. Wm.
HYNDMAN, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes, 569 passengers.
Don't know if proven exactly where Michael is that came to KY - except, he says in his REV war papers where he enlisted=
And then we have the Michael ZELLER/SELLERS of Rock Co, VA
The NAMES seem to fit the Rockingham Co, VA , but, don't think proven. If you see something, advise. marie, iowa
JAMES - Ok, see where you are = Same place as Bracken Co court orders-
(which could be yours)
But, Rev War John Michael Sellers child Michael was still living in 1853 per Pension File.
(possible to have Older child died and renamed?- But, this Michael born ca 1812-)
DON'T think we have All Proven Out - Sorry - MORE study/work/records needed

COULD You try and get newer/later court record files = like when Kids became of age, they sometimes had an entry in court  minutes?

HOWEVER, REV WAR JOHN MICHAEL SELLERS died 1836 according to Rev War Files.=
http://www.netins.net/showcase/sellerfamily/mich1760.htm =
His Rev War File lists the names of his 7 living kids out of 10kids born-
TRY and study census and send us a list of same - I don't have a very good one=Best, I can see,msh

HOWEVER, we do NOT find on 1830 census
WE have a Catherine Sellers in 1830 with kids about these ages.

1799 BRACKEN CO TAX LIST (born before 1778)
NONE of these WOULD be Rev War John Michael SELLERS kids!?

George SELLARS , PAGE 146 =0-2-0-1-0/4-0-0-1-0
John SELLARS , PAGE 144=1-1-0-1-0/3-0-0-1-0
Leonard SELLARS , PAGE 149=1-0-1-0-0/0-0-1-0-0
Mickel SELLARS, PAGE 150=0-0-0-1-0/0-0-1-0-0 =
PHilip SELLARS, PAGE 150=0-0--1-0-0/1-0-1--0-0
SOME of these could be Rev War John Michael SELLERS kids ?

Michael SELLERS 200001-1101000-6 (page 5)

Catherine SELLERS,page 24, no twp
                                      1 male under 5
                                      2 males 5/10
                                       2 males 10/15
                                       1 female 50/60
These kids match ages in the court records-

HOWEVER - we did have a MICHAEL SELLERS die in Brown Co, OH?
AnyOne check his kids ages out?
Or if on next census = I kinda think on next census - someone check out!

ANY HELP appreciated AND New Documents Needed on Any of these Kids and Who they married, etc.
THANKS, marie, iowa

James Sellers wrote:

Marie, All that I have been able to find out is that this Michael died
about 1833.
The Bracken CO. court ordered that Isaac Sellers now 9 years of age
the infant orphan of Michael Sellers now Deceased bind unto Amelia
Reeder to learn the art and trade of a farmer.
Also the court ordered that Jacob Sellers now 9 years of age the
infant orphan of Michael Sellers now deceased bind unto John H
Mclanahan to learn the art and trade of a farmer.
These 2 must be twins.
I can find no other info. on Michael to tie him to John Michael except
looks that way.
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>JAMES - We haven't followed up a lot on MICHAEL SELLERS born ca 1812
KY and his
>children -
>Any Info you extract/collect on these kids and their marriages would
>Believe he is in Campbell and Kenton Co, KY where his mother went
after 1836?
>marie, iowa
>James Sellers wrote:
>> URL:
>> Subject:  Sellers
>> Searching for information of Michael Sellers son of John Michael
>> & Catherine Dillman

Marie, this Isaac and Jacob were born 1824 so there father would have
been born  1800 + or - . Will keep on searching.

april 2004

Marie, Is there a Sellers web site for Adrain Co. Mo. where I could post a

Query? I'm looking for decendents of Alvin Sellers B 1864 Pendelton or

Bracken Co Ky. He's listed in 1900 census of Audrain Co Mo.

Jim Sellers

James Sellers [sellersc@ccrtc.com]  

JIM, we can link your page to Audrain  Co, MO. right now, we only have the 1900 census with perhaps the two possible  brothers living there.


IF you have other info on this county, send and it might help someone else know the families.

Are they still here in 1910/20 or where did they go?

WW 1?


marie, iowa