FEB 2004

my name is Juanita Sellers ,I married into the Sellers clan
in 1958.My husband is Jack Edward.His father was Sylvester
Sellers. B in 1886 in covington co.His Father was John Seller b.1800.
His Father was Irvin Sellers . you can find all this on the web-
site/google.com asking for John or Irvin Sellers. Keep in mind we found two John Sellers.
contact us if we can help.


If I read yours correctly, it looks like you missed a generation or two. Sellers of 1886 and Sellers of 1800, thats a long way. The one thing the Sellers did was name at leasr one of their offsprings "John". Some used "John as a middle name and were known as "John" when in fact they had another name which was their first name. As your "John' 1800, his first name was King, and died in the war, Civil, about 1865. I have 6 "John"s in my computer. It does get comfusing.

Harry Rigdon


up date jack sellers born 06-08-1937
son of sylvester sellers june 12-1886died dec22 1965
grand son of john sellers feb.6-1858 nov.2 1937
great grandson of irvin sellers oct11-1827 apr 9 1899
great great grandson of john j sellers august 14 1800 i have misplaced date of his death
t. e information that was requested on irvin a sellers
confederate soldier 20th ms reg.
irving was wounded in the battle of vicksburg he was the 2nd
son and 3rd. child of john and sarah joriah mclamore sellers aboult 1849 irvin maried sarah ann davis at monroe perry co. ms.family tradiotion statesthat sarah ann was the niece of

jefferson davis
irvin enlistedon may 13 1862 at williamsburg ms .andassigned to co.g 7thbattalion he served under 2 commandsafter the seige of vicksburgheserved 20th ms. reg.the 7thwas ordered to saltillo ms.in aug.1862 and was attached to 3rd brigadeand was in battleof iuka ms on sept.19 1862 the conf. losses at iuka was.86 k.i.a.8 wounded and200 men sick irvin was hosp. sick the 7th ms. reg.was in battleof corinth in oct 1862 he went from there tovaughns station then tocentral r.r.during gen grants advancefrom memphis tn. to vicksburgand was the last stronghold on the ms.river was at vicksburgmay 14 to july 4 1863 was a p.o.w. on 13 july 1863 was paroled in 1864 he rejoined the 20th went to other battles and was at apomatttox va. when lee surrendered to grant he returned to covington coand farmed until his death if any one is interested i willgive more info. jack sellers