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Hi ! Marie Sellers Hollinger

You are working on our Sellers family also I see.

James A. Sellers and Mary Ellen Phillips Sellers were the parents of
m. Arman J. Allen 13Aug1905
DeKalb, Bowie County, Texas
Aunt Nettie still living
Aunt Hazel still living

Do you know them?

I would love to hear from you.
Jackie Allen


JACKIE, thanks.
Will send thru our SELLERS discussion as we have had members with SELLERS in Bowie Co., TX, but, don't know if same families.

What were the names of some of Gert SELLERS ALLEN's kids?
I thought I saw her, but, his name was George, so probably not same. When/where did she die?

Did she say where/when parents died? OR ANY info on her brothers/sisters. Have any obits? Help where you can. http://www.sellers-sellars-sollars-zellars.net/txbowie.htm
marie, iowa


Hello Marie,
Jackie Allen is my family. Gertrude Sellers Allen is my father` sister, my father, Elijah Jefferson Sellers, their parents, James A. and Mary Ellen Phillips Sellers of Bowie County, Texas. Gertrude Sellers Allen and her family lived in Oklahoma until children begin to marry and move as Gertrude had done when she married.
Margie Sellers Allen


MARGIE, thanks.
do we know Where this family is in 1870?

We still need Jackie Allen's family to check on census and who living with or next.
thanks for helping.
marie, iowa