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GURLEY SELLERS b. 17Jan1802 in NASH CO., N.C.; d. 26Oct1898 JEFFERSON CO.,
AL.; m. 31Jan1826 to Delila Wyatt b. 24Apr1805 Nash Co.; d. 3Jul1899
Jefferson Co., Al - marriage witnessed by Larry Brantley.  Delila was a
Cherokee Indian. They moved from Nash Co. to Tuscaloosa Co., Al between
June 1835 and late 1836 along with friends James & Matilda Lawson.
Gurley's family appears in the 1850 and 1855 Tuscaloosa Ala census.  He
appears in the 1860 and 1870 Jefferson Co. Al census (Jonesboro P.O.) under
the names "Gurly and Girley".  Gurley received land grants in Tuscaloosa Co
in 1855 and 1858 and in Jefferson Co in 1884. See
<http://www.glorecords.blm.gov/> .  Both are buried at Old Blue Creek
Cemetery near Bessemer, Al. as well as several of their children.
Gurley had several brothers.  One of my aunts recorded in a family Bible
that "Grandpa Gurley and bro. Manuel came from N.C. to North Alabama, then
to Tenn. and back to N. Ala.  They left 8 brothers in N.C.".   I have found
information on Emanuel Sellers who ends up in Spartenburg SC in 1840, in
Shelby Co. Ala in 1860 and eventually at age 85 in the house of Allison
Sellers in Jefferson Co. Ala.  I am unsure if this is the same man.  I
believe but cannot prove that Bennett Sellers (1860 Spartanburg, SC census)
and Jordan Sellers (ends up in Indiana) to be two of his brothers.  Jordan
and Gurley were arrested in Nash Co, Mar 1830 for assault.  Jordan fled
(probably to Indiana) and Gurley was acquitted.  Other court records
involve Manuel, Jordan, Gurley and Bennett.
I have been unsuccessful in proving Gurley's or Delila's parents.  There is
circumstantial evidence to support that Arthur Sellers, Jr. could have been
Gurley's father.  Information on Arthur parallels information on an Arntil
Sellers submitted to "The Sellers Letters" in June, 1984 by Charles A.
Sellers, grandson of Jordan Sellers mentioned above.  I have been
unsuccessful in tracking down Charles or his descendents and have asked all
over Ireland/Scotland but no one has heard of the name Arntil leaving one
to speculate that misspelling/pronunciation may have corrupted Arthur's
name over time.  Also, Charles lists the siblings as Mary, Martha, Samuel,
Gurley, Bennett and Jordan.   I speculate again that Samuel may be a
corruption of the name Manuel.
Issue of Gurley and Delilah Sellers:
1. Hartney Sellers b. 1831 Nash Co.; d. 12Mar1863; m. 22Dec1852 to
Elizabeth Aker b.1832
2. Simon Sellers b. 21May1835 Nash Co; d.30Apr1915; m.8Nov1857 to Cynthia
Lawson b. 25Ap1839;d. 23Nov1910
3. Polly H. (Mary) Sellers b. 1836 in Tuscaloosa Co. Al.  No info on death
or marriage (see notes to follow)
4. William (Bill) Jackson Sellers b. 11Nov1838 Ala; d.11Jul1920; m.
30Sep1860 to Mary Cansada Parsons b. 06Feb1842 Ala; d. 14Nov1904
5. John S. Martin Sellers b. 18Oct1840 Ala; d. 22Apr1925; m. 29Nov1859 to
Martha L. McClinton b. 21Feb1841 Ala; d. 9Jan1920.
6. Robert Jemison Sellers b. 1843 Ala; d. 28Dec1923; m. 20Sep1860 to Susan
M. Armstrong b. 20May1842 Ala; d. 23Jan1919.
7. Lavinia (Levinia) Sellers b. 11Jul1848 Ala; d. 13Dec1899; m. 21Jun1871
to James H. Lawson b. 1848 Ala; d. 29Sep1924.
8. Isaac Gurley Sellers b. 24May1849 Ala; d. 26Apr1936; m. 28Aug1865 to
Frances Emma Letson b. 24Feb1849 Ga.; d. 1876 Ala.;  Also m. 1878 to Mary
Savannah Holcomb b. 25Jul1859 Ga.; d. 26Aug1934.
Issue of Isaac Gurley Sellers and Frances Emma Letson:
1. William Jackson (Oscar) Sellers b. 07Sep1866 Bessemer, Ala; d.
20Jan1947; m.06Nov1889 to Mollie Anna Boyd b. 02Jan1872 Wortham, Tx; d.
2. Susan Sellers b. 19Feb1870 Ala; d. 24Apr1908; m. to R.L.Shackleford
3. Calvin Clemons Sellers b. Jan1874 Ala; d.1940's Tx; m.1891 to Mary E.
Milan b. Nov1866 Mo.
4. Rose Sellers b. ? Ala; m. Bud Gray (Texas)
5. Nettie Jane Sellers d. 1869 Typhoid fever
6. Eva Sellers - infant death
7. Hartney Sellers - infant death
Issue of William Jackson (Oscar) Sellers and Molly Boyd (children born
in/around Coolidge, Tx):
1.  Gurley Napolean Sellers b. 27Jan1891; d.07Sep1961; m. 09Dec1917 to
Maxine E. Bryson b. 06Sep1896; d. 05Sep1981.
2. Nannie Mattie Sellers b. 07Jul1892; d. 26Jan1988; m. 03Jul1911 to Claude
Oscar Wright b. 03Jul1887; d. 14Feb1967.
3. William Jackson Sellers, Jr. b.16Feb1894; d. 10Aug1958; m.23Dec1918 to
Mae Delle Bryan b. 06Feb1898; d. 12Sep1997.
4. Walter Lee Sellers b. 14Jun1895; d. 17Mar1989; m. 04Jun1917 to Stella
Manning b. 12Apr1897; d. 11May1994.
5. Novella Roxie Sellers b.01Dec1897; d. 12May1998 (100 Years old!);
m.15Dec1920 to V.E. Atkinson.
6. Jacob Letson Sellers b. 25Nov1899; d. 05Nov,1969; m. 13Jul1925 to Ella
7. James Kenneth Sellers b. 06Dec1902; d. 21Jul1970; m. 08Mar1924 to Anna
Galba b. 17Aug1902; d. 30Dec1985.
8. Chester Boyd Sellers b. 20May1904; d. 08Dec1995; m.08Mar1924 to Iva Lee
Mullins b. 21Feb1904; d.02Dec1989
9. Frank Clift Sellers b. 05Nov1906; d. 30Nov1943; m. 27Nov1928 to Mildred
10. Mildred Florence Sellers b. 07Feb1910; d. 07Jan1995; m. 29Nov1934 to
Willie (Bill) Treat b. 10Mar1907; d.07Feb1998.
11. Oscar Weldon Sellers b. 01Nov1911; d. 24Oct1988; m.29Aug1939 to Gwyn
Miller b. 11Jan1916
12. Frances Elaine Sellers b. 12Nov1913; m. 24Dec1938 to John Milton Womack
13. Robert Leroy Sellers b. 18Apr1915; d.25Apr1915.
Issue of James Kenneth Sellers and Anna Galba:
1. James Kenneth Sellers m. Thelma Patterson
2. Robert Ernest Sellers m. Rose Neiswander
3. Mary Ann Sellers m. Jerry Ball
4. Boyd Jackson Sellers m. Claudia Shearer
5. Jack Richard Sellers (yours truly)  m. Anne Donovan
I also have descendents of most of the families listed above as well as
burial locations for a number of them.
Note on Polly H. (Mary) Sellers:  The 1870 Jefferson Co Ala census shows
the following living in Gurley's home:
Mary age 33
L.C. Bird age 12
C.M. Bird age 4
Mary again shows up as age 43 in 1880 census and McDaniel (C.M.?) shows up
as age 13 (grandson).  This is believed to be Clay Mack Sellers who moved
to Titus Co. Texas and likely the son of Polly who appears to have married
someone named Bird.
        Jack Sellers
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Name: Jack Sellers
Email: Jack-Sellers@Houston.rr.com
Message: Hi Marie,
I used to be on the Sellers Discussion List but dropped off sometime back. I still have my info posted on your site however and one of my "cousins" keeps me posted with anything that mentions Gurley Sellers (1802 Nash Co., NC). I recently had the DNA test and have matched my markers to several others, one in particular is the "cousin" mentioned above. I wondered if you have added a DNA list to your site? If so, I would be glad to contribute my info. My understanding is he one thing I think this test does is to eliminate your connection to another family except perhaps through a female descendent. Since your markers don't match mine perfectly, it is indication that you aren't tied in to my Gurley for example. Is that your understanding also? If you have anything on me in your files that you can edit, please advise the email address has changed to the one shown here. Thanks Jack Sellers


sept 2006

I am a direct descendent of GURLEY SELLERS, Sr. b. 1802 Nash Co.,
NC. He married DELILAH WYATT SELLERS in 1826 and moved from NC to
Tuscaloosa/Birmingham, Alabama area about 1836.

Gurley had several brothers including JORDAN SELLERS (b. about
1805-1808) who married Elizabeth Mason in 1828. Jordan and Elizabeth
appear in the following census
1. 1830 Wake Co NC census
2. 1840 Guilford NC census
3. 1850 Guilford NC census
4. They move to Browns Township, Morgan Co., INDIANA in the fall of
1850 ( see reference on Sellers
site: http://www.sellers-sellars-sollars-zellars.net/inmorgan.htm
). Elizabeth dies in 1856.
5. Jordan is in 1860 Cumberland Co. Illinois (just across border
from Ind.) married (I believe?) to Nancy.
6. They are in 1870 Liberty, Hendricks Co., IND
7. Jordan (indexed as Girdon Sellers) is in 1880 Lost Creek, Vigo
Co., IND now married to Martha Sellers.
8. Jordan dies in 1898 at daughter's home in Missouri.

I believe Gurley's brothers included Jordan, Emanuel (Manuel),
Bennett. Others may include: Michael, Merritt and
Archibald. Sisters are likely these: Elizabeth or Lizza, Mary (m.
John Murrow), Martha, Lucinda (m. John Rogers), Lulu (m. Larry
Brantley), Drucilla (m. Thomas Parks)
You can visit my site for Gurley at http://members.tripod.com/gurley_sellers/
I need to make some updates and I apologize in advance for the
pop-ups that will drive you crazy.
I have yet to prove Gurley's parents and continue to search for
them. One thing of note for researchers in this line is that Jordan
is the only one of the siblings that reports his parents birthplace
in the 1880 census. He shows his father to be born in Virginia and
mother in N.C. This disputes the record from the 1984 Sellers
Letters where Charles Sellers reported Jordan and Gurley's father to
be Antril Sellers from Ireland but still leaves many unanswered questions.

I recently ran across another INDIANA Sellers: Abraham Sellers who
names one of his daughters Delila. He was born in NC but I haven't
found further details on him. I wonder if he could be one of Gurley
and Jordan's brothers? Note he also has a son named Daniel. I've
seen all the recent emails on Indiana and can't help but feel that
there may be some connections with my line of Sellers but may just be
coincidental. I've always wondered what brought Jordan to Indiana if
not other family living there. If anyone has any background on this
Abraham, I would appreciate the inputs. Also, if anyone knows of any
direct male descendents from Jordan Sellers, I would like to hear
from them to see if they would participate in the DNA test to see if
they match mine (on file on this site).

1860 United States Federal Census Record
about Abraham Sellers
Age in 1860: 55
Birth Year: abt 1805
Birthplace: North Carolina
Home in 1860: Lawrence, Marion, Indiana
Gender: Male
Post Office: Germantown
Value of real estate: View image

Household Members: Name Age
Abraham Sellers 55
Margaret (Snyder) Sellers 33
Daniel Sellers 21
George Sellers 18
Margaret Sellers 17
John Sellers 14
Delila Sellers 6
Jacob Sellers 4
Marshall Sellers 1
Jacob Snyder 68 (Margaret's Father??)

I have tons of research on Gurley including maps where I've plotted
his land grant locations in Alabama and other info that I would be
happy to share with anyone researching the family.
Jack Sellers

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