Outlaws of Cave in Rock by Rothert, 1924


SAMPSON- Duplin CO, NC Deed Books

"Isom Sellers was given Five Cows and Calves Five Young Steers One Bull and four Heifers One Horse and One feather Bed and Furniture and all other household Goods and oveable."

Wit: = James Wert/West and John Bell


        Re: Rev War ISHAM SELLERS

  Descendants of Isham H. Sellers

Generation No. 1

    1.  Isham H.3 Sellers  (Jacob2, ?1) was born 1754 in Duplin County,
Carolina, and died July 18, 1837 in Henderson County, Kentucky.  He married
(1) Unus Vann March 1776 in Duplin County, North Carolina, daughter of
William Vann and Phoebe ?.  She was born 1760 in North Carolina, and died
1819 in Kentucky.  He married (2) Lydia Barr Bet. 1819 - 1825.  She was
1795, and died Aft. 1865.

Notes for Isham H. Sellers:
    Isham Sellers first married Eunice Vann the sister of Capt. Homer
Vann of Sampson County N.C.  He later married Lydia Barr ca 1826.

Resident of:
12/20/1763  Land Grant application not granted
            100 acres - Duplin County
            branch of Rockfish Creek
10/17/1778  Deed James & Nancy Knowles to Isom
            Sampson County, book 6,184
            on Rockfish Creek
04/01/1780  Land Grant - book 41,108
            100 acres - Duplin County
            West Side of N.E. River
1783        Tax List - Duplin County
12/22/1784  Surety for Daniel Merrit
            for support of Bastard Child
1784        Tax List - Sampson County
08/08/1786  Deed Isom to Nathaniel Merritt
            Sampson County, book 20,271 (filed 06/06/1832)
            land straddling Sampson and Duplin County
03/22/1788  Deed Benjamin Roberts to Isom
            Sampson County, book 9,466
            cowhiffle Swamp (Joseph Sellers witness)
07/10/1788  Land Grant - book 67,256
            250 acres - Sampson County
            head of Knobbys Marsh Branch
02/11/1794  deed John Matthis to Isom
            Sampson County, book 10,109
            on Rockfish Creek
09/18/1795  deed Isom to Edward Rollins 10 acres
            Sampson County, book 10,187
            Goffs Marsh
01/15/1795  deed Isom to William Ward
            Sampson County, book 10,251

            Sampson County, book 10,460
            on Rockfish Creek
            land in both Sampson and Duplin County
03/26/1796  Deed Isom to Frederick Merritt
            Sampson County, book 10, 483
            on Cowhiffle Swamp
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New Hanover Co, NC (Duplin was made in 1750 from the north part of New
Hanover and included what was
Sampson in 1784 .

9-18-1795 = Isom SELLERS deeds to Edward ROLLINS = 10 acres on south
side of Goffs marsh beginning at marsh and Runs the course of the
patent. = land was ten acres that was EXCEPTED in Wm WARDS deed.

(what was this land excepted = - recheck for Wm WARD?msh)
Wit=Wm WARD and Joseph SELLERS
1-26-1796= ISON SELLERS deeds to Wm WARD, 120 acres on head of branch
called Rockfish beginning...on Robert KNOWLES line.
Wit = Jos SELLERS and Thomas MATTHIS
1-15-1795= ISOM SELLERS and wife, UNIS deed to Wm WARD of Duplin Co, two
tracts of land - 250 acres in co of Sampson and Duplin = beginning on
branch of Rockfish Creek , near a marsh above Beaverdam and above said
ISOM SELLERS plantation a corner of said SELLERS. Deed mentions a
dividing line between James and John KNOWLS.
Tract was conveyed, EXCEPT 10 acres sold to Edward ROLLINS lying on
south side of Goffs Beaverdam Marsh.
Land was part of a tract...containing 1000 acres granted to Samuel
SCWAN/SWAN Esq conveyed by deed to Caleb MASON.
SECOND tract was 250 acres beginning at...his own corner on the head of
KNOWLES branch runing thence as the same.>
Land was the contents of a patent granted to the said ISOM SELLERS
Wit = Kedar BRYAN and Henry CANNON
   -        Henderson County, Kentucky Will
Revolutionary War Pension record 6822 NC State Troops, 20 Apr 1833, age 80.

    Sellers book page 321-325  Isham Sellers was born about 1754-55 in
Duplin, North Carolina. Isham married twice, Unice Vann about 1776 and a
second wife Lydia Barr, between 1819-1825.
    Isham Sellers was a Revolutuonary War soldier fron Dublin County North
Carolina. He served as a private in the North Carolina Line under Captain
Richard Clinton, William Vann(a brother-in-law), Shadrock Stallion and
Colonel Alexander Lellington. he was wounded in the left shoulder at South
River. He fought in the battle of Moore's Creek Bridge and Guildord's Court
House.  Length of service was 20 1\2 months.(DAR records 496825 for Mrs
Eunice  aggener,

Henderson Co., KY-Isham was killed by Indians.

Vera Andrews-- Isham on 1800 Henderson Co Ky tax list

Pensioners Under Act of June 7, 1832
Isham Sellers.. North Carolina State troops (Rev. War)
April 20, 1833 $68.22 Age 80.

Henderson Co Wills 1799-1853
Isam Sillars (Isham Sellers) Dec 1, 1827
Probated July 1837
Children: Edee Catingham, William Sillars, Elizabeth Sillars
???- Dorcas Murphy
Executor: Dr Edmund Talbot and Thomas Towles
Witness: Reuben Denton , Benjamin Tucker

Memoirs of the Lower Ohio Valley
(from auto biography of Elijah Sellers)
Soon after his marriage Isham and Lydia (Barr) Sellers , both natives of
North Carolina, came on horseback to the wilds of Kentucky, carrying their
household effects on pack horses, and began life in true pioneer fashion.
clapboards, that formed the roof of their log cabin were fastened on with
wooden pegs, as nails in that day were a luxury hardly to be thought of for
such purposes. There this couple lived until their deaths, rearing a large
family of children.  He was a member of the old Baptist church and his wife
was a Methodist.

June 1799 to November 1799-Tuesday the 3rd day of September Court 1799
The person  summed to appear here this day to show cause if any they have
a road from the Public Square in the Town of Henderson to the mouth of
Creek should not be opened not made any objections it is ordered that the
said road be opened and Edmond Hopkins is appointed surveyor of the said
from the public square in the Town of Henderson to the line of  enderson
grant and it is ordered that he with his lmale laboring tithables, Adam
Rankins male laboring tithables, Sherwood Hicks, James Worthington, Jacob
Newman, Abraham Landers, John Landers, Thos.?? Lawrence, Rowland Hughs,
Joseph Worthington open the said road and keep it in repair according to
order.  William Black is appointed Lawyer of the said road from the line of
Henderson's Grant to the old trail from Cumberland to Robertson's Lick, and
it is.. that said William Black, John Land, Jacob Newman, Matthew Kenney,
John Christian, Matthew Christiian, Nevil Lindsay, Philemon Richard Veeck,
James Veeck, Isham Sellers, Ephraim Sellers, John Slover, Isaac Slover,
Slover, Jr. John McCombs, Wm McCombs, James Hopkins, William M Fullerton,
Henry Smith, Asa Wells, Andrew Black, John Lock, Wm Hughes, David Hughes,
Aeneas McCallister Sr & Jrs., Jesse McCallister, John Hancock, Robert
Robertson, John Rayburn Sr and Jr, Peter Ruby, John Ruby, Joel Suggs, John
Little, Joshua Katts, and Martin Landers, open the said road and keep it in
repair according to law.

RUTH BRADLEY gggd of Elijah found in her mothers keepsakes that ISHAM was
killed by Indians.

ISHAM SELLERS was born 1754 in Duplin County, North Carolina. He enlisted
service in the Revolutionary War in 1776 from Duplin County. He served as a
Private in Captain Richard Clinton's Company, Colonel Alexander
Regiment in the North Carolina Line for one year, eigth months and 14 days.
He also served an Captain William Vann (his brother-in-law). He marched to
Willington, North Carolina and was in the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge,
from there to Lockett's Bridge and was entrenched against Colonel Grey for
about  two weeks under Captain Shadrack Stallions in General Kinnion's
Regiment. He was at the Battle of Guilford Court House and while on South
River he was wounded in the left arm by a Tory.  For eight months and two
weeks Isham Sellars served as a volunteer and for three months he
for Joel Rodgers. For six months he acted as a minute man. John Derrin, a
Baptist Preacher had him act as a substitute for Captain McMullin and Jacob
Newman. He spent a total of twenty months and two weeks in the service of
county. --Isham Sellars appears in open Court in Henderson Co, Ky to make
application for a pension. His pension was allowed and his certificate was
issued on april 28,1833 and was sent to William Allison.  He was to receive
$68.22 per annum to commence March 4, 1831 on the Kentucky roll.  The total
he was to receive was $170.55.  Pension File No.-s.14428

Both Isham and son Ephriam had land grants in Henderson Co near Cairo in
1798. from records of Unice Self Waggener (check very carefully some of the
information is questionalbe).

1810 Federal census of Henderson Co, Ky list Isham Sellers as HH no 322
1-m 10-16, 1-m 45-, 1-f 10-16, 2-f 16-26, 1-f 45-.

1820 Federal Census Henderson Co, Ky list Isham Sellers as HH no 461
pg 016    1-m 0-10, 1-m 18-26, 1-m 45-.

1830 Federal Census  Henderson Co Ky list Isham Sellers as HH no 345
2-m 0-5, 1-m 5-10, 1-m 10-15, 1-m 70-80, 1-f 0-5, 1-f 5-10, 1-f 30-40.

(note is this the Isham Sellers whos name is on a monument in Henderson Co,
which was part of Christian Co until 1798.

>From Heather Hart prodigy post 6-14-95  Hopkins Co, Deed book 1 1807-1816
December 20, 1813.-Isham Sellers of Henderson Co., Ky., a track of land on
waters of Tradewater Tiver containing 200 acres from and in consideration
$300.00. Sam Woodson. page 329

------------In the name of God, Amen. I, Isham Sellers of the county of
Henderson and state of Kentucky now is perfect health, mind and memory
the Almight God, for the same, and knowing the mortality pf all mankind,
that it is appointed to all men to die. I do hereby make this my last will
and testament. In manner and form following vir' (1st.) That all my just
debts and funeral expenses be paid. (2nd) I give unto the heirs of my
DECEASED SON EPHRAIM SELLERS in addition to what I have heretofore given
the sum of  $1. (3rd.) I give unto my daughter EDEE COTTINGHAM in addition
what I have heretofore given her the sum of $1. (4th) I give unto mu son
WILLIAM SELLERS in addition to what I have heretofore given him the sum of
$1. (5th.) I give unto my son LEWIS SELLERS in addition to what heretofore
given him the sum of $1. (6th.) I give into ELIZABETH SUTTON in addition to
what I heretofore the sum of $1. (7th.) I give unto the heirs of ORMAN
SELLERS deceased in addition to what I have heretofore given then the sum
$1. (8th.) I give unto DORCUS MURPHY in addition to what I have given
heretofore given her the sim of $1. (9th.) I give unto DAVID SIGHTS in
addition to what I have heretofore given him all the land that i posess on
the same side of the creek that he now lives. (10th.) I give unto my
wife LYDIA SELLERS all the rest of my land that I now possess or may
between this and my death. Also all my negroes for her use and benefit
her widowhood, together with all my household and kitchen furniture,
utensils and all the stock of what kind soever,that I may be in possession
at my death and also what meat I may have in my smoke house at the time of
death. Should my wife LYDIA SELLERS marry again then I desire she shall
the third of the stock, household and kitchen furniture, farming utensils
(11th.) that whole possess at my death I give unto my children begotten be
belived wife LYDIA SELLERS and after my wife dies, all the stock household
and kitchen furniture to be equally divided between and among the, not
withstanding I desire that my wife LYDIA SELLERS shall hold my household
kitchen furniturem farming utensils and the crops that my be growing ,
her lifetime should she not marry again, but if she should, then she is to
have her third, and the children

Notes for Unus Vann:
    (spelling now would be Eunice). She was the sister of CAPTAIN WILLIAM
VANN, Captian in The Revolutionary War and Ishams  commanding officer in
Revolutionary War about 1775-1776.

Notes for Lydia Barr:
Ruth Bradley's record shows Lydia born in 1810. Note the 1850 census show
age of 32 for Lydia-The 1870 census shows age as 70

1840 Federal census of Henderson Co Ky lists Lidia as HH  no 0970
1-m 1-5, 2-m 10-15, 1-m 15-20, 1-f 5-10, 1-f 15-20, 1-f 50-60

1850 FederaL census of Henderson Co Ky list Lydia as HH no 136/136 2nd
dist;Lydia 32 f born-Mary 18 f-Isham 14 m-Elizabeth 8 f- George W 4 m-all
in Ky. Note Elizabeth and George W are step grandchildren.
136 SELLERS LYDIA       52  F   W       KY
        MARY        18  F   W       KY
        ISHAM       14  M   W       KY
        ELIZABETH   8   F   B       KY
        GEORGE W    4   M   B       KY

Henderson Co Ky marriage book vol 2 1858-1900 bk 004 pg 013
Lydia was a widow. James Brown, surety, married at brides home. Second

1870 Henderson Co Ky census, Cairo percent Pool's Mill Post office,
Webster Co, Ky
RALEIGH (Rawley) Lydia 70 born in Pa Head of household
Smith, Eliz J 26 (wife of Edward) step granddaughter (d/o Edward and
Susannah (Ligon) Sellers)
Geo D   5  Son  S/o Edward and Eliz J

Pedigree chart-Eleanor Jane IMHOFF 5918 Goddard Shawnee, Kansas 66203
Lists Lydia (Barr) SELLERS as born in Ky or Pa 1798. and father as John

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Children of Isham Sellers and Unus Vann are:
    2   i.  Dorcas4 Sellers.  She married David Murphy June 10, 1819 in
Posey, Indiana.
    3   ii. Micah Sellers.  He married Isabella.
    4   iii.    Ephraim Jackson Sellers, born 1777 in North Carolina; died
August 1817 in Union Co, Ky.  He married Rebecca Priggin 1805 in NC; born
1784 in North Carolina; died December 1856 in Union Co, Ky.
    5   iv. Lewis Sellers, born 1784 in NC.  He married Anne Harvey July
08, 1808 in Henderson, Henderson Co, Ky.
    6   v.  Edith Sellers, born 1786 in Sampson County, North Carolina;
died Aft. 1840 in Henderson County, Kentucky.  She married Charles Cottingham
1800 - 1805 in Henderson County, Kentucky; born Abt. 1770 in Anson County,
North Carolina; died Aft. 1840 in Henderson County, Kentucky.
    7   vi. Elizabeth Sellers, born 1787.  She married Moses Sutton October
17, 1816 in Henderson, Henderson Co, Ky.
    8   vii.    William Sellers, born 1788 in Chesterfield, Chara Co, NC;
died December 16, 1834.  He married Anne Johnston April 23, 1808 in
Henderson, Ky.
    9   viii.   Orman Sellers, born 1790 in North Carolina; died 1824 in
Webster County, Kentucky.  He married Rebecca Cary November 1817; born
    10  ix. Margaret Sellers, born March 15, 1791 in South Carolina; died
January 17, 1853 in Henderson County, Kentucky.  She married David Sights
December 25, 1810 in Livingston, Ky; born August 30, 1790 in North
died February 18, 1867 in Kentucky.
    11  x.  Edward Sellers, born 1812; died Bef. 1850.  He married Susannah
Ligon November 09, 1812 in Henderson, Henderson Co, Ky; died Bef. 1850.
    12  xi. Henry Madison Sellers, born September 11, 1817; died December
1882 in Webster Co, Ky.  He married (1) Mary J Johnson.  He married (2)
Jane Bentley November 08, 1846 in Shawneetown, Gallatin, Ill; born November
02, 1821; died April 10, 1893 in Webster Co, Ky.
Children of Isham Sellers and Lydia Barr are:
    13  i.  Lucretia4 Sellers, born 1821 in Henderson, Ky; died 1898 in
Scott, Il.  She married James E Brown; born 1818; died February 19, 1880 in
Scott, Il.
    14  ii. Samuel W Sellers, born 1822 in Henderson Co, Ky; died Abt. 1866
in Henderson Co, Ky.  He married Lucy Ann Moore November 15, 1842 in
Henderson, Ky; born 1826 in North Carolina.
    15  iii.    Elijah Sellers, born October 15, 1826 in North Carolina;
May 17, 1913 in Henderson, Henderson Co, Ky.  He married (1) Mary A
Rockencamp in Ky.  He married (2) Minerva J Orsburn September 19, 1850 in
Henderson, Henderson Co, Ky; born April 18, 1832; died July 08, 1879 in
Webster Co, Ky.  He married (3) Mary E Norris 1876 in Ky; born June 1838;
died August 07, 1900.
    16  iv. Mary Louisa Sellers, born March 14, 1831; died March 26, 1907
Ky.  She married John Floyd Hughes November 30, 1852 in Henderson,
Co, Ky; born August 01, 1826 in Henderson Co, Ky; died September 28, 1898
Corydon, Henderson Co, Ky.
    17  v.  Isham Sellers, born November 23, 1836 in Henderson Co, Ky; died
April 06, 1914 in Henderson, Ky.  He married Lucy Ann Hughes July 28, 1854
Henderson, Henderson Co, Ky; born February 21, 1833 in Ky; died 1910 in Ky.

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