ISAAC SELLERS 1780/1825/8





Wayne County, Indiana Will Book v. 1. pg. 112.


In the name of God Amen. ISAAC SELLERS, Wayne County of the State Indiana
being very sick, weak of body, but of perfect mind and memory thank be to God
calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing it is appointed for all
men to die do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament. That is to say
principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul to Almighty God that
gave it and my body to the Earth nothing doubting at the general
resurrection, I shall receive a Spiritual body by the power of Almighty God who has
helped me with the good things of this life, I give and dispose of the same in
the following manner that is to say--

It is my Will that my personal property and the profits of my plantation be
and remain in the hands of my beloved wife NANCY for the purpose of raising
my children and to be disposed as she shall think best for the benefit of all
my children. And as they shall become of age she my loving wife divide my
property amongst them equally and keep a regular account of the property that
each of my children receives. That each may have an equal portion my tract of
land containing eighty acres lying in section 24 township 17 Range 16 E. Said
land I assign for my son ISAAC, which he shall receive in part of his share
of my estate at the price of one hundred Dollars to be ...nted in that much
of his part of my Estate the tract of land that I now live on, which is the
south west quarter of section six township sixteen in range thirteen which land
and plantation is for the benefit of my beloved wife NANCY to raise and
support my children as long as she lives or remains my widow. My Will is that the
said tract of land be divided by a line east and west & that my son JOHN
shall have the north half when he becomes of age at the rate of one hundred
dollars in so much of his part of the estate at the decease of my wife the
remainder of the tract of land together with all the personal property shall be
sold and equally divided amongst all my children this being my last Will &
Testament therein I set my hand this 10th day of May 1825.