WHITLEY CO, IN (made in 1835 from Elkhart, Allen)
lays next to Allen, Huntington, Wabash, Kosciusko, Noble




proven dna test to =

            J Sellers <jsellers@ais.net>
I am organizing a reunion for descendants of William Sellers, b. abt 1785
in Pa, lived in Licking and Delaware counties in OH, and Whitley and Allen
counties in IN; and of  John Henry Sellers, b. 1921 in Licking, OH, and
lived in Highland county, OH. The reunion will be held 7/22/2000 in Chilicothe,
OH.    I would appreciate posting of this notice for the above counties.

   John Sellers <jsellers@ais.net>

SELLERS, Elizabeth to Amos COYLE on July 17, 1859 - Book 1:391
SELLERS, Emma to Charles BAILEY on January 18, 1889 - Book 4:386
SELLERS, Hazel to Fred C RUSSELL on January 3, 1910 - Book 7:467
SELLERS, Lela M to Thomas R SALMON on September 8, 1898 - Book 6:1
SELLARS, John W to Sarah A MILLER on May 24, 1868 - Book 2A:517
SELLERS, Charles D to Maxie P GRANT on December 24, 1874 - Book 2:425
SELLERS, Felix P to Mary TILMAN on December 21, 1854 - Book 1:193
SELLERS, Frank to Kathren SWIHART on June 4, 1900 - Book 6:134
SELLERS, Fred to Emma L SCOTT on December 30, 1894 - Book 5:311
SELLERS, Jesse to Estella GOODRICH on March 28, 1896 - Book 5:409
GRANT, Maxie P to Charles D SELLERS on December 24, 1874 - Book 2:425
GOODRICH, Estella to Jesse SELLERS on March 28, 1896 - Book 5:409



DANIEL M. SELLERS 37 OH, page 474 (ca 1813 Ohio)
WILLIAM H. 6 OH ca 1844) (ck Sellers dna page)
GEORGE 2 IA (Indiana in 1848)

SELLERS Daniel M.       Prosser, Mary A.        11-??-1837      Licking Co, Ohio


Danl m Sellers Troy, Whitley, IN 49 abt 1811 Ohio Male
Marina Sellers Troy, Whitley, IN 43 abt 1817 Pennsylvania Female
Wm Henry Sellers Troy, Whitley, IN 18 abt 1842 Ohio Male
John W Sellers Troy, Whitley, IN 15 abt 1845 Ohio Male
Geo W Sellers Troy, Whitley, IN 12 abt 1848 Indiana Male
Chas D Sellers Troy, Whitley, IN 9 abt 1851 Indiana Male
Marglad Sellers Troy, Whitley, IN 7 abt 1853 Indiana Male
Harriett Sellers Troy, Whitley, IN 3 abt 1857 Indiana Female

Sellers William H 74th B c ET-TRP Aug 10 1862 Jun 9 1865 Dec 10 1898 56yr 6mo 27da (Martha), Etna twp pension: 1894 (reports his death Aug 4 1865) also on Etna pension of 1886 & 1890, blood poison, no mention of death 1, 2, 5, 11, 12, 18


Daniel M Lillers Troy, Whitley, IN abt 1812 Ohio White Male
Ellen Lillers Troy, Whitley, IN abt 1862 Indiana White Female
Horace Lillers Troy, Whitley, IN abt 1857 Indiana White Male
Mary J Lillers Troy, Whitley, IN abt 1853 Indiana White Female
May A Lillers Troy, Whitley, IN abt 1817 Pennsylvania White Female

Henry Lellers Troy, Whitley, IN abt 1842 Ohio White Male
Jessy Lellers Troy, Whitley, IN abt 1869 Indiana White Male
Martha Lellers Troy, Whitley, IN abt 1845 Ohio White Female

1880 =

Henry Sellers 38 Martha C. Sellers 35 Jesse Sellers 10 (ck Elkhardt
Emma Sellers 8 Frederick Sellers 6 Franklin Sellers 3 Ezra Bennett 28

Daniel M. Sellers 68 Mary A. Sellers 63 Horrace Sellers 23 Ella Sellers 18

Charles Sellers 29 Maxie Sellers 24 Lela Sellers 10M

Thorn Creek, Whitley, Indiana
John Zeller 59pa Katharine Zeller 55pa Susan Zeller 24in Clarinda Zeller 19 Sarah Zeller 17

Edward Zeller Sarah Thorn Creek, Whitley, Indiana abt 1852 Ohio Self =
Edward Zeller 28 Sarah Zeller 26 George Zeller 6 William Zeller 5 Edward Zeller 4 Della Zeller 2

1889 LAND
Sellers, D. M. - - Section 15 - - Troy T32N R8E (25 acres)
Sellers, D. M. - - Section 22 - - Troy T32N R8E (79.25 acres)
Sellers, M. D. - - Section 35 - - Etna T33N R8E (10 acres)
Sellers, W. H. - - Section 35 - - Etna T33N R8E (65 acres)


Book 4 Page 98. Daniel M. Sellers of Troy. Tp., Whitley County, Indiana. To my legal heirs (but not by name). Ex. nom. Thomas M. Cunningham. Signed 18 February 1898. Daniel M. Sellers. Wits. George W. Halderbaum, Peter Stultz. Proved 1 December 1899. (Testimony taken - He died on 26 November 1899 aged about 87 years).



Martha C Sellers 55 Hazel M Sellers 12

Charles D Sellers 49 Maxie P Sellers 46 Grant C Sellers 12 Beulah M Sellers 9

John Gellers [John Zellers] Cathrine Thomcreek, Whitley, Indiana Apr 1820 Pennsylvania White Head
Cathrine Zellers John Thomcreek, Whitley, Indiana May 1824 Pennsylvania White Wife

Frank Zellers Bertha B Jefferson, Whitley, Indiana Sep 1862 Indiana White Head
Bertha B Zellers Frank Jefferson, Whitley, Indiana Sep 1876 Indiana White Wife
Fay A Zellers Frank, Bertha B Jefferson, Whitley, Indiana Feb 1895 Indiana White Daughter
Mary G Zellers Frank, Bertha B Jefferson, Whitley, Indiana Feb 1897 Indiana White Daughter


Book 4 Page 207. James F. Brown of Whitley Co., Ind. To: Esther Brown, wife; Myrta Sellers, dau, and Dora Sanders, dau are to have real estate at death of wife. Ex'x. nom. Esther Brown, wife. Signed 22 September 1902. James F. Brown (SEAL0. Wits. Eph. Strong, Lucy Wilcox. Field on 16 February 1904. The testator died on 3rd of 4th of Feb 1904


Catherine Zellers Thorncreek, Whitley, Indiana 1826 Pennsylvania Head , wd, both parents pa (Lee Bruch [lbruch@nwlink.com]
Catherine Shepherd 84 , pa, servant, dad england, mom pa,

WW 1




SELLARS, Mary Jane ~ CCP ~ 24 Sep 1873
SELLARS, William H ~ CCP ~ 21 Dec 1898
SELLERS, Daniel M ~ CCC ~ 29 Nov 1899
SELLERS, Daniel M ~ CCP ~ 29 Nov 1899
SELLERS, William H ~ CCC ~ 14 Dec 1898


Contributed by:
            J Sellers <jsellers@ais.net>
WHITLEY COUNTY, INDIANA, 1856-1910, Compiled by Nellie M. Raber.

SELLERS, Daniel M. was born in Licking Co., Ohio on 24 July 1811; died
at his home in Troy Tp., Whitley Co., Ind on 26 Nov. 1899.  He married
Mary Ann Prosser in Delaware Co. Ohio on 17 Nov. 1837.  She died about 7
years ago leaving 6 of her 9 children.  They came to Whitley Co. Ind. in
1845 locating on the farm where each died.  Thefuneral service was held
in the Troy Presbyterian Church whth Rev. D.W.Sanders officiating;
burial was in the church cemetery. (C.C.P., 29 Nov. 1899)

John D. Sellers, Hoffman Estates, IL


SELLERS Daniel M.       Prosser, Mary A.        11-??-1837      Licking Co, Ohio

McCreight, Bertha Sellers ~ 29 May 1941 ~ CCP 21 Aug 1941

Sellers, Martha (Miller)
Posted October 15, 2003 ~ From the files of Rebeckah R. Wiseman
Unidentified News Clip in "the Scrapbook"
(Cemetery Records - Died March 16, 1911)

[Abstract - view scanned copy for full obituary]
     The death summons came Thursday morning to Martha Sellers, and aged widow residing at Etna, and in her passing a good mother and generous hearted Christian woman answered the final call… Her maiden name was Martha Miller and she was born in Delaware county, Ohio, sixty-seven years ago. She grew to womanhood there, and came to this county forty-five years ago to wed Henry Sellers, who passed to the beyond on Dec. 10, 1898. They resided most of their lives in Troy township and the vicinity of Etna and were widely known.
     Three sons and two daughters survive the deceased: Jesse, Fred and Frank Sellers, of Fort Wayne; Mrs. Emma Bailey, of Elkhart; and Miss Hazel Sellers, of Etna. One brother and two sisters also survive: Jesse Miller, of Etna township; Mrs. Sarah Sellers, of Warsaw, and Mrs. Kate Coyle of North Elm street, this city.


          >From "Counties of Whitley and Noble, Indiana, Historical & Biographical"
edieted by Goodspeed, 1882. Troy Township section

D.M. SELLERS was born in Licking County, OH in 1811, the eldest of six
children born to William and Sarah Sellers, natives of Pennsylvania, and
of German descent. He was married in November, 1837, to Miss Mary A.
Prosser, a native of Pennsylvania, and daughter of John and Sarah
Prosser, of Pennsylvania, and of Irish and German descent. Our subject
became the father of nine children by this union, of whom seven are
living. In 1845, Mr. Sellers sold his property in his native county, and
moved with his family to this township, locating on the wild 105-acre
farm where he yet resides, having redeemed it and subjected it to a
course of thorough cultivation. During the early days of Troy Township,
Mr. Sellers served as Trustee a number of terms. He had two sons in the
recent war, William H., out over three years, and John W.; and he is
always foremost in the advancement of the interests of his township on
all occasions.

SELLERS, Charles D ~ 2190 ~ 1928-Cemetery
SELLERS, Daniel M ~ 421 ~ 1901-kcIndx
SELLERS, Jesse ~ 3815 ~ 1946-EstIndx
SELLERS, Mary ~ 107 ~ 1892-Cemetery
SELLERS, Maxie P ~ 3175 ~ 1939-Cemetery
SELLERS, W H and Sons ~ 382 ~ Partnership ~ 1898-Cemetery
SELLERS, William H ~ 377 ~ 1898-Cemetery


SELLERS, William H. ~ 1908 ~ 0413


Sellars, Frank ~ 2 Oct 1915 (P-2:280 ~ 2-B:11)
Sellers, Charles D ~ 4 Sep 1928 (SH:264 ~ 3:35)
Sellers, Daniel M ~ 26 Nov 1899 (WW:206 ~ Not Provided)
Sellers, Isaac ~ 1 Jul 1924 (SH:263 ~ C1:67)
Sellers, Luella M ~ 29 Jul 1922 (SH:263 ~ 2B:78)
Sellers, Martha C ~ 15 Mar 1911 (P-2:280 ~ 2-A:40)

        J Sellers <jsellers@ais.net>
    >From Whitley County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, by Wallace V.
Williamson M. D., et al.

Troy Presbyterian Cemetery:

SELLERS, Bertha E., dt. of W.H. & M.            2-26-1880       ---4-13

SELLERS, Daniel M.              7-24-1811       11-26-1899

SELLERS, Jesse                  1869            1946

SELLERS, Leo Arthur, son oh H.T. & C.           4--6-1882       ---2-15

SELLERS, Martha C., wife of W.H.                3-16-1911       66-3-9

SELLERS, Mary A., wife of
         Daniel M.              4-7-1817        8-26-1892

SELLERS, Mary J., dt. of D.M. & M.A.            9-17-1873       20-3-25

SELLERS, W.H., Co. B, 74th IVI                  12-10-1898      56-6-27



Sellers Charles D — born 1850 died 1928 2 names - Maxie — Adams-2-3
Sellers Grant — born 1887 died 1949 2 names - Iva — Adams-2-5
Sellers Iva L — born 1893 died 1919 2 names - Grant — Adams-2-5-2
Sellers Lodema — born 1891 died 1969 — Adams-2-4
Sellers Maxie P — born 1854 died 1939 2 names - wife of Charles — Adams-2-3-2


OBITS Index to Digest of Obituaries

SELLARS, Mary Jane ~ CCP ~ 24 Sep 1873
SELLARS, William H ~ CCP ~ 21 Dec 1898
SELLERS, Daniel M ~ CCC ~ 29 Nov 1899
SELLERS, Daniel M ~ CCP ~ 29 Nov 1899
SELLERS, William H ~ CCC ~ 14 Dec 1898



Seller, Catherine, 1747-1799
Seller, Jacob, 1714-

I'm hoping that one of the addresses found at: http://www.sellers-sellars-sollars-zellars.net/
......will still lead to the John Sellers who posted research there
on the Sellers family, especially the Sellers of Kosciusko County, IN.

Email addresses on such family history website usually prove outdated
so I will await a reply before providing much detail but here is a
summary of my purpose in writing:

1) My great grandfather, Jesse Miller, of Whitley County, Indiana had
two sisters who married Sellers of the Warsaw area: Sarah Miller
married John Wesley Sellers and her sister married John's brother,
Henry Sellers.

2) I very recently came into possession of personal items carried
down in the family from John & Sarah's daughter, Dessie May
Sellers. Among them is a very interesting, very personal letter
from Elizabeth Miller (Sarah's mother) to her son-in-law, John Wesley
Sellers. Once I finish moving an office, I will reassemble a flatbed
scanner and provide such letters online.

I also have an amazing letter describing the final days leading up to
General Lee's formal surrender at Appamatox Courthouse (and the field
surrender to "our corps" just prior.) Apparently John W. Sellers was
Adjutant of the G.A.R. post at Warsaw and Captain Nelson E. Miller
(author of that letter) was the Commander at the time of his death in
1918. So I think John Sellers and Captain Miller were comrades and
friends and PERHAPS John Sellers had possession of the letter after
Nelson died. I don't know.....but I do know that Captain Nelson
Miller's aforementioned letter to his mother somehow got into the
possession of Dessie May Sellers and was found in a scrapbook just
weeks ago -- apparently next to the Elizabeth Miller to John Wesley
Sellers letter.

Paul A. Miller
(360) 576-3000

Prof. Paul A. Miller, Founder, TGI [Director@GRAMCORD.org]

NOV 2010


JAMES M. RUNKLE was born in Mad River Township, Champaign
County, Ohio, January 22, 1837, the son of David and Margaret (Frisinger) Runkle, natives respectively of
Virginia and Kentucky, and married in Champaign County, Ohio, of which portion of the State Peter Runkle,
our subject's grandfather, was one of the earliest settlers. David Runkle, our subject's father, was born in 1800;
died January 22, 1878, having served as a Baptist minister over fifty-six years. His mother, Margaret Runkle,
was born in 1810, and is still living in Ohio. They were the parents of five children, of whom our subject is the
youngest. Reared a farmer, our subject while yet a young man took charge of his father's farm, which he
operated till 1861, when he came to this township and purchased the farm he now occupies. January 12, 1860,
he married Miss Mahala Pence, who was born in Champaign County? Ohio, September 1, 1842, and to their
union have been born six children — Laura C, Charles F., Wiley A., Viletia M., Avilla B. and one that died in
infancy. About five years after coming to this county, Mr. Runkle engaged in the saw-mill and lumber business,
which he successfully carried on, and has been more or less engaged in ever since; he has also handled real
estate and live stock, and has been fortunate in all his transactions, although, being a man of generous impulses,
he has lost heavily by going security for others, but still owns a nicely improved farm and other property. He is
a member of the Masonic fraternity; is a Democrat, and has held a number of township offices, and is altogether
a valuable citizen.


Russell, Fred Carl
Posted October 15, 2003 ~ From the files of Rebeckah R. Wiseman
Unidentified News Clip in "the Scrapbook"
(Calculated - Died December 14, 1918)

[Abstract - view scanned copy for full obituary]
     One of the saddest deaths in Columbia City for some time was that of Fred Carl Russell, who died of influenza and pneumonia at his home at the corner of Market and Walnut streets Saturday morning… He was a son of William and Anna Russell of Troy township, and was born September 5, 1888, being 30 years, 3 months and nine days old at the time of his death… About five years ago he was married to Hazel Sellers, to which union three children were born, William, Paul and Martha, all at home. Besides his wife he is survived by one brother, Glenn, and two sisters, Sylvia Crouch and Retta Smith, of Troy township.


Coyle, Catherine Matilda (Miller)
Posted October 15, 2003 ~ From the files of Rebeckah R. Wiseman
Unidentified News Clip in "the Scrapbook"
(Calculated - Died February 21, 1916)

[Abstract - view scanned copy for full obituary]
     Catherine Matilda Coyle, widow of the late Francis Marion Coyle, a pioneer of Troy township, who has made her home with her son, Elmer Coyle, since the death of her husband, passed away Monday night after suffering since Christmas with grip and pneumonia… Catherine Matilda Miller was born in Delaware county, Ohio, January 18, 1847, and was 69 years, 1 month and 3 days old at the time of her death. She was a daughter of William D. and Elizabeth Miller and when 16 years old accompanied them to this county where they settled. After completing her education she was united in marriage to Francis Marion Coyle and they took up their residence on a farm in Troy township. To this union eight children were born, five of whom survive; they are, Elmer and Raymond Coyle, of Troy township, Mrs. Job Burnworth of this city, Mrs. Chas. Sattison, of Troy township, and Oral Coyle, of Warsaw. Mr. Coyle passed away eleven years ago and from that time until death, the widow made her home with her son Elmer. She is also survived by one brother, Jesse Miller of Etna township, and one sister, Mrs. John Sellers, of Warsaw.


Paul: It would help to know the approximate years you are referring to. There are quite a few John Sellers and Henry Sellers in the various Seller family trees.

We have records of a John and a Henry being brothers, as follows:
Father: George Sellers Sr, b. 1793 in Wayne Co, OH
Mother: Sophie (HEHN) Sellers, b. ca 1800 in PA
Married: 23 Mar 1838 in Tulpenhocken Twp., Berks Co., PA
Their children:
1. George Jr., b. 1823 in Wayne Co., OH, d. 1895, married Ann Rebecca Staley ... I have posted a scan of a photo of her taken in the late 1800's by photographer Frank Kelly of South Whitely IN in the photos section of the Zellers Family Website at myfamily.com 2. Peter (b. ca. 1825) 3. Christena (b. ca. 1827) 4. Henry (b. ca. 1829) 5. Michael (b. ca. 1831) 6. John (b. ca. 1833)

I have additional info on George Jr, but not on the others
Lee Bruch [lbruch@nwlink.com]

nov 2010