WELLS CO, INDIANA (made in 1835 from Allen,Delaware,Randolph)
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SELLERS FARM by LOIS GORDON loisgordon@suddenlink.net

SELLERS SISTERS by LOIS GORDON loisgordon@suddenlink.net

 SELLERS KERLIN B         MILLER ELIZA A       Wells           04-07-1858
C. E. Sellars Louisa Noff 5 Mar 1899 Wells
Myrtle Sellers John C. Smith Wells
Myrtle Sellers John C. Smith Wells Myrtle E. Sellers Wells
Kerlin B. Sellers Eliza A. Miller 7 Apr 1858 Wells
William Sellers Mary Shively 25 Jan 1880 Wells
Elza Sellers Etta McAfce 22 Aug 1891 Wells
Laura Sellers Henry Fritz 1 Feb 1891 Wells
Robert Sellers Bertha Cotton 9 Mar 1895 Wells
Fred G. Sellers Nellie Burroughs 13 Jul 1902 Wells
Louisa M. Sellers William H. Gilbert 24 Sep 1904 Wells
John William Acton Wells Washington Acton Katharine Sellers 3 Aug 1873 Wells
Nellie Burroughs Fred G. Sellers 13 Jul 1902 Wells
Bertha Cotton Robert Sellers 9 Mar 1895 Wells
Henry Fritz Laura Sellers 1 Feb 1891 Wells
William H. Gilbert Louisa M. Sellers 24 Sep 1904 Wells
Etta McAfee Elza Sellers 22 Aug 1891 Wells
Eliza A. Miller Kerlin B. Sellers 7 Apr 1858 Wells
Mary Shively William Sellers 25 Jan 1880 Wells
John C. Smith Myrtle Sellers Wells

Leroy Sellers 22 Jan 1905 Wells County 63 yr Male White , H17, 13
Gertrude Sellers 29 Nov 1892 Wells County 11 yr Female White, H14, 50
CHARLES E. SELLERS, M, W, 20, OCT 31, 1902 BLUFFTON , H16, 46
K. H. SELLERS 87, JUNE 4, 1911, HARRISON TWP, H18, 19
SELLERS, INFANT, M, W, AUG 25, 1907, h14, 327



from CHARLOTTE sellers <csellers@hsonline.net>
SELLERS, Kerlon B., 34, farmer, PA ca 1826,msh, (1850 Berks Co,Pa= Kerlon Sellers)
Eliza, 21, OH
Richard, 12, PA
Catharine, 8, IN
Harriet, 6, IN
William J., 10/12, IN 



1870 WELLS CO., IN

Kerlan B Sellers Rock Creek, Wells, Indiana abt 1823 Pennsylvania White Male
Eliza Sellers Rock Creek, Wells, Indiana abt 1835 Ohio White Female
Richard Sellers Rock Creek, Wells, Indiana abt 1848 Pennsylvania White Male
Harriet Sellers Rock Creek, Wells, Indiana abt 1854 Indiana White Female
William J Sellers Rock Creek, Wells, Indiana abt 1859 Indiana White Male
Ella Sellers Rock Creek, Wells, Indiana abt 1863 Indiana White Female
Wilson Sellers Rock Creek, Wells, Indiana abt 1867 Indiana White Male
Catherine Sellers Rock Creek, Wells, Indiana abt 1853 Indiana White Female

Harriet Sellers Harrison, Wells, Indiana abt 1854 Indiana White Female=
Thomas W Wilson 32
Elizabeth E Wilson 26
George C J Wilson 8
Columbus T Wilson 7
Frank D Wilson 4
Talbot M Wilson 3
Harriet Sellers 16

Lydia Rush Harrison, Wells, Indiana abt 1818 Virginia White Female
Daniel Rush Harrison, Wells, Indiana abt 1850 Ohio White Male
Mary M Rush Harrison, Wells, Indiana abt 1852 Indiana White Female
Rebecca A Rush Harrison, Wells, Indiana abt 1855 Indiana White Female


from CHARLOTTE sellers <csellers@hsonline.net

Indiana -- WELLS Co, SELLERS (1870):
> Kerlan (Kerlin Baker), 47
> Eliza, 35
> Richard, 22
> Catherine, 17
> Harriet, 16
> William J., 11
> Ella, 7
> Wilson, 3
> Indiana -- WELLS Co, SELLERS (1880):
> K.B., 56
> Eliza, 4_
> Richard, 31
> Ella, 17
> Wilson, 14
> Robert, 8
> Charles, 6
> Frederick, 4



Leroy M. Sellers Mary M. Nottingham, Wells, IN abt 1841 Ohio Self (Head) (ck Perry Co., OH )
Mary M. Sellers Lydia, Leroy M. Nottingham, Wells, IN abt 1853 Indiana Wife
Matilda E. Sellers Leroy M., Mary M. Nottingham, Wells, IN abt 1872 Indiana Daughter
Emory B. Sellers Leroy M., Mary M. Nottingham, Wells, IN abt 1875 Indiana Son
Lydia Rush Nottingham, Wells, IN abt 1811 Virginia Mother-in-law

Eliza Sellers Harrison, Wells, Indiana Sep 1840 Ohio White Head, DIV, dad PA, mom OH
Fred G Sellers Eliza Harrison, Wells, Indiana Mar 1879 Indiana White Son, dad PA, mom OH
William Acten 17 IN, GS, both parents IN

Leroy M Sellers Nottingham, Wells, Indiana Feb 1841 Ohio White Head, alone, WD, dad OH, mom MD,widow

K B Sellers Harrison, Wells, Indiana Jun 1824 Pennsylvania White Inmate, wd, both parents PA, INMATE COUNTY INFIRMITY
R Sellers John R, Bulinda Harrison, Wells, Indiana (51) 1849 Pennsylvania White Son, SINGLE, BOTH PARENTS PA, INMATE COUNTY INFIRMITY

Etta M Sellers Harrison, Wells, Indiana Dec 1869 Indiana White Head , WD, DAD PA, MOM NC
Vergie O Sellers Etta M Harrison, Wells, Indiana Dec 1891 Indiana White Daughter , BOTH PARENTS IN
Celah M Bennett 24IN, SISTER, DIV,

Charles Sellers Louisa Harrison, Wells, Indiana Aug 1873 Indiana White Son-in-law, dad PA, mom IN
Louisa Sellers Jacob, Charles Harrison, Wells, Indiana Sep 1881 Indiana White Daughter, dad PA, MOM WV
living with
Jacob Neff 49 Louisa Sellers 18IN DAU, Charles Sellers 26IN, Clara Neff 16IN, DAU, Annie Neff 67 OH, SISTER, Mary Neff 56 OH,SISTER, SINGLE

r Myrtle Sellers Henry, Laura Harrison, Wells, Indiana Feb 1883 Indiana White Daughter , living with
Henry Fritz 36 Laura Fritz 37 Myrtle Sellers 17 IN, dau, both parents IN

Emory B Sellers Nora L Nottingham, Wells, Indiana abt 1875 Indiana Head , dad Oh, mom IN
Nora L Sellers Emory B Nottingham, Wells, Indiana abt 1881 Indiana Wife
NO kids

1910 Lancaster, Wells, Indiana

W H Gilbert 40
Louisa Gilbert 30
Charles Gilbert 6 (SELLERS,msh)
Martha Gilbert 5

WW 1
Emery Bing Sellers 9 Oct 1874 White Wells, Indiana
nearest relative = NORA L. SELLERS, same address


Nora Sellen [Nora Sellers] Emery B Nottingham, Wells, Indiana abt 1881 Indiana White Wife
Emery B Sellen [Emery B Sellers] Nora Nottingham, Wells, Indiana abt 1895 Indiana White Head, both parents OH
Margaet Sellen [Margaet Sellers] Emery B, Nora Nottingham, Wells, Indiana abt 1914 Indiana White Daughter

Richard Sellers Harrison, Wells, Indiana abt 1844 Nova Scotia? IN marked over, NS written above, White Inmate , both parents US

Emery B Sellers Nora L Nottingham, Wells, Indiana abt 1875 Indiana Head
Nora L Sellers Emery B Nottingham, Wells, Indiana abt 1881 Wife
Mary M Sellers Emery B, Nora L Nottingham, Wells, Indiana abt 1913 Daughter
Dorotha D Sellers Emery B, Nora L Nottingham, Wells, Indiana abt 1921 Daughter
Ruth R Sellers Emery B, Nora L Nottingham, Wells, Indiana abt 1923 Daughter

from CHARLOTTE sellers <csellers@hsonline.net
 Bluffton (WELLS CO, IN) EVENING NEWS, 5 June 1911: =

Kerlin B. Sellers, 87
b 3 June 1824, BERKS CO, PA,  s/o M/M Frederick Sellers
came from PA early 1840s
[probably 1850, based on census, land & other sources]
w/ 1st wife, Matilda Kline...
m/2 Eliza Miller
"...none of his brothers or sisters survive, his last brother
having passed away three years ago in Pennsylvania...." 



Surnames: Neff, Copp, Friedline, Bartemaly, Higman, Zirkle, Baumgartner, Sellers, Gilbert, Lane
Classification: Biography




Tyndall, John W. Standard history of Adams and Wells Counties, Indiana. Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company, 1918, pp. 514-5.

JACOB J. NEFF. Representative of the enterprising and worthy agriculturists of Wells County, Jacob J. Neff is meeting with marked success in his free and independent occupation, his land being in an admirable state of culture, owing to the sound judgment and persistent energy with which he has devoted himself to its management. He was born October 28, 1850, in Athens County, Ohio, a son of John Neff.

His grandfather, Jacob Neff, was born and educated in Germany, and there married Anna Barbara Copp. Immigrating to this country prior to the Revolutionary war, he settled in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, and there spent his remaining days.

John Neff was born on the home farm in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, April 4, 1793. After the death of his father, and while yet a young man, he migrated with his mother and one sister to Fairfield County, Ohio where he lived for a year. Moving from there to Athens County, Ohio, he took up wild land, and on the farm that he improved remained until January, 1865. Coming then to Wells County, this state, he located in Harrison Township, on section 18, where he followed farming until his death, March 19, 1872. He was a democrat in politics and loyal to the interests of his party. He married May 28, 1827, in Fairfield County, Ohio, Catherine Neff, a native of Somerset County, Pennsylvania, being a daughter of John Neff, who emigrated from Germany to the United States and subsequently served as a soldier in the War of 1812. She died on the home farm on the very same day that her husband died, her death occurring within six hours of his, and both were buried in one grave. They we! re a most estimable couple, and devoted to each other, never after their marriage having been separated from one another more than twenty-four hours at a time. Nine children blessed their union, as follows: Levi, who died in Bluffton in 1884; Anna B.; Margaret E., deceased, was the wife of Samuel Friedline; Mary Magdaline, deceased; Amelia and Sarah, twins, both deceased; Catherine, deceased, was the wife of Adam Bartemaly; Jacob J., and Caroline, wife of George Higman. Both parents were faithful members of the Presbyterian Church.

Fifteen years of age when he came with the family to Harrison Township, Wells County, Jacob J. Neff assisted his father in the improvement of the home farm, which is located two and a half miles southwest of Bluffton. Succeeding to the ownership of the property, he is carrying on general farming with highly satisfactory results, being one of the enterprising and progressive agriculturists of the community, owning forty acres.

Mr. Neff married, August 5, 1880, Sarah M. Zirkle, who was born in New Haven, West Virginia, April 1, 1844, a daughter of Noah and Nancy (Baumgartner) Zirkle, who settled in Wells County in 1880. She died October 14, 1885, leaving two children, Louisa May and Clara V.

Louisa May Neff, born September 1, 1881, has been twice married. On March 5, 1898, she married Charles E. Sellers, who died October 31, 1902, leaving her with one son, Charles E. Sellers, born February 19, 1902. Mrs. Sellers married for her second husband, in 1904, William H. Gilbert of Rock Creek Township, Wells County, and their only child, Martha M. Gilbert, was born March 29, 1905.

Clara V. Neff, born January 15, 1884, married, December 22, 1901, Oscar W. Lane, and they are the parents of three children, Leona Mae, born November 16, 1902; Eva Eloise, born April 18, 1904; and Mary E., born May 23, 1908. A steadfast democrat in politics, Mr. Neff has been active in party ranks, and has served as superintendent of the good toads in Harrison Township. He is a valued member of the Prairie Methodist Episcopal Church to which his wife also belongs.


from Sellersgen@aol.com

Emory B. Sellers at fourteen years of age left his home and started life's
battle on his own responsibility. He was born in Perry County, Ohio, July 4,
1851, and about the close of the Civil war came to White County, Indiana, and
found work on a farm belonging to Josephus Lowe near Monon. To him an
education was as much as a necessity to his future career. He attended the
Brookston Academy, at intervals teaching school, his first term when seventeen
years of age. He early determined that the law should be his permanent
vocation, and began its study in the few night hours after a weary day of work. He
took a course in the Chicago Law School at Chicago, was compelled to leave
school on account of lack of funds, and in order to supply this need, among
other things, he worked for a time as a brakeman on the Illinois Central Railway.
On March 22, 1872, Mr. Sellers entered the law office of Hon. Alfred W.
Reynolds at Monticello, and with that old time lawyer finally formed a
partnership, which continued until the election of Mr. Reynolds to the Circuit Court
Bench in 1888. In the meantime, in 1884, Mr. Sellers had been elected as
State Senator from the counties of White, Carroll and Pulaski, serving through
two sessions and then resigning to accept President Cleveland's appointment as
United States District Attorney. He held that office until after the
election of Benjamin Harrison as President, then returned to Monticello to continue
his interrupted practice. From 1889 to 1900 Mr. Sellers was a partner with
William E. Uhl, but since 1900 has conducted an individual business as a
For forty years Mr. Sellers has been the local attorney for the Monon and the
Pennsylvania railroads, and for eighteen years has served the Wabash Railway
in a similar capacity. Mr. Sellers is member of the National Conference on
Uniform Laws, and belongs to the Indiana State and the American Bar
Associations. He is a thirty-second degree Mason of the Ancient Accepted Scottish
Rite, and in politics a democrat.
-----W. H. Hamelle's 1915 A Standard History of White County Indiana.