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Grant County was at one time a part of the county of Knox, but at the time of its organization was included within the limits of Delaware County.
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6 744 756 ZELLER Henry H. 37 M Miller 3,000 Ohio
7 744 756 ZELLER Lucinda 37 F Pa X
8 744 756 ZELLER Morgan 11 M Ohio X
9 744 756 ZELLER Catharine 10 F Ind X
10 744 756 ZELLER Sarah 8 F Ind X
11 744 756 ZELLER Lucinda 6 F Ind X
12 744 756 ZELLER Emaly 5/12 F Ind
13 744 756 ZELLER Daniel 27 M Farmer Ohio

(Henry Zelles in Butler, Oh
Henry Sellers in Mont, Oh
Henry Sellers in Logan, Oh
Henry Sellers in Lawrence, IN


Zeller, Daniel; Priv., Co A, 5th. Cav., 90th Reg. Died in rebel prison 1-11-64.
Zeller, Morgan; Principal Musiccian, field & Staff, 8th Reg.; MO 8-28-65. Died at home in 1866



Albert M Johnson 49 Margaret E Johnson 46 Bertha Johnson 18 Emery Sellers 27 (ckWells Co., In,msh)


WW 1

1920 Fairmount, Grant, Indiana

James F Sellars 64 in, in, in (CA1856) ck Kos
Elnora Sellars 56
Esta L Sellars 34 in,son, M (ca1886)
Bessie M Sellars 22 in, DIL,
Walter R Sellars 28 in, div, ck Tipton
Vel R Sellars 19 IN, SON, SINGLE
Hazel A Sellars 18 IN, DAU, SINGLE
Glen G Sellars 5 in, in,in, GS


James Sellers Mill, Grant, IN abt 1854 Indiana
living with several

Samuel H Sellers Jennie H Marion, Grant, IN abt 1867 Indiana Head
Jennie H Sellers Samuel H Marion, Grant, IN abt 1872 Wife

Earsy A Sellers Daisy I Fairmount, Grant, IN abt 1888 Indiana Head
Daisy I Sellers Earsy A Fairmount, Grant, IN abt 1890 Wife
Edwin B Sellers Earsy A, Daisy I Fairmount, Grant, IN abt 1929 Son
Evelyn L Sellers Earsy A, Daisy I Fairmount, Grant, IN abt 1911 Daughter
Mary M Sellers Earsy A, Daisy I Fairmount, Grant, IN abt 1914 Daughter


Esta L Sellers Bessie Fairmount, Grant, IN abt 1892
Bessie Sellers Esta L Fairmount, Grant, IN abt 1898 Wife2 Indiana Head

Harney E Sellers Louie D Marion, Grant, IN abt 1892 Indiana Head
Louie D Sellers Harney E Marion, Grant, IN abt 1891 Wife

Walter R Sellers Opal G Marion, Grant, IN abt 1892 Indiana Son-in-law=
John F Kenning 58
Walter R Sellers 38
Opal G Sellers 27
Kenneth Sellers 4 6/12 Grandson
Dorothy Sellers-- Granddaughter
Glen Sellers 15 Grandson

Fred A Sellers Fleeta A Mill, Grant, IN abt 1893 Indiana Head
Fleeta A Sellers Fred A Mill, Grant, IN abt 1895 Wife
Lloyd Sellers Fred A, Fleeta A Mill, Grant, IN abt 1923 Son
Donna J Sellers Fred A, Fleeta A Mill, Grant, IN abt 1927 Daughter
Fay Forsythe 22
Rosy M Pace 32

Uel R Sellers Pearl N Fairmount, Grant, IN abt 1900 Indiana Head
Pearl N Sellers Uel R Fairmount, Grant, IN abt 1907
Donna J Sellers Uel R, Pearl N Fairmount, Grant, IN abt 1926 Daughter
Robert E Sellers Uel R, Pearl N Fairmount, Grant, IN abt 1928 Son
Mary Williams 15


Johannes (John George) Zeller, b. 1686 in France, d. 25 Oct 1737* in Tulpenhocken Twp, PA , married in 1712 to Anna Catherina Batdorf, b. 1692 in Palatine, Germany, d. 14 Jan 1749 in Mill Creek Twp., Lebanon, PA. The 6th of their 9 children was:

Johann Heinrich Zeller, b. 1720 in Schoharie NY, d. 1789, married in 1737 to Maria Margeret Reith in Heidelberg Twp, Berks, PA., b. 1721 in Ansberg, Scholarie, NY, d. 1807. The 2nd of their 2 children was:

Michael Sellers, b. 5 May 1747 in Heidelberg Twp., Berks, PA, d. 4 June 1836, married on 20 Dec 1786 in Lebanon Co., Heidleberg Twp PA. to Catherine Heidel Dillman, b. 1763, d. 1860. They moved from PA perhaps to VA and KY, thence to   OH abt 1814-1817
They had 7 children (dates appear a bit strange   vis'a'vis their marriage date):
    Michael b. 13 May 1774
    John George b. 26 April 1776
    John b. 1777
    Marie Barbara, b. 1779
    Mary Barbara, b. 19 May 1785
    Philip, b. 27 May 1789
    George Sr., b. 1793 or 1794 in Wayne Co. OH

George Sellers Sr., b. 1793 in Wayne Co. OH, married on 23 Mar 1813 in Stouchsburg, Berk, PA. to Sophie Hehn, b. abt. 1800 in PA. The 1st of their
6 children was:

George Sellers Jr., b. 1823 in Wayne Co., OH, d. 1895, married Ann Rebecca Staley, b. Apr. 1826 in Marion, Grant Co., IN., d. 1902 in Marion, Grant Co., IN.

DEATHS = Park Cemetery

HINTON, Fairy Agnes 1893-1965 “mother of James & Phillip Sellers”
SELLERS, Esta L. 1885-1967 s/s Bessie M. Sellers SELLERS,
Bessie M. 1898-1974 s/s Esta L. Sellers

SELLERS, Daisy I. 1889- s/s Earsy A. Sellers
SELLERS, Earsy A. 1887-1975 s/s Daisy I. Sellers

Sellers, Phillip Rama b. 8-14-1922 d. 1-11-1999 “father”
Sellers, Marguerite E. 1918-1997
Sellers, Rama E. 1895-1976 PVT US Army WWI

SELLERS, U.R. “Pood” 1899-1959 s/s with Pearl
SELLERS, Pearl N. 1906-1988 s/s with “Pood”


SELLERS Kenneth H. 17 Sep 1925 29 Sep 2005 80
SELLERS Opal G. 17 Aug 1903 1965 B w/o Walter R. Sellers
SELLERS Walter R. 16 Mar 1890 21 Jun 1972 82 B

MARION IOOF-Serenity Cemetery

Zeller, Catharine Z. (Barley) Zeller Aug. 25, 1840 - July 25, 1889
Henry H. Jan. 31, 1812 - Dec. 21, 1863
Lucinda June 8, 1812 - Jan. 8, 1854
Morgan H. Feb. 2, 1839 - Aug. 8, 1865
Sarah A. Aug. 9, 1842 - Feb. 8, 1885