SHELBY CO, ILLINOIS (made in 1827 from FAYETTE CO)
lays next to








Robert Sellers married 10-29-1822 WASH Co, Ind Nancy Rodman
marriage bond, =?

1830 Shelby Co, Ill=
Robert Cellars, page 144= (READ AGES)

John Hall Precinct 1, Shelby, Illinois 20/30, MALE U 5, FEMALE 20/30

close to JESSE RHODES 60/70

Joseph B Hall Precinct 1, Shelby, Illinois 30/40

Nathan Hall Precinct 1, Shelby, Illinois 20/30

SAMUEL HALL 50/60, (1770/1780) next to Ransom Adkins 80/90 (ck1820 Chambers,St Clair,IL,msh)

William Hall Jr. Precinct 1, Shelby, Illinois 20/30

William Hall Sr. Precinct 1, Shelby, Illinois 50/60, next to Michael Reese 50/60

Alfred Hall Precinct 4, Shelby, Illinois (Alfred Ball 20/30)

Wm Hall Precinct 4, Shelby, Illinois 20/30, next to Spros? Hall 15/20M

ROBERT SELLERS male 40-50 (1790/1800)
2 males 10-15 = 1825/1830=James 1827 and Wm 1831
1 male 5-10 = 1830/1835=Thomas 1833
2 males under 5 = 1835/40=Robert 1839 and ????= or died?cemetary?
1 female 30/40= 1800/1810=Nancy 1804
1 female 10-15= 1825/30=Maria 1829
1 female 5-10=1830/35= Ann 1835
1 female under 5 =1835/40=Julia 1837

James SELLERS marries 1-7-1849, Mary McCARTNEY
Allen WAKEFIELD marries 8-1-1831 M. BECK

Maria SELLERS marries 9-29-1850 James MITCHELL JR


ADD others

Jahu Hall Cyntha Rhoads 15 Jun 1828 Shelby

John Hall Eliza Cawley 4 Oct 1827 Shelby

John Hall Louisa Kortison 30 Aug 1831 Shelby

John, Jr. Hall Millie Donnel 13 Sep 1832 Shelby

Levi H. Hall Mary A. Jones 4 Sep 1848 Shelby


ROBERT CELLARS, page 144(married 10-29-1822 WASH CO, IN




Thomas Hall Shelbyville, Shelby Co. April 24, 1832 Elected

Hall, John P. Shelbyville, Shelby Co. April 24 On G. Sticker's horse

Robert Sellars

2M  under 5
1M  5-10
2M 10-15
1M 40-50

1F under 5
1F 5-10
1F 10-15
1F 30-40

Joshua Sellars

1M 30-40
1M 50-60

1F 20-30
1F 50-60
P. 2     John C. Rodman  
     1M 10-15  1F 15-20
     1M 40-50  1F 40-50
     ("next door" to William Keller)

p.15 John C. Hume
     1M 10-15  1F 10-15
     1M 40-50  1F 40-50

     William S. Rodman
     1M 20-30  2F <5
               1F 20-30

p. 25     Benjamin Siler(?)
     1M 15-20  2F 5-10
     1M 50-60  1F 10-15
               1F 15-20
               1F 50-60

     Robert Sellars
     2M <5          1F <5
     1M 5-10   1F 5-10
     2M 10-15  1F 10-15
     1M 40-50  1F 30-40

p.31 William Hall Sr. (Other Hall families nearby)
     1M 60-70  1F 60-70
     James Rodman
     1M <5          1F <5
     1M 30-40  1F 30-40
WHAT does this Mean - Another James Rodman? Differant Age?,Recheck

10-1-1849 WILLIAM P. SELLARS buys 40 acres in SHELBY CO =NESW, SEC 2, TWN 13N, R 2E, - doesn't say residence.
Donna Ward []
Sellars, William P.- Sale Type- FD, Des.Crit.-SESW, Sec.-02, Acres- 40.00,
Price per Acres-
$1.25, Date of Purchase- 06-01-1849, Co./St. of Purchaser- Shelby.
Sellars, William p. - Sale Type- FD, Des.Crit.-NESW, Sec.-02, Acres-40.00,
Price per Acres-
$1.25,Date of Purchase- 07-09-1847, Co./St. of Purchaser- Shelby.
The spelling is a little different. Donna

JOSHUA SELLERS born 12-17-1800 dec'd 2/1847 married 7-2-1823 Wash Co
Marthe HUME (8/1847 probate court Moses W. Sellers appointed guardian of
JOHN Y. and JAMES SELLERS, sons of Joshua Sellers,deceased )
COUNTY= WASH or CLARK CO, IN = pOST under same!

Deed Book T, page 442, Deed to George C. Carter (same land)
By Robert Sellers and Nancy his wife. 1/11, June 16,1847 the undivided
1/11 part of NE1/4 Sec 30,T2N,Range 5 Ease.
Signed and sealed in the presence of Samuel A.Buckmaster, M.W.Sellers,
Seth T. Sawyer as to Robert Sellers. Present at the signing and sealing
of Nancy Sellers: J.C.HUME and M.W. SELLERS
State of Illinois, Madison County S.S.
Be it remembered that on this 16 day of June 1847, same before me the
undersigned, a Notary Public, duly commissioned and qualified in and for
the City of Alton in the county and state aforesaid, Robert Sellers
personally known to me to be the identical person who executed, and who
is described in the foregoing deed, and acknowledged that he signed,
sealed and delivered the same for the uses and purposes therein
Notarized in the City of Alton, County and State aforesaid
Seth T. Sawyer, Notary Public of the City of Alton.
Then John C. Hume offered the use of his private seal from Shelbyville,
Shelby County, Illinois (no official seal yet being provided.)
(this is a typed copy of original - should have copies of originals)
Where is the prison in Illinois - wouldn't be Alton, ?
History = ROBERT SELLERS in prison
marie, iowa

Alton Penitentiary
     Alton - on Mississippi just north of St.Louis
     smallest Illinois prison
     escapes were not uncommon
civil war prison here in 1860's (msh)

JAMES SELLARS,page 166, Wakefield district
WILLIAM SELLERS, page 140, Flatbranch dist.
NANCY SILLARS, page 165, Wakefield district
JACOB SILER, (believe he was here before also) =

SELLERS William S.      Yort, Nancy Ann         2-26-1846       Muskingum
Check White Co, IL marriages

1850 Shelby county, Illinois

 689    SELLERS, William        46 m farming 800        TN( SELLERS, William andS536 SANDERSON, Nancy22/08/1829DicksonTN)
          Nancy                 48 f                    KY
          Jane                  25 f                    TN1825
          Aptus                 12 m                    IL
          Martha                10 f                    IL
          Catherine              7 f                    IL
          Hariett                3 f                    IL

1044    SELLERS, Nancy          46 f                    NC
          William               19 m farming            IL
          Thomas                17 m farming (1833)           IL
        * Ann                   15 f                    IL
        * Julia                 13 f                    IL
        * Robert                11 m                    IL
          Moses                  8 m                    IL next Levi Hall Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1828 Illinois Mary Hall Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1831 Ohio child IL next John Hall (J.F?msh) Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1806 North Carolina Lyntha Hall Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1800 North Carolina Thomas Hall Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1831 Illinois Martha Hall Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1833 Illinois William Hall Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1835 Illinois (Mariah,msh) Hall Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1837F Illinois Jirs? 8M IL J.F/VCass? Hall 4M IL next P Hall (J.P.,msh) Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1801 North Carolina , $400 Shrenah Hall Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1815 Illinois Ann Hall Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1835 Illinois Sarah Hall Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1837 Illinois William Hall Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1839 Illinois Thmes Hall (James,msh) Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1843 Illinois Luiza Hall Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1845 Illinois Nancy Hall Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1847 North Carolina (68?=1782,msh)

1057   * SELLERS, James          23 m          600       IN
          Mary                  20 f                    MI
          Elizabeth           2/12 f                    IL

[These are from the printed census, not the original which is hard to read,
so there may be transcription errors.] 


Ann Sellars Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1835 Illinois

Elizabeth Sellars Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1850 Illinois

James Sellars Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1827 Indiana

Julia Sellars Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1837 Illinois

Mary Sellars Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1830 Michigan

Moses Sellars Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1842 Illinois

Nancy Sellars Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1804 North Carolina

Robert Sellars Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1839 Illinois

Thomas Sellars Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1833 Illinois

William Sellars Wakefield, Shelby, IL abt 1831 Illinois


ANNE CELLAR, PAGE 723,Subdivision 66
JOHN G. SELLERS, page 439, Cold Spring PO
THOMAS SELLERS, page 439  "        "
THOMAS SELLERS, page 426, "        "
WILLIAM SELLERS, page 436  "        "
WILLIAM P. SELLERS, page 688, Subdivision 66
JAMES R. SELLY, page 463, Cold Spring PO

Now for some fly in the ointment.  First, Thomas Sellers is
listed twice in the 1860 census.
Sure it's the same man.  He is #218, as listed before.  He is also
#309 (as I will list and explain).
Must have moved during the year.

#307  J.M. Virgin   43M  Farmer    1770 600  KY
          Amanda      41 F                              OH
          Saphronia   18 F                               IN
          Oliver V.     15 M Farm Labor              IN
          Manford      12 M                              IN
          Walter S.      5 M                              IN
          Jennette P.   3 F                               IL

#308 Jno. G. Sellers 35 M     Farmer    1000 300  IN(ck STORY CO ,IA
        Malissa            20 F                                  IN
        Nancy J.            5 F                                  IA

#309 Thomas L. Sellers 26 M Farmer 1200 800  IL
         Malinda               21 F                           IL
         Mary A.M.              1F                           IL

(Note: Think Mary A.M. should be Mary Ann.)

     Now, let me explain what is making me crazy.  This is the only
census in which John G.Sellers or J.M. Virgin appear.  The age of Nancy J. Sellers and her
birth in IA, suggest that they
are recent arrivals.  John G. is listed as m. Malissa Virgin (I
presume dau of J.M.) December 20,
1857.  This would make it impossible for Malissa to be the mother of
Nancy J.  Now, John G.
Sellers does have a wife, Lavina, buried at Ridge Cemetery.  Lavina,
however, died April 11,
1859.  Either the couple were divorced or more likely the marriage to
Malissa should read 1859.
Don't know.  Next to Malissa at Ridge is Malinda (Bryant) Sellers,
Robert's first wife who is still
living in the 1860 census.  She died October 24, 1865.  She's
followed by the two infant children,
Liddia and James B., I already listed.  Next to them are King
     Two additional things to mention.  Sophronia Virgin m. Charles
Sellers June 16, 1861.   There
is no Charles in the county in 1860, so where did he come from?
Finally, I recall a number of
Virgin families in the Leckey book, but there is no complete family
portrait.  I have not checked
to see if any Virgins are buried in Shelby Co, but they seem to have
come and gone quickly.
     Finally, I will check out the William P. Sellers family.  Lived
far away--near Moweaqua, I think.  No relationship known.




John P Hall Dry Point, Shelby, IL 53  abt 1807  North Carolina  Male
Louisa Hall Dry Point, Shelby, IL 47  abt 1813  Illinois  Female
Wm F Hall Dry Point, Shelby, IL 20  abt 1840  Illinois  Male       
James M Hall Dry Point, Shelby, IL 16  abt 1844  Illinois  Male       
Louisa Hall Dry Point, Shelby, IL 13  abt 1847  Illinois  Female       
Allen G Hall Dry Point, Shelby, IL 11  abt 1849  Illinois  Male       
John F Hall Dry Point, Shelby, IL 9  abt 1851  Illinois  Male       
Geo P Hall Dry Point, Shelby, IL 4  abt 1856  Illinois  Male   
1870 SHELBY CO, IL ===============
1870 Census Shelby Co IL--Cold Spring Twp. (Number 31/30--
original/corrected).  Copied from
print, not original film.  One household.

Sellers, Thomas     36   farmer         3600      570       IL
         Mrs.        32                                 IL
       Dora         14                                 IL        
       Mary         11                                 IL
       Andrew   9                                 IL        
       Charles  7                                 IL
       John          6                                 IL
       Werana   2 (female)                             IL
McDaniel, Sara 17                                 IL
              Charisssa  11                                 IL

Note:   Werana [sic] must be Urana.  Sara is Sarah Frances McDaniel 
who married the Mitchell
brothers, sons of Maria Sellers and Thomas' nephews.  Charissa [sic] 
is Margaret Catherine McDaniel.  Lots of transcription errors in this census.  
McDaniel/Wakefield family surrounding. 
1880 Shelby Co, Il=
THOMAS L. SELLERS 37 Il, cold springs(married 2-12-1867 Shelby Co,Il
Mary J. 38 Il
Charles W. 17? Il(1863)
Sarah V. 11, Il(1869)
Jenorea 4 Il (1876)
John W.WAKEFIELD 16, Il, stepson,
William Sellers Flat Brach, Shelby, IL abt 1860 Illinois Something other than a direct relationship William P. Sellers Nancy Flat Brach, Shelby, IL abt 1809 Tennessee Self (Head) Nancy Sellers William P. Flat Brach, Shelby, IL abt 1802 Kentucky Wife Thomas L. Sellars Mary J. Cold Spring, Shelby, IL abt 1833 Illinois Self (Head),both parentsNY Mary J. Sellars Thomas L. Cold Spring, Shelby, IL abt 1842 Illinois Wife Charles W. Sellars Thomas L., Mary J. Cold Spring, Shelby, IL abt 1863 Illinois Son Sarah U. Sellars Thomas L., Mary J. Cold Spring, Shelby, IL abt 1869 Illinois Daughter Lenora Sellars Thomas L., Mary J. Cold Spring, Shelby, IL abt 1876 Illinois Daughter John W. Wakefield 16 ===========
obtained some additional Shelby Co IL books.  In 1880 census, Thomas
L. Sellers (written Thomas S. in the book) lists both parents as born
New York.  If you recall, you found family in Clarke/Wash Cos IN and
think from NC. Maybe they passed through NC, but I believe that this
is correct.  Since his wife Mary J. (Moore) Wakefield Sellers is
listed w/both parents born North Carolina, I don't think it a
misprint.  Also, some Rodman data shows New Jersey birthplaces, so....

(His mother's birth place is listed as NC on 1850 census, msh)


Masonic cemetery, Flat Branch Township, near Moweaqua

SELLERS, William P.  born Oct 21 1809 died July 29 1891
  Nancy, wife, born Jan 20 1804  died Feb 29 1884
  Jane, dau of W. P. and N. died Mar 12 1864 age 36y 10m 9d
  Brackett, son of W. P. and N died  Sep 1 1876 age 38y 6m 1d

Mound cemetery, Dry Point Township, Cowden

SELLERS, Jane  Jan 26 1876  Mar 12 1959
(dau of Thos. L. and Mary J. Moore Sellers, died Zeigler nursing home Cowden)

SELLERS, Zerma E  Nov 14, 1911  Dec 9, 1913

SELLERS, Thomas T, father,  1880-1959
  N. Mae, mother, 1887-1970
(Thomas Thornton born Shelby Co to Thos. L. and Mary J. Moore Sellers, died
Decatur hosp.)

MOORE, Mary A 1858-1958
(maiden name SELLERS)

SELLERS, Charles W  Jul 3 1863  Dec 18 1933
  Alice F  May 11 1866  Jul 27 1928
(maiden name Rinehart, mar 1882, 4 children, died Charleston, IL)

Mount Olive cemetery, Cold Spring Township, near Cold Spring

SELLERS, T. L.  died Feb 7 1888, age 55y 10d
(Thomas L. has wife and two ch buried at Ridge cemetery; his wife Malinda a
dau of Morgan and Urana Madden Bryant, mar Feb 28 1858

Ridge cemetery, Cold Springs Township, Williamsburg Hill

SELLERS, Mary J, wife of Wm  died Sep 30 1858 age 22y 7m 19d

SELLERS, Lavina wife of John G  died Apr 11 1859 age 24y 5m 1d

SELLERS, Malinda wife of Thomas L died Oct 24 1865 age 28y 9m 18 d

SELLERS, Liddia A dau of T. L. and M  died Sep 14 1865

SELLERS, James B son of T. L. and M  died Oct 30 1865 age 1 month
In the history, p. 61:

In the May term of court in 1842, an important criminal case came up for
trial.  It was the case of the People vs. Robert Sellers.  Sellers was
indicted for the killing of James Rodman; he was tried and found guilty of
murder in the first degree, and was sentenced to be hanged.  The following is
his sentence as copied from the record.  "That the defendant, Robert Sellers,
be again remanded to jail, there to remain until Tuesday, the 21st day of
June next, when he shall be taken to the place of execution, and there
between the hours of ten o'clock in the forenoon and two o'clock of the
afternoon of that day he be hanged by the neck until he is dead."  By the
manipulations of his attorneys he succeeded in getting a new trial, and on
this trail plead guilty of manslaughter.  He was sentenced for eight years to
hard labor in the penitentiary, where he served his time.  On release, he
returned to Shelby, but soon afterwards thrown from a horse and killed.

P. 217:

Among the other settlers of Cold Spring may be named...T. L. Sellers...

P. 322:

Cold Spring Township:

Sellers, Thomas L.  P. Office:  Cowden;  Resid. Sec 36; Occupation:  Farmer
and Stock Raiser; Nativity:  Shelby Co., IL;  Settled:  1833

Malinda Bryant;  Died Oct. 22, 1865  First wife of T. L. Sellers;  Nativity:
 Bond Co., IL; Settled:  1849

P. 282:

W. P. Sellers is one of the old residents, and lives on section 16, south
side of the Flat Branch, and his wife is said to be the oldest resident of
the township. (Flat Branch Township)

Mary J. Moore;  Present wife of T. L. Sellers; Nativity:  Shelby Co, IL;
Settled:  1835

     Although you have most of the info on the Sellers family in 
Shelby Co IL, I do have some additional info.
     First, I agree with you that Robert and Joshua Sellers of Shelby 
County IL are almost certainly
the sons of Robert Sellers and Sarah Hall of Washington Co IN.  The 
younger Robert is shown as
married October 29, 1822 to Nancy Rodman.  The widow of the Robert 
Sellers in Shelby Co IL is
named Nancy, and the man he killed is named James Rodman.  I have 
tried to find a prison record
for Robert but Illinois records do not go back quite that far.  I 
plan to try to obtain additional
county records/newspaper accounts, if either exists.  Joshua is 
listed as married July 7, 1823 to
Martha Hume.  A John C. Hume was a near neighbor to a Rodman in 1840. 
 Note that Hall
families were also near neighbors in 1840 and 1850--William and 
Samuel being the eldest--but I
cannot establish a link at this time.
               The COMBINED HISTORY OF SHELBY COUNTIES state that 
Thomas Lewis
Sellers, son of Robert, settled in Cold Spring Twp., Shelby Co IL in 
1833.  Public land records
support the following federal land purchases by Sellers/Rodman:
     (Note that all show the purchasers as residents of Shelby Co 
     November 23, 1836 Robert Sellers purchased 40A @$1.25 per acre 
in Section 29, Twp.
11N, Meridian 3, Section Part NESE, Range 03E
     July 25, 1837 Robert Sellers purchased 40 A @$1.25 per acre in 
Section 33, Twp. 11N,
Meridian 3, Section Part NESE, Range 03E
     November 23, 1836 William Rodman Jr purchased 80 A @ $1.25 per 
acre in Section 34,
Twp. 11 N, Meridian 3, Section Part E2NE, Range 03E
     November 23, 1836 William Rodman Jr purchased 160 A @ $1.25 per 
acre in Section 33,

Twp 11 N, Meridian 3, Section Part NE, Range 03E
     May 2, 1837 William S. Rodman purchased 80 A @ $1.25 per acre in 
Section 33, Twp.
11N, Meridian 3, Section Part E2NW, Range 03E
     September 2, 1837 James Rodman purchased 81.24 A @ $1.25 per 
acre in Section 4,
Twp. 10N, Meridian 3, Section Part, E2NE, Range 03E
     February 23, 1839 James Rodman purchased 80 A @ $1.25 per acre 
in Section 2, Twp.
10N, Meridian 3, Section Part W2SW, Range 03E
     February 23, 1839 James Rodman purchased 80 A @ $1.25 per acre 
in Section 4, Twp.
10N, Meridian 3, Section Part E2SW, Range 03E
     February 23, 1839 James Rodman purchased 80 A @ $1.25 per acre 
in Section 34, Twp.
11N, Meridian 3, Section Part E2SE, Range 03E
     (The following two later purchases do not identify the residence 
of the buyer; however, I
am sure that it was Shelby Co IL)
     March 30, 1872 Thomas L. Sellers purchased 40 A of Railroad land 
@ $12.00 per acre in
Section 36, Twp. 10N, Meridian 3, Section Part NESW, Range 03E
     March 25, 1875 Thomas L. Sellers purchased 40 A of Railroad land 
@ $8.00 per acre in
Section 30, Twp. 10N, Meridian 3, Section Part SWSE, Range 03E

VERY INTERESTED in William Sellers born 1804 Tn, and wife living in
SHELBY CO, IL in 1850
daughter born ca 1825 TENN!
only WM SELLERS and nancy marriage I can find =
WM SELLERS married 8-22-1829 DICKSON CO, TN to Nancy SANDERSON(msh)
but, Wm's wife in Shelby, Il is ONE of the Oldest residents!
His children's history, etc, may tell MOTHERS NAME=msh

MOSES SELLERS , Civil War File may give clues= (ORDER/READ)-msh

 Also, you were interested in William Sellers and wife Nancy from
Flat Branch Twp.  in Shelby Co IL.  In 1880, he is 71 yrs. old, b. TN,
 father b. NC, mother b. TN.  She is 78 yrs. old, b. KY and both
parents b. VA.

From Sherry MAZZETTI

     I believe this to be an accurate list of the children of Robert
and Nancy (Rodman) Sellers.
There is only circumstantial evidence for names of the eldest two,
but the evidence for Maria is
strong.  The last six children are named in the 1850 census of Shelby
Co IL.

1.  James Sellers b. Abt 1827 IN m. Mary b. Abt 1830 MI
Children: Elizabeth b. 1850 Shelby Co IL

2.  Maria Sellers b. Sept. 28/29, 1829 IL (?); d. July 19, 1864
Shelby Co IL;  m. Sept. 29, 1850
(when she was exactly 21yrs.) Shelby Co IL to James Jacob Mitchell
(s/o James Mitchell b. Abt
1795 VA/KY and Christella/Priscilla b. Abt 1801 NC/TN) b. Abt 1828 IL;
 died January 30, 1858
Shelby Co IL.  Both buried Ridge Cemetery.

     Probate records show children to be: James Jacob, William Edward,
 Roseann, and Mary Ann.
Estate Adm. James J. Howe; Guardian of minor children: Thomas L.

     1. William Edward Mitchell b. Abt May 9, 1853 Shelby Co IL; d.
Feb. 14, 1876 Shelby Co
     IL m. Feb. 3, 1875 Shelby Co IL Sarah Frances McDaniel b. August
21, 1853       Cumberland, Marion Co IN; d. March 23, 1913 Cowden,
Shelby Co IL.
     No children

     2. James Jacob Mitchell Jr. b. October 11, 1858 Shelby Co IL; d.
June 4, 1940 m. date     unknown Shelby Co IL Sarah Frances
(McDaniel) Mitchell (his brother's widow)
     No children but raised Laurel/Lorel Don Nance aka Mitchell and
Pearl Nance (nephew   and niece).  Don gave incorrect info for James
Mitchell's death certificate, stating that
     Maria was nee McDaniel, not Sellers and born KY.  After Sarah's
death in 1913, James      Mitchell married a widow named Lucy.  No

     Notes: Sarah Frances McDaniel was daughter of John and Elizabeth
(Ulrey) McDaniel,
     granddaughter of James William and Sarah (King) McDaniel and
greatgranddaughter of
     John and Mary/Polly (Sellers) McDaniel of Bracken Co KY.
William Edward Mitchell is      buried beside brother James Jacob
Mitchell Jr. and wife Sarah Frances McDaniel in the     Mt.
Olive/Sellers/Bryant Cemetery.

     3. Roseann Mitchell (named in father's estate of 1858)

     4. Mary Ann Mitchell m. Before 1858 Unknown Conner (father's
estate of 1858)

3. William Sellers b. Abt 1831.  There is more than one William
Sellers in Shelby Co IL records;    At this point, I do not have wife
proved.  There is a Mary J. Sellers, wife of William buried
     Ridge C  emetery.  She died Sept. 30, 1858, aged 22 yrs., 7 mos.,
 19 days.  There is also   one marriage (2nd?) that fits the time
period.  A William Y. (Young?) Sellers m. Julia    Butler Nov. 3,
1861 (by John C. Jones).  Believe that Julia was widowed.  There is
additional info on this family.  Nothing proven so far.

4.  Thomas Lewis Sellers b. Abt 1833 IL; died Feb. 7, 1888 Shelby Co
IL; m. February 28, 1858
Malinda Bryant b. Abt 1836; d. October 24, 1865; buried Ridge
Cemetery (daughter of Morgan
Bryant and 2nd wife Urana Madden--presumed to be named for Morgan's
first wife Malinda
Eaton).  Malinda buried Ridge Cemetery.

     Children (also buried Ridge):
     1.  Liddia A., d. Sept 14, 1865
     2.  James B. d. Oct. 30, 1865, aged 1 month

Notes: Morgan Bryant (family aka Bryan) and first wife Malinda Eaton
(later 2nd wife Urana
Madden) were closely associated with the McDaniel and King families.
McDaniel, King, Bryant,
Eaton families from KY and associated in IN.  Another daughter of
Morgan and Urana, Sarah
Elizabeth Bryant, married James McDaniel, son of James and Sarah
(King) McDaniel and uncle of
Sarah Frances McDaniel who married the Mitchell brothers (sons of
Maria Sellers).  Note close
dates of Malinda/children's deaths.  There could also be surviving
unknown children.  Urana
(Madden) Bryant's obituary suggests an additional Bryant/Sellers
marriage in family.

     Thomas Lewis Sellers married one or two times more.  Boedecker
cemetery books give
Mary J. Moore as second wife but no marriage to her listed through
1871 marriage books.  A
third marriage?  Marriage book shows that Thomas L. Sellers m. Mary

Wakefield Feb. 12, 1867.
One source lists her as daughter of Allen Wakefield and Malinda Beck,
but their daughter's age
does not seem to fit this Mary Wakefield (age of wife as listed on
1870 census).  Wakefield
families from NC and GA (SC border) through TN to IL.

5.  Ann Sellers b. Abt 1835

6.  Julia Sellers b. Abt 1837

7.  Robert Sellers b. Abt 1839

8.  Moses Sellers b. Abt 1842 May be the M.P. Sellers of the 116th IL
Infantry who died at
Memphis, TN on March 20, 1863.

Think I found the Mary J. Moore who was eventually the second
wife of Thomas L. Sellers.
>From Wakefield "stuff,"  and this will make my Wakefield
correspondents happy, since her
husband's info is somewhat incomplete.

     1. John A. Wakefield (son of Andrew Wakefield and Martha/Patsy
Corley) m. Mary J.  Moore March 31, 1853 in Shelby Co IL
     2. Middle name believed to be Allen, but he is not Allen
Wakefield.  There are also older men with same name.
     3. John A. Wakefield listed as as guardian of minor children
when father Andrew died  June 18, 1852.
     4. 1860 Census of Shelby Co IL shows:

     #218 Thomas L. Sellers w/first wife Malinda (Bryant) and
daughter Maryann
     #219 William Frailey whose son George was to marry Mary Ann
Nance, sister of my               Joseph Nance
     #220 John A. Wakefield   30M  Farmer    2000 300  IL
              Mary Jane              21F
              Endira                     3F
              Sando                  4/12M
     (Pretty sure children's names incorrect.  Could Endira be Dora
in Thomas L. Sellers  household of 1870, although listed as Sellers?)
 Have to check your 1880 again.
     5. Wakefield records show John Allen Wakefield b. February 18,
1829 Shelby Co IL died  March 3, 1865 in Savannah, GA.  Buried Laurel
Grove, Savannah, GA.  Does not say, but
     I assume Civil War.  Another avenue to follow, since there must
have been a widow's  pension issued to Mary Jane.
     6.  Probate book lists Inventory and Land for John A. Wakefield
book 8, p. 77 Feb., 1866
     7.  Mary Jane (Moore) Wakefield (widow of John A. Wakefield)
marries Thomas L. Sellers February 12, 1867 (It fits.)  Have to go
back and draw up list of children of each marriage, if possible.
     8.  Note that John A. Wakefield is the brother of Jonathan
Cheatham Wakefield who married Susan McDaniel (see my chart).

     Finally, I found some Halls in looking for Wakefield graves in
Boedecker books.  Samuel
Hall is the eldest that I can find.  He's buried at Ridge Cemetery
among Wakefields, Sellers, King,
etc.      Samuel Hall died Sept. 3, 1848
           Aged 71 yrs., 6 mo. 26 ds.
           Footstone S. H.
     Boedecker note says born Chatham Co NC Feb. 8, 1777, settled
Shelby Co IL about 1824
     Wife Nancy is next to him

     Also spotted Charles Wakefield b. 1722 Charles Co MD m.
Elizabeth Moore  Albemarle
Co VA 1746; died June 1815 Burke Co NC, buried Linville.  Lots more
marriages. Quite a bit of Burke Co NC.  This is one of my families.
Keep in mind.  Can send you some history.
     Later--when I have more info.  Sherry

Marie, Hermon, Monte,
     Just passing more data along.
Marie and Hermon,
     Did a little looking at the Boedecker Shelby Co Cemetery Books.
Think you have listed but
just in case:
Ridge Cemetery
Mary J. Wife of William Sellers
Died Sept. 30, 1858
Aged 22 yrs. 7mos. 9 ds.
Alas she has left us, her spirit has fled.
Her body now slumbers along with the dead.
Her Savior hath called her, to Him she has gone.
Be ye also ready to follow her soon.

     Pretty sure this must be the wife of the William Sellers who was
brother to Thomas L.
Sellers and son of Robert, since Thomas' first wife Malinda (Bryant)
is also at Ridge.  Mary J .is
buried among the Hall families, and she is next to the family of,
specifically, John Hall Jr. and
wife, Eliza.  I am fairly confident they are her parents.  Tends to
support a connection between the
Wash Co IN/Burke Co NC and Shelby Co IL/Chatham Co NC/Christian Co
KY/Philadelphia Hall
families.  I see we're back to PA.
     Logically, he is the William Y. Sellers who m. November 3, 1861
to Julia Butler.  She is
shown in household #304 (close to Sellers) living with George
Milliken and wife Lousia in 1860
census as a widow 31 b. NC with two children, George W. 8 and Louisa
E. 6 both born IL.
Boedecker shows a Julia Cellars as a lot owner at Coal Creek Cemetery
in Oconee Twp. which
borders Cold Spring Twp.  No Cellars/Sellers in cemtery, but there
are Butler family members,
including two who could have been first husband.  I have some
Milliken info not enough to say if
she is related to George or his wife.
     Also, on this same family,  at Red Bank Cemetery are the parents
of James Jacob Mitchell who
married Maria Sellers.  They are James and Priscilla on stones.  One
census listed her as
     Now to the William P. Sellers who interests you.  I do not know
who they are, and they
live at the North end of the county (Flat Branch Twp., Moweaqua Twp.),
 while Oconee, Cold
Spring, and Dry Point are all at the South end.   You have census
data for 1850, but I will list all
three, as it helps to see the inconsistencies in recording names.

1850--Flat Branch District (#689)
William Sellers     46M       800  TN
Nancy               48F            KY
Jane           25F            TN
Aptus               12M            IL
Martha         10F            IL
Catherine       7F            IL
Harriett        3F            IL

1860--Town of Moweaqua (#721)
William P. Sellers  51M  2000 800  TN
Nancy               55F            KY
Jane A.        33F            TN   Idiotic
Backett E.          23M             IL
Martha P.      18F             IL
Kessiah A.          17F             IL
Harriet S.          13F             IL

1870--Flat Branch Twp.  (#120/#110 corrected)
William Cetters     63M  Farmer 5000/1000    TN
Nancy               69F                 TN
Bridget        33F                  IL
Krisa               37F                  IL

     Only thing more that I know of them is that a Harriet H. Sellars
m. Richard Armstrong
August 26, 1866 (by William Chadwick).  Don't know about Martha, but
other daughters appear
to have been "old maids." Thought I had some cemetery data on this
family, but I cannot locate it.
Think it shows Aptus/Backett/Bridget to be Brackett.  Later.
     I note that the census data that I so carefully line up gets all
"out-of-whack" every time I import.  Darn!


     First, here are the cemetery records for the William P. Sellers
family.  They are buried at
Masonic Cemetery, Flat Branch Twp.  Don't think I recognize anyone in
the cemetery, and "my
Sellers" appear to have no connection.
          William P. Sellers
          Born Oct. 21, 1807
          Died July 29, 1891

          Nancy, wife of W.P. Sellers
          Born Jan. 20, 1804
          Died Feb. 29, 1884

          Jane, dau of W.P. and N. Sellers
          Died Mar. 12, 1864
          Aged 36Y 10M 9D

          Brackett, son of W.P. and N. Sellers
          Died Sept. 1, 1876
          Aged 38Y 6M 1D

     Hermon was interested in what else I might have on Buchanan--
unfortunately nothing.
Have been looking at IN marriages (not done analyzing), but I have
one that looks like possible
family (but not in a county known for family). James Buchanan and
Huldah Babbs m. Ohio Co IN
Apr. 15, 1849.  I definitely have Babb in-laws to Ulrey and at least
one family showed up in
Shelby Co IL.  Only problem is the county.  Know of no associations
w/Ohio Co IN.
     There are many Thompsons in Shelby Co IL.  One family born
England.  Not sure where
others are from, but I would not doubt that one or more of the early
one relates to the KY family.
Simeon Dowel m. McDaniel in Henry Co IN.  Know that this couple came
to Shelby Co IL and
probably the progenitors of most of the Shelby Co Dowell families.
Dowells definitely related to
King in Loudoun/Fauquier VA and KY.  George Herschel Dowell who
married my grandmother's
cousin had some family in KS.  The Perkins is problematic.  Think the
Perkins families that I can
find in early census records in Shelby IL are from TN.  Not sure if
the same as those who married
Dowell in Shelby IL or not.  Too many trails to follow at the moment.

          On the John-Isaac-Samuel Sellers discussion.  You are
obviously without some of the
correspondence sent me by Monte.  Appears he obtained from either a
search service or KY
Historical Society.  Several separate sources all point to
relationship of Isaac, John and Samuel
Sellers.  He has list of two land grants obtained by John Sellers on
the South Fork of the Licking.
One is in his name only, while the other is shared with James Power.
Surveyed in 1783; obtained
in 1786.  Would like to see originals.  At the moment, all I have of
McDaniel land description is
neighbors names--Ambrose, McGuffin, Thompson.  I have a rather non-
specific map of present
day Bracken which shows a Thompson Creek not too far from Germantown.
 Have to look at my
McDaniel sale papers again, but I do not think Thompson is an
original signature or would
suggest comparison of signatures with John Sellers will of 1798.
     Wonder what land grants, if any, might exist for McDaniel.  Note
also that he shows an
index of testators to KY wills.  There is an Elizabeth
Sellers/Bracken/1829 that might be
     On some other families--I found a WFT file on Spencer Records,
bro-in-law of Laban, and
the man who recorded Isaac Sellers death in Germantown.  Shows that
he moved to/died Shelby
Co IN where James William McDaniel, s/o John and Mary (Sellers)
McDaniel moved after
Decatur Co IN.  Also my John S. McDaniel m. Elizabeth Ulrey there.  I
also found at least one
Records marriage in Marion Co (where my family moved next).  Andrew
McDaniel m. Hannah
Record Jan. 30, 1845.  Maybe I can find out who they are.  Don't know.

     Think we should get some of these papers together.  This week I
have been working and
will work part of next, but I will try to get copies of land grants.
If you know a speedy way to do,
let me know.  Meanwhile, if you want copies of some of these papers

that Monte sent me, let me
know.  Will send, as time permits.
     Oh, yes, I have found a couple of interesting marriages in
Washington Co IN which might
point to other connections with Shelby Co IL.  Not sure.  Will post
when I have better organized.
     Written in haste--hope it makes some sense.

JOSHUA born 12-17-1800 dec'd 2/1847 married 7-2-1823 Wash Co
Marthe HUME (8/1847 probate court Moes W. Sellers appointed guardian of
JOHN Y. and JAMES SELLERS, sons of Joshua Sellers,deceased )

WILL try and add this also =
Deed Book T, page 442, Deed to George C. Carter (same land)
By Robert Sellers and Nancy his wife. 1/11, June 16,1847 the undivided
1/11 part of NE1/4 Sec 30,T2N,Range 5 Ease.
Signed and sealed in the presence of Samuel A.Buckmaster, M.W.Sellers,
Seth T. Sawyer as to Robert Sellers. Present at the signing and sealing
of Nancy Sellers: J.C.HUME and M.W. SELLERS
State of Illinois, Madison County S.S.
Be it remembered that on this 16 day of June 1847, same before me the
undersigned, a Notary Public, duly commissioned and qualified in and for
the City of Alton in the county and state aforesaid, Robert Sellers
personally known to me to be the identical person who executed, and who
is described in the foregoing deed, and acknowledged that he signed,
sealed and delivered the same for the uses and purposes therein
Notarized in the City of Alton, County and State aforesaid
Seth T. Sawyer, Notary Public of the City of Alton.
Then John C. Hume offered the use of his private seal from Shelbyville,
Shelby County, Illinois (no official seal yet being provided.)
(this is a tyed copy of original - should have copies of originals)
Where is the prison in Illinois - wouldn't be Alton, ?
marie, iowa

ALTON PRISON was here in 1861 (used during civil war) - don't know when
it was made-
But ROBERT SELLERS papers on sale of land were at Alton,Il,Madison Co-in
1847 - (believe I sent to you this week, may NOT have on the board yet-
Sounds like a connection?
will save info-
marie, iowa
Just letting you know that Alton was
the first State Penitentiary.  Accepted prisoners from 1833-1857 when
prisoners were transferred to Joliet (which is still in existence).
You were right!  Hmm.  What does it mean?
     I have to look over the land transfer/sale again.  Looks like
estate of Joshua?  And/or Nancy a widow?  Moses is clearly alive,
anyway.  Found John Hume--four public domain land purchases in Shelby
Co. in 1837. One says John Crawford Hume.

Total 320 Acres.

SHERRY - I was thinking this was probably his part/SHARE of his father,

(SOMEWHERE, I posted the Indiana land grants and I don't see on our web?

1821 Franklin twp, Wash Co, Ind= John Sellers, tract book entry =

1817 Franklin twn, Wash Co,Ind = Robert Sellers = SE 1/4 ,SEC 30, TWP

UNLESS, the land grants show more land for Robert Sellers, and I know
there was MORE than one GRANT, but, don't remember if same SEC of 1/4-

The land on ROBERT AND NANCY SELLERS sale/deed would equal what his
brother JOHN SELLERS deeded him in 1837/41 and his other 10
brothers/sisters/heirs = 1/11th part

I WOULD feel a lot better having ALL original papers, instead of
extracts-but, JOHN SELLERS died 1837/41 did will/deed this land to 11
heirs  and LATER when some brothers/sisters died/ their 1/6th part
thereof to children of same!
(1847 JOSHUS SELLERS, dec/d ,sons ( heirs) John Y. and James Sellers
= 1/6 of 1/ll part thereof, )Washington Co, In-

marie, iowa


     Mt. Olive/Sellers/Bryant Cemetery is located a few miles from
Cowden, Shelby Co IL.  Specifically, the turn off to the cemetery is
along Route 128 a couple of mile north of Cowden at the Center
Cemetery.  Turn west at junction of Route 128 and Center Cemetery and
proceed about three miles.  You will be climbing in the direction of
Old Williamsburg on the hill--highest point in the county.  Cemetery
is on a rise on the left-hand side (south) of the road.  There is a
small place to park beside a farmer's field.  Pretty view from the
top. I understand that Mt. Olive Baptist Church burned and was
finally torn down.  It's the official name of the cemetery which is
also known as Sellers/Bryant.


     I've just returned from a couple of hours at the IRAD at Eastern
Illinois University, where many files from Shelby Co IL are stored.
Have obtained a copy of the full murder trial record of Robert
SELLERS for the murder of James RODMAN in 1842, as well as some
lawsuits filed against Robert by creditors.  At first read, I thought
he was a "deadbeat," but these suits were filed during the trial
period..  No real "family" info but a pretty good read, in parts--
more than fifty pages, with much redundancy.  Will sift through the
pages, summarize them, and copy a few in their entirety.  Much

> Looked at a Sellers page.  Saw a listing for John G. Sellers as eldest
son of Thomas and Nancy.  This has to be the one who married Malissa Virgin
12-20-1857, so now I have another question....
> Who is the Charles M. Sellers/Sollars who married her sister, Sophronia
Virgin, 6-16-61.  Both marriages Shelby Co.  [I noted Charles because of
the IL to WA posts which showed a Charles m. to a Malissa, but it doesn't
quite fit.]

SHERRY - Thanks -
NEED 1860 Shelby Co, IL census posted=
JOHN G. SELLERS, page 439, Cold Spring PO
THOMAS SELLERS, page 439  "        "
THOMAS SELLERS, page 426, "        "
WILLIAM SELLERS, page 436  "        "
WILLIAM P. SELLERS, page 688, Subdivision 66
JAMES R. SELLY, page 463, Cold Spring PO

Don't think this is Thomas and Nancy SELLERS kids-their John and Charles
both on 1880Cenus

JOSHUA SELLERS (son of Robert SR-died Wash Co,IN)  had  sons  John J/Y and
James - some of these kids went to IA?
and HE may be the JOHN G. SELLERS on the 1860 SHELBY CO, IL census?

WM SELLERS born TN may show some info on the 1860 SHELBY CO, IL census=

CHARLES W/M? SELLERS - (parents may have called him Willy/M---)
we had a CHARLES V. SELLERS born ca 1840 IL
and he appears in Orange Co, IN in 1880 with wife Frances E. and kids born
1865 IL and IN
daughter named Harriett B.
Wm SELLERS in Shelby has daughter named Harriett - No Charles on census,
but son named
Aptus born 1838 IL??
And we never proved his parents . We had a member working on, don't know if
active now-

My records are Not all Out or Filed Away -
With 1860 census - surely help?
Thanks for sharing, marie,iowa



             1860 Census/Shelby County

             Sun, 16 Jan 2000 23:11:54 -0500 (EST)

1)Thought I had listed Sellers in 1860 census; if not, I will.  Make take a
little time.

2)Posted this info on Shelby Co IL board to see if anyone knows any other
the other people mentioned, as I only know a couple of them. Have rece'd
info that ASSUMPSIT some breach of contract or damages that resulted from
the same.

3)In case there are new readers, here is my connection to Robert Sellers:

a) His dau Maria Sellers married James Jacob Mitchell.  Two of their sons,
William and James, married (Wm. died) my greatgrandmother's sister, Sarah
Frances McDaniel (no children).  Sarah Frances was the granddaughter of
Polly Sellers and John McDaniel.  No known connection between Sellers.
Maria Sellers is incorrectly called McDaniel on her death certificate--info
given by one of my relatives.

b)His son Thomas Lewis Sellers married (1st) Malinda Bryant, dau of Morgan
and Urana (Madden) Bryant.  Malinda was named for first wife, Malinda
Eaton.  First wife Malinda's niece married Charles Wesley McDaniel my
greatgreatgrandfather's brother.  Sarah Elizabeth Bryant, dau of Morgan and
Urana married James R. McDaniel, another of the brothers.  Thomas Lewis
Sellers, I believe, also administered my 3-greats-grandfather's (James
William McDaniel's)estate.  James William McDaniel's mother was Polly
Sellers who married John McDaniel.  Again, no known connection between
these Sellers families.  Perhaps there is just a coincidence of names.

c)Most of my McDaniel family and their Bryant in-laws are buried in a
cemetery called Mt. Olive aka Sellers/Bryant Cemetery in Shelby Co.

Revolutionary War Soldiers  Marion County,   Indiana

John Hume was born 1761 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  He died 1840 Marion County and buried near Trader's Point.
He married a Crawford in 1787 in Pennsylvania who died in 1828.  Children: John Crawford born 1790 died 1876 married
1813 Martha McCurdy born 1784 died 1876; James married 15 Nov 1822 Jeannetta Wheelock; Margaret married 22 Nov
1831 Felix R. Raymond; Martha married 3 Jul 1823 Joshua Sellers; Thomas born 1797 died 1842 married 20 Apr 1826
Elizabeth McCoy.  Source Page 201, Roster of Soldiers and Patriots of the American Revolution Buried in Indiana, 1938 and
page 27, Roster of Soldiers and Patriots of the American Revolution Buried in Indiana, 1980.
 The entry states that John HUMEs wife was a
CRAWFORD; however, all of the databases that I have
found state that she was a BARNETT.  I used ARIAS and
was able to confirm that John HUME served in the PA
militia from Lancaster County, along with two other
Humes and a couple of Barnetts.  I did not have time
to check CRAWFORD.  Know that there are some

  may 19,  2003
Donna Ward []
Subject:  [ILSHELBY] Early Settlers

Hi it's Donna again. I also have found an article on the Early Settlers, some of the names are: Robert Tolly, James Tolly, William Smith, Moses Smith, Joseph Brimball, Michael Thornton, Johnathan Denton, Catherine Armstrong, Solomon Scribner, Lucineda, Smith,Elias Armstrong, Gordon family, W.R. Clark, W.P. Sellers, James Virden, John McKenzie, Levi Casey Sr., Thomas, Scribner, Wesley Scribner, James Howse, Edward Howse. If you would like a copy of this article please let me know at or 
DONNA, thank you.
Could we have a copy of same = any SELLERS info appreciated.
marie, iowa

SHERRY, thanks.
Interested in any SELLERS/FLUCKEY kids and where went.

We must prove their documents also, if no source given.

Did I see an 1805 Huntington Co, Pa birth for Jacob SELLERS 1805 ?? How Proven? (it is in the Mifflin area) Proof or just listing. Why would they list place if not know?? Probably should try and connect them.

I am mainly interested in
FAIRFIELD CO, OH marriages of
Isaac Sellers.. . . Fanny Skinner.. Feb 1816 = Where 1820, etc (SKINNER family info =?)

John Sellers . .. . Margaret McMullen .. Jan 1812= Bible and charts we have some.

Adam ZELLER, C-93,1805 , FAIRFIELD , OH
Scott's Fairfield Co Hist. Names of Tax payers in Fairfield County in 1806 Berne Township
Sellers, Jacob
Sellers, John

I just can NOT follow thro 1810/20!
Thanks for helping. We need some documents from counties/state/family members.

marie, iowa

-----Original Message-----
From: [] On Behalf Of SHERRY MAZZETTI
Sent: Friday, February 16, 2007 8:26 PM
Subject: [SELLERS] Sellers/Fluckey

Marie and All,
I went back to the Fluckey family outline and pages that I saw online. The long version runs 46 pages and does not contain notes--just descendants. If you want the web address, I will find it. Related pages were touting the book on George and a family reunion in 2004. Turns out that it was to be held in Effingham, IL. I know it well. Clearly there were a lot of descendants of George Washington Fluckey. who died Tower Hill, Shelby Co. and who is a Sellers/Fluckey descendant. One lives in Florida, but maybe there is someone in IL. Since I make a trip almost every year at Memorial Day to decorate graves, I might be able to find someone local. Shelby Co. Historical Society MIGHT have info. The book costs about $100, so that is out unless Newberry Library in Chicago has it, and I could look at it there. I am going to see if the person who contacted me about the graves is still on the Shelby Co. IL list where I am already a member. If that is "no go" I will work on the other possible contacts to see if anyone has documents related to the Sellers family. It may take some time. I have some additional data to post but no time tonight.

Here is George Washington Fluckey's lineage in brief:

George Fluckey 1750/1847 and Margaret Stoltz 1758/1850
Adam Fluckey 1806/1867 and Mary Sellars 1807/1867(dau. Isaac 1768/9 and Nancy Agness Pauley) George Washington Fluckey 1830/1908 buried Tower Hill, Shelby Co. IL