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  From: FRANK
Henry and Barbara Ohmart Sellers, their sons Samuel and Daniel and other children belonged to the following named Hurricane and Bethel Churches starting in the 1840s.  They joined these churches because they had been Dunkard (also known as German Baptist) when they lived in Logan and Clark Counties in Ohio.  Henry died in
1848, Barbara and her younger children moved to Indiana, while Samuel and Daniel stayed in Montgomery Co., IL and raised large families who spread west to Dent County, MO, and Cherokee Co., KS, among other spots.

Although your Street family seemed to be in Ohio, here an early Baptist preacher named James Street who had Sellars among his flocks.  This information is copyrighted and has been published by the Primitive Baptist Library, contact Robert Webb at

From the history of Hurricane Fork Church, formed in 1818 in what would later be designated Fillmore Township, Montgomery County, IL---

"...Elder James Street was a member of this church by 1820.

"In 1820, Hurricane Church united with the Illinois Association, James Street and Henry Pyatt being the messengers, who reported 25 members.

"Early pastors of the church are not easy to determine, but apparently included Elders James Street and Henry Sears."

From the history of Clear Springs Church, Montgomery Co., IL, formed in 1819, with many ties to the Hurricane Church--

"The church at Hurricane Fork began holding meetings for part of their members in the West Fork settlement as early as August 1818, and in the Clear Springs settlement as early as April 1819.  ...the records of Hurricane Fork Church indicate that meetings were held this early in the Clear Springs or Street July 1822 ...the
following members (were) dismissed to form a new church, Elder James Street, Mary Street...(the names Norton, Parrish, Shipman, Jordan, Box, Crandall, Giles, Wright follow.)

"...A hewn log building is thought to have been erected in this community in about 1822.  The pulpit was of the same material.  The cemetery at the site is the oldest cemetery in the county.  Elder James Street, and his wife Mary, deeded land to the trustees of the Clear Springs Church, for church and burying ground purposes, in August 1835."

>From the history of Bethel Church, formed in 1826 in Montgomery Co., IL --

"Bethel Church was organized on September 2, 1826 by Elders James Street and Henry Sears.  ..."

Frank Sellers
Falls Church, VA