MACON CO, IL (made in 1829 from Shelby Co,Il)
lays next to=




             Hugh and Sandy Sellers <>

>From "Sellers Letters' (c) M. Sims

ZELLER, Mary, age 40 born Baden, Germany 2400-2424
........Mark, age 12 born Baden, Germany
........Henry, age 9 born Baden, Germany
........Mary, age 6, born Illinois

SELLERS, Peter, age 27, born Indiana, farmer $600-350(ck Janes Page) ck 1870 DeWitt Co., Il)
.........Hanah, age 43, born Virginia
.........Sarah, age 5 born Illinois
.........Benj'm, age 1 born Illinois  (is this Robert Benjamin?msh)
John Salters Not Stated, Macon, IL 21 1838 Virginia Male
Emily Salters Not Stated, Macon, IL 18 1841 Ohio Female
Leander Fleming Not Stated, Macon, IL 23 1836 Virginia Male
Mary Fleming Not Stated, Macon, IL 22 1837 Virginia Female



John Sellers Decatur, Macon, IL abt 1849 New York White Male

Alice A Sellers Friends Creek, Macon, IL abt 1860 Indiana White Female
Amy Sellers Friends Creek, Macon, IL abt 1836 Indiana White Female
Charles E Sellers Friends Creek, Macon, IL abt 1862 Indiana White Male
Mattie B Sellers Friends Creek, Macon, IL abt 1864 Indiana White Female
Robert Y Sellers Friends Creek, Macon, IL abt 1832 Indiana White Male (ck 1860 Morgan Co., In)

Aron Sellers Harristown, Macon, IL abt 1845 Ohio White Male
Rebecca Sellers Harristown, Macon, IL abt 1845 Indiana White Female

1880 Friends Creek, Macon, Illinois
Robert SELLERS Self M Male W 48 IN Farmer NC KY (ck Morgan Co., In)
Amy SELLERS Wife M Female W 44 IN Keeping House NC NC
Alice SELLERS Dau S Female W 20 IN At Home IN IN
Charles SELLERS Son S Male W 18 IN Works On Farm IN IN
Mattie SELLERS Dau S Female W 16 IN At Home IN IN
Lilly SELLERS Dau S Female W 7 IN IN IN

             Jane <>

I found this on the web--from an unknown newpaper in Clinton DeWitt Co

Feb 13, 1903

"Killed by Central Train

Former Resident of Clinton Received Injuries That Cause His Death in a
Few Hours.

Peter Sellers died about 2 o'clock this morning at his home in Decatur
from injuries received early yesterday morning."  (Besides a gory
description of the accident, mention is made of the fact that he was
about 70 yrs old,  hard of hearing, and that he was a former resident of
Clinton in DeWitt Co IL and moved to Decatur Macon Co IL about 1900)  He
was survived by his wife, a son and four daughters.  No first names were
given in the article.

Maybe this will help someone.


     The Decatur Genealogical Society's CENTRAL ILLINOIS
QUARTERLY (Fall, 1998) just arrived and contains an article (pages 85-
87) first printed in the
"Decatur IL Review" on September 15, 1886.
     Title of article is "ZOLLARS FAMILY REUNION AND BIOGRAPHY" and
it begins by
noting family longevity.  States that the reunion was of the children
of John Zollars, b. PA 1781
who went to OH in 1813.  Family was originally from Prussia and
mother was dau of REV WAR
     The reunion was held at home of Frederick, resident of Macon Co
since 1868, aged 85.
Other brothers and sisters were Daniel, 78, of Ottumwa, IA; Enoch, 76,
 of Creston, IA; John, 72
of Napoleon, OH; Cyrus, 70, of Canton, OH; Agnes Beathers, 60, a
widow of Holden, MO;
David, 58, of Canton, OH.  There is some commentary about wives (no
names), but only one
descendant is mentioned.  He is Allen, son of Frederick, a judge of
the Supreme Court of IN.
     J. Cheri Hunter donated the article.  No mention of any
relationship to this family.

        Jane <>

The following are Sellers (or Sellers descendents) buried in Friends
Creek Cemetery in Argenta Macon Co IL.

Robert Young Sellers (27 May 1832-27 Dec 1913) and his wife
Amy M Hadley Sellers (4 Aug 1836-17 Jun 1883)
their daughters:

1.    James B Evans and his wife
       Mattie Belle Sellers Evans (4 Apr 1864-20-Sep 1935)

2.    William T J Cooper (30 Mar 1857-8 Jun 1908) and his wife
        Alice Ann Sellers Cooper (26 Jul 1860-1 Feb 1929)
        their children:
        a.    Harry H Eyman (7 Feb 1883-10 Sep 1955) and his wife
               Lola Amy Cooper Eyman (8 Jul 1881-20 Jan 1961)
        b.    James Robert Maris Cooper (15 Aug 1884-1937) and his wife
               Irene Weeks Cooper (3 Jan 1884-1952)
        c.    H Carl Graves (1888-1969) and his wife
               Velma Lilly Cooper Graves (1888-1969)
        d.    Ralph Emerson Cooper (7 Jun 1890-23 Apr 1908)
        e.    Tom Webb Wachob (1895-1971) and his wife
               Esther Della Cooper Wachob (1896-1985)
        f.    Nellie Florence Cooper (29 Sep 1897-1979)

        Jane <>
   I've lost a family member.  His name was Peter Sellers, last seen in
1860 census of Macon Co IL.  Listed as age 27 (1832) born in IN, w wife
Hannah b ca 1817 VA, children Sarah age 5 b in IL and Benjamin age 1 b
in IL.

Has anyone seen Peter since then??  Any descendents out there???

JANE - Thanks -
> Can you send us CIVIL WAR files on Any PETER SELLERS=
> Check IOWA,IL,MO    civil war files    for PETER SELLERS (Any State
> Check for All marriage records in MACON CO, IL and send SELLERS, ETC
> Check for All marriage records of Hannah, Sarah, Benjamin SELLERS in
> IA, MO, etc and send
> 1870 MACON CO, IL = Send census
> 1870 IL CENSUS index = Send
> WE/need this info for You and Others to Find these families!
> And if Not connect to Civil War =
> Check 1850's 1860' Gold Rush to Idaho,Nevada, California
> Check CHURCH RECORDS, esp Mormans=
> Thanks,  marie, iowa

        Jane <>

Subject:  [HADLEY] Jeremiah Hadley II & Ruth Maris Hadley

I am defininately inspired by Cindy Smith's offer to share pictures.  I
have a photo of the graves of Jeremiah Hadley II (1768-1847) and his
wife Ruth Maris (1771-1862) , both buried in White Lick Cemetery in
Mooresville Morgan Co IN.  I also have a picture of the grave of Amy M
Hadley (1836-1883) and her husband Robert Y Sellers (1832-1913).both
buried in Friends Creek Cemetery in Argenta, Macon Co IL.  Amy was the
g-daughter of Jeremiah II.  I would certainly be happy to share these
pictures.   Let me know if you'd like a copy.  (my pictures are in the
jpg format).

Let's all think about sharing our pictures if possible.

Jane Ramsey


2/13/1903 KILLED BY CENTRAL TRAIN Former Resident of Clinton Received Injuries That Cause His Death in a Few Hours Peter SELLERS died about 2 o'clock this morning at his home in Decatur from injuries received early yesterday morning. He accompanied his wife and daughter to the 5 o'clock train from Decatur; they were coming to this city to visit J. A. EDMISTON, Mrs. SELLER'S cousin, who is sick, and Mr. SELLERS bid them a good bye a few minutes before the train started along the track north of his home. Being hard of hearing he did not hear the approaching train and was over taken, one foot being cut off just above the ankle, the other foot badly mashed, besides other injuries. The train was stopped and the men passengers carried Mr. SELLERS back to the depot. Mrs. SELLERS and daughter remained on the train until the men were again in their seats and the train almost ready to start when Mrs. SELLERS heard someone say it was Peter SELLERS who was hurt. He was taken to him home and a doctor called; he said that the other foot must be taken off and that he must first be taken to the hospital. As this was over a mile drive, he was to near dead to have the operation performed till after noon. Peter SELLERS was about 70 years old, and moved from Clinton to Sullivan a few years ago, and from there to Decatur about 3 years ago. While here he had enough property to keep his family so that he worked but little. Since then he had made deals that lost him most of his property and worked by the day. Besides his wife he leaves a son and four daughters survive him, all living at home except the son who is attending school in Lincoln.


Subject: [ILMACON] Macon Co surnames

My Macon county families are Eyman, (from 1860's) Sellers, (from 1860's) Cooper, (from 1880's) Sheppard, (from 1830's), Milor (1840's) I'd be happy to swap information with any connections. Many are now residing in Chandler and Friends Creek Cemeteries, but some are lost.

Jane Lincicome
Jane Lincicome []



In case this helps someone somehow--
Ida Belle COOPER married 31 Aug 1890 Dewitt Co, IL Harden Thomas ALLSUP? My cousin Judy ALLSUP was related to the COOPER of Macon Co, IL. There were EYMAN in Bond, Montgomery & Fayette Co, IL early. There was a Robert Young SELLERS b. 29 May 1832 d. 27 Dec 1913 Macon Co, IL
buried Friends Creek Cemetery.
My maternal 3rd great-grandmother Ann (SLOAN) MARSH and other related
surnames are buried in Friends Creek Cemetery Argenta, Macon Co, IL The cemetery in the churchyard of the old Cumberland Presbyterian Church
one, until the church burned and now it is just the Friends Creek cemetery.
Beverly Barger []