What Sellers member did you have connected to Franklin Co., NC?
My John Rogers had several sisters that married into the SELLERS FAMILY.
Rogers was a witness to their marriages.
Emanuel Sellers married Lucy Rogers 19 Nov., 1823 in Franklin Co., NC
Manuel Sellers married Fanny Rogers 1 June, 1825 in Franklin Co., NC
Bennett Sellers married Winny Rogers 7 March, 1821

I do not know if they remained in NC or moved away. Some of these Sellers
could have been in the Civil War. I have not checked this out. When the war
was over many Southerns moved West.

I need to know the parents of these Sellers sometimes spelled Cellers. Any
help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank You,
Idalia in Raleigh, NC


Here is my Rogers line.
Reuben Rogers B: ca 1755/60 from Sussex Co. Virginia moved to Franklin Co.,
NC by Sept.10, 1784 because on this date he purchased for 250 silver
a tract of land consisting of 200 acres on Crooked Creek in Franklin Co.,
His first wife is unknown.
John Rogers B: ca 1785 married Lucinda Sellers. They had several children.
One daughter Sally Rogers was my GG Grandmother and she married Nathan
Millikin Doyle in Franklin Co., NC.
Does anyone out there have information on this ROGERS family from Sussex
County, Virginia? If so please get in touch with me .
Idalia in Raleigh, NC

IDALIA - Thanks for Sharing - Will send thro our SELLERS group-
we have a  member connected to Franklin Co,

WHERE   did Your Family Go? Looks like John and Lucinda stayed in Franklin Co, NC

DO you have any CENSUS TO share with us -
A LITTLE Help would be appreciated -

MAYBE , when our SELLERS members see Your connection, They will Send More Info on FRANKLIN CO, NC

HOPE , we can ALL Share /Connect some info here- marie, iowa

IDALIA - Thank You - We may Not connect till 1820 Franklin Co,NC/Spart SC
But, We may be able to Help Each other - Hopefully, Our SELLERS members,
some may
Not be Active NOw, will contact us.
Some Info on these SELLERS is at
and you can follow links to Frank Co, NC (not much)
ANY documents you have on these kids would really be appreciated.
APPRECIATE you sending us copy of first letter of contact
THANKS, marie, iowa

My G-G-Grandfather was Gurley Sellers, Sr. b. Jan 17, 1802 (presume Nash
Co. N.C.).  From family records, an aunt of mine recorded that "Grandpa
Gurley and bro. Manuel came from N.C. to North Alabama, then to Tenn. and
back to N. Ala.  They left 8 brothers in N.C.".  Gurley shows up in
Tuscaloosa Co. Al in 1840-1850 and Jefferson Co. Al in 1860 and is buried
at Blue Creek cemetery having died Oct 26, 1898.  My research has led me to
believe that Bennett was one of the brothers. There is a Bennett who
appears in the Spartenburg SC 1860 census age 67 but wife's name is
Elizabeth.  Also Jordan Sellers who ends up in Indiana in the 1850's and
dies1898 in Mo.  I did not know there was a Manuel AND an Emanuel.  I
assumed it to be a recording error and they were one and the same.  Emanuel
ends up in Spartenburg SC in 1840, in Shelby Co. Ala in 1860 and eventually
in age 85 in the house of Allison Sellers in Jefferson Co. Ala.  In 1830
Emanuel was charged with assualt (says he was from Franklin Co. NC) -
Bailed out by Littleberry Rogers who we guess to be his bro-in-law.  I had
assumed he was the one married to Fanny Rogers.  Bottom line, none of the
Gurley Sellers researchers (of which there are a number on this List) have
been able to find Gurley's parents.  There is a record from the "Sellers
Letters" indicating it was Arntil Sellers from Ireland but other data seems
to indicate this might have been a recording error and that it was Arthur
Sellers Jr. in Nash the late 1700 and early 1800's.  Anything you can
share with us on the Roger's/Sellers would be appreciated.
Jack Sellers