Wonder if any of these are descendants of Peter Hubbard & Kizzah SELLERS
of  Freestone Co., TX? Mike

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With the closing of the "News-Scimitar=E2=80=99s" great "Direct
Descendants Contest" come many anxious inquiries regarding the prize winners, and these will be announced in a short time, not, however, until the hundred and one
complications arising from the inspection of thirty family trees are
thoroughly understood and verified and the world of data secured which
The "News-Scimitar=E2=80=99s" desires to publish regarding the families of the
successful contestants.

Among the tallest of the family trees submitted for the contest is that of
P. W. Hubbard of Iuka Miss., whose portrait is presented today.  Mr.
has living six children, 38 grandchildren and 89 great-grandchildren, 133
in all.  The following sketch is submitted by nephew, J. P. Hubbard:

Peter West Hubbard, of Iuka, Miss., was born in Pendleton district,
South Carolina, April 22, 1812,  and consequently will be 93 years old next
He was married to Susan Addarhold on November 30, 1830.  She died April
21, 1900 a the age of 90 years.  Eleven children were born to them, six of
whom are living and all of whom lived to have families.

Peter Hubbard=E2=80=99s father and mother were David Hubbard, born in
South Carolina, February 24, 1789 and Martha West, born in North Carolina in 1791.

Peter Hubbard and David Reader Hubbard were twins and came from Georgia
to Tishomingo County, this State, in 1844.  D. R. Hubbard settled in the
present site of Iuka and had the town laid off in lots and blocks and realized
quite a fortune from the sale of the property.  He lost a greater portion of
his wealth during the civil war.  He died in February, 1889.

Following is a correct list of the living children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Peter West Hubbard, prepared by J. B. Hubbard and certified by A. T. Scruggs, mayor of Iuka:

George D. Hubbard, age 73, Iuka, Miss.; Mrs. Mary Amanda D. Fairless, age
68, Iuka, Miss.; James S. Hubbard, age 62, Boonville, Miss.; Zachary T.
Hubbard, age 57, Hillsboro, Texas.; Mrs. Mattie L. Carpenter, age 56, Iuka, Miss.


Oscar C. Hubbard, age 46; Mrs. Arrie Adams, age 48, Tuscumbia, Ala.;  Mrs.
WB. Leatherwood, age 44, Iuka, Miss.;  Mrs. Minnie Madlin, age 42,
Corinth,Miss.;  James C. Hubbard, age 42, Iuka, Miss.;  George T. Hubbard, age
38,Iuka, Miss.;  Miss Alice Hubbard, age 36, Iuka, Miss.;  Mrs. Carrie
Lambert age 34, Charleston, Miss.;  Mrs. Blanch Brown, age 30, Iuka, Miss.;
Miss. Pauline Hubbard, age 26, Iuka, Miss.;  Mrs. G. B Harrison, age 44, New=20
Orleans;  Mrs. Mattie Halder, age 42, Oxford, La.;  Mrs. Nettie Weasel,
age 37, Hillshaven, Tex.;  Asa Harris, Boyce, La.;  Mrs. Callie Bland, age
46, Tishomingo County, Miss.;  Leander Hughes, age 46, Alabama;  Mrs. Adline Music, age 44, Tishomingo County, Miss.; Mrs. Mattie Chenault,
Tishomingo County, Miss.;  Mrs. James Fairless, age 40, Iuka, Miss.;  William V. Hubbard, age 38, Hillsboro, Tex.;  Mrs. Fannie Fairness, age 32, Eagan, Tex.
 Miss Blanch Hubbard, age 21, Eagan, Tex.;  Miss. Dixie Hubbard, age 18,Eagan, Tex.;  Mrs. Alice Maran, age 31, Wheeler, Miss.;  Z. T. Hubbard,
age 29, Booneville, Miss.;  W. W. Hubbard, age 23,  Mertens, Tex.;  Miss.
Nellie Hubbard, age 7 Booneville, Miss.;  W. D. Carpenter, age 35 Iuka, Miss.;
Mrs Alice, Brandshaw, age 38,  Marked Tree, Ark.;  Mrs. America Cliamel, age
34, Kingston, La.;  Mrs. Sadie Sherrel, age 32, Kingston, La.;  Mrs. Belle Harvey, age 24, Kingston, La.;  John Hubbard, age 28, Hillsboro, Tex.;


Ivy Hubbard, age 19, Hillsboro, Tex.;  Harris Hubbard, age 17,
Talmage Read, age 20, Iuka, Miss.;  Miss ? (could be Pearl) Read,
age 7, Iuka, Miss.;  Houston Read, age 15, Iuka, Miss.;  Clifford Read, age
8, Iuka, Miss.
Walter H. Leatherwood, age 20, Greenville, Miss.;  Paul Leatherwood, age 17, Iuka, Miss.;  Guy Madlin, age 8, Corinth, Miss.;
Clyde Hubbard, age 11, Iuka, Miss.;  Olivia Hubbard, age 9, Iuka, Miss.;
Le??a (could be Leda) Hubbard, age 7, Iuka, Miss.;  Ray Hubbard, age 5, Iuka,
Miss.;  Owen Hubbard, age 2, Iuka, Miss.;
 Oscar Stephenson, age 17, =20
Tuscumbia, Ala.;  Lucile Lambert, age 8, Charleston, Miss.;
 Velmer Lambert, age 6, Charleston, Miss.;  Willie Lambert, age 3, Charleston, Miss.;
Thomas Luther Brown, age 5 months, Iuka, Miss.;  John Agusustus Brown, age 5
month Iuka, Miss.;  (infant twins of W.S. & Blanche Brown)
Ray Bertram Harrison, age 13, New Orleans, La.;  Maude Ella Harrison, age 10, New Orleans, La.; George B. Harrison, Jr., age 8, New Orleans, La.;
Eugene Holder, age 11, Oxford, La.;  Herman Holder, age 7, Oxford, La.;  Frank Paul Holder, age 4, Oxford, La.;
Ralph Hubbard, age 13, Hillsboro, Tex.;  William Hubbard,
age 9, Hillsboro, Tex.;  Claude Hubbard, age 6, Hillsboro, Tex.;  Gladys
Hubbard age 4, Hillsboro, Tex.;  Guy Hubbard, age 1, Hillsboro, Tex.;
 Asa Harrison, Jr. age 7, Baye, La.;
Maud Fairless, age 15, Iuka, Miss.;
Sadie Hughes,age 20, Alabama;  Maye Hughes, age 18, Alabama;  Albert Hughes, age 15,
Paul Music, age 20, Kossuth, Miss.;  Lenna (not sure) Music, age 17,
Iuka, Miss.;  Myrtle Music, age 12, Iuka, Miss.;
Maud Cheuanh, age 3, Iuka,
Miss.  Earl Harvey, age 15, Dallas, Tex.;  Strasmore Harvey, age 11, Dallas,
Tex. Ruby Harvey, age 8, Dallas, Tex.;  Callie Harvey, age 6 Dallas, Tex.; =20
Woodman Harvey, age 4, Dallas, Tex.;
Burt Hubbard, age 13 Hill County,
Tex  Clifton Hubbard, age 11, Hill County, Tex.;  Maggie Hubbard, age 4,
Hill County, Tex.;  Hazel Dunlap, age 4 Hillsboro, Tex.;  George Hubbard,
Wheeler Miss.;  Clyde Hubbard, age 3, Wheeler, Miss.;
Arnold Fairless, age 11
Eagan Tex.;  Nick Fairless, age 9, Eagan, Tex.;  Paul Fairless, age 2, Eagan,Tex.
 (???one) Mason, age 8, Rienzi, Miss.;  Vera Mason, age 8, Rienzi, Miss.;
Bluford Hubbard, age ?1, Booneville, Miss.;
Elisha Chamel, age 18,
Kingston La.;  Peter Chamel, age 16, Kingston, La.;  Sallie Chamel, age 7,
Kingston, La.;  John Chamel, age 5, Kingston, La.;  James Chamel, age 2, Kingston,La  Maud Sherrill, age 14,  Kingston, La.;  Willie Sherrill, age 12,
Kingston, La.;  David Sherrill, age 10,  Kingston, La.;  Bessie Sherrill, age 6,=20
Kingston, La.;  James Sherrill, age 1 Kingston, La.;
Orman Hubbard, age 6, Winnsboro, Tex.;  Mary & Sarah Hubbard (twins), age 5, Winnsboro, Tex.;
Levy Hubbard, age 3, Winnsboro , Tex.;
Edna Harvey, age 5, Kingston, La;
Nova Harvey, age 3, Kingston, La.;
J. B. Carpenter, age 11, Iuka, Miss.;
Willie Carpenter, age 8, Iuka, Miss.;  ?? Vera Carpenter, age 6, Iuka, Miss.;
Cecil Carpenter, age 4, Iuka, Miss.;  Mary Carpenter, age 1 month, Iuka, Miss.;
John Wesley Bond, age 9, Iuka, Miss.;  Albert Bond, age 5,  Iuka, Miss.;
Walter Bradshaw, age 15, Marked Tree, Ark.;  Eudora Bradshaw, age 18,
Marked Tree, Ark.; =20