VOL 3 is okay per Herman = print it out, msh



        Mary Inglis <inglis@pacbell.net>
     JACOB ZELLER was born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1696 and came to
Philadelphia and settled in Chester County where the family lived until
1771.  They resettled in Northwest Augusta Co., VA.  In what became
Bedford Co., VA he married Katherine REILER (correction below? msh) and had children: JOHN,
JACOB, ACE. LEONARD, CHRISTIAN (b 1744 in Bedford Co., VA) and BARBARA.

In Sept 1771, on the complaint of some of their neighbors, charging the
family of being Pennsylvania settlers, loyal to Pennsylvania, the
ZELLERS men were brought to Court.  Judge Jacob HORN found the family to
be loyal "to the settlers and to Virginia" and made an Order of the
Court, which was posted, declaring this and changing their name from

At this Court hearing JACOB ZELLER declared he was born in Zurich,
Switzerland in 1696 and came by sailboat to Philadelphia, and to
Chester, thence to Shippensburg and to the Northwest August County in
the spring of the  year 1771, not knowing one colony from another.  He
and his sons all agreed to the loyal Virginia settlers "if the Corte set
down his Ord for Virginia - in their prayer book - no Ord being made for
this - the Corte by the statement of the sons, LEONARD, GEORGE,
CHRISTIAN and JACOB ZELLER - they did not claim to be Penn settlers on
Virginia land by Crawford or Hanna's desire - to hold this territory as
one part of Penn claims."

The Court accepted their explanation, declared them Virginians and
changed the ZELLER to SELLERS "by Ord of Camp Cat Fish Corte this 4th
day of September 1772 .... Jacob HORN, Justie.  C. HORN, Clk."  (Justie-
Justice of Judge)

Another record of this was kept and reads as follows:
"Camp Cat Fish Corte, Sepember 4, 1772:  Being advised that some of
Bedford County settlers beyond South Tingooqua Creek are not loyal to
the King and the Colony of Virginia, the Corte did make known their
intentions whereupon CHRISTIAN ZELLER did make known his rights to
homestead in Virginia territory.   He did make it known that he was the
son of JACOB ZELLER born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1706, and did come to
Bedford County and marry KATHERINE REILER, and that JOHN, JACOB, ACE,
LEONARD, CHRISTIAN, and BARBARA was born.  He, CHRISTIAN, make it known
he was born in Bedford in 1744 and homesteaded in Springhill in 1771 and
did say by word of agreement that he and all the ZELLERS be under
Virginia law, whereupon the Corte did find them loyal to Virginia and
did set down the name of SELLERS as the lawful name.  Hence, the other
persons named in complaint did all make known the same agreement and all
are set down on 6he Camp Cat Fish Corte records as loyal Virginia
settlers by Ord of Jacob HORN,, this da, September 4, 1772.  C. HORN,
Records - Jacob HORN< Justie"   (  Ref:  HORN  PAPERS, b W.F. Horn, Vol
1 & 2)

The name of one son, George, was omitted from the second account.  I do
not know if I failed to copy that name, or if it was not in the second
record of the event in the HORN PAPERS).

Also,  in Vol 5 of SELLERS LETTERS, I wrote that I believed it was
Christian ZELLER who married Katherine REILER.  That was a wrong
assumption.  Katherine REILER was his mother.    Also, Ace was later at
times shown as AKE and AKI.

Mary Inglis  (Mary Inglis Sims

HERMAN= hermfagley@juno.com wrote:
> Vol's 1 and 2 of "HORN PAPERS" are fiction-a con job pulled on the sw Pa
> Hist Soc who published them. Vol 3's atlas is as accurate as any . Mr
> Horn created the following from his mind-not fact


In a message dated 7/6/99 5:24:21 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
inglis@pacbell.net writes:

<<  I doubt if the court records would also be "fiction".
 What is your source for your statement?  I showed mine. >>

I have heard the same thing about the HORN papers. I found this citation
the net but have not viewed the article myself:

"The Mystery of the Horn Papers" by Arthur Price MIDDLETON and Douglass
ADAIR. William & Mary Quarterly 3,4 (1947: 409-43.

The Website referred to the above article as, "the unmasking of the Horn

I have used Volume #3 of the papers as it is plat maps and they have
proven to be very useful in my research.

THANKS - I have Heard before - But, I still don't understand!
Does it Affect Our SELLERS?
Perhaps We Need to Study More?
AND trace these SELLERS =
Sorry, Haven't studied enough to KNOW anything to Prove-
THANK for Sharing -
IF this is Your Line of SELLERS - Follow up on Histories/Census/Families!
marie, iowa

THANK YOU - I have also heard this -

Is there an URL # to this site?
Send copy of All info to SELLERS -

AND do we have COUNTY/STATE info on these families? would help to check ?
marie, iowa

Ydnar49@aol.com wrote:

> Marie:
> Here is the source (cut and pasted from Alta Vista):
> 7. Notes to Forgeries and Facsmilies
> Notes. 1. For discussions of the careers of various forgers and famous
> forgeries, see J. A. Farrer, Literary Forgeries (London, 1907); Richard
> Altick, The.
> URL: www.virginia.edu/gwpapers/articles/forgeries/ff-notes.html
> Last modified 31-May-99 - page size 3K - in English [ Translate ]

Well said, Randy.  I do hope everyone will realize the importance of
those court records.  They are a vital resource and have much
information that can be helpful in our search.  I have solved many a
research problem by searching the court records.  True, they can be
boring at time, difficult to read at others, but like digging for
diamonds, all you need is one tiny clue to make it all worth while.

Mary Inglis

Ydnar49@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 7/7/99 12:13:34 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
> inglis@pacbell.net writes:
> << Thank you for your comments.  I certainly do not want to argue the
>  about whether or not the Horm papers are  fictitious and as long as
>  there are court records we can go around what is found in the Horn
>  papers, make comparisons, and satisfy ourselves about the events as
>  recorded. >>
> Mary:
> I agree with your comment above. I just wanted to provide a source for
> interested in reading about any problems having to do with the Horn
> for themselves. I plan to get a copy of the article for my records via
> library loan. Even with that said I found the Horn Papers interesting
> nonetheless, though like yourself give me those court, probate, deed
> anytime....Randy Franklin

Hello evryone,

I remember last year there was some talk about the Horn Papers being fake.
The following link sent to me recently has an interesting article about how
this came to be.


Jim Sellars


I think we have a copy of original HORN PAPERS - maybe, we don't have
All of Them?
And Maybe just extracts -

AND I have seen some other  families Prove Errors-

WHERE are our SELLERS errors?

I kinda thought these were the SELLERS in Wash/Greene Co, PA

YES, maybe WE haven't proven JACOB?

PLEASE, give me a Very Plain Chart on what is WRONG  with our SELLERS on
the  HORN papers with What we have Proven = gotta be so I can

THEN, we can Post this info on the HORN PAGE , so I'll remember and
Others will know,etc.

THANKS, marie, iowa

          Thu, 4 May 2000 06:56:18 -0400
        HERMON B FAGLEY <hermfagley@juno.com>
        mari@netins.net, Hendcoa@aol.com

Hendcoa@aol.com,will you please snail mail me xerox of any Sellers-Keller
 in the Horn Papers,Vols 1+2. Marie,Vol 3 of Horn Papers is o.k.. Vol 1 +
2 is fiction
written by one who knew well the history of the area. 


  Mountain Heritage
  via Bibliofind
                      This is a three volume set. Hardback.1945. The Herald Press. Early
                      Westward Movement On The Monongahela and Upper Ohio
                      1765-1795. Published for the Greene County Historical Society. Volume
                      I and Volume II have 885 pages. Indexed. Volume III contains the maps.
                      VG Condition. Very Rare.

Leland A. Millet,
  via Bibliofind
                     VG-NONE/ Herald Press, Scotsdale,Penn-1945-1st Ed/ Volume 2 Only!/
                     895pgs W/ Maps and Photo Illus./ Nice copy of very scarce book./
                     AMERICANA/ ANTHROPOLOGY
  Leland Millet -
  via Advanced Book
                     Publisher: The Hearld Press, Scotsdale, Penn. 1945-1st Ed; VG-NONE/
                     885pgs W/ Index and Photo Illus.

Peter Keisogloff Rare
  Books, Inc.
  via Advanced Book Exchange
                         Publisher: Offprint from The William and Mary Quarterly Third
                         Series, Vol. IV, No. 4, October, 1947.; 9 1/4 x 6 1/4", pp. [409]-445,
                         illustrated. Printed cream wrappers, some age tanning & minor dust
                         spots to front cover; VG+. Story of the unraveling of this famous
                         hoax. In its way, every bit as acute as "...Certain XIXth Century
                         Pamphlets" & far more readable. Although not signed by him; this
  Peter Keisogloff Rare
  Books, Inc.
  via Bibliofind
                         Offprint from The William and Mary Quarterly Third Series, Vol. IV,
                         No. 4, October, 1947. 9 1/4 x 6 1/4", pp. [409]-445, illustrated. Printed
                         cream wrappers, some age tanning & minor dust spots to front
                         cover; VG+. Story of the unraveling of this famous hoax. In its way,
                         every bit as acute as "...Certain XIXth Century Pamphlets" & far
                         more readable. Although not signed by him; this copy ...

  G. S. MacManus
  via Bibliofind
                HORN, W.F. The Horn Papers. Early Westward Movement on the
                Monongahela and Upper Ohio, 1765-1795. Scottdale, Pa., 1945. 1st ed. 8vo. and
                folio. Three vols. (complete with atlas volume). 885pp. plus atlas with 81 folding
                maps. Library marks. Orig. cloth. Very good set. Very scarce. , MONONGAHELA
                OHIO VALLEY ...


<  William and Mary Quarterly
 Date:  5/8/00 2:57:43 PM Central Daylight Time
 From:  rlwren@mail.wm.edu (Rebecca Wrenn)
 To:    FDHaun@aol.com

 Dear Sir,
 Thank you for your interest in the William and Mary Quarterly.  I believe
 the article you are referring to is:  "The Mystery of the Horn Papers," by
 Arthur Pierce Middleton and Douglass Adair.  It was published in the third
 series of the Quarterly, vol. 4, no. 4 (Oct., 1947), p. 409-445.

 We do offer subscriptions to an online version of the William and Mary
 Quarterly, which lets you search and print articles from any issue of the
 Quarterly from 1892 through 1994.  This service is run by an organization
 called JSTOR, and a year-long subscription costs $50.  If you are
 interested in the online Quarterly, more information about it is available
 on our website at: http://www.wm.edu/oieahc/JSTOR.html; or feel free to
 contact me at: rlwren@wm.edu or by phone at (757) 221-1134.

 If you are interested only in the article you mentioned, I would be happy
 to send you a copy of it.  The Quarterly charges a fee of 20 cents per
 to cover copying and postage charges, which for 37 pages comes to $7.40.

 If you have any further questions, please let me know.

 Thank you,
 Becky Wrenn

 >Sir or Madam, I am new on the Internet, and with computers. In the year
 >1947 The William and Mary Quarterly ran an article on the Horn's Papers.
 >might I go about either on the net, or otherwise view this article?
 >you for anyhelp you might offer.     fdh.   Dennis of  Peoria, ILL.

Hi Marie, and Jim. The reason that I sent you a copy of the e-mail I
from William and Mary Inst., was to also give you the chance to order said
copies of these papers. I myself would like to read there finding on The
Papers, and to find just what parts they considered true, and what part for
sure was false.
   fdh.   Dennis

DENNIS - Thanks for helping - I'm a week behind answering and I do
appreciate you
going on and searching and sending info - I READ/STUDY it - sometimes, the
members and stuff I can't find comes later! Sorry, thats the way it is!

I can NOT find where I have or access to WM and MARY quarterlys - HORN
>From a Fast Look , I believe I can sign up for JSTOR? for $50 and copy
this info?
I don't believe it is copyrighted? IF so, we could only use excerpts and
sometimes excerpts on ONE family is okay.
I wasn't Real Sure if JSTOR? info Was Complete article of Wm and Mary
ADVISE, if you have studied?

MAY look at later tonite.
There is NO reason for All of us to join or pay for Same Info we can share
SELLERS = this goes for census/history, etc.

The excerpt that MARY SIMS sent may be ALL the info - Or it may be an
HERMON wrote someone that evidently has copy of WM and MARY quarterly and
for extractions - HE has pretty good helpers also and Will Send to us -

I kinda feel better when I see Exact Papers, etc - NOW, I don't want Just
Mystery of HORN papers - I would like to read the article on SELLERS in
IS that what JSTOR has?
THANKS, marie, iowa

LDS film/fische = 1320849 item 3, 1421828 item 8, 1320559 item 4

        The Horn Papers
        Sat, 27 May 2000 19:53:44 EDT
        MeJMS@aol.com, jsellers@mvn.net

Hi Marie, on the date of May. 2, & 8th, I wrote to you on the subject of
Mystery of the Horn Papers," written up in the Oct, 1947 William and Mary
Quarterly. You
wrote back "I will fell better when I see Exact Papers, etc.-Now I don't
Just the Mystery of the Horn papers- I would like to read the article on
Sellers in Horns Papers,"--- A few years back I ordered the Horns Papers
throu- the L. D. S.  genealogy dept. For the main purpose of comparing Mary
SIMMs article with that which she had written, concerning our Zellers to
Sellers.( Oct, 1982.) She had stated correctly, what Horn had written on
subject, as well as vol. and pg. number. On the date of May 8, this year. I
sent by snail mail, a check for the amount of $7.40 to the William and Mary
Quarterly for said article "The Mystery" I received said papers on this
subject, May, 22. I said papers, for there are 37 pg. The information in
article is just to vast to even try to paraphrase. I had no idea, Just "in
volume 2, is made up of more than 500 family histories and genealogies of
early setters in the region."  My suggestion to any family that has much
dependency about there genealogy riding on the Horn Papers, should order
article. ( I will gave said address later.)  The reason this article is
called "The Mystery" Is the question, why he product starting from A to Z.
all this Fake information and documents, mixed with just enough true
to make it all sound feasible?  Next question is, just how does this effect
Us Sellers who's people came from Green County?  " The Zellers - Sellers
written in vol. 1 & 2. the Catfish camp court papers?  Hear is just part of
what is written on pg. 434-435............." That left only the court
the three maps and the artifacts. The manuscripts, purporting to be
upon which The Horn Papers are based, amount to 56 of the 141 pages of
primary material contained in the work."--------------------This is the
report of the examination of the alleged docket of "Camp Cat Fish Corte"
three manuscript maps purporting to be of the period
1770-1790."-------------------- " In view of the results set forth above,
is my opinion that: ( 1) The docket and maps were not produced during the
period 1760-1800 as stated but were manufactured at a considerable later
date. ( 2 ) One person.... produced all the items examined. ( 3 ) Although
the precise determination of the age of the ink inscriptions of this type
difficult, it is most probable that these writings were produced no earlier
than 1930... ( These court docket together with......... were sent to Mr.
E. Kimberly, of Washington DC for scientific analysis. April, 25,
Pg. 443-44. " The official statement of the Committee on the Horn
Papers........... # ( 5 ) That the so-called surviving "Original
upon which The Horn Papers are based-the Camp Cat Fish Court Docket,
1772-1774, and the three maps that purport to be of the period 1751-1795-
recent fabrication:........ # ( 7 ) ...................The Horn Papers is a
fabrication and therefore that historians and genealogist ought not to rely
on any data in vol. 1 and 2: even the extract from the Federal census of
in volume 2 is grossly inaccurate,......./  This report was written 53
ago, here is written a statement about us.  pg. 442...........But the story
of The Horn Papers is still not ended, for the noxious influences of The
Papers are already fermenting and will continue to work for an
time. Many genealogist have already incorporated Horn data in their reports
of various family lines, and as the results the national headquarters of
D. A. R.  has had to take precaution to cope with them.----------Thus the
poison works on. And, undoubtedly, for years to come some unwary
will continue to be mislead by the documents' fascinating
 William and Mary Quarterly......Becky Wrenn/---rtwren@mail.wm.edu
 Becky wrote to me, I believe the article you are referring to is " The
Mystery of the Horn Papers, 'by Arthur Pierce Middleton and Douglass Adair.
It was published in the third series of the Quarterly, vol.4 ( Oct; 1947)
p.409-445-----you may contact me by e-mail or by phone at ( 757)
221-1134;--------------/ If you are interested only in the article you
mentioned, I would be happy to send you a copy.  The Quarterly charges a
of 20 cents per page to cover copying and postage charges, which for 37
comes to $7.40. // Rebecca Wrenn    JSTOR Coordinator
Omohundro Institute of Early American History & Culture.
PO Box 8781
Williamsburg, VA. 23187-8781--------------------------------/
      fdh.   Dennis.


                 The Raymond M. Bell Anthology

                            The Horn Brothers of
                    Washington County, Pennsylvania

       About 1774 the Horn brothers, John 32, Christopher 29, Hardman
  27 and the Hewitt brothers, Philip 33, Peter 31 came to Washington
  County. They were newly wed, except John, who was single. In the
  1783 Amwell Township tax list the Hewitts and John and Hardman Horn
  are listed together. Christopher was in adjoining (West) Bethlehem
  Township. In 1786 Hardman moved to what is now Buffalo Township.
       They came from the region of Hagerstown, Maryland. Hardman may
  have lived across the Potomac in Berkeley County, (West) Virginia,
  for his oldest son, Martin, said he was born in Virginia. This was
  all part of a fairly large migration from western Maryland to the
  newly opened up southwestern Pennsylvania.
       The earliest record of the Horn family is the 1771 baptism at
  Zion Reformed Church, Hagerstown of George Horn b February 17-1771,
  parents Christopher and Catharine Horn, sponsors Philip Hewitt
  and wife, Eve. In 1772 John Horn b Apr 7-1772 was baptized at Ger-
  man Evangelical and Lutheran Church, Funkstown (5 miles southeast
  of Hagerstown) with Peter Hewitt sponsor. Peter was a Horn sponsor
  in Washington County in 1791. Philip Hewitts' son Henry was bap-
  tized at Zion in 1772, so Lewis at Funkstown 1773.
       The Horns were from a German-speaking country. A Christopher
  Horn and a John Horn landed at Philadelphia in 1753. Other Horns
  who took the oath of allegiance were George, Jacob, Martin - all
  Washington County Horn names. The names of the parents of the Horn
  brothers are not known. The Horn Papers (not trustworthy) say the
  father was Jacob. The mother may have been a Hardman - a name found
  in ship lists and in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

  JOHN HORN b Oct 6-1742 d Sep 26-1826 Amwell Two m1 1775 Sarah Gard-
    ner c1755-c1784, m2 c1784 Catharine Gardner b Feb 29-2752 d Apr 27 1832
  1. David 1776-1824 m 1806 Ann Black
     Ch: Elizabeth, John, Catharine, Jacob, Rebecca,
         Michael, Sarah, Samuel, David
  2. Daniel b Feb 9-1778 d 1841 m c1801 (Mary) Magdalena --- 1779-
     Ch: Catharine, David, Daniel, John, Martin, Laurana, Nancy,
         Elizabeth, Adam
  3. Michael 1780-1820 m1 Elizabeth Clark, m2 Elizabeth Closser -1854
     Ch: Mary, Sarah, Henry, John, Isaac, Nicholas, Margaret
  4. Elizabeth c1782- m 1832 Lewis Redd
  5. Mary c1785- m Frederick Hohexman
  6. Catharine c1788- m --- Hill
  7. Susanna b Mar 5-1790 d Aug 2-1873 m 1806 Joseph Huffman 1782-1839
  8. Ann c1792- m George Sowers
  9. John b Apr 28-1794 d Nov 11-1868 m1 1815 Mary Closser 1789-1838
     m2 1839 Margaret Carter (Andrews) 1818-1885
     Ch: John, Mahala, Harriett, Andrew, Maria, Robert, Sydney
  10. Sarah 1797-1872 m 1815 Jacob Swagler 1795-1876

  CHRISTOPHER HORN b Jul 1745 d Dec 14-1809 West Bethlehem Twp
    m 1770 Catharine Watson b 1748 d Nov 28-1828
  1. George b Feb 17-1771 MD living 1809
  2. John b Apr 17-1772 Md d Apr 6-1856 m1 1791 Barbara Young 1769-
     1838, m2 1839 Mary Shape 1810-1897
     Ch: Jacob, Catharine, Mary, Christopher, George, John,
         Elizabeth, David, Adam, Samuel, Susanna, Leah, Lydia,
         Joel, Joseph, Joshua, Martin, Elva
  3. Catharine b Dec 22-1774 d May 31-1853 m John Dague 1788-1838
  4. Margaret 1776- m bef 1800 Andrew Gantz
  5. Elizabeth 1778- living 1809
  6. Mary 1780- living 1809
  7. Christina 1783- living 799, dead 1809
  8. Jacob b Dec 31-1786 d Oct 12-1858 m Mary --- 1783-1853
     Ch: Mary, Catharine, James, Andrew
  9. Magdalena 1788- living 1809
  10. Sabina b Mar 19-1791 d Mar 16-1851 m Jonathan Delong 1794-1868
  11. Anna 1793- m Henry Meek

  HARDMAN Horn b Jan 17-1747 d Oct 1811 Buffalo Twp m 1771
    Elizabeth Hough b 1748 d Dec 27-1823 Knox Co. Ohio
  1. Martin b Mar 11-1772 Va d 1856 m1 c1793 Margaret Wilkins 1774-,
     m2 Margaret Sharp
     Ch: Hardman, Rosanna, John, Jacob, Joseph, Mart, Martin
  2. Christian b Jan 29-1774 d Sep 1-1848 Knox Co m Jul 2-1795
     Mary Wolf b Aug 1-1776 d Sep 28-1850
     Ch: John, Elizabeth, Hardman, Sabina, Peter, Benjamin, Mary,
         Christian, Martin, Delilah, Noah, Abraham S
  3. Isaac b 1776 d Nov 16-1844 Hopewell Twp m c1802 Mary Ann --- 1779-1838
     Ch: Mary, Abraham, Christopher, Delia, Isaac, Polly
  4. Catharine b 1778 d Feb 3-1805 m c1797 Lewis Hewitt 1773-1864
  5. Jacob b Apr 12-1781 d Mar 16-1858 Knox Co m 1808
     Magdalena Ely b Oct 11-1787 d Dec 24-1862
     Ch: Elizabeth, Mary, Abraham, Jacob, Susannah, John, Solomon,
         Catharine, Sabina, Rosanna, Kesiah, Christina
  6. Elizabeth b Aug 18-1785 d Jan 26-1849 m c1805
     Philip Dennis b c1778 d 1835 Knox Co
  7. Joseph b 1787 d Nov 21-1853 Knox Co m 1811
     Susanna Ely b Oct 17-1787 d Mar 16-1874
     Ch: Hardman, William, Mary, John, Isaac, Elizabeth, Martin,
         Jacob, Abraham, Joseph, Keziah, Solomon
  8. Mary Ann b Sep 16-1790 d Mar 23-1862 m Nov 9-1809
     Peter Ealy b Apr 22-1785 d Apr 7- 1869 Knox Co
  9. Benjamin b 1792 d Jul 7-1855 Knox Co m c1814 Anna --- 1796-
     Ch: Hardman, Daniel, Miriam, Elizabeth, Hiram, Josiah,
         David, Ann, Washington, Prudence, Benjamin

This article was transcribed by Liz DuBois of Bremerton, WA in August 1998.

  Raymond M. Bell Anthology     Genealogy in Washington Co., PA

Published with permission of Raymond M. Bell.

  april 2006


From the " Bicentenial Edition " Marie, one can order the Horns Papers from Mary & William Collage on line. " The William and Mary Quartery Third Series, Volum 4 Number 4. Oct. 1947. These said papers will also cover the Zellers to Sellers Story. I am sending through to you 3 more pages from the Society Edition besides this page. I do hope that they come through ok. Marie be it our family genealogy tree or our faith, we must check it all out and hold onto the truth. As I wrote before I wish that his " Mr. Horn's " story could be believed, but you know the old saying "Wish in one hand & spit in the other & see which one fills up the fastest. LOL. FDH Dennis H.





the story of the Zellers to Sellers of Green County or Washington County Pa. can be found in the Sellers letters June 1984 ( Vol 3. #3 ) page 52