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This is just to remind everyone that I come by my interest
in Ferdinand Sellers through the Hormell side.  Reportedly
Eleanor Lee, sister of my Phebe Lee (both daughters of
William Lee and first wife Cathren) married Henry Hormell.
One daughter, Rebecca married Ferdinand.  I just found it an
interesting coincidence, since I have Bracken Co. KY Sellers
whose descendants, at least, had later ties to Warren Co. OH
people.  Phebe Lee's granddaughter, Elizabeth Ulrey, married
a grandson of a Bracken Co KY Sellers, John S. McDaniel.

To complicate matters more, a daughter of John S. McDaniel
and Elizabeth Ulrey, Sarah Frances McDaniel married two
brothers (successively) who were the grandsons of another
Sellers--Robert Sellers.

The KY and OH Sellers are definitely German.  I think that
the family of Robert Sellers believes him to be of Scottish
descent, but I don't think clear proof exists.  They MAY
alll have PA in common, so who knows...?

Got the info on Ferdinand Seller's family from a Heritage
Books CD--Historical and Genealogical Records of West
Central Ohio which basically contains the text of several
Ohio histories.  Think I excerpted all the pertinent data.
Unfortunately, I cannot access it just now.  CD drive seems
to be "on the fritz."  The early history I found
online--someone's Runkel database, as I recall.

William Lee and three wives reportedly produced 23 children
in all.  I seem to remember some question about Eleanor as a
PROVEN daughter.  I am NOT a Lee expert, so....


AUG 2004

Mike and Amber Sellers [mikeamber@cox.net]

From the info I've put together, I have much the same info as you concerning

Rebecca and her parents.  I also have that she was the d/o Henry Hormell,

Jr. and Margaret Fry and was the grand daughter of Henry Hormell, Sr. and

Elinor Lee.


Mentioning David Randolph Sellers again, of Rebecca Hormel and her ancestry

he wrote that she was, " the daughter of HENRY HOMRELL, JR., who was born at

Brownsville, Pennsylvania in 1791 and died near Ridgeville, Warren County,

Ohio in 1828, the year of her birth.  He owned a farm across Clear Creek,

opposite his father's farm, and was for many years a Methodist class leader.

Rebecca Sellers' mother, MARGARET FRY, was born in 1793, Hagerstown,

Maryland, and died in 1859, probably in Warren County, Ohio.  She was buried

in the Sharon graveyard.

Rebecca's grandfather was HENRY HORMELL, SR. (1747 - 1834), who moved with

his family from Brownsville, Pennsylvania to Ridgeville, Warren County,

Ohio, in 1808.  He was a Revolutionary War veteran, having served as Ensign

in Captain Swaney's Company, 5th Battalion.  His wife, the grandmother of

Rebecca Hormell Sellers, was ELINOR LEE."

Hope the above is at least a little helpful to you Sherry, in what you may

have already suspected concerning the ties between the Hormells, Sellers,

and Lees.


The info I have on Ferdinand was again from my own research into the Sellers

lines since Ferdinand was a "3rd Cousin 4 Times Removed" to me.  Ferdinand

and I both descended from Heinrich Zeller:  Ferdinand via Heinrich's oldest

son, John Sellers, and I from Heinrich's youngest, Adam Sellers.

Ferdinand's grandfather, Jacob Sellers, was the first of his line of Sellers

to Ohio.  He followed by a couple of years the first of any of the lines,

his 1st cousin Peter Sellers, the 3rd son of Adam mentioned above.


I, too, am somewhat limited in my connections to the Lackey's.  The main one

that I know of is by marriage mentioned earlier of Ferdinand's daughter,

Laura Emma Sellers, to Enos Ellsworth Lackey.




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> I think that I sent some of that information a couple of years ago.

Rebecca Hormell may be a descendant of my William Lee through possible

daughter Eleanor Lee who married Henry Hormell.  As I recall, Rebecca was a

daughter of Henry Hormell, Jr. and Margaret Frey.  The Lee family came to

Warren Co. from PA, and (from memory), I believe that the Hormell family did

also. I found some of the ancestry of Ferdinand Sellers in a Warren Co. OH

history.  Again, I believe that this information has been posted.  I too

suspect that all of the Lackey families are related, but since I do not have

any Lackey relatives (to my knowledge), I have not followed them.  I have

only looked at Sellers in Warren Co. OH as Ferdinand may related to my Lee

family.  Sherry


> Mike and Amber Sellers <mikeamber@cox.net> wrote:I don't know if this is

helpful or if it could be, but I have Lackey-Sellers

> marriage(s) in Warren County, Ohio, at later dates in the 1800s than those

> listed.

> Laura Emma Sellers, d/o Ferdinand and Rebecca (Hormell) Sellers, married

> Enos Ellsworth Lackey circa 1868. Their first son, Walter Varian Lackey,

> was then born in 1869. A second son, Raymond Lawson Lackey followed in


> while a 3rd son, Burt LaFetra Lackey, was born in 1872.


> I'm pretty sure the Lackey's were probably all related in some way in


> County at that time, so this is probably some relation to the Lackey's

> currently be inquired about.


> Michael Sellers