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            Henry Sellars, Greene Co., OH d. 1829

For many years, I have had a copy of the will of Henry Sellars, d. 1829, in
Green County, Ohio.  It names his four children and their relation to each
other, eldest to youngest.  This may be my great-great-grandfather, and the
youngest son named in his will, Henry Sellars, could be my great-grandfather,
who married Barbara Ohmart and died in Montgomery Co., IL in 1848.

The copy I have is a typed copy, made by and for the Greene County Probate
Court from the original filed in the Greene County Court of Common Pleas.
These typed pages are copies of old documents filed in Common Pleas Court
prior to the inception of the Probate Court.  The typewritten copy is found
on pages 224-225 of the Probate Court record book for the May term, 1829.

"Be it remembered that at the above term of said Court, the last will and
testament of Henry Sellars, late of said County deceased, was produced in
open Court for probate and duly proven by the oaths of Samuel Crumbough and
Samuel Eyler the subscribing witnesses, to said will, was was (cq) ordered to
be filed and recorded with the written affidavits of said witnesses, John
Sellers and Joseph Hamill the Executors named in said will, personally
appeared in open Court and took the oath prescribed by Law, and with Samuel
Eyler and Samuel Crumbough their securities, entered into bond in the penal
sum of four hundred dollars.  Ordered by the Court that Tinsley Heath,
Chappel H. Bonner and James Hook, being first duly sworn appraise the good
and C. of said decd. and make out an inventory thereof pursuant to the

"Which said will reads in the words and figures following towit.---
    I Henry Sellars of the County of Greene and State of Ohio, being weak of
body but of sound and disposing mind and memory and understanding, do make
and publish this my last will and testament, in manner and form following
that is to say.  First it is my will that my funeral expenses and all my just
debts be fully paid.  Second.  It is my will that my daughter Elizabeth
Weaver, have my cow and heifer and that the balance of my moveable property
to be equally divided between my three son, towit, Jacob Sellars, John
Sellars, and Henry Sellars, deducting however ten dollars out of Henry
Sellars's my youngest sons share the amount of a side saddle which he has
already received.  Third. I give to my daughter Elizabeth Weaver afsd. all my
rent corn now on my farm in Caesars Creek township Greene County, be the same
more or less, and also my crop of wheat now in the ground on said farm, and
immediately after my death I wish my daughter aforesaid to take full
possession of the farm aforesaid and to have all the profits and benefits
arising from the same, for the term of One whole year, at the expiration of
said term, I wish the said farm to be divided into four equal lots or shares
and when so divided I give and bequeath to my four children and their heirs
forever, in the manner following towit, first my daughter Elizabeth Weaver to
have first choice of lots or shares, my eldest son Jacob Sellars to have
second choice, my second son John Sellars to have the third choice, and my
third son Henry Sellars to have the fourth or last
Choice.  Fourthly & lastly I hereby constitute and appoint my son John
Sellars and Joseph Hamill to be executors to this my last will and testament,
revoking & annulling all former wills by me made, and ratifying and
confirming this and no other to be my last will and Testament.  In testimony
whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this second day of April 1829.

'signed published and declared by the above named Henry Sellars,/
as and for his last will & Testament in presence of us who/         seal
at his request have signed as witnesses to the same./
Witness:        Samuel Crumbough        Samuel Eyler.
    The state of Ohio/      Court of Common Pleas    May Term 1829
    Greene County/  Be it remembered that on the 9th day of May 1829 the last
will and testament of Henry Sellars decd. was this day produced in open Court
for probate, which said last will and testament bears date the 2d day of
April 1829, where upon Samuel Oyler and Samuel Crumbough the subscribing
witnesses to said will, appeared and being duly sworn deposes and says that
they saw Henry Sellars the testator sign and seal said last will and
testament, and that the said testator was of sound mind and memory, of lawful
age, and under no restraint as deponent verily believe and that they each
subscribed their names as witnesses to said last will and testament in the
presence and at the request of Henry Sellars the testator and in presence of
each other, and further say not.
Sworn to & subscribed in Open Court May 9th 1829/   Samuel Eyler
            J. Grover     Clk.          Samuel Crumbough

Recorded June 17, 1829.     J. Grover    Clk."

If anyone can add to my knowledge of this family, please do so.  Thank you.

Frank Sellers
Falls Church, VA

JULY 2004


You asked if I had any information on Elias Sellers.  I have the  following

two items:


In Will Book #1 of Augusta Co., VA Records, pg. 215:

"6th Nov. 1749, John Woolf's appraisement, by Michael Harnes, Michael  Stump,

James Simpson.  Note of Peter Hart, note of Nicholas Snider.   Sale to Ellis



Census of Grant and Hardy Counties, WV for 1820.

"White Families and No. of members:

Elias Sellers         9

Henry Sellers        7.


This census citation was found in "History of Grant and Hardy Counties,  West

Va." by E. L. Judy, 1951, Petersburg, WV, pg. 59. 


Were Elias and Henry related?  Here they are in 1820 living near each  other

amidst the Hedricks and Van Meters and Haglers and Harnesses and Conrads,  so

there must have been some blood connection. 


The Henry Sellers cited in this census is my direct ancestor and moved to 

Greene County, OH in approximately 1822.  I don't remember Elias in Henry's 

will from Greene Co., OH that I put on the Sellers family website.


Frank Sellers

Falls Church, VA



 HENRY ZELLERS SELLERS  ca1772/7-     (son of JOHN 1735/1804)

Greene Co, Oh?



Hi all,


I know what I'm inquiring about has probably been covered ad nauseum by now,

but I guess I didn't catch it the first time around and would appreciate a

refresher :-)


My inquiry is about Henry Sellers, son of John Sellers (1735 - March 1804)

and Elizabeth Perky, and the grandson of Heinrich Zeller (1704 - circa

1773).  In his will written shortly before he died, John Sellers left son

Henry Sellers 40 pounds to be delivered "as soon as he leaves the country".

Its my understanding that Henry did leave Rockingham County, VA, after

John's death.


My questions to anyone with info about him are 1) where did he go and settle

after leaving R'ham County, VA?  2) who was Henry's wife, when and where did

they marry?  3) when did he die and where was Henry buried?  4) what were

the names of his children?


Again, I know this has been covered, and I apologize for recovering

ancestral ground already mapped.  I just didn't catch it the first go-round.

Please be kind in directing me to the correct info :-)


Any info is much appreciated!




Michael Sellers

Mike and Amber Sellers []

Jan 2005



I know we've written before, but I don't recall seeing the names of the 

brothers and sisters of the Henry Sellers to which you refer, son of John 

Sellers.  I have no doubt they've been offered but I didn't take note of  it.


If you have any names for his siblings, it might help pin down  the elusive

participants and date of the various moves by Sellerses from  Rockingham

County, VA to Western and Southwestern Ohio.  In particular I  refer to Greene,

Clark, Logan, Warren and Miami Counties in the west central and  southwest parts

of Ohio.  I doubt the emigration was by single individuals,  but rather

occurred in larger groups.  Who were the others on the trip  when the Sellerses moved?


My ancestor Henry Sellers, b. 1800 in VA and m. 5-30-1822 to Barbara Ohmart 

in Clark Co., OH, was the youngest son of a Henry Sellers of Hardy  Co., VA

(wife unknown).  Henry died April 11, 1848 in Montgomery County,  IL.  His

father Henry Sellers of Hardy County, VA d. April or May  1829 in Greene County, OH

and his will is on the Greene Co., OH page  maintained by Marie.


Henry Sellers b.1800 had an older brother Jacob who arrived in Xenia 

Township, Green Co., OH in 1817, according to Robinson's History of Greene  County,

Ohio.  This again agrees with Henry Sellers 1829 will.   Jacob Sellers was the

eldest son of Henry Sellers and he married  Lydia (unknown). 


There were two other children:

John, born second, m. July 2, 1827 to Elizabeth Martin in Cedarville,  OH.

Elizabeth, married twice #1 Henry Alt, m. August 26, 1810 in Hardy Co., VA 


#2 Stephen Weaver, August 30, 1820 in Greene County, OH.


I think one key Sellers researchers could utilize more (even in the 

Tennessee research recently pursued) is the religious affiliation of this  Sellers

family.  The marriage of Henry on May 30, 1822 was conducted  by Christian

Frantz, a leader in the German Baptist settlements in Southwest  Ohio.  This

information is found in the Clark County marriage records for  Henry and his bride. 

Henry's wife Barbara Ohmart was the daughter of  Christian Ohmart and Annie

Weaver.  The Ohmarts had lived in Shenandoah  County, VA, close to Rockingham

County.  Barbara Ohmart's sister Sophia  claimed her birth was 1807 in

Shenandoah County, VA.  The Ohmarts arrived  in Clark County, OH in 1820 from Virginia.


Henry Sellers would have been a member of the Donnel's Creek German Baptist 

congregation for the marriage to have been performed by the congregation

elder,  Christian Frantz. This congregation was located about three miles west  of

Springfield, the county seat of Clark County, OH.   This  information I have

quoted is also found in a privately published book named  Lest We Forget and

Tales of Yesteryear, Vol. II by Rolland Flory, p.  248-251.  The book reveals

the methods of recording families pursued  constantly by the individual German

Baptist congregations.


I would guess it is possible Zellers and Ohmarts were acquainted in 

Pennsylvania.  Christian Ohmart, the father of Henry Sellers' wife Barbara,  is found

in the 1790 census of Berks County, PA and moved to Shenandoah  County, VA in

the 1790s, where he married Anna Weaver.  He appears in  Shenandoah County

records in 1805 as bondsman for a marriage.


I'm open to discussing any of this information.  To me, the  written record

is the best answer.

Frank Sellers





Hi Frank,


We have indeed written before and have chased these Zeller/Sellers around

for awhile :-)  In the past we've discussed the possibilities and evidence

for whether your Henry Sellers of Hardy Co. of VA was or wasn't a son of

Heinrich Zeller (1704-1773) or if he was related in some other way.


The Henry Sellers I'm inquiring about was a son of John Sellers, the eldest

son of Heinrich Zeller (1704-1773).  I don't know if the Henry Sellers who

died in April or May 1829 in Greene County, OH, is him, but I don't think he

was.  I could certainly be wrong, though.


All I know about Henry, son of John and grandson of Heinrich, is that he

bought 130 acres in Rockingham Co. from John, his father, on March 16, 1772.

The 130 acres had originally been grandfather Heinrich's and had been sold

from Heinrich to John in 1761.  For some reason, Henry turned around and

almost immediately sold the 130 acres out of the family which created a

serious rift between he and his father, John.  For that reason, John

stipulated in his 1804 will that he was leaving 40 pounds to Henry to be

paid as soon as Henry left Rockingham County, which he did.  That's the

entirety of what I know about Henry Sellers, son of John and grandson of

Heinrich and the reason for my inquiry.


I'm looking for any info about Henry that is known.  I don't know whom he

married, if he had children, nor where he went after leaving Rockingham

County, presumably in 1804 after his father's death.


Henry's brother, John Perkey Sellers, married Eva/Eve Fife and remained in

R'ham County.  A second brother, Daniel Sellers, married Margaret Runkle and

died in Augusta Co., VA.  A 3rd brother, Jacob, married 1) Christina Runkle

in R'ham Co. and 2) Christena Munger in Warren County, Ohio.  Jacob had left

years earlier for Ohio along with several 1st cousins.  Henry also had 5

sisters:  Anna Maria, Catherine, Elizabeth, Christena, and Margaret.  Did

Henry join brother Jacob in Warren County?  Did he go elsewhere in Ohio or

elsewhere in VA?  I just don't know.


Wish I had more to go on but hopefully someone knows about Henry Sellers,

his family, if any, and where he ended up.