Sometimes the Civil War pension records include the unexpected--the Family

Pvt. Henry C. Sellers volunteered for three years in the Army on Aug. 18,
1862 at either LaPorte or Logansport, IN.  He said he was 19 years old, a
blacksmith, and had been born in Cass Co., IN.  He was assigned to Co. E,
29th Regiment of Indiana Volunteer Infantry.  Description: 5 ft, 5 1/2 in.,
blue eyes, dark hair, fair complexion
Mustered in: Aug. 21, 1862 at Indianapolis, IN
Mustered out: June 30, 1865 at Nashville, TN
Died: January 1, 1912.

Wife: Elizabeth (Lizzie) A. McElwee
Married: Jan. 12, 1875 by Rev. S. J. McElwee in Perrysburg, Miami Co., IN
Died: Feb. 16, 1919
Received pension under widow's certificate 737757.

Maud, b. Nov. 30, 1884

In a declaration for her widow's pension made after her husband's death,
Elizabeth stated that Henry's date of death was January 1, 1912.  She gave
her address as 811 W. Walnut St., Kokomo.  She appointed John I. Viney of
Kokomo as her attorney in seeking a widow's pension.  Witnesses were Maude
George and Charles Campbell.

Although she received the widow's pension, her request for a pension
was rejected.  In a letter of March 7, 1912, the pension commissioner
rejected her application on the grounds she could not furnish satisfactory
evidence that Henry C. Sellers was 70 years old when the application was
filed.  The commissioner said no widow could receive a rate in excess of
which her living husband received.

An affidavit in support of her claim made by William H. Sellers, 75, and
Calvin C. Webb, 69, stated that Henry C. Sellers was only married once in
life.  Both witnesses said they had known Henry C. Sellers since he was of
marriageable age.

In a Nov. 5, 1897 paper filed with the Bureau of Pensions by Henry C.
Sellers, he said he and Elizabth, his wife, were the parents of one
Maud, born 11-30-1884.  He said their marriage occurred January 12, 1874.

In a Feb. 6, 1895 application for an increase in his invalid pension, Henry
C. Sellers said he was 53 years old, and recounted his military experience
that made him an invalid.  He reported that in the spring of 1863, he
suffered general exposure and contracted Camp Diarrhea, which disabled him
for duty for a time.  He reported suffering from the same at intervals
thereafter, which after the service, resulted in disease of the rectum
had become chronic and greatly disabling.  He said his injuries occurred
he was working at the breastworks at Murfreesboro, TN.  He said he was put
the Camp Hospital where he lay under treatment for six weeks. He also said
his leg wound had become much worse since his initial pension and he had
been able to do manual labor for the past 18 months before his application.

On Feb. 4, 1883, the War Department reported that Henry C. Sellers was on
casualty list from a leg wound suffered at Chickamauga on September 19,
 Henry Sellers spent many months in the Army Hospital at Madison, IN before
he recovered.  He suffered his leg wound when trying to rescue the colors
after his company's captain and lieutenant had been shot during the Battle

In an affidavit of December 19, 1911, William H. Sellers said he had copied
the following from the Sellers Family Bible, which had been written in the
year 1852.
Parents were Mr. Joseph Sellers, b. 12-17-1797 and Miss Elizabeth Ward, b.
8-23-1804, were married February 27, 1821.  Joseph Sellers died in 1878 and
Elizabeth Ward Sellers died in June 1884.
Robert A. Sellers,  b. 2-6-1815
Elvina I. Sellers,  b. 3-2-1822,                        d. 12-19-1849
Joseph S. Sellers,  b. 1-2-1829,        m. 2-14-1849
Phebe I. Sellers,   b. 5-12-1826,       m. 1-2-1845
Samuel W. Sellers,  b. 4-3-1831,        m. 8-26-1852,   d. 7-5-1869
Elizabeth M. Sellers,   b. 1-23-1834,                   d. 9-23-1838
Wm H. Sellers,      b. 2-28-1836,       m. 1-18-1866
Morris L. Sellers,  b. 2-22-1838
Warreen W. Sellers,     b. 4-3-1840
Henry C. Sellers,   b. 11-28-1841
Milton V. Sellers,  b. 12-6-1843,       m. 5-26-?,      d. 9-13-1862
Sarah E. Sellers,   b. 1-23-1849

A December 1911 search for information by the Department of the Interior
Bureau of Pensions to support the pension application of Elizabeth Sellers
said Army records showed that Henry C. Sellers was 19 years and 9 months
at the time of his enlistment, and was 21 years old when he mustered out of
the Army.

In his declaration for pension of March 6, 1907, Henry C. Sellers said he
born Nov. 28, 1842 in Cass Co., IN.  He reported having lived in Fulton
IN, beginning in 1865, and moving to Kokomo in Sept. 1872.