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Author: heather price
Date: 14 Oct 2001 1:27 PM GMT

I am having trouble finding more info on my Sellers relatives.
I would like to know the names of John and Henrietta's parents but anything would help.

John Sellers. b. june 19, 1782 S.C. Sometimes his birthday is listed as being 6/19/1772 but I think 1782 is
right. His wifes name is Henrietta Norwood b.Nov 4, 1784 N.C. They may have been married in Caswell
county N.C.

Their children: Nancy b.1804, Catherine b.1806,
Mary b.1807, Candace b.1808, Martha b.1812,
John W. b.1813, Zilpha b.1816, Hardy S. b.1817,
Henrietta b.1817,
Isaac P. b.1819,
Richard C. b.1821,
William R. b.1824,
Joseph b.1825, and
Frances M.b.1826.
All were born in South Carolina and the family must have moved to Carroll county Tenn. because
records show they were almost all buried there.

I keep finding conflicting records about dates of birth and such. I would really appreciate it if someone
could help me get reliable information

Would you like to SHARE the CHILD you connect to?
Name, Age, Born where=
Married when/where=

their child name/age and born where=
and married whom=when/where=
and maybe their child?

THEN other SELLERS kinda know you and their family and can find you in these counties/states?

THANKS, marie, iowa

     Author: heather price
                                                          Date: 15 Oct 2001 3:53 PM GMT
     In Reply to: Re: Sellers in S.C.  by:  marie sellers hollinger

  John Sellers and Henrietta Norwood are the parents of Candace Sellers. She is my gggg-grandmother.
  She married Arthur Tosh. Their son William Perry Tosh b.@1846 married Susan Margaret Rhodes
  b.1854. Their daughter was Francis T. Tosh b.dec 23 1880. She married Joseph Everett, had child
  named Christine who was my maternal great grandmother. The Tosh side is from Carroll cty.TN and
  before that somewhere in Ky

HEATHER, Thanks. Do you have an 1850 census reading on CANDACE SELLERS and ARTHUR TOSH? WOULD like to have for our
CARROLL CO, TN page OR where there are living=

WERE kids all born in CARROLL CO, TN?
OR at least info on WM PERRY TOSH?

I see you mentioned CASWELL CO, NC?
Do you have more info on same?
We have a possibility of a link to another SOLLARS/SELLERS family here, so ANY info you have to share would be appreciated

I believe you will find a document on our CARROLL CO, TN
page that connects to a WILL in SC that helps document these families =

IF SAME, I will ADD your page/email to same.
THANKS for sharing SELLERS and related families.
PLEASE ADVISE, marie, iowa

     Author: heather price
  Arthur Tosh m. Candace Sellers
  Thomas Jefferson b. Jan 2 1833
  Frances Asbery b. 1834
  Elisabeth Jane b. 1835
  Nancy Faulkner b. 1836
  Rilah (Riley) Smith b.1837
  Martha Catherine b.1840
  Zilph Louise b.1841
  James Alvin b.1843
  Hardy Harrison b.1845
  William Perry b.1846
  Jeptha Allen b.1848
  Lucinda Ellen b.1852

  William Perry Tosh m. Susan Margaret Rhodes
  The only child i know they had for sure is my gg-grandmother Francis T. Tosh b.dec 23 1880
  I think they were married in Carroll Cty TN and had their children there as well.