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My name is Heath Sellers and i am researching my line of the Sellers
family.  I would like to know if you could please share with me any
information that you have on Herny Sellers.  I think that he might be
conected to my line.  My 4 great grandfather Henry Thomas Sellers's
father was named Herny L. Sellers and I haven't had any luck on finding
anything on him.  Something oneday lead me to believe that he was born
in Brunswick County N.C about the time this Herny Sellers did.  If you
have any information I would like to see it.

Thank you
Heath Sellers 

        "Heath SELLERS" <lowesman@hotmail.com>

Thank you for repling.  I know that Henry Thomas Sellers was born in GA
around 1835.  He married Nacy Cook also born in GA around 1835 in
Jackson County, FL on 12/23/52.  This is all I really have right now on


        "Heath SELLERS" <lowesman@hotmail.com>
>From: sharon schmidt <sschmidt@southeast.net>
>Subject: Sellers
>Got your message from Genforum.  I hope the following info is helpful:
>Henry Thomas Sellers
>b. Abt. 1835 in GA
>Married:  Nancy Cook b. Abt. 1834 in GA
>Married in Jackson Co., FL  on 12-23-1852
>They had 4 (that I know of) children:
>John M. Sellers b. Abt. 1854 in FL
>Josephine Sellers b. Abt. 1856 in AL
>Martha J. Sellers b. Abt. 1858 in FL
>James Henry Sellers b. 09-15-1860 in FL
>James Henry Sellers    b. 09-15-1860 in FL
>                       d. 03-26-1925 is buried at Mt. Zion Baptist
Cemetery                        in
Cottonwood, AL
>James married Nancy Jane Tindell on 12-27-1883 in Jackson Co., FL
>Nancy was born on 12-26-1870, d. 02-07-1925 and is also buried at Mt.
>They had 7 (known to me) children:
>       Minnie
>       Thomas P.       b. Abt. 1888
>       Ben             b. Abt. 1891
>       Lula            b. Abt. 1894
>       Addison b. Abt. 1896
>       Emmett E.       b. 10-18-1897
>               m.  Bonnie ?  b. 12-07-1904     d. 01-19-1985
>       Dewey           b. Abt. 1909
>I have conflicting information on Emmett and Bonnie's children.
>you could help me.
>My e-mail address:  sschmidt@southeast.net
>Let me know if this helps.

        "Heath SELLERS" <lowesman@hotmail.com>
I come from Emmett E. Sellers and Bonnie Woolsey Sellers.  My great
grand father Emmett just died this past April.  He lived his whole life
in Cottonwood Al.  He lived on the same land that his father James Henry
owned.  The land was sold a few times because of hard times but he got
it back and lived there until he died.  My grandfather Carl Edward
Sellers was the second child of Bonnie and Emmitt.  They have lived in
Cottonwood most of their lives also.  My father Mitchell Edward Sellers
was the first child of Carl and Doris Sellers and I'm the first child of
Mitchell and Debbie Sellers.

I hope this kind of lets you know who and where i came from.  I would
like to say thank you for your help and any more information that you
have would be great to have.  Oh I think that Henry L. Sellers might
have been the one to move out of N.C.  well he was.  His so Henry Thomas
moved into Florida and lived there until he died i guess.  My great
grandfather always said that he hadhalf cousins that lived in Jackson
County.  I found this to be true because Henry was married twice.  My
great grandfather's father James Henry moved up into Houston County
Alabama and bought some land in Cottonwood and is burried in Cottonwood.
I don't know when he moved up here.

Thank you