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       George ( Zimmerman) Carpenter

         I am posting this from some of my records.I hope it may be help to
George (Zimmerman) Carpenter was a Swiss-German, he and 2 sons ,George
#2 and John came to America in 1746 his first wife had died earlier.they
settled in Rockingham Co.Va.   George remarried Anna Shitly.they had 4
sons and 5 daughters, Adam ,Conrad,William and Henry,the daughter's were
Margart,Ann,Elizabeth,Sollima Barbara.all these family names were
carried down thru future generations.first i will give the sons that
stayed in Va.
George #2  B. 172? M. Elizabeth Boyer they had 2 sons and 2
daughters.their sons  were  John and Jacob # 1, John married Sally
Warner 11-23-1809 in Rockingham Co.Va.i don't know who there children
were. Jacob #1 b. 1779
d. 1830 ,he  joined his 3 uncles in Lincoln Co. Ky. in 1800  who had
gone there in 1789-1780. I will get to them later in the story.
He (Jacob #1) married 1st Leah Frye 9-9-1800,B,-11-20-1778- D.1 -11
1820, they had several children,their 1st born was  John born 3-21-1803
and another named Jacob ,I will call him Jacob #2 . He  was
d.5-5-1869 m.to Patsy Jones b.1816 .1877. She was the sister to Rachel
Jones who married Major George ( Red Face ) Carpenter, the son of Adam
and Catherine ( Spear-Frye) Carpenter. Now back to Jacob #1 his  2nd
marriege was to Celia Hamilton 6-10-1822.
Celia parents were James and Celia (Collier/Colyer) Hamilton. Jacob and
Celia had 2 or 3 children.(Note) Casey Co.was established 1806 from
Lincoln Co.Ky. So some of the Carpenter's living in Lincoln found
themselves now in Casey Co. Ky.

Now back to Rockingham Co. Va. George # 1
son William b.5-28-1775 d.1833 stayed in Rockingham Co. Va. He married
Margaret Wilbarger/Wheelbarger in 1804.3 sons and 1 daughter (known) Do
not know their names.

George #1's 3 oldest sons, I will label them as John #1 Adam #1 and
Conrad #1.and try not to confuse you.These 3 brothers were all Rev. War
Soldiers and received land grants for their service.They went to
:Lincoln Co. Ky. 1779-1780 and establshed Carpenter's Station.
About 1810 was joined by their youngest brother Henry #1.
George #2 and John #1 were half-brothes to all the other children.
John #1 b.abt. 17??  . d. 1885 Lincoln Co. Ky. m. 1775 to Elizabeth
Spears. Their children were;
Mary ( Polly) b.6-13-17?? 10-1-1871 m.James Patton 3-17-1814 Lincoln Co.
Margaret ( Besty) b.1780 d.7-1-1816 m. Dr. Lindsey Powell 2-24-1798
Lincoln Co.
George ( Station ) b.1784 d.1-13-1870 Lincoln
m.Jennie Logan daughter of Gen. Hugh Logan,
Rev. War. Soldier.

Conrad #1  b. ? n Va. d. 9-6-1829 Lincoln Co.
Never married ?

Adam #1 b.4-20-1760 Va. d.1806 Lincoln Co.
m. 1784 Catherine ( Spears ) Frye.( Catherine and Elizabeth Spears were
sisters;) their 10 children were;
William b.12-19-1785 in Lincoln Co. Ky. d. in LaFayette Mo. m. Mary
Warren . They went to Mo. after 1820.their descendant spread out to
Col.Idaho, and Org.
Christina b.12-30-1787 1st m. Nathaniel Spraggins 2nd. m. Daniel Funk
lived Palestine, Crawford Co. Ill.
Sarah ( Sally) b.3-5-1790 m. 6-20-1809 to Ephraim Cunningham lived in
Jacksonville, Morgan Co. Ill.
Mary b. 8-9-1792 d.1810
Margaret b.10-10-1794 m. 12-3-1812 Shadeach Blount Anderson Carter
lived Orleans, Orange Co. Ind.
George (Major or Redface)b.6-15-1797 d.11-25-1877 m.4-30-1849 Rachel
Wilson Jones lived Lincoln or Casey Co. Ky
Henry b.8-21-1799 m.Amanda Powell his cousin  of the John Carpenter
line. Do not confuse  this Henry with George #1's Henry
Conrad b.8-21-1799 d.1866 m. Catherine Emaline Sharp after they went to
Co. Mo.and later to Honey Grove Fannin Co Tx.
Catherine b. 10-2-1801 m. William Dinwiddle 10-3-1820. lived Casey Co KY

(Conrad and Henry were twins )

Adam b.7-8-1804 d.9-14-1877 m. Mary Ann
( Polly )  Jones moved to Knobnoster, Johnson Co. Mo.

Henry #1 b.5-12-1778 in Va. d.1847 in Casey Co. Ky.m. Cathrine Sellers
2-18-1810 in Va.
both are buried in the old Carpenter Cem. in Lincoln Co. Ky. Henry was
born 2 months after his father George #1 was killed in the Rev. War
Henry # 1 was the G.G.Grandfather of Harry Carpenter.
Their children were;
Jacob.b.8-5-1807 d. 5-14-1868 m.1st 3-1830 to Nancy Russell
.b.12-10-1801 d.6-30-1847
2nd.m.1848 to Nancy McGraw b.7-19-1826
d.3-12-1897. All 3 are buried in the Jacob Carpenter Cem. on the
Boyle-Mercer Co. line near Perryville Ky.Jacob and Nancy ( McGraw)
Carpenter are the Great Grandparents of Harry Carpenter .
Polly married 2-18-1826 to William Hutchinson
or Heutchison
Aletha b. 3-4-1812 d.11-25-1881 m.4-15-1832 to James T.Russell
Malinda m.6-25-1824 to William Gibson
Conrad b. 1814 m.2-21-1850 to Priscilla Russell
George Washington b.3-11-1818 d.12-10-1903 m.2-4-1839 to Mary Ann Bottom
Margaret b.1822 d.1872 m.1-9-1845 to Clayton L. Carter
Amanda m.3-22-1845 to James Bentey
John m. to Deborah Miller
I have a lot of info on my great grandfather Jacob and his brother
George Washington Carpenter.
George #1 children and grandchildren migrated
all over this country as the west opened up.
I have heard from some of older generations
that George #1 had 3 other brothers that came to America, but I have no
idea who they were. I'm still looking.
Will add more to this later.
Harry Carpenter

I have an error on the first post dated 3-9-2000
that needs to be corrected.
I have Henry #1( b.5-12-1778) and Catherine  (Sellers) Carpenter's son
John Carpenter as being married to Deborah Miller. This is incorrect.
It was Station George and Jennie ( Logan) Carpenter's son John Carpenter
that was married to Deborah Miller.
Harry Carpenter

Continuing info that was posted 3-9-2000
on George ( Zimmerman) and Anna ( Shitly or Suhulteli ) Carpenter; All
these daughters were born in Rockingham Co. Va.Some are listed in the
Peaked Mountain Church Records in Rockingham Co. Va.
where George #1 is listed as an elder of the Church.

Their 5 daughters were;
Anna b. abt.1766 Va.d. before 1830 m. John Miltonberger.  Va.Thier
children were;
Barbara b abt. 1780 m. Joseph Gochenauer in 1803.
Anna  b.1782 m. John Perkey in 1805.
William M. b.3-25,1784 d.Warren Co. Ohio.
George b.1785, d.9-13-1842 in Warrren Co. Ohio, m. 1st. Mary Null ,2nd.
Catherine Harmon.
John b.1786 d. 1843 in Warren Co. Ohio m. Elizabeth Blose in 1810.
Margaret b. 1789,m, Leonard Null in 1810;
Conard m. Elizabeth Trobaugh.

Barbara b.8-29-1762. m John Pence 1-10-1783
lived in Shelby Co. Ky.Their children were;
Conrad; Jacob; John; George; Elizabeth;
Adam m. 11-28-1816 to Christine Smock.
Margaret; Barbara m. James Porter,12-16-1819
Anne; Sarah; and Frances.

Margaret b.1764, d.8-13-1828 in Sullivan Co. Tenn. m.George Pence
10-12-1782.all their children were born in Rockingham Co. Va. They were;
Anna Barbara b.1783 d. 1855 m. George Kerns,1803 ,lived Clemont Co.
Nancy b.1785 d. 1853, m. John Teaney in 1805, lived in Va. and
Bartholomew Co. Ind.
Sally b. 1786 d.1857; m. Jacob Cook, 1813, lived in Sullivan Co. Tenn.
then Bartholomew
Co. Ind.
Lydia b. 1790 d. 1804 Rockingham Co. Va.
Jacob b. 1793 d. 1873, m. Anna Roller 11-13-1817 in Sullivan Co. Tenn.
later lived DeSoto Iowa.
William b. 1795 d. 1865 m. Priscilla Poor.
David b. 1798 d. 1868 m. Elizabeth Gott 1825.
Joab b.1800 d. 1860, m. Mary Gott lived Sullivan Co. Tenn.
Jonathan b. 1803, d. 1824 Sullivan Co. Tenn.

Elizabeth b.1767 d.1822 m. John Kiblinger or Killinger 8-8-1788 lived
Va., their children were;
Margaret  m. ? Nicholas
John; ??
Anna m. Lewis Keller;
Jacob ???;  Mary ???

Sollima b. 8-22-1771 m. Peter Kiblinger or Killinger 6-18-1791

Will add more when time permits.
Harry Carpenter
Continuing info that was posted on 3-9-200 and 3-20-2000 on George #1 (
Zimmerman) and Anna (Shitly or Suhuleli) Carpenter.

I have a correction on John and George Pence.
John Pence was 1st married to Margaret Perky,
The children born before 1783 did not belong to Barbara Carpenter Also
George Pence was 1st. married to Sarah Perky, and the children born
before 1782 did not belong to Margaret Carpenter.

Now back to Lincoln Co. Ky.
After John #1 Carpenter died in 1885 his wife Elizabeth remarried
9-30-1791 to Ezra Morrison b.1754 d. 11-1-1844., he was also a Rev. War
soilder. They had a son named William Morrison b.8-24-1792
d.2-23-1839.There may have been other children. All 4 are buried in the
Old Carpenter Fort Cem,about 2  miles west of Hustonville, Lincoln Co.
Ky.There is a memorial plaque in the cem. with 20 names listed on it. I
have been there several times.

 Elizabeth and Catherine Spears that married the Carpenter brothers had
the following sisters and brothers that joined them in Lincoln and Casey
Cos. Ky.
Mary Agnes Spears b. 1766 married Christopher Riffe, 3-1783 in
Rockingham Co. Va.They came to Ky.in the middle 1780's.

John Spears came to Ky. and settled in Fayette Co. Ky.

David Spears settled in Springfield Ky. He was a well known early Ky.

George #2 and Jacob Spears came to Lincoln Co. and married 2 Nealy
George #2 married 2-19-1785 to Mary Nealy and settled in what was later
Green Co.Ky.
Some time later they moved to Menard Co. Ill.
where George #2 died in 1836.

Jacob married 6-3-1781 to Elizabeth Nealy.

Hannah Spears marreid Jonathan Newman and settled in what is now
Jessamine Co. Ky.

Only 2 Spears children stayed in Va.
George #1 Spears was the father of all the Spears's children. He died
shortly after 1800.
George #1 was married to Christeenah ??.I don't know if she is the
mother of all the children or not.

Station George and Jennie (Logan) Carpenter
had the following children;
Amanda Carpenter  married 6-7-1832 Archibald  Robords.

John Carpenter married 2-4-1828 Deborah  (Debby) Miller.

America Carpenter married 10-2-1828 George Miller,
They had descendants at Aberdene and Okalona, Miss.

Ann Dorcas Carpenter married 5-15-1843 Alonzo Halleck and moved to Mo.

Hugh Logan Carpenter b.8-28-1816 d. 8-17-1879 married 12-4-1838
Elizabeth Morrison Bright b.7-18-1818 d.3-23-1888.

William Morrison Carpenter married 9-25-1841 Judith Ann Shelby. She was
the granddaughter of Gov.Isaac Shelby.They moved to Waco, Tx about 1857.

Sarah Carpenter b.1-4-1811 d.3-27-1848 married 11-14-1840 Dr. Peter
Mason. After her death in 1848 Dr.Peter Mason married 2nd 10-15-1849 to
Sarah's sister Elizabeth Carpenter b.1-15-1812 d.1852.

Harriet Carpenter married 11-4-1844 Dr. Andrew or Alexander Cambell.

Mary Carpenter b.11-18-1826 d.7-28-1892 married 10-10-1844 Sowyel
Woolfork Givens Sr.b.7-14-1820 d.4-25-1892. He was a descendant of Col.
George Givens who was a Rev. War soilder of Gen. George Washington.

Will post more later.
Harry Carpenter
NEED some Help/Sharing  here - marie , iowa

harry carpenter wrote:

> Hello Marie,
> Harry has already gone to bed but I will forward his first post to
> you.Jacob Carpenter,Henry's son was his great-grand father and he has
> done alot of research on this family.We will be out of town tomorrow,but
> will get back in touch.
> Mary Carpenter

Catherine may be daughter of CONRAD ZELLERS re: Frank M.Sellers history.
And appears he died in VA - don't know about brothers/sisters, etc.
Anyone have this info extracted, etc?
marie, iowa

HARRY - Rec'd two letters of info-
Part  of this family has been researched by MaryMarieKootzArrington and printed in her ZELLERS/SELLERS = Cradled by the Massanutten. Several documents in here on the Carpenter/Zimmerman family and I'm sure you will want, if you don't have

CATHERINE/CATY/ SELLERS born 1780/85 VA died 1861 Lincoln Co, Ky
married Feb 18,1801 Rockingham Co, VA , daughter of Conrad SELLARS
HENRY CAPENTER born 5 12,1778, bapt 7-13-1783 Peaked Mt Church,Rock Co, VA
died 1848/9 Lincoln Co, KY - will proved 4-2-1849 = 9 heirs
marriage bond by Henry CARPENTER and Conrad SELLARS

YOU evidently already have or know of the ZIMMERMAN EXECUTORS BOND showing names as CARPENTERS
Son CONRAD CARPENTERS WILL  of 1829 shows names of their 8 kids and his half brothers, brothers and sisters. IF you don't have advise and will extract.

NO OTHER mention of SHITLY/STEPHENS - Maybe in the Rockingham Co,VA records?

CATHERINE SELLERS 1780/85 father = CONRAD SELLERS died ca 1808 possible son of PETER SELLERS . Conrad  lived in 1792 Rockingham Co, VA, Dist. 8-East. Neighbors were Henry Kephart and John Hilfrey. Owned 3 horses. No sons of tithable age. Peter SELLERS lived south of him near Peter HENRON. Hentons mill later Armentrout's was south on Smiths Creek above the STEPHENS place that joined PETER SELLERS survey.

We don't have much info on LINCOLN CO, KY - will try and add.  We use Web pages on county/states connected to our SELLERS- to help trace them, etc.
There was a CARPENTER STATION between KY and GREEN rivers. There was mention of a Carpenter injured in the DRAPER papers. Don't know if connected.

I believe ROCKINGHAM CO, VA has some info on line and I believe CHALKLEYS also which lists some info on these families.
WE have 2 or 3 CONRAD SELLERS in this area, that I believe need More Work to separate /prove these families.
IF any of our SELLERS has connected these charts, please advise. Thanks for sharing.
marie, iowa

harry carpenter wrote:

Hello Marie,
Did you get the posts I forward to you Tuesday?
I do not have any info on Henry #1 Carpenter's son John Carpenter except
he is listed in his fathers will as follows;
"Also I give my son John Carpenter Five Dollars as his portion of my

I don't know why he did not get as much as the other children, maybe he
got his part earlier.

I don't have any info on the Sellers but would like to know all about
Catherine and her family.
Do you know where Henry and Catherine live in Va? I have been told
Augusta and Rockingham Co. Va.
I have been trying to find Henry's mother Anna
(Shitly) Carpenter. After George #1 Carpenter"s death in 1778, Anna
remarried Ludwick Stephens in 1783. Can't seem to find them
anywhere.Henry was only 5 years old at the time and I thought if I could
find where Henry was living when he married I might find his mother.

Do you come down Henry's line?

Thanks for any help.
Harry Carpenter

Hello Marie,
I have just visited your Sellers Family Page and really enjoyed all the
info.I was so happy to see my page, but some how Adam's #1 b.4-20-1760
wife Catherine ( Spears) Frye name was left off.

I am going to forward you some more info and hope you will add it to the

Thanks for making it easy for others to find their roots.
Harry Carpenter

Follow up on post dated 3-9-00; 3-20-00;and 2-37-00, on George
(Zimmerman)and Anna
(Shitly) Carpenter decsendants.

George ( Redface) Carpenter did not get married until after the death of
his mother Catherine in 1848.

Major George ( Redface) Carpenter b.6-15-1797 d.11-25-1877 m.4-30-1849
Rachel Wilson Jones b.11-17-1828 d.12-23-1865. (She died 20 days after
giving birth to her last child. ) He was 52 and she was 21 years old
when they married. They had 7 children;

Adam Wilson Carpenter b.1852 d.1928; m.
10-14-1873 Paralee (called Maggie Lee) Cloyd b.5-2--1855
d.3-25-1875.They had a son George Lee b.1874. He never married.

Nannie Catherine Carpenter b.1854 d.1941
1st married 1870  Randolph Cloyd b.10-2-1847 d.1-26-1872, buried
Hustonville Cem.
2nd married 1876 George Christopher Lyon Sr. b.1854 d.1935.

George Henry Carpenter b.9-17-1856 d.1-9-1859.

John Dinwiddle Carpenter b.24-1859 d. 6-27-1888, m. Margaret Heddens
b.3-4-1864 d.4-3-1937.

Major Sampson Carpenter b.3-24-1859 d.12-3-1865. John and Major were

Theophilus Luke Carpenter b.1861 d.1930,
1 st married Abbie F. Riffe b.1860 d. 1908.
2nd married Julia Stagg b.1872 d. 1949.

Rachel Carpenter b. 12-3-1865 d.2-9-1866.

Back to Adam Wilson Carpenter his 2nd marriage 10-29-1879 to Lizzie Lee
Turner  in Louisville Ky. She was the daughter of Benjamin  F and
Augusta Georgia ( Bryan ) Turner of Louisville Ky. Adam and Lizzie had 7
children. 2 died in infancy.
a son Bryan Boys Carpenter, no others listed.

Shortly after the death of Maggie Lee. George and Adam Wilson Carpenter
began drawing up plans to build a large 2 story red brick home, which
stands on a hill overlooking the valley where the little log cabin once
stood..where Rachel and George had lived.The new home, named " Bonnie
Castle", was built in 1878, but to late for George  , for he died on
Nov. 25, 1877.  Adam Wilson brought his 2nd wife Lizzie Lee to the new
home where they lived and raised their family.
This house is located North of Hustonville in Lincoln Co.Ky off Hwy.127
on McCormack Rd..
I visited this house last March 1999 and was told by the owner of the
farm that they had lived in this house for several years .In 1993 a
storm blew the roof off and they never repaired it,since they built a
new home.It's a shame that someone hasn't put a new roof on it, It may
already be to late because it looked pretty bad inside.
In 1904, Adam Wilson Carpenter was the Prohibition nominee for Congress
from his district. He also opposed the use of tobacco and grew no
tobacco on his farms. The Louisville Times printed his picture with the
following description: "Mr. Carpenter is one of Lincoln County's best
and wealthiest citizens and no man in that county stands higher."
Will post more later,
Harry Carpenter