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Hi, I have been trying to find information on my Sellers family for quite a few years now. And I think I have it now.
First off, here's my annotation for 1830, 1840, and the actual 1850 Census for Center Twp Greene Cty.

1 MALE 30/40=1790/1800 Christian Jr?
1 MALE 80/90=1740/1750 Christian Sr. Died 1839
1 FEMALE U 5= 1825/1830 Unknown????
1 FEMALE 20/30 = 1800/1810 Sarah Sellers b 1807 wife of Christian Jr.

CHRISTOPHER SELLERS (where are we in 1830,msh) Christian
1 MALE U 5 =1835/1840 - Christian III B 1838
1 MALE 5/10=1830/1835 George R. Sellers B 1834 D 1910
1 MALE 15/20=1820/1825 ???? Could this be a farm worker??
1 MALE 40/50 = 1790/1800 Christian Jr.
2 FEMALE U 5 = 1835/1840 Elizabeth S B 1835. & Mariah/Maria B 1837 1 FEMALE 10/15=1825/1830 Unknown from 1830 Census 1 FEMALE 15/20= 1820/1825 ???Again Unknown – could she have been wife of Unknown Male??

1850 Census – Center Twp, Greene Cty, PA All Born in PA

First Name Last Name Age Year of Birth

Christian Sr.Sellers 50 1800
Sarah Sellers 43 1807
George (R?)Sellers161843 (?1834?msh,advise)
Elizabeth S.Sellers 15 1835
Maria/Mariah Sellers 13 1837
Christian (III) Sellers 12 1838
Mary Sellers 6 1844
John Sellers 4 1846
Jesse Sellers 11 months 1849
Mary Sellers 70 1780

Next, how I'm connected.

My grandfather was James Benjamin Sellers Born 1889 to James W. Sellers Born 1856 in Morrow County Ohio to George R. Sellers Born 1834 in Greene Cty. Pennsylvania to Christian Sellers JR, Born 1800 Greene Cty PA, I had quite a few mysteries trying to find families in the 1800's due to errors in spelling and recording of last names, By 1860, Christian and most of his family had moved to Ohio in Morrow County. I have not been able to find Christian in the Federal Census for 1860, but he is listed in the Ohio Census for 1860.

Some people have this George confused with another George (I think this may be George W) who died in the 1800's. George R. moved to Albany, Athens Twp, Missouri along with his family in the late 1870's. George R. died in 1910 in Albany, unfortunately at that time his death was reported by his "wife" to whom he had been married or lived with only a short time. In addition to James, he had another son - Edwin Christian Sellers who was born in 1857 in Ohio - his fahter was George R. and his mother was Sarah Braddock. Some people (I believe have confused this person with the wife of Christian (Born 1800) - her name was also Sarah, but I don't think she was a Braddock. In the 1870 Census (Morrow Cty OH) for George Sellers (Incorrectly transcribed as "Sellens"), there is a William Braddock living with the family - his occupation is listed as "school teacher". In the1860 Census George's last name was transcribed as "Sillens" There are no Sillens in any other census reports for PA or OH, and the Given names match up with George R. Sellers.

It appears that Christian Sellers stayed in Morrow Cty OH until his death in 1884. Living in South Bloomfield.

I do have a Family tree on Ancestry.com, but haven't downloaded it to get a gedcom for several years now. I have numerous citations to prove out what I've found. The tree is private (because it's a work in process), but if anyone is interested in viewing it, please let me know. I may possibly open it up now that I feel comfortable with the Sellers information that I have.

I'm not sure who the "other" George Sellers (George W. Sellers) is or how he is related. This George was living in Harmony Twp Morrow County Ohio in 1850. His father's name is listed as David his mother Sarah. He was born in Bedford PA in 1834 or 35, and died in Morrow Cty in 1903. I think this is the family that had the murder. The family is listed as being farmers with the exception of the eldest son, whose occupation was listed as "Carpenter". His wife was named Hester (I believe she was a Mettler) at one point what appears might be an in-law resided with them.

I've put several of the George Sellers on a spread sheet, because I had a difficult time trying to figure out who was who. I'm pretty confident of my current analysis.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. I know Lucinda Rohrs has been a great contributor to this site...and I owe her a debt of gratitude for all she has done. She said we were related, but I doubted her because I was missing so many census reports in the 1800's.

If anyone has more information....I definitely would appreciate it. I kind of dead end with Christian born 1800 - I believe most everyone agrees on the fact that his father was also a Christian born in the mid 1700's. but I would love to know more about the family.

Thanks again for all the info on the Sellers site.


HARRIETTE, thanks for sharing SELLERS. Will post on our Morrow Co., hio page as I believe there are a few we don't have listed. hought sure someone would write you, as we have had members working on hese families. marie, iowa


Thanks Marie....a whie back one of my 2nd (I think) cousins had contacted Lucinda Rohrs. I sent her an email llast night, and she emailed back with her info. There are a couple of mistakes in her document that I hope we can fix.. And then collaborate and add my family.
Some of the records below are also on line at "Find a Grave" (http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi), as are almost (or perhaps all) of the records for the Sellers family in Gentry County MO. But, the Morrow County website has an Index, which really works well - someone in their society will then look up the actual inscriptions and then email that info to you. It would have been a shot in the dark for me to try and find this info searching Find a Grave without knowing where they were buried.
The Harmony Township reocrds include the tombstones of the two Sellers' that were murdered (somone has just a snipit of the article on the Sellers' pages.

I'm pretty sure the Harmony Township Sellers' were related to the So. Bloomfield and Bennington Township Sellers (also in Morrow County), but I don't know how just yet. I haven't made the connection to my satisfication yet (I'm kind of overly detail oriented)

Thanks for letting me know this info is being posted. Maybe the other Sellers' think I'm a crackpot. I've been doing research on the Sellers' line for ten years, and hadn't proven to myself that I was right - now I have.

Thanks again for the acknowledgement, and for all the great information that is posted on the Sellers' page.

Deepest Regards,
Harriette Wock