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Springfield, VA

            Rosemary Evon <jevon@bellsouth.net>
      Just in case you didn't get this yesterday.

Harold E. Sellers told me in Januray of this year that the book I bought
was the last one he had.
However here is his address.
Harold E. Sellers
8120 Marcy Ave.
Springfield, Vigrinia 22151
Phone (703)451-6086
E-Mail hesellers@juno.com
The book was $40.00 plus $2.00 postage.


Please Share Harold SELLERS and Your Memo/Letter/Info =
This would be our /your BURKE CO, NC to WAYNE CO, KY family of
and WILL Post his new e-mail or address on his web page for others to
connect -
If willing, etc
THANKS , keep us up to date - marie, iowa

Rosemary Evon wrote:

> PS I got a letter from Harold Sellers over the summer.
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John R. SELLERS born ca 1794 ca Rutherford, NC son of Levi and Elizabeth SELLERS JACKSON
married 6-22-1813 Wayne Co, Ky Sarah/Sally ROBERTS, dau of Wm and Lydia ROBERTS
from 1800 Burke Co, NC

JOHN R. (Jackson) SELLERS and SARAH ROBERTS = children
John Riley
unknown daughter born ca 1815/20

1821 Wayne Co, Ky tax list =

1822 Wayne Co, Ky tax list=
John SELLERS, 1 male over 20 and 1 horse

moved from Wayne Co, Ky to Pulaski Co prior to 1830 census

9-18-1836 Ky Land Grant #507 = John SELLERS =100 acres lying in Pulaski Co on East Side of South Fork of Cumberland
7-26-1860 - John SELLERS sells this land to Enoch O. ROBERTS

Jan 1851 Wayne Co, Ky, Wm ROBERTS, dec'd
heirs = Hiram ROBERTS, John and Sarah SELLERS

11-23-1872 Mineral rights sold to John W. Smith (description) where John SELLERS now lives, on 300 acres of land. 

HAROLD - We have a SELLERS genealogy group and I also have your book
published on JOHN R. SELLERS.
WE have a couple members working on your line and May have contacted you
I had your name and town/state, but , No address, phone but,  so glad
you are on line.
Our Sellers group helps Sellers connect to others - thro
census/county/marriage/will info -
When we had so much info come up on Pulaski/Wayne Co, Ky - we posted
first, before someone sent a  query on You - And Then I thought of you
and pulled out your book -
I did put your John R. Sellers children on a page for you , Now with
your name/address and e-mail.
PLEASE, look at and see if you want me to add anything - I believe we
should Add a link of Any child that went  to another county/state - this
helps others.connect -
AND if you want to send message to me - I'll gladly post to our SELLERS
IF, you are a member, you can post direct. Thanks for sharing SELLERS,
marie, iowa 

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            "Rosemary Evon" <revon@earthlink.net>
          Sorry Marie, Have you even gotten to the Sellars genealogy page yet?  Then
scroll down to where it says about the ad and click on it. I wish I could
see what is happening, I do want you to see it.  I can try to send you the
file.  It will take a while to download if you are up to it, then you can
put it on your site since it is for all Sellers everywhere.
PS I got a letter from Harold Sellers over the summer.

  nov 2005

The following person joined the Sellers Surname Project:

Harold Sellers
Kit Number: 47747
e-mail: hesellers@verizon.net
Test: Y-DNA12

Family Tree DNA


HAROLD, thank you very much for helping on our dna project.

Would you send me a small chart = name, born when/where= Dad=name/age/places Granddad = name/age/places Back to Proven.

I want to think you are the Harold SELLERS connected to our Jackson/Sellers, but, I'll wait till I hear from you.
Won't this be interesting and very proving to your documents you have shared with us. And if not, I am sorry for interrupting with my thoughts.
We appreciate you helping us.

marie, iowa


Marie:Glad to hear from you.
I am the author of the John R. Sellers book, a copy of which I believe you have. Carl Sellers of Carbondale, Illinois brought this project to my attention. If you need further info, please let me know.


HAROLD, thank you. We need a small chart of names, dates, places to print under your dna name. Is the following correct? Or send it like you want it worded, marie, iowa

HAROLD SELLERS 1920 Fayette Co., Ky
Son of Pearl Lee Sellers 1895/1973 Butler Co., Oh
Son of Noah Henry Sellers 1868/1941 Perry Co., Ky
Son of John F. Sellers 1842/1908 Pulaski Co., Ky
Son of Henry Sellers 1816/1895 Pulaski Co., Ky
Son of John R. Sellers 1794/1873-79 Pulaski, now McCreary Co., Ky


Marie, it is both correct and satisfactory.