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David & Sarah Moris Sellars Obituaries in San Jose, California


Excerpts from ROBERT MILLER

~ Sellars family kept memorabilia from the l853 trip ~


John Eason Sellars and the 1881 hunting expedition catastrophe






Salida School May Pole Picnic Article


Orchard photo from left to right Emma Allison Sellars {Roy's mother}, Roy Sellars, Uncle Bill {William Castelion "Wads"Worth Sellars 1848-1922} and his two boys Alonzo, Claude and Roy's brother Charles Sellars {All Sellars family members}. This photo was of their temporary camp on the bank of the San Joaquin River at Lanes B. 11 miles north of Fresno. They are waiting to move into the orchard to pick fruit. The orchards owner was a Mr. Cobb. 3}
This Uncle Bill is the same person as William Castelion "Wads"Worth Sellars {1848-1922}. I don't think I have any other picture of him. He was the second son of David and his third wife, Sarah Morris Sellars.


I'm also sending several attachments including a photo of the Salida School Mayday Picnic which was held at Koch's Grove in Ripon on the north side of the Stannislaus River. The photo was taken May 1st 1900. The Salida school students can be seen dancing the May Pole dance. As it so happens, Roy Sellars {See introduction to the John Eason Sellars 1881 Hunting expedition} was the escort for Miss Nellie McGinn and presided over the ceremony of the crowning of the May Queen.




ROY SELLARS 1884/1978 NAVY 1905


I have a newsclipping provided to me from Dena Boer who used to be the president of the Stannislaus County Historical Society back in the 1970's. When she gave me the photo-copy she admitted the article was awfully dark and it has deteriorated even more since then. I am in the process of reconstructing it on my computer and will send this article along with some of Roy Sellars comments about when he attended this Maypole event. Roy was 16 years old when he escorted the May Pole queen to the crowning ceremony and he was 93 years old when he wrote to me with some of his thoughts regarding the Sellars family and this picnic. This picture and another one of the Salida school students was sent to me by Roy Sellars in l977.







Notes regarding census name associations and using neighbors to locate precise locations in later census records.


This project of finding the gravesites  for Peter and Catherine Sellars in Carter County, Tennessee is proving to be much more difficult of a task than I had imagined it would be.


1) An index of cemeteries for both Washington and Carter County’s, Tennessee has not turned up the burial sites for Peter or Catherine Sellars.  Available since l976 the index of cemeteries for Carter county is 406 pages {LCCN 76364166//r932 Author and publisher Oriville T. Fields}.


2) Signal Mountain Press has republished in l997 a 60 page soft cover edition of Carter county Tennessee tombstone records from a WPA project {1937-1939} of 23 cemeteries.


3) James L. Douthat authored in l992 a 167 page soft cover {LCCN:94-198629 Signal Mtn. Tn.  publication} which spells out the TVA grave removals and maps with an index.


4) On-line can be found 103 cemeteries and 3,452 graves surveyed of which 1,281 graves had to be relocated to higher ground to make room for the Watauga Reservoir just before the dam was flooded {1947-48}. These graves were removed to eleven re-interment cemeteries and vital record information was gathered at that time. The Sellars and Garbers are absent from this index. Our Sellars family lived nearby the small town of Watauga in Carter County, Tennessee at the time of Catherine Armentrout Sellars death on November 23rd, l839.


5) The surnames of David’s neighbors at the time of the l830 and 1840 census in Washington and Carter County’s, respectively, need to be better tracked into the 1850 census records in order to get a more precise location of just where in Washington and Carter county’s these Sellars family members were located. This is where the Sellars project now stands. The Sellars family is now very conspicuous because of the lack of Sellars surnames in the indexed cemetery records. This suggests that these Sellars could be buried in just one cemetery that has not been indexed or is not available on-line. The cemetery may be small and may be located on private property….this is why it is necessary to pinpoint some neighbors into the l850 census records and into even later census records. The Watauga locals, including the descendants of James Madison Sellars in Carter County, Tennessee should be able to direct us to cemeteries that may not ever have been transcripted for the record books.


The Crouch family is just one neighbor of the Sellars family. I will start with ten neighbors entered in the census records just before David Sellars in the 1830 and 1840 census records….. and ten more neighbors recorded just after David Sellars in those same records….. for a total of twenty neighbors. If not one neighbor can be tracked into the l850 census records…..the net will be opened further until we find those stable neighboring families that stayed put in both Washington and Carter County’s, Tennessee. It should be possible to more accurately locate the precise location of the Sellars family in both of these Tennessee counties.






 The sheriff John “Joseph” Crouch {b.1749-9-8-1830 Washington County, Tennessee, Last Will Sept.1st,1830 married 20 Feb 1778 Henry Co, Va. He received a land grant in l790, Sinking Creek, Washington Co, Tn. And was sheriff of Washington County, Tn 1800-1806. Worked with Andrew Jackson …then a judge. Joseph Crouch was a Revolutionary War soldier in Virginia. They lived on Boone’s Creek in Washington County, Tennessee. His father was John Crouch {1720-ca.1813} and his mother was Sarah Barbary {Lane, Crouch}11Mar1782 WC.TN. Sarah Barbary married first in 1746 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia to the Rev. John Fuller Lane {1727-1785}and he was murdered by a female slave that had put poison from a scorpion into his drinking water in l785. He and his brother Tidence Lane had settled in Washington County, Tennessee on Boone and Cedar Creeks in l779. Sarah Barbary Lane was married for the second time to John Joseph Crouch in l749 in Henry County, Virginia.



John Crouch was born 1756 in Stafford County, Virginia and died l842 and was married {M1}to Mary Webb and {M2} to Christine McInturff   21 Mar 1807 in Carter County, Tennessee. He was {M3} to Elizabeth Jenkins….This John served in the Revolutionary War and lived in Washington County, Tennessee.


Jesse Crouch {1760-1841} was a Baptist minister of the Fall Branch Baptist Church and was buried in the old cemetery of that church.






HAL, thanks for the update and info.
marie, iowa

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July 19th, 2005

Hi Pat, Thanks for responding to my inquiry regarding the Sellars family genealogy. When you print out the genealogy chart attached you might have to go into the preferences section and get the printout in the landscape format. Please review this genealogy chart and let me know if there are any problems with it. If you have a chart of your own please send it and I will tryp to incorporate what you have into my own charts. If you'd like a picture of David Sellars please let me know as I can send to you.

I'm not so sure about Peter Sellars being married to Catherine Armentrout....several months ago I had a inter-library loan for the Armentrout genealogy and it seems unlikely to me. I'm certain that Peter's wife, Catherine, whatever her last name was, was living in her son David's household at the time of the l830 census. The census record indicates that Peter's wife, was born in l765 in New Jersey. I lucked out about twenty years ago when I found one descendant that had both Peter and Catherine's dates of death on a small piece of paper and I don't believe you can find these dates anywhere else on the planet. I'm still hoping that these dates will lead to something else. The 1830 census indicates that Peter was born in New York about February 1739....I believe it was in Annsberg, Schoharie Valley in New York. This would coincide with the history of Heinrich Zeller {can't prove it yet- I have tried for years to prove this} as Heinrich landed in Philadelphia in August of 1738 with his pregnant wife. They arrived in New York shortly thereafter where Peter was born.

Thank you for pointing out the Washington County tombstone extraction by Charles M. Bennett, the Watauga Assoc. of Genealogy, l977 pf 15-16 regarding Peter Sellars in the Barnes cemetary and Catherine in the Old Stevens cemetary. At last you have provided me with what I have been telling everyone for years - that Peter was a Revolutionary Soldier. Our family has a picture of David Sellars and scribbled in pencil on the photo it says that David's father and three uncles were with Washington at Valley Forge. Up until this point everyone has said that not a shred of proof exists to back up the photo scribbles. Now I guess we have the proof. Would you happen to know if Mr. Bennett included the burials of any other Sellars in that cemetary ? If it was an unmarked was he able to determine that Peter was a revolutionary war soldier? The government records available do not show Peter as a no pension etc.

I have long suspected that many of the answers we are looking for can be found in Tennessee. When David left for California in 1849 he left behind his son James Madison Sellars. James had several children but the one that intrigues me is John M. Sellars who was born in l862 and died in l936 in Carter County, Tennessee and was buried in the George Mottern cemetary. This John M. had seven children living as of the l910 census. Probably none of them are alive but some of John's grandchildren would be and perhaps they have the family bible and much needed information. When David came out to California the Bible went down to the bottom of the Mississippi river when the wagon fell off the ferry. If you would be interested in doing some detective work to find these answers, particulary what Peter's wife's maiden name was, you might want to look to this matter further. If you do please keep me informed.


Hal Rogers


Hi Hal & Pat,

Appreciate the forwarding of the ongoing dialogue concerning the Sellers-Armentrout mystery and the continuing questions concerning David Sellers and his lineage.

Pat, I don't know if we have conversed before, so I'll take a moment to brief you on where I'm connected. My 5 Great Grandfather, Adam Sellers, was a younger brother to the Peter Sellers in question as both boys were sons of Heinrich Zeller. Their families grew up with and beside one another in Rockingham County, Virginia. My line from Adam remained in Rockingham Co. until Adam's grandson, John Sellers, bought several 100 acres in neighboring Augusta County. John Sellers was my 3 Great Grandfather, and the land he bought in 1835 is where I was born and raised. So, I'm rather lucky in having quite a bit of firsthand knowledge passed down the line in quite a few areas. Hal and I have been sharing notes and info and exploring the questions surrounding Peter Sellers and Catherine Armentrout along with allied families along the way.

Hal, the last time you and I corresponded with some regularity was up until this past January. Since then I've continued to do some additional hunting for items about Peter Sellers and the family in Rockingham County, VA, and I believe I have found a couple of nuggets of info that are of value. The information I have found may leave questions to be asked as some of it is admittedly circumstantial. However, there are enough specifics to convince me that Peter Sellers, son of Heinrich Zeller, was born in Germany rather than America and that Peter Sellers, son of Heinrich, died in Rockingham County, Virginia, in 1809 and therefore could not and was not in Washington County, TN, at any time.
I'll outline what I have found and, as always, opinions and discussion is always welcome :-)

1) Its my strong belief that placing Peter Sellers as the 3rd child of Heinrich Zeller and Anna Maria Fechter with a birth year of 1738 or 1739 in America is in error. Instead, I believe he was likely born in either 1733 or 1734 in Germany prior to the trip across the Atlantic and was the oldest son and 2nd child overall. To wit:

Dated June 13, 1755, in Augusta County, Virginia, Peter Sellers purchased "90 acres on the north side of the Shanando (Shenandoah) River" for 10 Shillings. (Land Office Patents No. 32, years 1752-1756, Vol. 1 & 2, p.591 on Reel 30). The area in which he purchased the 90 acres was within Augusta County borders until Rockingham County was carved from Augusta in 1778. The location of the land "on the north side of the Shanando" puts it in the area roughly southeast of McGaheysville and north of Port Republic, VA, heading towards Elkton, VA, where the Zeller-Sellers were known to have first settled in Virginia. Peter Sellers was to pay "Free Rent" of 1 Shilling per year while cultivating and improving at least "3 acres per 50 in said tract of land", otherwise the patent became void and Peter would lose the 90 acres.

The land transaction is important not only in clearly establishing Peter Sellers as being in present-day Rockingham County that early but also in establishing his birth year as being prior to 1739. If born in 1739, as reasoned earlier in the works of Frank Sellers and Mary Arrington, Peter would've been only 16 years old in 1755. The key here is that he would not have been of legal age to receive the 90 acres land patent in 1755 if only 16. Peter possibly could've purchased land by 18, but its doubtful that he alone would've made such a purchase or have been able to for the amount of 10 Shillings at such a young age. The Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia certainly wasn't going to grant 90 acres of land to a 16 year old in 1755! Therefore, Peter was probably at least the legal age of 21 when he purchased the 90 acres on June 13, 1755, which makes his birth year likely to have been 1733 or 1734 and therefore in Germany prior to the migration to America.

The ship "Queen Elizabeth" carrying Heinrich and Anna Maria to America landed in Philadelphia on September 16, 1738. Even if we allow for Peter to have been born right after their arrival, he still would not have reached the age of 17 by June 13, 1755. And, I really don't buy the idea that Anna Maria possibly gave birth to Peter during the trip. Heinrich applied for migration in February 1738. Knowing the trip was a long and arduous one lasting for many months and given that Heinrich actually planned for it with his application to migrate, I don't think he would've done so knowing that Anna Maria was with child that early in 1738. But, even if she did have Peter during the trip he still would've been only 17 by 1755 and still unable to purchase land from the Commonwealth of Virginia at that age.

As such, I think this puts additional strains on the likelihood of Peter having lived past 100 years of age given the date of July 7, 1835, when David's father is thought to have possibly died in TN. To me, it puts additional doubts about Peter Sellers, son of Heinrich Zeller, being the "Peter Sellers, father of David Sellars" in Washington County, TN, on the 1830 Census.

2) What drives it home for me that Peter Sellers, son of Heinrich Zeller, was not only not David's father but also that he never went to Washington Co., TN, at all from Rockingham County, VA, is the following:

From the "Abstract of Executor, Administrator, and Guardian Bonds of Rockingham County Virginia 1778 - 1864:"

Executor Bond
16 Aug 1809 - Peter Sellars - decedent
Thomas Brill, John Maggort - executors
Jacob Nicholas, Henry Hammer - bondsmen
Bond 2,000 pounds

There's really no doubt in my mind that the Executor Bond was issued in Rockingham County, VA, due to the death of Peter Sellers, Sr., son of Heinrich Zeller. The Executor Bond means there was a will, however, Rockingham County Clerk's Office has no record of it still being in existence. That doesn't mean its not still around. They just done have a record of it in their paper indexes, and we all know how mishandled those can be sometimes.

With it being an Executor Bond and with that meaning there was a will, it was not uncommon to find subsequent court orders for land surveys for property owned by the decedent at the time of his death that is to pass on to the heirs. If land was being left to heirs per the will, the land surveys were ordered so that the land could be legally and properly transferred.

As such, on June 20, 1810, Peter Sellers, Jr. was granted "by the said Commonwealth of Virginia a certain tract or parcel of land containing fifty acres by survey bearing date the twelfth of September, one thousand eight hundred and nine lying in the County of Rockingham on the west side of the south fork of Shenandoah River". It was bounded on one side by property that Peter, Jr. already owned. According to the "1787 Tax List for Rockingham County, VA", which was recorded April 3, 1787, Peter Sellers, Sr. and Peter Sellers, Jr., were living next door to one another. I believe that the 50 acres surveyed for Peter Sellers, Jr., in September 1809 was land being left to him by his father, Peter Sellers, Sr. I believe the Executor Bond was the catalyst for the need to have it surveyed so that it could properly pass on to Peter, Jr. The key here is that Peter, Sr. and Peter, Jr. were living next to one another. The 50 acres being surveyed were bounded on one side to property Peter, Jr. already owned, which, I believe, makes it 50 acres that was once owned by Peter, Sr. I think we can put two-and-two together and see that the August 16, 1809 Executor Bond lead to the September 1809 survey of 50 acres that eventually went to Peter, Jr. and added on to his property as of June 20, 1810.

A look at the 1810 Census shows Peter Sellers, Jr. living next door to his uncle, Adam Sellers (my 5 Great Grandfather). Throughout their lives Adam Sellers and his brother, Peter Sellers, Sr., owned land that was bounded by the other or adjoined one corner or another. Land records throughout the latter half of the 1700s shows this while the 1787 Tax List shows Adam living on one side of Peter, Sr. while Peter, Jr. is on the other. After the Executor Bond of August 1809 showing the death of a Peter Sellers, we then find on the 1810 Rockingham County Census Peter, Jr. living next door to Adam Sellers and Peter, Sr. is nowhere to be found. There's no doubt in my mind that the 16 August 1809 Executor Bond in Rockingham County, VA, was for the death of Peter Sellers, Sr., son of Heinrich Zeller and brother of Adam Sellers above.

Is it possible that Peter Sellers, Sr. left for Washington County, TN, prior to 1810 and that is why he doesn't appear on the 1810 Census for Rockingham County, VA? Sure it is. However, I believe the August 1809 Executor Bond for "Peter Sellers" and the September 1809 land survey preclude this as being fact.

Up until the finding all of the above, along with smaller, less "break-through" data that I won't bore you with here, I was admittedly on the fence as to whether it was possible that Peter Sellers, Sr., married again late in life and had more children whether it was with Catherine Armentrout or someone else by another name. However, I have to admit that I no longer believe in the possibility of Peter Sellers, Sr. of Rockingham County, VA, having remarried and eventually ending up in Washington County, TN. Whether he was born in 1733, 1734, or 1738 is somewhat debatable. However, the 16 August 1809 Executor Bond showing the death of a "Peter Sellers" in Rockingham County, VA, and the subsequent evidence that supports that it was Peter Sellers, Sr., son of Heinrich Zeller, it pretty hard to ignore.

Deep down I doubt the will of "Peter Sellers" still exists given that many such records are now known as the "Burned Records"; records burned and destroyed by Union forces during the Civil War. However, until I or someone else goes to the Rockingham County Court House and digs around for it I still hold out the possibility of its existence. If by some miracle the will of "Peter Sellers" from 16 August 1809 is ever found only then, I suspect, will a lot of these questions ever be completely answered one way or the other.

Michael Sellers
Mike and Amber Sellers []


Hi Mike, I haven't been working on the Sellars line since I last contacted you in January of this year. I forwarded Pat Stevens correspondance cause I thought it would interest you to know of the tombstone inscriptions by Bennet regarding the revolutionary war status of Peter Sellars.

I follow your reasoning in this last e-mail you sent. This has been a tough nut to crack and the answers will come about eventually if everyone just keeps at it. The last will of Peter, as you say, may exist and could clear up this mess. The grandchildren of John M. Sellars, the grandson of David Sellars, are probably still living in Carter county {they were there as of 1936} and they may well still have a bible record to share with us.

I think you are on the right track...... and for other reasons as well. This confirmation of revolutionary war soldier status for Peter Sellars, in the Bennett tombstone inscriptions, as well as the scribble notes on the photo that state that Peter had three brothers also serving as soldiers in the revolutionary war leave me to think that Heinrich Zeller may not be the best possible candidate for Peter's father. I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of the notes on the photo as yet.

Our Bible records clearly point out that David was born in Rockingham county, Virginia on July 17th, 1798 and Heinrich's family has long been associated with that coutny. I think there could very well be a family connection yet to be found with the family of Heinrich Zeller of Rockingham county, Virginia but who knows.......maybe they are not even remotely related. The spelling from Zeller to Sellers in your own family, our family of David's spells it Sellars, Margaret Steven's family spells it Sellers while the Barnes family spells it Sellars only adds to the confusion.

I think your findings should lead future researchers into looking somewhere else besides Heinrich Zeller for the parents of David Sellars. Understandably researchers won't be comfortable with my reliance on that scrap of paper with the first names of Peter and Catherine and their dates of death....given to me by David's great granddaughter, Mable Mae Shirley {Waldrip, Taylor} back in the l970's. Nonetheless that's what the scrap says so I have no reason to doubt that David's father's name was Peter and his mother's name was Catherine. Regarding Catherine's maiden name, I did a follow-up with your comments about the Armentrout family by getting an inter-library loan on the Armentrout family history and once again I think you are right......not a shred of evidence to suggest that John or Christopher had a daughter Catherine Armentrout married to a Peter Sellars. The 1870 David Sellars census record mentions Catherine's possible foreign birth and the l880 David Sellars census record suggests that Catherine was born in New Jersey but either of those scenarios do not fit into the Armentrout genealogy at all. I still don't know how or when the Armentrout theory ever developed.......I do know that I didn't start it though I was guilty of perpetuating it, but no longer.

I wish you luck in finding Heinrich's son, Peter's, last will and I will re-double my efforts to locate the Sellars clan in Tennessee. I hope Pat Stevens will take up my invitation to look in the direction of relatives still residing in Carter county, Tennessee. Someone from the Sellars family living in Carter county, Tennessee has the answers we are looking for.....I feel certain of that.


Hal Rogers


aug 2005

Is anyone tracing the Dutch family of Van Schuyler that became the Sellars family after they arrived in New York.
Sellars descendants said to have been from Emmen, Drenth and Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam, Holland.
Peter Van Schuyler {Americanized to Sellars}was born in New York before 1758 and was married to Catherine Armentrout, native of New Jersey, at about the time of the Revolutionary War. The family settled in Rockingham County, Virginia after the war and removed to Greene County, Tennessee in l811. Peter Sellars son David was married on February 12th, l824 in Washington County, Tennessee to Margaret Barnes Mears. David would marry three times in Tennessee and have a total of fourteen children. Would like to have more information about the Netherlands branch of the family.
Hal Rogers



From what I've seen of the Schuyler lineage they didn't change
their name to Sellers after arriving in New York.

Tjerck Jansz B: 1575 Emmen, Drenthe Province, Netherlands
Spouse: Styntis Doudes B: 1579 Emmen, Drenthe, Netherlans
Children: Pieter

Pieter married Gertruyt Phillips Van Schuylder M: 1627

1. Philip Pieterse Schuyler M: Margareta Van Slichtenhorst
2. Maritje Schuyler died young
3. Pieter Pieterse Schuyler died young

Pieter married 2nd wife Catrina Buyck
4. David Schuyler M: Catalyn Ver Planck 1657

Philip & David arrived in the United States abt 1649-1650.

My ancestral lineage retains the Schuyler name until at least 1834.
When my Great-Great Grandmother Mary Ann Schuyler married
my Great-Great Grandfather Edward Tonkins Shinn.

So I seriously doubt there has been a name change. Most of
the family pronounce the Schuyler name as "Skyler". Unless
you have proof that the name changed somewhere...I believe you
have been given some bad information somewhere along the line.




Hi Charlie,

Thanks again for confirming what I suspected already about the Van Schuyler family. The information about the Van Schuylers becoming Sellars is posted on and I found it while searching the Mormon library computer.

I think you are correct.....but I'd like to add something new to the investigation and then ask you a few questions.

1) The Van Schuylers became well known in New York very early in it's history. Do you come from the New York line of Van Schuyler's ?

2) Can you suggest to me anything about the Sellars family living in the best clue to his Dutch origins comes from his niece who said her grandfather, David Sellars, was of sturdy Dutch extraction. David was born 1798 in Rockingham County, Virginia and was buried in San Jose, California in 1891. He actually died in Salida, California.

3) Years after David's father, Peter, died, his son David Sellars would state to the census takers that his father was born in New York and his mother was born in New Jersey.

4) No obituary has been found in San Jose newspapers but I will be checking out the newspaper in Modesto this November. Since he died in Salida while on a visit maybe it got some coverage there.

5) Researchers have been trying to tackle this mysterious lineage and have not been able to connect it to the Heinrich Sellars immigrant or any other Sellars family. I have one other clue about Peter Sellars.....on the back of a picture it states that Peter and his three brothers were with George Washington during the Valley Forge campaign.

If you can help with this at all please contact me..


Hal Rogers


JAN 2006

Hello Marie and Mike,

Thought I'd forward this on to you as it could be a breakthrough on the Sellers/Sellars involvement at Valley Forge. We have four Sellers on the Muster roll for the Valley Forge campaign including John, William and two Michael's. One Michael was from New York....could this be our elusive Peter....was his name Michael Peter or Peter Michael and was he simply going at that time by the name of Michael? It fits so nicely with what we know about the scribbling on the photo that I must follow up on this lead to satisfy my curiosity.

The gentlement named Charlie scotsmen@daktel sent me this website which might be useful for researchers wanting a better handle on the Valley Forge campaign so here it is:

All four Sellers were privates and none of them served in the same regiment. No spelling of Sellars is to be found on the muster roll. Peter's cemetery record indicates he was a revolutionary soldier......and if this Michael from New York isn't him then perhaps I can find a Peter on another muster roll. It makes sense to me that Peter would have been serving from Virginia with these three Virginia privates also but maybe he still had his New York connections.......perhaps he had aged parents still residing in New York.....I just don't know yet. The 1880 San Jose, California Federal census record for David Sellars is clear that his father was a native of New York. I remain fixated on that.

At this point it seems logical that I may have located the three Virginia uncles of David Sellars that served in the Valley Forge campaign and briefly alluded to in our family photo of David Sellars......if so....they were John, William and Michael.

I believe it may be possible to locate a common parentage of these three Virginia Valley Forge privates....and I'll get back to you on that.

Also included with this e-mail is a photo of Frank Sellars, son of Landen Carter Hanes Sellars. Frank is David's grandson and was born in 1867 in California.


Hal Rogers


Hi Hal,

Interesting info indeed. I hope you will update us as you learn more.

I cannot add much at this point other than to say that the "Michael Sellers" from VA was not your "Peter Sellers" nor the ancestor of your David Sellers.

The following info about the "VA Michael Sellers" is/was taken from the pension application filed by his widow, Catherine (Dillman) Sellers, on January 13, 1853.

Michael from VA served for 2 years beginning "in the Spring of 1776" under Col. Peter Muhlenberg in Captain Croghan's Company of the 8th Regiment of the Virginia Continental Line. Afterwards, he re-enlisted in the same company under the same command "for the remainder of the War, to the end of which he served, or for the term of 7 years". According to Catherine, Michael Sellers from VA was "a native of Germany, and came to the United States when very young and settled with his parents in Lancaster County, PA". She went on to attest that "at the breaking out of the Revolutionary War he [Michael] was in Woodstock, in Shanandoah County, VA, at which place she thinks he enlisted into said Company and Regiment". However, she did go on to testify that "if he did not enlist there, he returned to Lancaster County, PA, and there immediately enlisted", though her impression was that he enlisted at Woodstock, VA. According to Catherine, Michael had stated to her that he was "in the battles of Brandywine, Monmouth and Germantown, and that he was also a participant in what he termed 'the Southern Campaigns'".

Catherine further stated that she and Michael were married in Bourbon County, Kentucky, by Rev. Isaac Scott on or about December 20, 1786, and that her name at the time of their marriage was Catherine Dillman. After their marriage they "removed to Bracken County, Kentucky and settled on what was called Little Bracken Creek". She further stated that she had 10 children and that 7 were living at the time of her 1853 testimony: Philip Sellers, Michael Sellers, and Mrs. Catherine Perry of Covington, Kentucky: Sarah McDonald of Augusta, Kentucky: Mrs. Polly Shane of Bracken County, Kentucky: Henry Sellers of Bourbon County, Kentucky: and George Sellers in Ripley, Brown County, Ohio. She further stated that her husband, Michael Sellers, resided in Bracken County, KY, until his death on June 4, 1836. Catherine also stated that she was 90 years old at the time of her January 13, 1853, testimony.

Doubtful that the above helps determine David's parentage but at least it removes this Michael Sellers of VA from consideration.

Michael Sellers
Mike and Amber Sellers []