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 According to information found in genealogical file of pittsboro,Chatham
CO., N.C.
> Anne Hackney was born in Chatham county, N. C. and is the daughter of
Joseph Hackney Jr.
> and Anne( Nancy) Stewart. She married Lord sellars and migrated to Wilson
> Tennessee as many of hackneys did or the suronding counties. She was also
the grand-
> daughter Joseph Hackney Sr. who came from England with a couple of his
older sons.
> Bill Smith. wms@express-news.net

 ANN HACKNEY 1777/1826 - Who is This? Would this be Mark BYNUM 1764
Chatham Co, NC wife? son of LUKE BYNUM died 1810 CHATHAM CO, NC? Anymore
Thanks, marie, iowa

John Fellows wrote:

> Carolyn,
> Judi sent this to me, will pass it on. Hope it will help someone.
> John
> Descendants of Ann Hackney
> Generation No. 1
> 1.  ANN1 HACKNEY was born January 09, 1777, and died October 17, 1826.
> Notes for ANN HACKNEY:
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>                                               Genealogy
>                                                  Birth and Death Records

Children of Nancy Sellars WALLACE and Samuel WALLACE were:  Lard Sellars
>> WALLACE b 31 July 1831, Wilson Co. Tenn, d Jan 12 1883 Caldwell Co
>> Leatha R. WALLACE b 2 March 1836, Tenn, d Feb 13 1896, Texas;   John R.
>> Wallace b 25 May 1838 Tenn, d Nov 25 1897 Texas.
>> Will of Joseph Hackney, Chatham Co. NC, dated Dec 11, 1830 lists
>> Lard Sellars,deceased daughter Anney Sellars, also children
>> Sally,Elizabeth, John, Charles, Tapley, Anderson, and Candace. Wife
>> Will of Joseph Hackney, Chatham Co. NC, dated Jan 26, 1801 lists wife
>> Granddaughters Mary Ward Jemimah Jones Anne Howard, sons in law Ewd.
>> Robt. Ward Bradford Howard.  The rest of estate sold and equally divided
>> between John Joseph William Daniel Robart and Lott (sons??) and
>> Sarah Williams Mary Buckham Ailsey Adcock Anny Bynum. ( Is this Joseph
>> same as above, will dated 1830??)
>> Sunny

I don't know any more about Anny BYNUM.  Joseph Hackney (will 1801)
appoints wife Anna, John Daniel, and Mark BYNUM as executors.  I also have
a will from Luke BYNUM, 1810 Chatham Co. NC. He mentions "beloved wife" but
never names her.  He mentions sons William, Tapley,James, Mark BYNUM;
Sarah SELLERS ( he gives her a Negro girl in payment for horse he owes
Robert SELLERS for), Patty
SNIPES, Eady DICKSON, Milly FARRAR (sp??). I haven't researched this family
enough to know how they fit in.  Does anyone else know??


        From: GEORGIA
             chickflet <chickflet@aristotle.net>

    1835 Jun 09 - Indenture made between William Hackney, Robert Hackney,
Joseph J. Hackney, Polly Hackney, Young Sellars and wife Elizabeth, and
Jonathan Smith and his wife Patsey, all of Chatham County, NC, of the one
part and Daniel Hackney of the other part, witnesseth that said Hackneys
convey all of our parts of the land that we are entitled that belonged to
Daniel Hackney, deceased, lying on the waters of Rocky River.
                The aforesaid Hackneys do warrant and defend the aforesaid
land and do each warrant and defend one-eighth part to Daniel Hackney for
the consideration of the sum of 62 dollars and 50 cents each of the said
above.  Signed by Young Sellars, Joseph J. Hackney, Robert Hackney,
Jonathan Smith, William Hackney, Polly Hackney, Elizabeth Sellars and
Patsey Smith. [Deed Book AD:343]

1835 Nov 07 - Indenture made between John Johnston of Chatham Co., NC and
Laird Sellars of same county of the other part.   Witnesseth that said John
Johnston for and in consideration of the sum of 350 dollars doth grant unto
Laird Sellars all that tract of land lying in Chatham County on the waters
of Little Branch Creek containing 117 acres.  Boundry neighbors:  Thomas
Johnston, Pagus.  Signed John Johnston.  Witness:
Timothy T. Brooks. [Deed Book AD:390-1] [Laird, son of Young Sellers]

I read the first will as children of Daniel Hackney, deceased.  The
children of Daniel Hackney, Sr. are selling their part of the estate to
their brother, Daniel Hackney, Jr.  I don't get the 1/8 part unless one
child did not sell their part of the estate.  Any other ideas?

Georgia L. Fletcher