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          Leonora Sellers


          I am looking for information about my gr.grgrandmother, Leonora Sellers,
who married George Washington Hammett sometime around 1885-90 in the
Spartanburg/Gaffney SC area.  Leonora is buried with her husband in Zion
Hill Cemetery, Spartanburg, and dates listed are (18 May 1871-13 July,
1900)  I cannot find out ANYTHING about Leonora's family, except that my
grandmother said she was from Gaffney, SC.  Can you help? I have looked for
years, and just stumbled onto this website?  You can "call" me at   or write to 722 Maple Avenue. Conneaut, Ohio 44030
Any help is appreciated.   Gloria Hammett Bartone

7-20-1851 New Hanover Co, NC= R.L.SELLERS married LENORA ANN
We don't have enough census posted to find list of their kids - We do have
a note on our
New Hanover, NC page regarding a civil war file disallowed of a Richard
maybe info in it - would need to order. I'm sure they had a child named
Lenora and their
children probably did also.
Please send names of Lenora SELLERS/GW HAMMETTS children. Thanks, marie,

Leonora Sellers ( 18 May 1871 - 13 July, 1900)  married George Washington
Hammett in Spartanburg SC about 1885-90.  Known children: Roy --died in
                       William Claud Lee -- 23 July, 1893-10 Feb.1930)
Spartanburg area
                       Stafford --died in infancy 1900
                       Lawrence -- 1891-1892
                       Edgar -- 1896-1912
With only one surviving shild. it is easy to see why there are few records.
 William Claud was my grandfather.  His 3rd wife was Mary Lily Belle Lowe,
my grandmother, and she knew very little about that family.  G.W. Hammett
outlived two or his three wives, survived by Alice (Cook) Blackwell. Any
help finding Leonora's family would be terrific!
        Gloria at

Send copy of marriage license = may show parents =
Send copy of 1880 census in ? WHERE born?=
Send copy of death certificate = parents =

             "Chris Bartone" <>

         I am descended from an SC Sellers---Leonora Sellers married George
Washington Hammett somewhere around 1895, and I can't find out anything.
was suggested that she might have come from Virginia, but I cannot find
confirmation of thisand so far not the census records to prove it either.
South Carolina did not require birth and/or death certificates before
and much of the earlier records were destroyed in the Civil War. If you
suggest any sources other than census, I'd be glad to hear'em, 'cause the
census for Spartanburg SC tells me nothing.
Gloria in Ohio

GLORIA - Thanks - Keep in There-

When some county is burned = does NOT mean ALL records were destroyed!
Some were recorded in State Capitol records= (where State told them to

Marriages sometimes were kept? with Ministers and recorded Later=
Land deeds sometimes were with Recorders-Many times separate=
War Records were recorded in Federal Records also
Tax Records were saved by some
some CHURCH info is saved=
WILLS were made/recorded
THERE is INFO there - We do Not have All of It!

MOST  1880  census are recorded - Who said she lived in this county then=?
CHECK surrounding counties =
OR 1870 census=
sometimes 1875  STATES have census =
DIG DIRT or We Are Not going to get smarter here in SC -
YES, its Hard State to study = Not many have shared these county minutes
out and etc
READ ALL 1880 SC census first , And if you don't find her=
READ 1880 NC census=

IF you don't like census - Read Tax Lists/Wills/Marriages of her and his

And then Where Their kids were married,
and census Where kids lived.=

NO , you do Not need to read census - till - or ?
But, It will sure get you to the place to Trace the other records in That
county and See if they are Ours!

BY then, you should have  birth certificates on kids and find out/know

SOMETIMES starting with PROVEN families and moving Backwards on census
OR Family info by years/generations
Will give Same results -
CHECK death certificate / obituary?
FUNERAL homes/cemeteries have this info - even when court house burnt!
NOT all records were in court house!

SOMETIMES a childs record will show history=
Or their Brother/Sister=

YOU must check out this family - Till you get to where 'SOMEONE KNOWS YOU'
marie, iowa

Thankx for the input; Some of it will probably be useful.  Brothers and
sisters are out--my grandfather was the only child to survive childhood.
Been there. We are looking into close county records in the surrounding
area, and will expand as needed. But we keep trying.