I am supposed to tell you Vince  sent me. I am seeking info on SELLERS.
Howell SELLERS-born in Chatham Co. NC Mar 1762, lived in Edgefield Co. SC
enlistment in SC Line (Rev War). Married Margaret CONNERS, Lived in TN
1830>Sangamon Co IL, applied for Pension 17 Oct 1832> died in Pike Co. IL
1844. The had 14 children, Larkin, Charles, Arthur, William, Henry,
Milly, Mary, Jemima, Bethena, Sarah, Leanna, Nancy, Elisebeth, Jane,
Thank you for your time, Glenda Nighswonger

GLENDA - Will send thro our SELLERS discussion group - We have a few
members working on HOWELL SELLERS. Which Child Do you connect to and
where did they go? Thanks for sharing , marie, iowa

   Glenda --
Perhaps you know if Larken Sellers in the 1820 census of Robertson
County, TN
was related to Howell Sellers?  They were separate families in that
Larken had with him a female 16 to 26 years of age, and one boy under 10
years of age.  Was Howell Sellers wife's name Margaret Conner?
Frank Sellers

The Margaret Conners is the only reference wife of HOWELL SELLERS, I have
seen. In the DAR data books. Example Revolutionary War Soldiers, buried
In their Wills Howell wrote and signed his Will, Margaret as his
signs by her mark. In her Will she signs with a mark.
Until I found these Wills I had no idea that they had so many children.
In the Illinois Land Sales it shows a LARKIN SELLERS as Purchaser on
12/10/1851, Federal Land Sale #261190, Co #41- 80 acres.

I do not understand statements of Maria of Iowa.

Glenda Nighswonger CA 

GLENDA - Thank You - We do not have a copy of these wills - Would you be
willing to share copies of them to post on HOWELL SELLERS page
contributed by
Also, do you have AnyOther info on who/where this LARKIN SELLERS is with
Sorry, I am Hard to understand sometimes - Just ask again - marie, iowa

I am descendant of Jane SELLERS NIGHSWONGER. I only knew of Jane and her
sister Cynthia SELLERS BUFFINGTON. I have copy of Wichita KS DAR article
their pictures as "Real Daughters on the American Revolution".
This spring I found Howells and Margarets Wills in Pittsfield IL Pike
courthouse. I was truly excited ! Howell lists his 14 children. I sent a
copies of his land in Sangamon Co. He describes his Pike Co. land in his
My ggrandfather Abraham NIGHSWONGER son of Reason and Susan BUFFINGTON
NIGHSWONGER worked with his brother Soloman, farming and on Steamboats on
IL River. I have a young picture of Abraham taken in Henry, IL on the
He and Jane lived near here in the Sparland area. They then moved to
Sedgewick Co.... KS, They are buried there.
Do we have a connection ? Hope to hear from you soon. Glenda Nighswonger

GLENDA - Thank You - quess I'm going   aaa backwards on these EMAILS!

Sorry, I'm sure you will  receive many letters and Thank You for SHARING
Now, we would like You to Send JANE SELLERS husband and family = where
married and
names of kids
and ANY info you have on CYNTHIA -

YES, saw this name NIGHSWONGER? on HOWELL SELLERS rev war file  = named
as a ?
relative (don't have file out to name correctly)

We also have the SELLERS web page and try and Link our Sharing families
back to
their ROOTS and where their kids went etc - SO , others can find you in
areas = IT WORKS !

We like First Letter of Contact (when they tell you how connected, etc)
to be sent
to our SELLERS DISCUSSION GROUP members = These are the SELLERS who have
ALL our info - Questions - please ask and THANKS again for sharing,
marie, iowa

I am a little pressed for time as I am a shift worker, 4 -10 hour nights
begining at midnight, sleep is needed. But difficult at times. But I
like to get this Will info on as I know how anxious we all are at finding
these pieces of the puzzle. I read through quickly sone of the pages,
will be really good to share info. Can you see the person looking for
SELLERS sees this will as she certainly is mentioned as being his

GLENDA - Many Times These Extra Papers = Very Important Names for
IF/WHEN  you send = I would suggest a copy of ALL these misc papers to
SELLERS group =
Sometimes  pages of info =  a  connection to =
That One SELLERS or RELATIVE that bought at sale,etc - may be What some
of us

I wonder if GLENDA is sleeping ?
But, Bet she has SweetDreams of Sharing SELLERS to all of us!
THANKS again, marie, iowa
===== wrote:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

> On one of other slips memos and etc in file is sworn statement of
> Sellers that Howell had died on or about the 3rd day of September AD
> I will send copies of original to those interested, as we correspond I
> include other interesting papers, Auction of chattels etc. Got to go
> Glenda Nighswonger

GLENDA and ALL - Where are HOWELL SELLERS kids in 1850/60?
Where is MARGARET SELLERS in 1850 - When/Where did she die?
Did several go to KS? I see a JOSIAH SELLERS in 1870 BUTLER CO, KS, but,
don't have the census on this family.
Evidently, we don't have these kids located? Where are any of them?
YES, Larkin SELLERS in 1850 Robertson Co, Tn and we have a Charles here
in 1840-But, 1850?
Don't understand why so Hard? Don't have the right place at the right
Any Help Appreciated. marie, iowa