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Hello to all,
I just recently learned that one of our genealogy cousins passed away two years ago at the early age of 57.  She was from the family of Gurley Sellers (b. 1802 Nash Co. NC).  Most of you in that group have received emails from her a number of times and she posted on this site a number of times as well.  She was a great contributor to my Grandfather's brother Clem Sellers.  Ginger was the wife of Kevin Wan for 25 years and the mother of their 3 daughters.  She and two of her cousins came to our Sellers reunion several years ago and it was good to meet face to face.  She will be sorely missed.

Kevin is still receiving emails at her old address: Sadly, Jack Sellers p.s.  This is a good reminder for all of us to stay in touch with our genealogy family periodically even if your research is on hold for a while!!  People move, emails change.  I have several of our genealogy family that I can no longer reach for these reasons and would like to make contact again.

.Jack Sellers <>


Ginger Bailey Wan (feb 2006)
Ginger Wan []

SEPT 2002
I am beginning reseach on my Sellers family.

My great grandfather was Calvin Clemons "Clem" Sellers who was born in 1869
in Jefferson County Alabama (according to information he himself provided on
my grandmother's (Mary Annie Sellers) birth certificate).
He married Mary Ellen Milam (not sure what year or where) who was born in Kentucky in approximately 1866-67.
They both died in and are buried in Navarro County, Texas.
I can provide information from Clem and Mary Ellen forward but
cannot find any link to Alabama/Kentucky births that verify their births
and/or who their parents were.

If you have any of this information or know where I might begin, I would
appreciate hearing from you.

Thank you.

Ginger Bailey Wan

1880 WOOD CO, TX =
GINGER, thanks.
IF we don't know where/when married
START with WHEN and WHERE THE first or earliest child born =
and ANY other child born when and where.
WHEN did anyone die?

Do you Know any brothers/sisters or aunts /uncles?
OR post his kids names and ages and will post to the counties they lived and went so Others can find you and share info.

Just a fast glance only CALVIN =
  1880 Census Place: Precinct 2, Wood, Texas
 Source: FHL Film 1255333  National Archives Film T9-1333     Page 298C
 Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Burrell G. SELLERS Self M M W 32 AL
 Occ: Farmer Fa: SC Mo: NC
Susan SELLERS Wife F M W 38 AL
 Occ: Keeping House Fa: GA Mo: GA
Jessie R. L. LANG SSon M S W 14 MS
 Occ: Works On Farm Fa: SC Mo: AL
Calvin L. SELLERS Son M S W 10 MS
 Occ: Works On Farm Fa: AL Mo: AL
Mary M. SELLERS Dau F S W 8 MS
 Occ: At Home Fa: AL Mo: AL
Corcelus K. SELLERS Son M S W 5 MS
 Occ: At Home Fa: AL Mo: AL
Sarah J. SELLERS Dau F S W 4 MS
 Occ: At Home Fa: AL Mo: AL
C. Anderson SELLERS Son M S W 3 MS
 Occ: At Home Fa: AL Mo: AL
Martha L. SELLERS Dau F S W 2 TX
 Occ: At Home Fa: AL Mo: AL
 Occ: At Home Fa: AL Mo: AL

Maybe some of our SELLERS discussion group will know names.
DO You see anything?
marie, iowa

april 7, 2003
I am in desperate need of info re: Dellia Wyatt (b. 4-24-1805 in Nash Co.) married Gurley Sellers in 1826 in Nash Co.; and died 1899 in Nash County.... all I know is that she is buried in Old Blue Creek Cemetery..  She is sometimes incorrectly called Delila or Delilah.  "Dellia" is on her tombstone.  She was my ggggrandmother... and I cannot find anything on her AT ALL.... If you have any info on Wyatts in Nash Co., please let me know... thank you so much...

april 7, 2003
which child of Gurley SELLERS/DELLIA WYATT do you connect to?
born when/where?
married whom and went where?

WE may have brothers/sisters connected that could help?

WHO is the Larry BRANTLEY, bondsman on her marriage license?

SOME of the WYATT's in Nash Co appear to live on the HALIFAX/NASH CO, NC line.

DID any go to ALABAMA with us?

IF you have DOCUMENTS on above, please send.

SELLERS family discussion group
marie, iowa

APRIL 8, 2003
First of all, I have to clear up the death of Gurley and Dellia, they
died/buried in Alabama, NOT N.C., as I wrote. I misspoke... sorry.

I connect with Gurley and Dellia through their son Isacc Gurley to my
ggrandfather Calvin Clemons.  I am in Texas where some of the Nash County to
"Alabama" Sellers ended up...

I only have information provided by jack sellers (also in Texas)and I have
my 85 year old mother (who doesn't remember her grandparents much) and HER
Cousin who is 86 who lived with Calvin and his wife (Ellen Milam)when he was
a boy, and he remembers them well.

I have no idea WHO Larry Brantley was on their marriage bond.

I am searching for Wyatt information in particular, since the Sellers (at
least to Gurley) have been very well documented.  The Wyatts seem to come
from no where... at this point anyway.  I have noticed the Halifax/Nash Co
connection... but have nothing that proves it.

Thanks for any help on Dellia you can give me.


april 8, 2003
GINGER, thanks.
sending thro SELLERS discussion for any help for you.

a JACK is the one who shared the LARRY BRANTLEY, bondsmen with us. don't know  if same JACK as one you are referring to or not.
(A BONDSMAN could be related to family?)
AND in 1830's? memory, we have a WYATT BRANTLEY = interesting.
IF same JACK, he probably knows the WYATTS living in this area in 1820/1830. And can help you with documents, etc.
JESSE and wife SARAH WYATT owned land on No side of Beaverdam Swamp in NASH CO, NC and sold in 1787 when they lived in Halifax co, NC
JAMES WYATT had land here in Nash Co, in 1779 = close to POLLOCKS BEAVER DAM SWAMP, close to BENJ WHITEHAD and brother HENRY WHITEHEAD . and a NATHAN WHITEHEAD Living close.

in 1830's HENRY WYATT was a bondsman in NASH CO, NC = listed under NC MARRIAGES. didn't copy. sorry.
AND i did NOT see him listed as a child in wills up to 1800!

WHAT do we have on War of 1812 in this area? please send.

I didn't see much if anything else on census for WYATT'S?in 1820/30
did he die and she remarry, so no Wyatts listed = they were living with her new husband?
There is a w.j. ? WYATT in 1830/40 AL, same county as SELLERS?Tusca or Jeff.
Does anyone have the 1850 census on this family, and where came from , etc.

Would appreciate a small chart of ISAAC or CALVIN SELLERS, who married and WHERE in 1850 to 1880 to 1900, etc.
I believe 1804 NASH CO, NC is last documents I have =
WE NEED 1820/30 =

WE will post documents of WYATTS to these counties if you send.
THANKS for sharing, marie, iowa

Photo of Preston Sellers 1863, Private, Company L, 15th Alabama Infantry.




Ginger L. Wan


Marie, here is my direct line to Gurley Sellers and Dellia Wyatt Sellers of

Nash Co., NC and Bessemer AL.


I have some information on the Katie Sellers/Julius Dubose children... if

you want it.  One of their children Spencer Dubose is still living (age 86)

and very lucid so provides me with a lot of information about my

ggrandparents (Calvin Clemons "Clem").  Please let me know if you want what

I have re: Katie Sellers' line.


I am sorry this is so late, but I have worked on it til I am exhausted.


Also regarding the Larry Branley that was Bondsman on Gurley and Dellia's

marriage bond... I have learned that Larry Brantley was married to Gurley's

sister Lula... so would have been Gurley's brother-in-law.  Not sure if

Brantley ties in anywhere else.


Thanks for posting this to where it needs to go.


Ginger Wan




1     Gurley Sellers 1802-1898 (and Dellia Wyatt Sellers 1805-1899)


*2   Isaac Gurley Sellers Born: May 24, 1849 in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Died: April

26, 1936 Coolidge, Limestone Co., Tx.

     +Frances Letson Born: February 24, 1849 in Georgia Died: 1876 Alabama

*     3   Calvin Clemons Sellers Born: January 1874 in Bessemer, Ala.; d.

buried Corsicana, TX

          +Mary Ellen Milam Born: November 1866 in Missouri; d. buried,


            4   Infant Sellers Born: Unknown TX

            4   John I. Sellers (a/k/a Johnie)Born: January 1891 TX

*           4   Mary Annie Sellers Born: January 1894 TX, d. 1941 buried

Athens, TX

                + William Maxie Foster Born: 1887 TX

                  5   Willie Lee Foster Born

                      + Charlie Leopard Born: TX

                        6     Jeannette Leopard Born Henderson

County, TX

                              + Bagby

                              7     Delia Ann Bagby (living)

Born: Henderson County, Texas

                                    +Potter (living)

                                    8     Daughter Potter

(living) TX

*                 5     Lorna Mae Foster, July 11, 1918, Anderson

County, TX (living)

                        + Ora Lee Bailey (m. 5/1/1939), Born August

1, 1917, Anderson Co, TX; died Jan. 1988 (Anchorage, AK)   

                         6    Lillian Marie Bailey Born: May 11,

1941, Anderson Co., Tx; died Sept. 26 1994, Tarrant County, TX

                              + Harry Lee Sparks Born 1941 (TX)


                               7   Harry Lee Sparks, Jr. Born 1960

TX (living)

                                   + Lori

                                   8   Sarah Marie Sparks Born

1985 TX (living)

                                   + Unknown

                                   8   Kayann Sparks Born 1998 TX

                                   +  Tonga (living)

                                   8  Zayen Sparks Born 2001 TX


*                       6    Ginger Lea Bailey Born 1954 TX


                              + Quinten K. Arndt Born 1952 AK


                               7   Adrienne Marie Arndt Born 1977

AK (living)

                                  + Matthew S. Barrett Born 1977

CO (living)

                               7   Amanda Annette Arndt Born 1981

AK (living)

                              + Kevin Wai Wan Born 1962 in Hong

Kong (living) (2nd m. of Ginger)

                               7   Rachelle Bailey Wan Born 1989

TX (living)

                         6  Julie Annette Bailey Born 1956 TX


                            + Steve Reinhard Born 1956 MN (living)

                               7   Lacy Jennifer Reinhart Born

1982 AK (living)

                                   8   Grace Reinhart Born 2002 AK


                            + David Cormany Born 1950 CA

(living)(5th m. of Julie)

            4   Katie Sellers Born: October 1895

                + Julius Dubose Born: before 1880

            4   Willie G. Sellers Born: 1902

            4   Nettie Sellers Born: 1907


b. abt. 1805

d. 1870/80


m:    Larry Brantley

Larry's mother is not known.)

(Father: Sherrod Brantley)

b. abt 1803

d. 1841


Their Children:

After Larry's death Lula remarried but a child conceived after Larry's death

was named Jackson Brantley (Bastard Bond: names father as Meriday Whitley)


Delinsy Mae

b. 1822

m. 1 Nov 1837

John Carpenter


Betsy Elmina (Minnie)

b. Jul 1845 d. 28 Feb 1937

m. 11 Feb 1857 Pressley Hinesberry Murray

b. 28 Nov 1849 d. 11 Nov 1935


Rilda Ricks

b. 1824

m1. 16 Oct 1847 Sidney S. Patterson (bond #86504) CSA d. abt 26 Feb 1865,

Richmond, VA. children: Madeasta, Condary, Sorsby and Lacy

m2. 8 Oct 1878 Lott Adams (Wilson county) b. abt 1817 d. after 1885



m. 21 Apr 1846

Simon Carpenter


Martha Jane

b. 1820

m. 14 Feb 1856

Simon Perry


Rowena Ricks (Rix)

b. 1833 d. 1851 had a son by Simeon Carpenter ( her sister Cynthia's


        Larry Redden Brantley (b. 23 April 1854, d. 27 Feb 1937)


Jackson Brantley (Lula's son by Meriday Whitley)

b. 27 May 1842 d. 22 May 1916

m. 4 Feb 1862

Julia Ann Murray

b. 16 May 1838 d. 13 Dec 1926



Ginger L. Wan

Shannon Gracey Ratliff & Miller, L.L.P.

777 Main Street, Suite 3800

Fort Worth, Texas 76102



aug 2005

Pattie, my Sellers came into Texas in early 1850s as well from Alabama. My GGrandfather was Calvin Clemon ("Clem") Sellers and his brother was Oscar. They started in Coryell County and then ended up in Limestone/Navarro Counties. Do you think we connect?

Where is Jonesboro... on the Alabama Census from 1830, 1840... they lived in a "town" named Jonesboro, Alabama!!

ginger wan


Ginger, I would not be surprised in the least if we connect. Some of the
"cousins" who attend the Sellers reunion in Gatesville/Jonesboro (TX) travel
all the way from AL. I know there are a lot of cousins still living in AL!

That is something that they lived in or around Jonesboro AL AND Jonesboro
Pattie Sellers Kremnetz
Pattie Kremnetz []


Yes, that's true my gggranmother/father are buried in Jefferson County, AL... I think the town names are ironic... Perhaps we should research the naming of these towns... Maybe our we connect with some Joneses?? Ha ha.

I think its also interesting that the different Sellers traveled along the same routes/same times... Late 1830s (Trail of Tears) and late 1850s (Civil War stirrings)!

Ginger L. Wan

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From: Georgia L. Fletcher []
Sent: Monday, August 01, 2005 8:24 PM
Subject: Re: [SELLERS] Edmon Eldred Sellers and Sellers Reunion

Town and Village locator shows Jonesboro in Hamilton County, Texas and
Jefferson and also Franklin County, Alabama.



Interesting re: 1855 Coryell Tax Roll... My indirect Sellers line married a Boyd in Limestone County.

William J. (Oscar) Sellers Born: September 7,1866 in Bessemer,Ala
Died: January 20,1947 Mexia, Tx
+Mollie Anna Boyd Born: January 02, 1872 in Wortham,Tx Died: March 18, 1947 buried Mexia, Tx

Oscar was brother to my ggrandfather Calvin Clemons ("Clem")Sellers.


Way behind here and catching up.

WHO were your gggrand parents buried in JEFF CO, AL and which CEM?=

THANKS for helping,
marie, iowa