Old German language/writings/How to Read?
The LDS web site has a German Research document in .pdf (read with
Adobe) you can download from this URL
scroll down and click on PDF to copy to your hard drive and print. Germany Research Outline
<javascript:openauthor('Research/Type/Research_Outline24.asp');> [PDF]
<javascript:openPDFRequest('images/34061_Germany05.pdf', 'RH');> On page 39 there is a chart which shows how to read the alphabet
characters, both printed and hand written characters.

Also here is a link to a page which lists all sorts of books of interest
to those researching German Genealogy

Good Luck,
Pat B
Pat Borden []


           GERMANY CD'S for researchers.

           Thu, 24 Jan 2002 11:49:40 -0700

           "Myrtle & John Feldenzer" <>

The web-site address listed below is for CD's on some town
parish records in Germany that your researchers might be
interested in.  I found a CD on my German towns (Nussbaum,
Monzingen and Sobernheim) in the Rheinland Pfalz area.  The
CD's have many towns listed on each one.      there are also town books (
I found one on Nussbaum, and now can carry it with me for
research at the FHC).  Info is the same as the records on
the CD's but only for each town.....less money) on the site
for sale.


Shirley Walsh
European Magazine Information can be found at:


        "Donald Sellers" <>

While looking for German Consulate on line I discovered this link. Maybe it will help someone.

Have to have Acrobat Reader and must click on German Genealogy.






 PAULA'S PAGE - Hamburg

EMILY'S PAGE - Hesse-Nassau



RICHARD'S PAGE - Geringswalde - Dessau - Berlin - Chemnitz



JOHANNES ZELLERS 1735/1804 = Weinheim, Germany--Rockingham Co.,VA

WEINHEIM, GERMANY = need a separate page and INFO



Christening:  Katholisch, Dewangen, Jagstkreis, Wuerttemberg

John Leonard Zeller born Bavaria and son Michael Zeller born ca 1834 BAVARIA - to Pa and settled in BEDFORD CO, PA

DON, will send this back thro SELLERS, as I don't seem to have anything
posted, uptodate. HOPE they see and contact.
YOU probably have a copy of our GERMANY page?
Not alot of Info, Mainly people searching ,
Sounds like you have Good Weather, cool nites = Ours have been extra cool
in IA, nicer now. ENJOY TRIP and Thanks so much for caring about our
GERMANY SELLERS, which many of us connect  to!
marie, iowa

Sellers wrote:

> Marie,
> In response to a message posted last week about Mannheim, Germany please
note that I am currently in Heidelberg which is only 13 miles from
Mannheim. If the party has definitive information on his/her line please
post it to the digest and I'll try and go to Mannheim to look up
information for them. Also note that there is only one (1) SELLER listed in
the Heidelberg phone book.
> Don

DON - How nice of you to Ask, Enjoy! marie, iowa

Donald Sellers wrote:

> Marie,I am departing for Heidelberg, Germany this Sunday for 30 days.
> I will not be traveling outside the Heidelberg Gebeit (area) so
> research will be localized. If anyone would like for me to look up
> information in the Heidelberg area I'll gladly do so, time
> permitting.The only charge will be for copies and mailing. I'll mail
> what I find when I return, which is cheaper than German Post.
> Additionally I'll be photographing (digitally) historic sites, such
> as; Heidelberg Castle, Neckar River, Schwetzingen Schloss, etc.. If
> anyone is interested please have them contact me at
> . Don Sellers

AltaVista: Translations.
        It will translate anything for you. It translates into several
languages from English and from foreign languages back into English.

 translation service might try this .... 

             "Don Sellers" <>

You can almost visit Germany from your armchair.


Susan, where was this naturalization found?  What State & County?
I have copies of Petition for Michael Zeller who came to this county in
1841 from Bavaria. This is from Bedford Co, PA & dated 1848.
This family has kept the name of ZELLER.

Virginia "Gin" PYNE FAIR in Topeka, KS

    I have a Jacob Zeller 24 Sept 1635 ( married Maria Roemerin) and a Jacob
Zeller circa 1700 (Jagstkreis Elwangen, St. Vitus (Germany)(married
Ursulla Sorgin). This is my line.  (Everyone probably knows that the "in" tacked
to the name means the female. Sorry if I'm being presumptive).

Addendum:  Jacob, Conrad and Johannes Zeller arrived port of Philadelphia
(?), Oct. 17, 1749 on the Ship Fane.

             Fri, 01 May 98 08:46:25 PDT
             "Don Sellers" <>
Having spent 19 years in Germany I thought that it was
interesting that the current conversation seems to be
centered around that country. Palatinate, Weurtenburg,
and Rittenheim are probably states rather than cities.
Some of them , or all, may still exist, however: numerous
states have lost their identiy for various reasons.

I still maintain contact with numerous German and Americn
friends and family and will gladly try and assist anyone. Most
importantly though I will need accurate information.  Almost
all of the records still exist, except for the northeastern states
that were destroyed by the Russians during and after WWII.


Just received this info from Earl Ross of Prodigy (great help!).
 IGI shows:
Jacob ZELLER m. 6 June 1730 to Ursulla SORGIN
This was a Catholic (Katholisch) marriage in Dewangen, Jagstkreis,
Source:  Film 920707 Dewangen marriage records 1729-1789 



     Total list is films, plural, not film.  Think I can interpret
the German, if necessary.
Films for Dewangen
AUTHOR:  Katholische Kirche Dewangen (AO.Aalen)
TITLE:  Kirchenbuch, 1594-1916
CONTENTS:  Parish register of baptisms, marriages, deaths,
confirmations and family registers.
Geburten, Heiraten, Tote  1668-1728 film -----0920706
Geburten, Heiraten, Tote  1729-1789 film -----0920707
Geburten                         1774-1826
Konfirmationen                 1775-1816
Geburten                         1827-1870 film -----0920708
Heiraten                          1790-1908 film -----0920709
Tote                               1790-1850 film -----0920710
Familienregister                1777-1872 film -----0920711
Familienregister                1849-1916 film -----0920712
Geburten                         1610-1668 film -----0923013
Heiraten                          1595-1669            item 2.
Tote                                1594-1669
Familienregister                1868-1900
Geburten                         1814-1840, 1870-1892 film -----
Tote                                1850-1900 film -----092315
Familienregister                 1891
     This is how all was listed for me.  Not sure whether all of
0923013 refers to item 2.  In any case, the films of greatest
interest to start would be (possibly) 0920706 and (definitely)
0920707.  The former covers the period just before the marriage of
Jacob and Ursula (might have their parents) and the second should
cover their marriage, children, etc.  Just hope they stayed in
Dewangen after marriage.  I recall the note that the passengers were
from Rothenstein.  Whether that indicated where they lived or paid
for passage or embarked, I don't know.  Should break out my German
map but no time.

        KYBabe <>
     Marie, awhile back I offered some old marriages with dates from
Here they are if they are of any use: All Zeller:
Jacob 24 Sept 1635 to Maria Roemerin at Jagstkreis Ellwangen St. Vitus
Jacob 6 Jun 1730 to Ursula Sorgin (ours) at Jagstkreis Dewangen Katholisch
Jacobus 22 Oct 1715 to Margretha Bezlerin                  "
Joannes 16 Jan 1742 to Anna Waitzmaenin                    "
Michael 17 Nov 1705 to Margretha Firstin                       "
Michael 5 Feb 1720 to Barbara Schliperin(?)                   "
Johan  1 Jul 1669 to Eva Stroblerin                                  "

I expect you know this, but the "in" on the end of a name signifies female.


        ZELLER, Francais

 Contributed by:

Just saw the following on the German Surnames List and pass it along in
case anyone is interested in this family:

Francais Zeller was born in Germany in 1785. About the time his first
child was born he moved the family to Switzerland (1830). In 1845 he
brought his family to the United States. His first child was Sebastian
born in 1830.
        William Zeller   

             "Don Sellers" <>
    Marie and All, I have just completed a Nation Wide search in Germany for
all of the Sellers' who have a telephone. I am posting this for those of you who
are looking for your family.
Just in case anyone uses the telephone listing see below:

Dial 011-49-area code-phone number
i.e.: 011-49-6221-22222
Be sure to drop the 0 in the area code. If there is no zero then use all
of the number.

 Sellers (06144) 43847
 [65474 Bischofsheim b
 Sellers Media (06122) 9559-11
 [65... Wiesbaden] (Del)
  (06122) Fax 51090
 Sellers Adam (02689) 5490
 56271 Kleinmaischeid Iser-34
 Sellers B.O. (06151) 318273
 64295 Darmstadt Am Pelz 80
 Sellers C. (06102) 5425
 63263 Neu-Isenburg
 Am Forsthaus Gravenbruch 48
 Sellers Charles (0631) 49336
 67655 Kaiserslautern
 Kapellenweg 31
 Sellers Claudia (09721) ISDN 498125
 u. Jack 97464 Niederwerrn
  (09721) ISDN 498127
 Sellers David (06352) 2135
 67292 Kirchheimbolanden
 Sellers David (06371) 943391
 66879 Kottweiler-Schwanden
 Auf der Steig 26A
 Sellers Dorothy (06224) 15701
 69226 Nußloch
 Konrad-Adenauer-Ring 5
 Sellers E. (07131) 162967
 [740.. Heilbronn Neckar]
 Sellers Eric u. Katrin (0261) 56713
 [560.. Koblenz a Rhein]
 Sellers Gisela (0611) 509577
 65191 Wiesbaden Weimarer -5
 Sellers H. u. G. (0261) 55812
 [560.. Koblenz a Rhein]
 Sellers Jason (06372) 994538
 66882 Hütschenhausen
 Triftweg 17
 Sellers Kai und (07132) 990361
 Hafner Tina 74172 Neckarsulm
 (Ohm) Eberwin-1
 Sellers Katharina (06336) 993223
 66497 Contwig (Sta) Flur-25
 Sellers Marion (0521) 109253
 33619 Bielefeld Werther-428
 Sellers Neil (089) 6149443
 82024 Taufkirchen Hainbuchen-94
 Sellers Reginald (06374) 3860
 67686 Mackenbach
 Reichswaldring 8
 Sellers Roy (06351) 5210
 67307 Göllheim Berggasse 10
 Sellers Toni (040) 6907351
 22305 Hamburg Hellbrook-43
 Sellers Wayne (06371) 52648
 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach
 (Rs) Am Stutzenwald 21
 Sellers Tonträger (02406) 7636
 Vertriebs GmbH
 52134 Herzogenrath Gut Rode
 Sellers Tonträger (02406) Fax 3823
 Vertriebs GmbH
 52134 Herzogenrath Gut Rode 95


I have this information on the German Zeller/Sellers line.
Jacob Zeller b. 1706 Dewangen, Jagskreis, Wurttemberg, Germany
Married 6 June 1730 Ursulla (Urschulla) Sorgin Jagstkreis Dewangen
Had 8 children 3 deceased.
Son Johannes Michael was Revolutionary War Veteran
Let me know if this helps

   In a message dated 98-07-21 19:21:43 EDT, you write:

<< Has anyone traced the Sellers family through the German roots? If so how
 do we get info or go about investigating? I'd appreciated any tips.
 Where in Germany is the Sellers/Zellers surname most prolific? >>

I have citizenship papers on our John Leonard Zeller. He says he is from
Heiburg/Heiburgh,  Bavaria, Germany. We can not located that town/village.
Maybe Heidelburg ???   Came to Baltimore in 1841.      Gin in Topeka, Ks 

             "Don Sellers" <>

I don't believe that it woud be Heidelberg since  it
is on the Neckar River about 13 Kilometers from
Mannheim. This places it about 150-200 kilometers
from Bavaria. Let me look at some of my German
maps and I'll try and find it for you.


             "Don Sellers" <>

I just checked all of the cities listed in Germany
and could not find a Heiburg. There is a possibility
that it could now be part of Austria or even Poland.
WW1 & WW11 did cause some boundary changes,
particularly in that region.

>Don Sellers wrote:
>>  VirginiaI have researched all of my books and maps of past and
>> present Germany, and also inquired at the Bavarian genealogy society
>> about your city. The only thing that anyone can come up with is a town
>> that used to be named "Heilsburg". Heilsburg was assigned to Poland by
>> the Potsdam Conference in 1945 and has since been renamed as "Lidzbark
>> Warminski". Sorry that I was unable to locate either of the towns as
>> shown on the documents that you sent. Hopefully I have found your town
>> and future research can prove it. I know how frustrating it is to not
>> be able to identify a source. Please let me know if you find this to
>> be correct. Don

             "Don Sellers" <>

Several months ago there was a discussion about a town in Germany. If
memory serves me correct the name of the town was Heilsberg. At that time I
suggested that, maybe, the borders had been changed and the town was now behind
other borders.
I have recently purchased a book, published in 1949 that lists all of the
cities, states,and countries of the world. Below is what the book says
about Heilsberg.
Heilsberg is the German name for a Polish city called Lidzbark Warminski.
This city is located in the North Central Olsztyn department in North Poland,
25 miles North of Olsytyn (Allenstein) on the Lyna River, formerly in East
Prussia, Germany,  assigned to Poland by Potsdam Conference in 1945.
Hopefully this will help the person who was trying to locate the place
where her/his family migrated from.

-----Original Message-----
From: marie sellers hollinger <>
To: Don Sellers <>;
Cc: <>
Date: Friday, October 08, 1999 9:14 PM
Subject: Re: Germany

>DON, Thank You - What did you think of Gin's comment re:
>On my John Leonard Zeller citizenship papers it shows village/town as
>>> Heigaugh, Bavaria, Germany>being the same as>do any of you think this
>could have>>> been:
>>> Grossheubach, Bavaria, Germany=
>If you just take the last part as Heubach, it could sound
>like >>> Heigaugh. Gin
>I kinda thought it sounded good, but, I'm used to working on US
>spellings of lawyers, census takers, etc = Where this Does Happen -
>Thanks, marie, iowa

        Re: Germany
        Fri, 8 Oct 1999 20:33:45 -0500
        "Don Sellers" <>

Who am I to argue. She sent me copies of two naturalazation papers. One
document was clearly written as Heiberg, Bavaria and the other as Heibaugh. After
looking at all variables and understanding that the location was in Bavaria,
since he had to disavow King Ludwig of Bavaria, the only conclusion that could be
drawn was Heilsburg. I have, as a reference document, Webster's Geographical
Dictionary that lists more than 40,000 geographical names world-wide.
This reference gave me the current name for the city of Heilsburg which is now
in Poland.

Apparently she doesn't want to accept the fact that her Zellers may now
be in Poland. If she would just realize that the towns she is looking at now
are in the Neckar Gebeit or Rhineland Palintate and NOT in Bavaria then she
might find her past. John Zeller arrived in the US on 14 June 1841 and at that time
Heilsburg was still in Germany. There was a boundary change in the 1840's
but Heilsburg wasn't assigned to Poland until 1945.

I went to your German page today and noticed that there is a Polish
National who has submitted inquiries.
Recommend that he may be able to tell us more than anyone else. From his
email address he must work for the police in Poland.

This is the second time that this spelling has came up and the first time
they thought that Heidelberg was correct city. Heidelberg definitely isn't in
Bavaria nor was it ever ruled by Ludwig II.


DON, Thank You - This is how we learn - When people take the time to
explain WHY-
Best Wishes, marie, iowa

I feel like maybe the "Bavaria" part is correct if the other isn't.
I have found a Zeller that still lives in Großheubach.  I am going
to write & see if I get an answer & go from there...

Gin Fair in Topeka, Ks

Don & Marie, ZELLER is my husband's mother's family.  There is no problem
with me accepting the fact it is in Poland now. My biggest road block in
own family is my Great Grandfather born in Köslin, Pommern. This is
definitely in northern Poland up by the Baltic Sea. In fact, I was over
in 1997 with Ashland Tours & the German Genealogy group from Wisconsin.
Some on this trip were themselves displaced in 1945.  Although I still don't
know the name of the village for my WEIT family, I really enjoyed the trip. I
have no problem with it now being in Poland..

 On ZELLER, I am also going by some information another ZELLER researcher
has found. We think maybe the name was spelled ZOELLER & they all came from
the same area. The ZOELLERS came from Eisenfeld which is just north of Gr.
(Großheubach). I am first going to write to the ZELLER family still
living in
Großheubach.  Then I try to find Catholic church records for ZELLER in
Heilsburg (Neckar Gebeit or Rhineland Palintate). I found Heilsburg (now
Lidzbark Warminski) on my AAA Poland Road Map. It is located way east of
Danzig (Gdansk). Looks like it is almost straight north of Warsaw,
It is hard to believe they "thought" this was part of Bavaria in 1841 &
showed it on his papers. It is located east of area that was Pomerania,
my Great Grandfather WEIT was born.

 I just want to cover all bases & these ZELLERs ("if" they answer my
letter) may give us additional information.  Anyway, it's worth a try.  I just
want to make it clear that I don't have any problem with mine or my husband's
ancestors coming from the area that is now Poland.   Don, I want to thank
you again for all your help.  Will let you all know "if" I have any

Virginia "Gin" PYNE FAIR in Topeka, KS

GIN - thanks for keeping us up-to-date And I'm sure others working on
these areas appreciate you sharing what we learn. There is One Person listed on our
Poland page - no info, but, they might be helpful on search ideas?
marie, iowa

        "Don Sellers" <>
        "marie sellers hollinger" <>, <>

Gin & Marie,
Since there is always the possibility that Heilsburg is incorrect I have continued to review my on-hand supply of documents.
Here is 'one' more possibility.  Hambach - Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany, 15 Miles West of Speyer. In the SW portion lies the ruins of Hambach Castle, scene of the Hanbacher Fest May 1832, a gathering of abt. 25,000 persons demanding a republic and national unity of Germany.

Zeller contacts (remember that the cities shown are in the same gebeit (district) as Hambach:

Zeller, Margitta
65232 Taunusstein
Markstr. 5

Zeller, Nathalie
96450 Coburg
Lauterburgstr. 17A

Remember to drop the first 0 when you dial i. e. 011-49-9561-62269

Happy Hunting


<<<  They came from a small village called Dorfprozelten near Wurtzberg in
Bavaria.   >>>


I have found Dorfprozelten on my German Telephone CD.
I have written to a Zeller in Grossheubach but haven't received an answer.
These two towns are about 15 to 20 km apart.
They are near & west of the town of Wertheim which is west of Wurtzberg.
I wonder if LDS has filmed any of their church records. They may have gone
church in Wertheim. Looks like the largest town around.
I show Zoller in Dorfprozelten but a lot of Zeller in Wurtzberg.
We just may find a connection here.....
Ginny Fair in Topeka, KS