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SEPT 2004


Hi Marie,

My name is Georgia Amason, I subscribe to the Sellers-L group but I have a few questions I wanted to send to you before I use the site.


I'm an 8th generation double decendent of Levi Jackson and Elizabeth Sellers thru their grandchildren Henry & Fleming sellers'  children Joseph and Jeanette respectively.


One of my questions is , would my sons be too far removed for the Sellers DNA testing? I found the site which listed the cost but have lost it. Although I did check out the site you listed today.


I dont believe I have any info to share that you would not already have since my info has come from census records, Harold Sellers book (which would be his to share) and records I've found in the library.


Do you have any info prior toLevy Jackson & Elizabeth Sellers or any proof of the indian heritage?


Two pieces of info I cant confirm are: from my ggrandmother's bible an entry for a Louis Quinin Sellers born 11 Apr 1897. This is listed before the 3 children we know she had. One census record shows her having 4 children and 4 living but it only names the 3 we know about.

the second piece of info is just a slip of paper listing a James Jackson Sellers buried 25 April  1930 , grave no. 969 and Section 2 but it doesnt list the cemetery or city or state.


Thanks in advance Georgia Amason  (

GEORGIA, thanks.

IF John R. Sellers was a Jackson it wouldn't help on our SELLERS dna results.

But, it would be interesting to see results and compare with Sellers and Jacksons.


SELLERS dna main page and use the links/hilited to go to the other pages.


marie, iowa

GEORGIA, thanks.

I would send a small name, age, place chart thro the SELLERS list , showing the below info on LOUIS and JAMES SELLERS.

Our members have been Very helpful in this area of KY.


KY death records are pretty good also, but, don't know if our pages are complete.

Also some of the cemeteries have been posted.


YOu can follow some links  from our Pulaski Co, Ky page to other pages with other family members,  etc =

marie, iowa