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SEPT 2005

hi marie, I received this info on my Coffee-L site, since this info wasnt verified I didnt know if you wanted it sent directly to the Sellers-L site with my relpy or not.
I apologize for being mainly a visitor and not a contributor to the Sellers-L site. Ignorance being my only excuse. Of not knowing how to search or how to share if I find something. I've only just recently found the heritagequest site. 80% of my research is paper.
I've saved every Sellers-L email to a folder incase I make a connection I wont have lost valueable info. I appreciate all your researchers for their expertise. Many many thanks. Georgia

Note: forwarded message attached.

dear debbi,
my name is Georgia Amason, I am the ggggrandaughter of Henry Sellers and Mary Ann Coffey. Our records show their son George married Artematia (no last name) could this be your Artimissey Strunk? Our records do not show a son named Frank, they did have a son John F (middle name unknown) who married lst Hulda (last name unknown) and 2nd Sarah Strunk. Could either wife be your Mahydah? Do you have any dates, birth, death, marriage etc?

our records show Henry & Mary Ann had a grandson named Frank married to Mary Selvage.

You might try searching for your Joel or Cole Coffey.

Good luck in your research. Georgia wrote:

I am great grandaughter of Mary Polly Holt, grandaughter of Wm Marion Holt b
Apr 7, 1837 Whitley. I would like more information on birth of Marion, son of
Cole. Do you have a confirmed record of a marriage? What happened to Cole
Coffey, he disappears from the picture.

Mary Polly Holt married Jackson Strunk in Whitley Co. KY Aug 23, 1839. They
had 6 Strunk children. 2 of Mary & Jackson's daughters married sons of Mary
Ann Coffey and Henry Sellars. Artimissey married George and Mahydah married
Frank Sellars.

I can give you more info on Marion Holt's descendants.

Contact Joyce Holt Taylor,


Thanks, which child do you connect to and who did they marry and go to?

Our members have posted info on a few of our KY pages, you can maybe follow the links from =

marie, iowa


Hi everyone,
This is a reply to Marie's Sept. 18th request for info:
I actually have a double dependency from the John R Sellers line thru his sons Henry and Fleming. 1 John R (Jackson) Sellers ( b ca 1794 d ca 1873/1879)
+ Sarah (Sally) Roberts (b ca 1794 d ca 1873/1879) m 22 Jun 1813
2 Henry Sellers (bca 1816 d ca 1895)
+ Mary Ann Coffey (b ca 1820 d ca 1885/1891) m 17 Feb 1842
3 Joseph Sellers (b 09 Dec 1850 d 05 Sep 1938)
+ Jeanette Sellers (b 18 Feb 1855 d Sep 1883) m lst 30 Aug 1878
4 Cornelia Emmaline Sellers (b 3 Nov 1879 d 19 Apr 1968)
5 Roscoe Sellers (b 19 Jun 1904 d 13 Mar 1967)
+ Evelyn Josephine Farrell (b 28 Jun 1905 d 2 Jan 1948) m 1st 21 Mar 1925
6 Marcella Nelda Sellers (b 23 Jul 1925)
+ George Luther (b 9 Jul 1900 d 22 Mar 1947) m 1st 12 Oct 1941
7 Georgia Lee Luther (b 18 May 1944) (this is me, Georgia Amason)
2 Fleming Sellers (b ca 1824 d ???)
+ Mary (Polly) Roberts (b ca 1830 d ???)
3 Jeanette Sellers (b 18 Feb 1855 d Sep 1883)
+ Issac Sorrell (b ca 1851) m 1st 5 Sep 1875
+ Joseph Sellers m 2nd

I've only listed direct blood line, omitting siblings.
My proof records include census records, marriage certificates, birth & death records, cemetery records, photos of headstones and family bible of Cornelia Emmaline Sellers.
If interested I can snail mail copies to Marie.
Georgia #2
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