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An elderly lady in San Antonio, Texas, wrote to me years ago.  She has spent
thousands of dollars hiring professional researchers researching her Sellers from
Burke Co., NC.

She started with Robert Sellers Sr. of Burke Co., NC, who supposedly
the brother to James T/Y Sellers that died in Chatham Co., NC 1804/1805.
Robert Sellers disappears after the 1800 census in Burke Co., NC

Here are the proposed children of Robert Sellers Sr. and Sarah Unknown:
1.James Sellers
2.Ruth Sellers married William Harris
3.John Sellers born 1755-1774
4.Rebecca Sellers born 1762 died 18 Oct 1834, Burke Co., NC; married
Moses Wilkerson
5.Elizabeth Sellers married Levi Jackson 1780 Wilkes Co., NC
6.Robert Sellers Jr. married Sarah Hall; died Washington Co., Indiana
7.Sarah Sellers born 1769 married Joshua Hall Sr.
8.Mary Sellers married Micajah Hall
9.Isaac Sellers born 17 Dec 1777, Burke Co., NC; died 11 Jun 1848,
 Gibson Co., TN;

married Elizabeth Huddleston
        1. John Sellers married Julia Fonville
        2.  Sarah Sellers married William Dixon Lewis; married
 #2 Thomas Fletcher (who

happens to be a great grandfather of my husband)
        3.  Mary Sellers
        4.  Robert Sellers born 25 April 1809; died 12 Aug 1893
 Caldwell County, Texas;

married Margaret Miller; married #2 Nancy Stuart Sellers
(daughter of Laird Sellers and

Annie Hackney)
        5.  Elizabeth Sellers married Reuben Biggs 02 Mar 1830 Gibson Co., TN
        6.  Kiziah Sellers married Charles Forrester/Foster 23 Oct 1839 Gibson Co., TN
        7.  Nancy Sellers married Elisha Easterwood
        8.  William "Isaac" Sellers born 11 Dec 1820, Gibson Co., TN;
 died 1848 Mexico City, Mexico; married Lucinda Jane Collum
     10. Jacob Sellers b. 1779, Burke Co., NC died after 1811 married Anna Scott
(daughter of John Scott Sr. and Agnes Reed)
        1. Elizabeth Sellers
        2. John Sellers
        3. James Sellers
        4. Robert Sellers born circa 1800 died 1838 Fayette Co., Texas;
 married Rebecca

Fletcher (daughter of William Fletcher and Leanna Unknown; again my husband's line)
        5.  Cynthia Sellers married Jesse Rankin 29 Dec 1820 Livingston Co., KY
        6.  Nancy Sellers born 1810 Livingston Co., KY married Andrew Blair
 09 Oct 1830 Gibson Co., TN (they can be found in 1850 Gibson Co., TN census with
 4 children)

I have verified much of the information and some was difficult to verify.
 Jacob was last found 1811 in Livingston Co., KY and cannot be found after that.
 You will find the Scotts in Livingston Co., KY, however.


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Georgia, Gibson Co, Tn, Nancy SELLERS married 1831 Andrew Blair.
If you have worked out a chart on Nancy SELLERS parents, would
appreciate sharing info - I haven't tied her to anyone, except the Blair
family was closely associated with a John SELLERS in Gibson Co,  I
believe he died ca 1829.
This Robert SELLERS didn't have a child this age.
Isaac SELLERS has a daughter Nancy.
I believe we are connected to ROBERTSON Co,Tn.
ANY help appreciated, marie, iowa

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If I remember correctly, Jacob did not show up in the census records of
Co., KY, but 1811 I think he showed up on a tax list.  Not sure about the
year.  They
have been hunting for Jacob ever since.  Didn't one of his children marry
there after

1820?  Jacob's child married Laird Sellers child.  Laird is a son of James
Sellers of

Chatham Co. NC.  Jacob was never in Gibson County, Tn - just is children
(makes me

think he was probably dead by 1830.

I am in the process of changing genealogy programs.  I have used Family
Roots for 15

years and am transferring that data to Family Tree Maker.  I've got over
16,000 names

and have only entered 4,000 so it will be a while.


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Georgia, thanks for getting right back to me - Will work on this a little
more, since I
have my papers all out - Yes, I did see the Fletcher marriages.
I just could NOT find Jacob SELLERS - perhaps the Scott connection may help
me and perhaps,

I'll be back with questions. Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa

James Sellers that died in Chatham Co., NC circa 1804 and Robert Sellers
Sr. of Burke  Co., NC are supposed to have a brother named John Sellers that we have not

been able to find.  Family history said that he owned a mill and we thought he went to

Pennsylvania but the naming pattern of the Sellers in Chesterfield
District, SC is so

similar to James Sellers children, i.e., Isaac, Hardy, John.  Are there any
Young Sellers in this line?  James' children are in Maury, Williamson and Lawrence

Counties, Tennessee very early in the 1800's.  Robert's family may be found
in Gibson County, Tennessee.  I wonder if there could be a connection?

Georgia Burnett Fletcher

My research has shown that the Rev. War James Sellers that died in Grainger
Co., TN, was of German descent whereas our James Sellers of Chatham Co., NC,  is

supposed to be Scottish.  I know he was in the same county but the Grainger County bunch

went to Missouri.  Look at my Missouri info that Marie posted on this family.  I

would say they are definitely German descent.  There are just too many Roberts, James and

Johns in this family.  I can't sort them out.  I just looked up my info on Young

Sellers' daugher (this Young is the son of James that died in Chatham Co., NC circa


Young's daughter Sarah married W. J. Page (you will find them in the 1850
Chatham Co.,NC census with Young Sellers born 1784 in the household).  Sarah Sellers

Page named her children: James J., Joseph M., Isaac Y. (Young?), Chesley E., Nathaniel L.,

Nancy G.,
Ainey M.

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GEORGIA - Thanks, I have seen this story also, but, no source of proof
and  I can't prove it either. So looking for more connections to these
families. marie, iowa

chickflet wrote:

> My records show that Robert Sellers born 1765 that married Sarah Hall
> is the son of > > Robert Sellers Sr. of Burke County, NC. I don't know where they were
> before NC but > supposedly a brother John went  to Pennsylvania and owned a mill
> there.  No record has > ever been found on this.  There were 3 brothers:  Robert Sr.of Burke
> County, NC, James > of Chatham Co., NC that died circa 1804 and John Sellers.  James of
> Chatham County did > > name a son Young Sellers, which is also a name found in Robert Sr.'s
> line.
> Georgia Fletcher