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Tattnall Co., GA  MARRIAGES From 1802 to 1850
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Subject:  [MCEACHIN-L] Excerpts from "Footprints in Appling County
1818-1978" Ruth T. Baron

Chapter 12 GRAHAM

The town of Graham was born when Seaborn Hall Sr.,  a farmer, living
Graham and the Altamaha River and having extensive land holdings near what
later became Graham, decided in 1876 to open a general store there and
the first settler.  He ran this store until he retired in 1876.  The late
Mrs. J. Hines Sellers remembered hearing that he acquired much of his land
trading pinto poines for it.
   Seaborn Hall was born in Tattnall County, 3-3-1808, his birthplace being
only twelve miles from Graham, and was the son of Lewis and Nancy Colley
Hall, native of North Carolina.  He moved to Appling County as a young man
after marrying Anne Gainey of Montgomery County on February 23, 1826,  Anne
lived less than a year and he then married Miss Crissie Quinn, daughter of
Celey and John Quinn on January 15, 1829.
     The children of this union were John  F. Hall who married Mary Mobley:
Elizabeth, who married Lemuel Sellers: Alfred, who was a lieutenant in
Company I, 26th Volunteer Georgia Infantry and died of smallpox in a
hospital; Adeline, who Middleton Graham first and after his death married
J. Davis; Lucinda,who married Osgood A. Lee. Captain of Co. F. 27th Georgia
Infantry, and was killed at the Battle of Seven Pines in Virginia, later
marrying Willis Clary; and Alston H. who married Christina (Crissie)
   At the same time Jefferson Davis was captured in Irvin County on May 10,
John C. Breckinridge, a member of Davis' cabinet, spent a week at the home
Seaborn Hall near Graham, Georgia. When the Confederate Government went to
pieces, a last cabinet meeting was held at Washington, Georgia.  The
of the cabinet separated to prevent being  captured by the Federal
Government.  President Davis went by Dublin, Georgia and on down to
Irwinville, where he was captured.  General Breckinridge came south,
the Altamaha River at Town Bluff and made his way to the home of Seaborn
in Appling County.
   When the news of the capture of Mr. Davis reached Mr. Hall and General
Breckinridge, Breckinridge decided to leave the United States.  Mr. Hall,
after entertaining him in a great fashion for a week or more, took his
distinguished guest in a buggy to Florida where he boarded a steamer and
good his escape.  The trip was made by riding at night and hiding out
the day.  When they parted General Breckinridge was overwhelmed with
gratitude to Mr. Hall, who refused to accept any remuneration for his
hospitality, and insisted that Hall accept his gold watch as a token of his
friendship and esteem.  Judge Elisha Graham, a grandson, fell heir to the
watch and wore it as long as he lived.  Mr. Hall was also given a gold
trimmed saddle.
   In 1883-1884, J. L. Herrington, D. W. Johnson, D. Mc Eachin and J. Long
and Baker were operating stores in or near Graham.  In 1886-87,  Herington
and Johnson were still in business and A. C. Darling and Company and A. M.
Mims and Company were also operating a store.  From 1890 to 1899, the
directories listed only two stores in Graham: Crosby and Company and Hall
Williams.  About this time, many of the big timber operators were moving to
other counties to reap profits there.
     Among the early settlers in the Graham community wre the John C.
Braudas;  the Branches; the B. F. Bullards; the Crosbys; George, J. H.,
Robert, and S.A.: the A.C. Darlings; the J. W. Gills; the Googes; the
Grahams: Adeline, John, and Middleton: the Higgs; the Walter Hiltons; the
Halls:  Alston, John F., Dr. Patrick H. and Seaborn; The Johnsons: Lemuel,
W., Malcon, Matthew, and Dr. Seab; the Herringtons; the Livingstons; the
lords; the Lynns; Hiram and R.R.; the Mobleys: Bird H.; the John Miles; the
John Pattersons; the Sellers: Lemuel and Samuel F.; the Sessoms: Aleander;
the Stones: M.L. and W.L.; and the John Welchs.

Tattnall County, GA= made in 1801 from Montgomery, Liberty
lays next to Bulloch
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Subject: Tattnall County, GA
> >From The Georgia Genealogical Magazine Jan 1966 page 1264 & 1265
> Roster of Capt. John P. Blackmon's Company Tenth Battalion ( Tattnall
> County);
> Second Brigade ( Gen. Samuel BYNE's ) First Division Georgia Militia
> War 1812 ( from Georgia State Archives)
> Mustered in Jan. 10 1814; stationed at Fort James on Milligan's Bluff ,
> Pain's Landing , on the Altamaha river , two miles above the mouth of
> Beard's
> Creek , for the protection of the frontier against Indian attack; and was
> mustered out and discharged on March 10, 1814

> Captain John P. BLACKMONT
> Lieutenant Edmond Page WESTER
> Ensign Samuel SELLERS
> Sergeant Henry SAPP
> Anderson, Amos
> Bexter , Israel
> Bexter, Stephen H.
> Bowen, Levi
> Branch, James
> Bryant, John
> Buie, John
> Burt, Cornelius
> Carter , William
> Clark Thomas
> Coleman, Wade
> Collins, Hardy
> Cooper, Jesse
> Coursey, James
> Daniel , Aaron
> Dees, John
> Dees, Matthew
> Dick, John
> Dryden, John
> Durrence,Jesse
> Durrence, John
> Durrence, William
> Dyess, Henry Jr.
> Enson, William
> Ellis, Thomas
> Ellis, William
> Fiveash, Sion
> Frier, Henderson
> Fulford, Charles B.
> Hardin ,Patrick
> Hodges, Nathan
> Holland, David
> Holland, Dempsey
> Hoover, John
> Hunter, Silas
> Jernigan, Elias
> Jackson, Landon
> Johnson, John
> Johnson, Randall
> Jones, Jacob
> Jones, Matthew
> Joyce, William
> Kelley, Morris
> Kennedy, Edward
> Lastinger, George
> McClellan, Silas
> McKinnon, John
> Mcmillan,Malcolm
> McNabb, Daniel
> Martin, George
> Mattox, John
> Mims, Drewry/
> Prescott, John
> Reddish, Drewry
> Rigdon, Daniel
> Sadler, James
> Sasser, Howell
> Sikes, Sier ( Josiah)
> Smith, William Jr.
> Stanley, Shadrach
> Strickland , Aaron
> Strickland, David
> Strickland, Reubin
> Tillman, James/
> Tullis, Richard
> Turner, Jesse
> Wilson, Risby
> Wood, Dempsey
> Worthington, Micajah.
> on Page 1263 & 1264   Samuel Padgett elected by men  2nd Lieutenant in
Capt.> James Jones'Volunteer Militia Company South Carolina Troops Revolutionary
> War.