My name is Gary Sellers, I live in Lansing Mich.  M G-G-Grandparents,Joseph
Hannah Sellers, left the Toronto area and settled in Broomfield twp,
Co. Mich.during the early 1870's. The identity of Joseph's birth mother is
mystery. Joseph was born in 1837 in Scarborough, Ont., and his father,
was married in 1844 to a Mary Little.
  I would appreciate hearing from anyone with knowledge of Joseph or

                            Thank  you

GARY - will send thro our SELLERS discussion group - we do have members
on the CANADA and MICHIGAN SELLERS and perhaps they can help us.
Did they have death certificates or obituaries when Joseph died?
Could you check earlier marriages for Robert?

We don't have a lot of documents posted on Canada - I did see a Robert
born 1791? Ontario  CE  Scotland. This was the 1871 census and I mayNot be
reading it properly. But, he was 80 yrs old. maybe he was living in Ontario
born Scotland. You would probably be more familiar with how to read these
Canadian census than me.
Did any of their kids come to US? - marie, iowa

GARY - Thanks - Hope our SELLERS group can help -
We have Good Michigan Helpers -
I don't know about CANADA - We have several members - Perhaps Not Active Now-
But,willing to share info .

ANY CONTACTS - Please, Send the First letter of Contact/Info to our SELLERS group that has Shared/Given us this info.

CAN YOU read /understand these CANADA census?
CAN you study England, etc information?

I'm sure some of our SELLERS members can - But, If They /You Don't send info, we can't post it on our SELLERS WEB PAGE!
So Others can find YOU/Them/Us-

IT is Very Important That We Share ALL SELLERS/ALL SPELLINGS
MANY of Us are the Same Families

GARY, share what you Can - Ask our SELLERS group What you Need =
and probably any education or url numbers you can give us on Canada, etc for searching
could be used by our SELLERS-

THANKS, marie, iowa

   Hi Marie;
          I have not located a death certificate for Joseph, only a small
mention in the Mt. Pleasant ( Mich.) newspaper.
          It is possible Robert was married in England, he was born there. He
died in Scarborough Ont in 1895. I don't know if there is an obit for him or
not. He was 85 when he died. I would like to think someone wrote one for him.
  If I can help someone with Michigan research, i'd be glad to do it.


 Does anyone have any copies of a newsletter not in print anymore called
"Sellers Letters". The cover contained I believe all the known variations

                    Gary Sellers

GARY - I believe LDS in Utah and perhaps TX has copies of these to read.
Several of us still use ours - I do lookups and still check articles in
marie, iowa

Thank you for the tip, Marie. I was just offered a copy, but if that
work out, i will try the LDS.

Mervin Emerson Sellers b Dec 23 1901 Broomfield twp Isabella co Mich.
    Married Hazel A. Goodenough in Mt Pleasant Mich
         Died  April 23 1957 in Lansing Mich

                Great grandparents;
   John Wesley Sellers  b Aug 22 1870 near Toronto Canada
      Married  Orita P Lamb June 17 1894 , Millbrook, Mecosta Co Mich.
         Died Jan 3 1919 of influenza, Broomfield twp Isabell co, Mich.

            Great-great grandparents;
 Joseph Sellers b 1837 maybe Scarborough Ont, Can., maybe Scarborough,
Yorkshire England.
           Married Hannah Hutchinson, Nov 29 1862 in Malvern, Scarborough
twp, York co., Ontario, Can. Came to Michigan 1871.
        Died Oct 8 1880 in Broomfield twp, Isabella co. Mich.

        Robert Sellers  b Apr 1809 prob. Scarborough Yorkshire co England.
 I don't know when he left England.
  Was married in 1844 to a Mary Little of Scarborough, Ont.  I don't think
she was Joseph's mother. Still working on that. I have a lady in
England helping me on just that.
     Robert died March 8 1895 in Scarborough Can.
     I believe Robert's parents were Joseph and Mary (Ash) Sellers of
Yorkshire England.


 As I posted yesterday, Mervin is my grandfather, John W. is my
greatgrandfather, Hannah is my g-g-grandmother and Robert P. and William A.
are John's brothers.


 I just read Susan's e-mail and wanted to make couple of corrections.

 Under the William Sellers family the son is Donald not Drake. Under the
Sellers family the youngest son is Mervin, not Merwin. He is my grand
 His name is misspelled often.