By Sarah Broadbent



From Hal []
Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2004 4:07 PM
Subject: Garber Sellars gravesites at Brush Creek, Knobb Creek Wash. Co. Tn followup


Attachment enclosed of the Samuel A. Garber Bible page graphically illustrating the Cholera Epidemic of l844 in Washington County, Tennessee.The page from the Garber Family Bible of Samuel A. Garber and his wife Lydia Arnold {Garber} well as the Church of the Brethren reference material that Sarah Broadbent has brought to our attention are items I have not perused........wonder if Sarah could check for us if the archival Brethren material can fill us in on more details of the Sellars and Garbers. Never expected to hear about a document that actually describes the physical characteristics of my own  4th great grandmother, Catherine Erbaugh {Garber} born 9-25-1794 in Virginia, married 3-29-1803 Virginia and died August 7th, 1838 near the Garber family home situated off the Brush Creek in Washington County, Tn. Catherine was the mother of Nancy Garber {Sellar's}. I think there must be some accounts of where the local Tennessee people were taking these bodies all over Washington County in the records that still survive. Is there an organization that has arhived these records for all to see? Anyone interested in checking newspaper accounts....posting queries on the various state and county GEN COM web sites in Washington and Carter Counties, Tn ?? 

Samuel A. Garber was the oldest brother of Nancy Garber Sellars and they lived in the Knobb Creek and Brush Creek settlements near the Watauga river in Washington County, Tennessee.  Samuel A. Garber was born 4-1-1806 and was married to Lydia Arnold 11-27-1827. I have not looked for Samuel's date of death yet. The reference material that Sarah Braodbent sent is definitely applicable to the Sellars family in case anyone out there does not see the need for Garber information. Knowing about Brush Creek in Washington County, Tennessee might bring us closer to another family cemetery that has been overlooked.

There could be a bonanza waiting .... a private family cemetery perhaps....  somewhere around JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE and I think we should give Sarah Broadbent and her brother all the help we can to aid in their search of the surrounding area for the family cemetery of the Sellars family. What is particularly interesting about this Samuel A. Garber family is the way the CHOLERA EPIDEMIC OF 1844 almost completely wiped out this family in just a matter of a few months. The burials just kept on coming ....there was no relief !  Nancy Garber, from David Sellars second marriage, died from this cholera epidemic as well on May 12th, l844. Is there a cemetery near BRUSH CREEK or KNOBB CREEK IN WASHINGTON COUNTY TENNESSEE ????? Anyone know ?  Smaller, private cemeteries, those laying on private properties, farms etc.... are sometimes inventoried in local is one of  Santa Cruz, California's genealogical society's top priorities'd be surprised to find how many cemeteries can be found in Santa Cruz the smallest county in California {San Francisco County is now entirely a city domain and has no public cemeteries ......{almost all the bodies in SF having been dug up in l914 and dumped into a mass gravesite in Colma}. No respect for the dead in this state anymore !

 I am in the process of updating my Garber pedigree charts but Floyd Mason {See google}has already published alot of the details regarding the Garber family and has several Garber books in print that can be ordered on line.

 The Michael Garber family is an associated family to the Sellars of Augusta and Rockingham Couty's Virginia. Michael Garber {ca. 1775 VA - 1846 Wash.Co.TN.} collected up his family in 1834 and moved from Augusta County, Virginia and settled near KNOBB CREEK in Washington Co. Tn.

 Hope this fills in the details of Sarah Broadbents generous contributions.

 Yours,Hal Rogers