"Lori Sotelo" <ldsotelo@msn.com>

The last week I went to Habersham County to do a little digging.  Here are
some of the goodies I found.

Habersham Marriages:

John Sellers / Jane Prince 11/28/1839  Book A / Page 305
James Sellers / Alice Parker Tabor  8/5/1858  B/157
Henry Sellers / Rebecca Prince  10/18/1849  B/69
John P. Sellers / Rosa B. Hunt*  10/16/1879  C/150 *We always knew her as
Rosa Belle Maines
James Sellers / Mary Allen  1/15/1866  B/241
Isaac Sellers / Marietta King  ooops forgot to write date  C/124
C. H. Sellers / Lou Stott  4/28/1878  C/129

Note:  I took photocopies of Henry Sellers / Rebecca Prince and John P.
Sellers / Rosa B. Hunt Marriage Entries.

Habersham County, Georgia Minutes Books

James Prince   Book 2 / Page 311  (Land Grant Entry)
James Prince   6 / 99 (Probate)
Coonard Sellers 6 / 103
C. H. Sellers  7 / 192 - 193
Henry T. Sellers 7 / 256

:        "CAROLE S. WALKER" <mott@cetlink.net>

Ephriam SELLERS married SARAH E. PRINCE, White, on August 30, 1857 in
Habersham County, Georgia.


James Sellers, of Habersham County, Georgia, b. North Carolina,
> married
> Anne Parker Alice Tabor on August 5, 1858 by Ephraim Sellers, J.P. and he
> also married a Mary Ann Allen on January 15, 1866 in Habersham County,
> Georgia. (Ephraim Sellers was from Haywood County, as were all the Sellers
> in Habersham County, Georgia at that time, and we can't place this man in
> our "tree".)
> I can't find this man in 1860, 1870 or 1880 in any census. There were no
> documents in the courthouse of Habersham County, Georgia on any James
> Sellers that I could find when I went searching for our Sellers there.
> Carole



CELLARS, JAMES, Household/Dwelling # 727/727, 20, male, farmer, $200 Pers
prop born SC, can't read/write.
      "            AILIS R. A., 17, female, housekeeper, b GA

Hope it helps someone out there!

Betty Cooper