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[MABARNST] Obituaries

The following are obituaries taken from the Yarmouth register 1836-1838

December 29, 1836

Also, on Friday morning, Mrs. Lydia, wife of Mr. William MANNING, 59.
Drowned, on Tuesday last in Pascoag Village, Burrillville, Peleg Henry, son
of Mr. Peleg HATHAWAY of Freetown, Massachusetts, 13 years.
In Brooklyne, Connecticut on Sunday 17th inst., the venerable
philanthropist, George BENSON in the 85th year of his age.
On board shiip HELLESPONT, 21st September, on the passage from Batavia,
James BARNARD, son of Josiah BARNARD of Nantucket.
Lost overboard, 12th inst., on the passage from Brunswick, Georgia to
Wilmington, North Carolina, Mr. Charles Tuke SELLERS, 2nd officer of brig