EMANUEL CO, GA =   created on Dec. 10, 1812   from portions of Bulloch and Montgomery  counties.
 portions of Emanuel  County were used to create the following   counties:
Johnson (1858), Jenkins and Toombs (1905), Candler (1914), and Treutlen (1918).


       Clyde Hooks <c_hooks@bellsouth.net>
Subject:  Re: [GAEMANUE-L] Elijah Lamb

Daniel Baird wrote:

> When I was going through some of the cemetery records on the Emanuel Co.
site, I > found mention of a Lamb Cemetery- does anyone have any information about
where > it is located or what families are buried there?        Thanks, Heather

>From downtown Swainsboro, at the intersection of U.S. 1 and U.S. 80, take
U.S. 80
west, towards Adrian, for about 3.6 miles, and turn right on Old McLeod
Bridge Road.  Continue for about 4.9 miles, and the cemetery will be on your left.

Some of the names of people buried there are: Beasley, Bush, Canady,
Coleman, Coursey, Giles, Grant, Henry, Hudson, Jones, Kersey, McGee, Meeks, Moore,
Page, Peebles, Perkins, Prysock, Scarboro, Scott, Sellers, Smith, Webb, Wilson,
and Woods.


       Fri, 26 Jul 2002 10:03:07 -0400
       "Claudia Cannady" <CannadyGal@msn.com>

We recently learned that the old John Cannady in
Emanuel County was indeed the father of our
Daniel B. (Barrien ?) Cannady.  We were searching
in N.C. and S.C.  The Edenfields(Edinfield-Edingfield)
was from Barnwell and most of the Cannady females
married Edenfield's.  I also believe Aurin G. Horn
was connected to the family.  I am going to look
up Sellars, Burkhalter on some cd's that I have
to see if they were listed in the same area.
You never know when someone has the missing
piece of your puzzle.
Thanks for responding and keep me informed.
Dee will do lookups for you re the Sellar line.
Take care,

       Sat, 27 Jul 2002 08:33:07 -0400
       "Claudia Cannady" <CannadyGal@msn.com>
Remind me later to look up your Sellers as I have the Emanuel County Cemetery Book.
We (sister-in-law) started our genealogy research in February of 2000.  Once a year we try to make a trip to Emanuel County, Ga.