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I am trying to locate any information available on a
"KIZZIAH ELIZABETH SELLERS" who was born on October 28, 1852, and spent most of her life in Anadarko, Caddo County, Oklahoma.
She married a Peter E. Hubbard and had three children, Maggie M. Hubbard Parker (b. 10/04/1869), Jannie W. Hubbard Sellers (b. 11/8/1873, and George Washington Hubbard (b.9/7/1877).
I would assume that Jannie married one of her mother's cousins or nephews.

If anyone descends through Jannie and would like information
on her parent's lines I will be more than happy to load you down.  If anyone
recognizes any of these names please contact me directly as I belong to so
many list that I have a hard time checking each of them with regularity.

Happy holidays

Regards, Fred Hawthorne

God enjoys receiving knee-mails.  -or-

FRED, welcome.

WHERE married?
WHERE born
WHERE kids born in 1869/1873/1877?
THEN maybe our SELLERS can see YOU and YOUR family.

OKLAHOMA census records start ca 1901, so we must find out the Other areas to find them.
Thanks for sharing.
marie, iowa

In my original message (see below) I listed everything I
know about the SELLERS line.  I do, however, suspect that this family may
have well migrated to Oklahoma from Mississippi.  My connection to the SELLERS
is through the Hubbard and Williams lines.
 Kizziah married a Peter E.Hubbard (where, I don't know) and their son George married into the Williams family.
The Williams migrated to Oklahoma from Randolph, Pontotoc
County, Mississippi, in 1992-93.  I fear that I have hit my wall on both the SELLERS
and HUBBARD lines with Kizziah and Peter as I know nothing of their
parents.  The only clue that I have is that Kizziah was eligible for some sort
of government grant due to her American Indian heritage.  I don't know if
this connection was maternal or paternal, however, I would guess that it was
maternal because of the SELLERS surname.
The second clue is that Kizziah's daughter, Jannie, married a SELLERS.
 I don't know if this marriage took place
in Oklahoma as this daughter was born in 1873 and I'm not sure when
Kizziah's family migrated.  I also don't know when Oklahoma was opened to
white settlers.
If this SELLERS that Jannie married was either a cousin or
nephew of Kizziah's, and I could learn where the marriage took place, it would
help in my search.
I am hoping that with a name like "Kizziah" will "pop" up in
someone's research, and even if there is no apparent connection, I
would appreciate hearing from you.

FRED, thanks.
Did you tell us WHO JANNIE W. HUBBARD 1873 married? a SELLERS? His name and Names of ANY of their KIDS? Please Resend.

WE may have a couple census/letters, etc on Simpson and ? Co,  MS = 1850

There was a PETER HUBBARD born 1849  and 1835 =  yours?
DID you send AGES?
OTHERWISE, start with FIRST, oldest PROVEn family and their ages and birth places.
IF you  have census in 1900 they show this info.
IF you have obits , they may show this info.

I don't think? I found on 1880 census?memory-
WE have SELLERS IN 1900 OK , if you know JANNIE'S husband? might help?

BUT, NO 1860 census to kinda prove families from 1850, etc
OUR 1850 and 1860 SELLERS don't kinda match?
MAYBE someone can Show us the connection.

THE goverment GRANT may give you info on Her or His parents -
PLEASE try and obtain.
There was a SELLERS and maybe a  HUBBARD listed on this county on some kind of claim?
I believe it was an IDA SELLERS.
ANYONE know her?

THANKS for sharing - Keep on -
marie, iowa

       Tue, 29 Jan 2002 19:05:25 EST

I saw your ALLEN SELLERS 1825/MS/OK/TX postings to the Sellers List and thought that I would drop you a note as I have hit a solid brick wall with my Sellers line.  All I know is that a Kizziah Elizabeth Sellers (b.1852)
married a Peter E. Hubbard around 1867 in either Mississippi, Texas, or Oklahoma.  They had four children:
                            Maggie M. Hubbard (b. October 04, 1869)
                            D. James Hubbard  (b. April 22, 1872)
                            Jannie W. Hubbard (b. November 8, 1873)
                            George Washington Hubbard (Sept. 7, 1877)

Peter was killed in Spanish American War and Kizziah took her family to live with Peter's brother John in Oklahoma.  Any help connecting Kizziah to a Sellers family would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Fred Hawthorne

FRED, thanks.
I believe you stated their daughter JANNIE HUBBARD 1873 married a SELLERS?
IS THIS your connection?
IF SO, Send her husband and kids names, etc,
where married, born and went, etc
SO others can find!
marie, iowa

FRED , GO TO  usgenweb, and counties/states and FIND your family in 1870 and probably 1860 =
WE need this 1860/70 info=
READ an 1870 CENUS on PETER HUBBARD and send info

SEE who there neighbors were etc.=
OR WHAT county/state their kids born? =

THEY may connect to =
1880  Census Place: Freestone, Texas
 Source: FHL Film 1255304  National Archives Film T9-1304     Page 468A
 Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
John D. SELLERS Self M M W 35 MS
 Occ: Farmer Fa: MS Mo: SC
E. J. SELLERS Wife F M W 23 MS
 Occ: Keeping House Fa: MS Mo: MS
   Fa: MS Mo: MS
Mary SELLERS Mother F W W 56 SC
 Occ: At Home Fa: SC Mo: SC
Charity SELLERS Sister F S W 16 MS
 Occ: At Home Fa: MS Mo: MS
F. W. SELLERS Brother M S W 20 MS
 Occ: Farm Laborer Fa: MS Mo: SC
Kizziah HUBBARD Sister F W W 26 MS
 Occ: At Home Fa: MS Mo: SC
Maggie HUBBARD Niece F S W 11 MS
 Occ: At Home Fa: MS Mo: MS
Jane HUBBARD Niece F S W 8 MS
   Fa: MS Mo: MS
James HUBBARD Nephew M S W 6 MS
   Fa: MS Mo: MS
Geo. HUBBARD Nephew M S W 4 TX
   Fa: MS Mo: MS
W. W. SPEED Cousin M S W 23 MS
 Occ: Farm Laborer Fa: SC Mo: SC

           Wed, 30 Jan 2002 20:00:40 EST

Marie, I did not mention that Kizziah Sellers Hubbard's
daughter, Jannie Hubbard, married a Sellers, however, she did just that.  I
don't know who the Sellers was and I do not have any information on Jannie and
??? Sellers.

I have learned through the help of, Marie Sellers Hollinger,
a list member, that Kizziah Sellers was born in Mississippi as was living
with her brother, John D. Sellers, in Freestone, Texas, when the 1880 census
was taken.  I also know that this Sellers family was in the Andarco, Oklahoma,
by 1900.  Any information that anyone has on this family would be greatly

FRED, thanks.
WHO lived there =
WHO died there=

DID any of these families live in CHICKASAW Co, OK?
WHERE did YOUR child go -
kids names =
and living WHERE in 1880 and 1900?

marie, iowa

Anadarko, OK, is located in Chickasha County.  (It appears that I had misspelled "Anadarko", however, I double checked "Chickasha".  This county is just southwest of Oklahoma City.

My Kizziah Sellers Hubbard lived until her death in 1954 at the ripe old age of 101.
I don't know about her brother, however, I do have some info on her son George Hubbard who lived in OK, CA,and died in MS.

Regards, Fred Hawthorne

FRED, thanks.
looked at a few MS census, I believe in Smith and Simpson Co and they kinda matched up till 1850? and I believe the 1860 kids weren't on the 1850 census?
SOME of our SELLERS working on these families = check the people pages at TOP of the STATE page may be able to help you Sort this out and send results.

MY records only till ca 1920 and mostly on SELLERS.
USE usgenweb for county and state info .
THANKS, marie, iowa

Marie, I don't have a clue as to how you have your Sellers information filed but you seem to have a system that works and I am very interested in how you accomplish this remarkable feat.  Do you use a spreadsheet format?  Is there something we, as list subscribers, can do to help with your task?

This is just a thought:

I would guess that 95%+ of the list subscribers have either "Excel" or "Works Spreadsheet from Microsoft" loaded on their computers and if we all had some type template that could be filled out listing the known info on each of our Sellers it could be merged (by doing a "cut & paste") into your master list.  I am a long way from being proficient as it relates to setting up of systems using either of the above listed programs, but I'm quite sure that someone on the list would be, and with a joint effort we could perhaps come up with a dBase that we could all work with.  I don't know which software program would be best to use but I would guess "Works Spreadsheet" would probably be the most universal. (I think that "Excel" will read "Works", however, I don't know if the reverse is true.)  My thoughts are that once a list member filled out the template and submitted it you could do a "cut & paste" of their submission and add it to a master list.  Perhaps once a month or so you could make the master list available for download.  Once we had the list loaded into our own systems we could then do a "sort" of any column and perhaps locate lost or missing family connections as well as find other list members that have the same lines.

Regards,  Fred Hawthorne  (

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FRED, Thank You for Caring.
I couldn't even open the attachment you sent me!
IF you want to try and resend, okay. My computer didn't know .xlr?
so, that means I don't know it either.

I can SEE where short GedCom's from Proven families could be saved as
gedcom's and shared with our members.
And we could Connect these and continue them on .
And this would have a better index than we have now.
WE do Not have a GedCom for All of us now .
If AnyOne interested, SEND Your GedCom File on your SELLERS family = Just to
Last Proven SELLERS and we can start a file.

WE started several years ago and When we Included too many of the Older
families, it didn't
work. TOO many diff ideas and errors.
BUT, short files would work and could be continued on by others.

I am NOT computer wise and I and some of our members must have something
Easy to see/trace and work from.
And something I can explain to them if needed.

THANKS for caring and sharing ideas.
marie, iowa

FRED, thanks. this one I could open and See your ideas!
I really have No ideas on how this would work or time to post. We do have a search engine on the Bottom of the Main Sellers Genealogy page that is kinda helpful.
and each of the county/state pages have names of people who have shared info.
However, this index is not updated, so the search engine helps find the places and names not indexed.
marie, iowa
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Marie, I suppose that my theory of everyone having "Works Spreadsheet" pre-loaded on their computers doesn't hold much water.  Some years ago I set up a "Roll Call" similar to the form that I have attached for one of a list that I subscribe to.  It allowed us to have a dBase of surnames for Pontotoc County, MS, and the address to contact the person that contributed the info.  This was nice to have, however, it was of limited value.  My thought is that if we had a national dbase for Sellers we may be able to find them as they migrated across the country.  I set this form up off the top of my head and I'm sure that there are people on the list that have better ideas than I.  Since this is done on a spreadsheet format the information listed can be sorted, and that it what would make it a powerful tool.  If you have 1,500 Sellers listed one could run a "sort" of Father's names, birth dates, or perhaps birth locations and quickly see all the Sellers listed that would match the selected criteria.  This way when you find a match, you find a cousin....

Regards,  Fred Hawthorne  (

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