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Marie -- I am very happy with the Sellers discussion group.  I am
to my Sellers research after a layoff of a couple of years during which I
researched my wife's family (Neece).  In the course of it, I discovered
family lived within 50 miles of mine in Illinois in the 1850s, but she
and I
met in Denver and she grew up in Idaho.

I am of the Henry Sellers Sr. and Henry Sellers Jr., lines of Clark and
Co., OH and later of Montgomery Co., IL.  They were respectively my
ggg-grandfather and gg-grandfather.  I am descended from Henry Jr.'s son
Samuel Sellers/Ruth Isabella Beck of Montgomery Co., IL.  I have
Ohmart, Grisso, Alt, Beck, Blair, Crist, Frantz, Fudge, Garst, Hagler,
Mallow, Linville, Traylor, Weaver, Webb, Whitten and Zeller lines.

Members of this family, esp. Barbara Ohmart Sellers and her son John
Sellers b. 1835 in Logan Co., OH, moved to the area of Bourbon, IN in the
1850s after Henry Sellers Jr. death in 1848.  John Henry Sellers became a
widely known minister in the Brethren church, and I have a large amount
information on that family also.  It would take days to write down the
information I have about all parts of the Henry Sellers Sr, Henry Sellers
and Barbara Ohmart lines.

I hope this is of value.  Thank you again for your message.
Frank Sellers

        From: FRANK

In Blanchard's 1884 History of Morgan, Monroe, and Brown Counties,
there is the following:

Jordan Sellers, m. Mary Mason.  Natives of Virginia.  Son Bartley, second
child, born in Guilford Co., North Carolina in 1830.  They moved to
in 1850.  She died in Morgan Co., in 1856, he later lived with son Peter
Hendricks Co., Indiana.  There were nine children in all, including Peter
lived in Plainfield; Bartley, b. 10-21-1830, m. Mary Wright, lived in
Mooresville, IN; and Abijah, b. 1834, m. Mary Bowman, lived in

            marie sellers hollinger <>
            Jack Sellers <>,

FRANK - I do have copies of the SELLERS LETTERS if you want a look up on
family = give me name,date,places -
Also, I believe the Editor, Mary Inglis is a member of our SELLERS
GROUP - altho she is More Active on a couple other subjects now.
We have some info posted on Clark Co, OH and a little on Franklin Co, IN
- And
don't know where you are in IL?
Which Family do you connect to?   Best is to send me a small Name, Date,
and I'll  send it thro the SELLERS group - Then You Reach ALL
marie, iowa
Jack Sellers wrote:

> Hi,
> A Mary Inglis published the Sellers Letters in the early 80's I
> It became somewhat of a bulletin board with people sending her their
> genealogy and she in turn would publish their reports.  Here's what she
> told me recently:
> "Several libraries across the country have all copies of SELLERS
> and all issues were either microfilmed or on microfiche by the Family
> History Library and could be borrowed by interlibrary load to view at
> your nearest branch of that library."
> Are you familiar with the Sellers List on Rootsweb?  It is a lively
> discussion group where you can post messages to the entire list and
they go
> out via email.  Likewise everyone else's posting come to your email
> address.  The average is about 10 or 12 emails daily.  If you're
> interested, contact marie sellers hollinger <>
> Ask her for information on subscribing to the Sellers List.  She
> the list.  Normally they ask new subscribers to post their Sellers
> genealogy - at least the direct descendent including date of
> locations County/State.  When sending to the List, you have to put
> everything in the body of the message - no attachments or special
> punctuation such as Bold or underlined type.
> My ancestors go back to Gurley Sellers, Sr. in Nash Co. NC.  He had
> brothers, one of whom I'm sure is Jordan Sellers who ended up in
> If you have any info or links to Gurley or his family, I would greatly
> appreciate your inputs.
> Let me know if you are able to locate the Sellers Letters.
> Jack
> At 12:15 PM 10/4/99 -0400, you wrote:
> >I am interested in the Sellers letters you mentioned in your recent
> posting.
> >I have collected information on the Sellers family name from
throughout the
> >U.S. since about 1958.  If there is anything I can do to help you in
> >for information about the Sellers letters, I would be happy to check
> >everything I have for you.  My family arrived in IL from Clark Co., OH
> >1840s, some moved to central and northern Indiana in 1870s.  Mostly
> >around Bourbon, IN.
> >Frank Sellers

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-- Subject: Re: YOUNG SELLERS
-- Date: Fri, 8 Oct 1999 12:57:57 -0700 (PDT)

FRANK - Yes, they are - Young SELLERS 1805 NC (in Morgan Co,IN)
Son of ROBERT SELLERS  1765NC/1827 WASH CO, IN on the 1810 BURKE CO, NC census .
He could be a son or ? of the JAMES SELLERS died 1806 CHATHAM CO, NC.who had
a son YOUNG born ca 1784 NC
Someone else probably has ideas/more proof on this correct connection.
believe we know where the YOUNG name came from. Another SURNAME? marie,
iowa wrote:

> To add to the picture -- another Young Sellers paid the poll tax in
> Township, Morgan Co., Indiana in 1842.  Surely this name suggests a
> family passing along an unusual name.
> Frank Sellers

             chickflet <>

Young Sellers born 1805, son of Robert Sellers is not the son of James
Sellers of Chatham Co., NC.  That Young Sellers stayed in Chatham County,
NC and was last found living with his son-in-law, W. Jesse Page, in 1850
Chatham Co., NC.  The Young Sellers you are looking for is son of Robert
Jr., son of Robert Sr. of Burke Co., NC.

Georgia L. Fletcher

FRANK - Thanks, mainly we need Where Benjamin SELLERS was Born in KY -
his middle name was EDWARD? Most Civil War files come in a medium tan 8x12
envelope - if that helps in the search!
Or was his brother? Leonard SELLERS in civil war? his papers may say where
Also Any wars that this WILLIAM SELLERS may have been in - War of 1812 IL?
were we still in KY?

If you could send an  extraction of the ladys" family listed below, so,
we'd know
Who they are and Where they went - I'm sure some of our SELLERS would be

Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa
========== wrote:

> Marie--I must admit defeat so far in finding that record of Benjamin
> Sellers.  I had it in 1979 because I copied it to the card system I was
> at the time.  I'll keep searching.
> I found a 1979 letter from Mr. Dorothy Foulke Sellars (John L. "Jay"), of
> Lee's Summit, MO.  She took the time to tell me that her husband
> from Samuel Sellars born c. 1770 in GA or SC.  He d. after 1860 in TN,
> he had a wife named Susannah Curry.  It sounds familiar to me from recent
> discussions, but I couldn't find the exact conversations in my old
> She named six children.  I will copy out the letter if you wish.
> Frank

My own family knew the family of Asa Franklin Sellers.  Asa, who lived in
Bond Co., IL, and died in Montgomery Co., IL, told the elders in my family
that he came to Illinois from West Virginia.  His Civil War service was
Bond Co., IL. He was a private in Co. F, 117th Infantry, from Bond County.
He mustered in Sept. 19, 1862 and mustered out Aug. 5, 1865.  He is buried
Traylor Cemetery, also known as Walnut Grove Cemetery, in East Fork
Montgomery Co., IL.

His daughter Carrie told my family members that Asa's parents had died when
Asa was young.  She said Asa was age 2 or 3 when his father died, and 4 or
when his mother died.  He was then raised by his mother's grandparents.
Another of Asa's children, Curt Sellers, always said his father had been
in Pennsylvania.  Asa Sellers received a total disability pension of $100 a
month from his Civil War service.

This is Asa Franklin Sellers death certificate as filed at the Montgomery
Co., IL courthouse in Hillsboro, IL:
Died:           August 17, 1904
Occupation: Farmer
Marital Status:     Married
Age:            77 years, 2 months, 23 days
Place of Birth: Pennsylvania
Length of Residence:    43 years in Illinois
Place of death: Coffeen
Cause:          Paralysis
Buried:         Walnut Grove
"Suffered 39 years of chronic diarrhea."

His wife was Josephine Hamilton, who was known in the community as "Aunt
Jose."  Her obituary said she was born 10-25-1836 in Tazewell Co., IL.  She
died 2-15-1914.  She is buried next to Asa Sellers.  The death certificate
son William C. (Curt) Sellers said his mother Josephine was born in Kansas.
I have no explanation of that.

There were six children (there is some discrepancy in birth dates, these
the best I have been able to gather):
1.  Ernest E., b. 10-27-1862, d. 3-3-1884.
2.  William C. (Curt), b. 4-23-1863, d. 12-12-1940, m. (1) Lucy Ann Thacker
8-24-           1886, m. (2) Doris Matthewson, nee Cundiff (after first
died), farmer.
3.  Frederick C. (Freddie), b. 3-25-1869, d. 2-11-1899, a mine worker, died
of TB.
4.  Sherman Adolphus, b. 9-25-1874 in Bond Co., d. 10-3-1926, m. Carrie L.
    Edwards Harris, 3-7-1902.  He was a miner.  They were divorced Nov.
    1908, grounds were his drunkenness
5.  Carrie, b. 1876-77, m. (1) Christopher C. Thacker on 11-1-1894, age
as 18,          m. (2) ________ Richmond (after first husband died).
6.  Matella Cordelia, b. 1870, m. Albert Allen Hittle, 11-11-1909, he was a
farmer in           Bond County.

Ernest and Freddie both have inscription on their tombstone they were the
sons of Asa and Josephine.

The obituary listed her heirs at her death in 1914:
W. C. Sellers of Coffeen, son
Carrie Thacker of Coffeen, daughter
Sherman Sellers of Coffeen, son
Mayme McCaslin of Mt. Vernon, g-dau
Walter Sanderson of Hillsboro, g-son
Lennie Buxton of Bairdstown, CA, g-dau
Cora A. Smith of Olney, g-dau
Erastus Thacker of Chapman, g-son
Matella Hittle of Donnellson, daughter.

I have other information I will send later.
Frank Sellers

FRANK, Thank You,
VERY Interested  in Connecting this family of UNION CO, OH to CARROLL CO, MD.

NOW, we have members sharing some Older info from these counties-
BUT, we have NO 1850 MD census with these kids with their families

WHICH would show your George L. SELLERS 1832MD
CAN you SEND us the 1850 MD census showing this family?

which was made in 1837 from Baltimore and Frederick Co, MD =
AND Your Census info would Show and Help us connect to HIS PARENTS on 1830/40
(his parents here in 1812 = War of 1812 info?= some extracts on line?)

I'm Sure you have, but, Check what we have contributed =And ADD as Needed=

WE will ADD/LINK any Contributor of Info to These County/State pages.

FRANK, show me which other place to Link you. I may be confusing you with Sharing
and Connecting to SELLERS?
I Kinda Think So, Sorry, Maybe I can correct some of the links, etc?

Thanks for understanding, marie, iowa

=== wrote:

> In reply to Sherri --
> This may be a help, or it could be a distraction, but here goes:
> I found a Noah Sellers in my records.  My Noah's father was John Sellers
> also.
> Noah had a brother, George L. Sellers, who was born in Carroll Co., MD in
> 1832.  George L. Sellers later provided information for Beers' History of
> Union County, Ohio, published 1883 (Vol. II, pg. 141), that his parents moved
> to OH in 1836.  He said his parents moved back to Maryland in 1839.  He said
> his father John Sellers died in Maryland in 1879, and that his mother died in
> Maryland also.  He said his parents were both natives of Maryland.  He said
> his father John Sellers was a commissioned officer in the War of 1812.
> Catherine or Elizabeth Weaver Sellers (Beers says Catherine, Curry says
> Elizabeth) was born 1803, according to the published information.  She and
> husband had children (from Curry's History of Union County, Ohio, published
> 1915, pg. 557):
> 1.  John H.,
> 2.  George L. Sellers, b. Carroll Co., MD, in 1832.  Later became prominent
> businessman in Marysville, OH.
> 3.  Noah Sellers,
> 4.  Catherine Sellers, m. Richard Osler.
> 5.  Lizzie
> 6.  Ellen, m. Henry Grove
> Three other children were reported to be deceased when George L. Sellers
> provided information for the 1883 publication by Beers.
> Curry said the mother was Elizabeth Weaver from PA, while Beers said
> Catherine Weaver from MD.  Daughters named Catherine and Lizzie suggest the
> mother may have had both names.  Hope this helps someone.
> Frank Sellers

For many years, I have had a copy of the will of Henry Sellars, d. 1829, in
Green County, Ohio.  It names his four children and their relation to each
other, eldest to youngest.  This may be my great-great-grandfather, and the
youngest son named in his will, Henry Sellars, could be my great-grandfather,
who married Barbara Ohmart and died in Montgomery Co., IL in 1848.

Thank You. Looks very good.

Do we have any of the kids on an 1880 census, to show birthplace of father?

I see there is a link on the berkeley co, wv (where Palser Sellers is) back to
Bedford Co, PA where we have a lot of these names ! But, we don't seem to have
much for wills there.

WE don't seem to have a history of Greene Co, Oh for the townships , so we could
look up the early settlers in Caesars Creek area?.
DO we know WHO this CHRISTINA SELLERS, related to REV WAR SELLERS is?

WE don't seem to have ages of the SELLERS on the 1820 GREENE CO, OH CENSUS?

DO you have ANY of the above info that you would share with us
Thank You for helping, marie, iowa