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Dear Marie Sellers Hollinger:

I have Sellers ancestors that I can trace back to Maury County, TN. Mr. Monte Sellers, who has a page on the website, recently referreed me to the Sellers web page and I have found it very interesting.

Robert Sellers (Who I will call Robert, Jr.) was born in Tennessee in 1809, was a Texas pioneer who served in the Texas Revolutionary Army in 1835-36. His daughter Martha, born about 1834, was my g-g-grandmother. Martha's mother died about 1837 and Robert remarried, to Nancy Sellars, daughter of Lard Sellers, of Maury Co., TN, about 1842. Lard Sellers is reportedly a cousin of Robert Sellers's father (whom I will call Robert Sr.) One source I have places Robert Sr. in Gibson County, TN, at least for a time. The information on the Sellers website certainly indicates Robert Sr. may have been in Maury Co. too.

I couldn't tell from the Maury Co., TN website if you are personally descended from the Maury Co. Sellers. If you are, I suspect you would like to have three "hard copy" things which I will be glad to send you:

1. A biographical sketch of Robert F. Sellers, published in Texas in 1893, which has some references to Robert Jr, Robert Sr., and Lard Sellers. Robert F. is one of the sons of Nancy and Robert Jr.

2. A published biographical sketch of Nancy Sellers, information furnished by her son Issac, a prominent Texas Baptist pastor in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Issac, who was born in Tennessee, goes into detail about his trip with his parents from Tennesse to Texas at a very early age.

3. A brief pedigree of my cousin Cynthia Thorp Thomas, who used her descendancy from Robert Jr. to join the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. The "Daughters" require documentation, so I think the ancestry information she has listed has authoritative value.

Let me know at if you are interested. Also, if we are cousins of some sort, and you would like other information on the Texas branch of the family, I will be glad to help.


Frank A. Mayne