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Looking for any information on William SELLERS of Campbell County, KY.

William SELLERS  born 1812, son of Phillip SELLERS.
Phillip 1790 (BRACKEN CO,KY)
did have  three sons born 1810/20)
AND where are we in 1840=
William SELLERS married first Minerva Jane CARR in 1841 in Alexandria,
Ky., Campbell Co. Minerva is buried in the Flagg Spring Cemetary, in
what is now California, Campbell County, KY.
William SELLERS married second Rebecca Jane BOONE in 1854 or 1855.  She
married a second time to a William WELLS and lived to be 90 yrs. old,
dying in 1920.

William SELLERS and Rebecca Jane BOONE were the parents of Jasper
SELLERS of Fleming County, KY.  Jasper SELLERS fathered 13 children by
Lucy Frances ABBOTT, including Henry, Thornton, Dunbar and William.

We are trying to link a couple of the Northern Kentucky line of SELLERS.

        Did William SELLERS have siblings?
        Where is William SELLERS buried?
        When did William SELLERS die?

Frances Sellers Ravine

- CAN YOU HELP fill in chart between 1860/80?
try and post/write any/ children of WILLIAM SELLERS 1812 AND follow thro=
NEED 1860 /1870/ info - ANY child born/married/when/where=
JASPER SELLERS 1856 KY , first child born where???
JASPER SELERS 1856 KY, where in 1860/1870/1880=

             Zeller/De Valois
I, also descend from the Zeller line, Father's side.  I have some genealogy on
Charlemagne and one of the descendents is Poppa de Valois (according to my
records) who married Rollo the first Norman Duke.  Rollo was a Dane and became
Christianized.  He was called "Walker" because he was too large to sit a
Poppa was a princess, B. c  872 at Evereux, N., France.
I apparently do no have much on Poppa herself and do not know if she is
related to  Lady Clothilde.  Back to the files!!

My ancesters were Jacob Zeller b c 1700 M Ursulla/Urschulla Sorgin Dewangen,
Germany.  Their son, Johannes Michael b 07 Sept 1744 in Dewangen, Ger. m
Catherine Dillman 20 1786 (Bourbon Co., Ky.)  Came with father to America Oct.
17, 1749 to port of Philadelphia an ship "Fane".  Johannes Michael Zeller
became John Michael Sellers.  Served military from 1776 to end of war.
Hope I haven't used too many abbreviations.  Michael does not seem to be of
your line-they are both interesting.  I have names of a couple of books on
Zeller/Sellers if you are interested.
Frances Ravine (

FRANCES - thanks - which child of John Michael Sellers do you connect to?
Did you find some church records in Germany ? or records in Pa?
I believe I have seen this ship list -
and tried to trace thro Pa, I believe, Lancaster-
Will you SHARE your sources? and Thank you - you'll have many KY SELLERS that
can't wait!  marie, iowa

     Monte Sellers and I are both VERY interested in Michael.  He 
signed a sale paper for our Mack McDaniel--presumed uncle of the John 
McDaniel who married Polly/Mary Sellers.  I believe that Monte has 
stated that the marriage bond between John and Mary contains his 
signature.  I do not have this bond.  Person who tried to find it 
could not.  Know he's not Mary's father from list of children In his 
REV WAR papers, unless daughter Polly married for a second time to a 
Shane.  He does list a daughter as Sarah McDonald.  Do you know who 
she married?  I have tried to find both of these daughters in KY with 
no luck.
     Help appreciated.  Pretty sure John Michael is some sort of 

        Re: Sellers/Zeller
        Mon, 16 Feb 1998 14:43:11 EST
Thanks, Marie--I have printed the message just to be sure.
My information indicates that the ship "Fane" came into the Philadelphia port.

I am descended from Johannes Michael Zeller's son Phillip, b 1787.

Sources: Family History Center of Latter Day Saints Church
               Researcher; Robert Owen Brown,Accredited, Graduate of Brigham
Young University in Salt Lake City, major in Genealogical Research
              Michael was christened in the Catholic Church in the small
village of                   Dewangen, which is a short distance from
Stuttgart, in what was then known as the Wuerttemberg area of Germany.
                Michael received land grant in Northwest Territory, now Ohio.
Record in Historical Record in Frankfort, Ky.  Phillip might have been born
there, or perhaps en route to claim the grant.
OK?  Make me do it right, Marie!!

            Re: Sellers/Zeller
            Mon, 16 Feb 1998 21:18:45 -0600
            marie sellers hollinger <>
 FRANCES - thanks -
this is the kind of chart I use when working on John Michael SELLERS - listed on
his page on our Sellers Web - may not have baptism/ship on there yet - but, will
link to your page-
I posted the tax lists/ census that we had and tried to follow family - VERY hard
to prove-
We do have 2 Michael SELLERS in Rev War -
Some believe Rev Pa Michael SELLERS is the one in = died 1812? (memory)
(I believe you said you have the Zeller/Seller book re:Rock Co,Va - its in there
But, I haven't followed his chart back to where they proven his immigrant was=
WE can't all claim the same Jacob or ?
I am NOT too sure  - but, lots of documents on Michael of Melrose of PA!
I do believe PA records have more info to order/read, etc=
I believe EACH family has to be mostly proven =
(isn't that hard,long,time! IF ALL SHARED - documented papers - would sure
I believe Ohio is the  link to this family - but, can't prove, except land was
there first (OR first proven Ohio  land - How many don't we have proven?)
OR Pennsylvania deeds/wills/court minutes =
Thanks for sharing SELLERS, we are all in this together - we do NOT have to agree
on each step as long as we come and end up together! marie, iowa


JOHANNES MICHAEL SELLERS born in Germany ca 1740/50=

to US with parents when very young =

to Lancaster Co, Pa with Parents =

1740/50/60 = Naturalization Papers signed 5/6/7 yrs after arriving =

1774 = Capt Croghans Co 8th Rev Va= (WHERE did his unit enlist? msh)=

1776 = resided Woodstock, Shen Co,Va=Rev War =

1785 = (2-7-1785) partial land grant of 120 acres on 'waters of Eagle Creek"
Military Dist of Ohio - (I believe this was =---- and Hamilton Co and
Adams Co and NOW Brown Co,Oh,msh)

12-20-1786- Bourbon Co, Ky - married Catherine Dillman
and moved soon to Bracken Co,Ky, on Little Bracken Creek

died 6-4-1836 Bracken Co,Ky

1853 Bracken Co, Ky = Catherine SELLERS = 10 CHILDREN - 7 living
Philip , second oldest (married dec 1786) lst child 1787/8-
second child ca 1789/1790?msh)

Following the land deeds we have =

AND each will=

AND each marriage = (some married and took off, msh)=

AND following ALL of these 1820/30/40/50/60 KY and OH Census=
ZELLER, JACOB; ZELLER, Conrad; ZELLER, Johannes - page 222, Oct 17, 1749.
Foreigners from Palatinate, Wirtemberg and Rittenhim.  Ship FANE, Capt. Wm.
HYNDMAN, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes, 569 passengers.

(History written on above? = msh)=

 Jacob Zeller b c 1700 M Ursulla/Urschulla Sorgin Dewangen,
Germany.  Their son, Johannes Michael b 07 Sept 1744 in Dewangen, Ger. m
Catherine Dillman 20 1786 (Bourbon Co., Ky.)  Came with father to America Oct.
17, 1749 to port of Philadelphia an ship "Fane".  Johannes Michael Zeller
became John Michael Sellers.  Served military from 1776 to end of war.
by Francis Sellers Ravine wrote: