John Mathis <jmathis3@home.com>
I am looking for proof that James Sellers(Sellars) and Patience were
parents of Ruth Sellers b.circa 1768, NC, married Isham Bilbrey. Need a
written source to prove him for a supplemental DAR membership. Will be
waiting!                             Florene Bilbrey Mathis

FLORENE - which child do you connect to and where did they go?
Do you have Ruth's death date/place?
I don't know of any Proof we have of her father being James -
her  kids are named like his. I believe, but don't have copy of ISHAM
BILBREY's REV WAR file , which probably proves the Ruth SELLERS marriage.
I thought we had a member connected to the BILBREY's? Any info you have may
be helpful. Thanks, marie, iowa