BREVARD CO, FL (made in 1855 from Mosquito,  "StLoucie" up to 1855
lays next to the ocean on east side of FL about half way down
lays next to Indian River, Osceola, Orange, Seminole, Volusia 






1880 census =

Fred Hawthorne []
I checked the 1860 & 70 census index for Brevard County, FL and did not find a single Sellers listed.  I also looked at Cemetery records, Wills, and
Military files with the same result but it does appear that there was either
a Sellers family passing through or living close by as I did find the
following two listing in the marriage list:

                                       Josephine Sellers married 05-12-1888 to Peter M. Fisher
                                           Lucinda Sellers married 07-07-1887 to James M. Morgan
I have no other information regarding these listings......
Regards,  Fred Hawthorne  

Contributed by: ELSIE=1880 BREVARD CO, FL

        Elliott Fitchett <>
I found a few entries that I copied from the Florida (Brevard Co) Census

Vol 1 page 5462  Sellers John W M 50 b NC   Dist East St Johns River Sheet 1     Line 23 (ck1870 Manatee, Fl)

                                       Mary Wife  46 b NC (ck1900 De Soto County, Florida per Georgia)
                                       Nancy  Dau 21 b Fla
                                       Edith    Dau 14 b Fla
                                       Simeon Son 10 b Fla.
                                       Mayfield son  8 b Fla       #1
see #2
John Sellers
Continuation                   Riley son  6 b Fla.

Vol 1 page 5462    Sellers, Edith  W F 40 b. Fla          Dist. East St.Johns River        Sheet 3     Line 28
                                          John son 15 b Fla
                                          Bunyan son  9 b Fla

Vol 1 page 5462  Sellers, Amelia W F 25 b Fla Dist East St. JohnsRiver    Sheet Sheet 23    Line 32
                                         Lucy  dau  4 b Fla
                                         Pearl  dau 5/12 b Fla

                               Sellers, Asbury  W M  61  b NC   Dist.West St. Johns River    Sheet 7     Line 2
                                           S. R  Wife  62 b NC (ck Manatee)
                                           Lucy dau  18 b Fla
                                           R   dau 16 b Fla
                                           Josey granddaughter  07  b Fla
1880    Census Place:    Brevard, Florida
    Source:    FHL Film 1254126  National Archives Film T9-0126     Page 284B    
    Relation    Sex    Marr    Race    Age    Birthplace
Max BRANNEN    Self    M    M    W    26    FL
    Occ:    Stock Raising & Farm    Fa: FL    Mo: FL
C. BRANNEN    Wife    F    M    W    27    FL (Rose's Page)
    Occ:    Keeping House    Fa: NC    Mo: NC
S. R. BRANNEN    Dau    F    S    W    7    FL
    Occ:    At Home    Fa: FL    Mo: FL
M. M. BRANNEN    Son    M    S    W    5    FL
    Occ:    At Home    Fa: FL    Mo: FL
I. E. BRANNEN    Son    M    S    W    3    FL
    Occ:    At Home    Fa: FL    Mo: FL
L. M. BRANNEN    Dau    F    S    W    1    FL
    Occ:    At Home    Fa: FL    Mo: FL


John Sellers Mary Brevard, FL abt 1830 North Carolina Self (Head)
Mary Sellers John Brevard, FL abt 1834 North Carolina Wife
Nancy Sellers John,Mary Brevard, FL abt 1860 Florida Daughter
Edith Sellers John,Mary Brevard, FL abt 1866 Florida Daughter
Simeon Sellers John,Mary Brevard, FL abt 1870 Florida Son
Maxfield Sellers John,Mary Brevard, FL abt 1872 Florida Son
Riley Sellers John,Mary Brevard, FL abt 1874 Florida Son

Edith Sellers Brevard, FL abt 1840 Florida Self (Head)
John Sellers Edith Brevard, FL abt 1865 Florida Son
Bunyan Sellers Edith Brevard, FL abt 1871 Florida Son

Amelia Sellers Brevard, FL abt 1855 Florida Self (Head)
Lucy Sellers Amelia Brevard, FL abt 1876 Florida Daughter
Pearl Sellers Amelia Brevard, FL abt 1879 Florida Daughter

J. A. Sellers N. L. Brevard, FL abt 1851 Florida Self (Head)
N. L. Sellers J. A. Brevard, FL abt 1860 Florida Wife

Asberry Sellers S. R. Brevard, FL abt 1819 North Carolina Self (Head)
S. R. Sellers Asberry Brevard, FL abt 1818 North Carolina Wife
Lucy Sellers Asberry,S. R. Brevard, FL abt 1862 Florida Daughter
R. Sellers Asberry,S. R. Brevard, FL abt 1864 Florida Daughter
Josy Sellers Brevard, FL abt 1873 Florida Granddaughter

Martin Smith 33 S. J. Smith 31 S. A. Smith 9 M. Smith 5 Q. V. Smith 3 M. M. Smith 1


from Charles S. Miley News Tribune Editor Emeritus

There were about a hundred of them in all.  Their headquarters were in the Indiantown section.

    September 7, 8, 9, and 10th in the year of 1878, there was a gale with a heavy rain.  The Ten Mile creek's banks overflowed.  When the water came up in the floor of our cabin I built a rough boat in the hall and poled my people across the creek to Asbury Sellers' place.  Finding them gone, I became somewhat alarmed.  Then I poled on east to John Sellers and spent a night with their family.  Next day we all took refuge on the "mound"-still standing, what is left of it, just south of the road about a mile west of Five Mile.

    There were 32 of us men, women and children and we spent there two days and one night,  We had no shelter and were drenched to the skin.  We managed to build a fire which we kept going with driftwood.  We brought provisions along but were gladdened by the addition of a deer which swam up and which we killed with a pole.  On returning home we found the water had been up two or three feet in the house, according to the marks on the wall.



James A Sellers Frances White City, Brevard, Florida abt 1851 Florida White Head, M 21 yrs , both parents NC
Frances Sellers James A White City, Brevard, Florida abt 1860 Florida White Wife , 11 kids, 6 living, both parents FL
Oscar Sellers James A, Frances White City, Brevard, Florida abt 1881 Florida White Son
Durinda Sellers James A, Frances White City, Brevard, Florida abt 1884 Florida White Daughter
Lewalla Sellers James A, Frances White City, Brevard, Florida abt 1886 Florida White Daughter
Joseph Sellers James A, Frances White City, Brevard, Florida abt 1888 Florida White Son
Perry Sellers James A, Frances White City, Brevard, Florida abt 1892 Florida White Son
Ollie F Sellers James A, Frances White City, Brevard, Florida abt 1899 Florida White Daughter

Martin Smith 46 Sarah J Smith 50 Asberry Smith 28 Queen Victor Smith 22 Sylvester Smith 18 Martha L Smith 14 Evelyn Smith 12 , page 204B

Caroline Smith 10 FL, june 1889, both parents FL , page 202a
David Smith 8 FL, may 1892, both parents FL

John Fransen 55 denmark, both parents denmark ( White City, Brevard, Florida) bottom of page B (prev page 201A)
Annie Fransen 53 denmark, both parents denmark , 3 kids, 1 living
Alma Fransen 15 , KS, both parents demark





JAN 17, 2003
Richard White []

My great uncles, sons of my great grandfather Richard M. Sellars, John
Thomas and Wesley (Wes) Sellars, were in the sawmilling business
together most of their lives.  They started with a sawmill owned by
their father but after there was some dissatisfaction from him about how
they ran the business, great grandpa just gave it to them.  That was
near Cairo in what is now Grady County, Georgia.  Depending on when this actually happened, Cairo might have still been in Thomas County, then.
 At some point they moved their sawmilling operation to Merritt Island
(near Cocoa Beach), Brevard County, Florida.  My uncle William
("Willie") Charles White moved to Brevard County to work at their
sawmill there.  My uncle John (Louie) White also worked for the Sellars
brothers at that sawmill and bought a Model T that he was quite proud of with some of his earnings.  Uncle Louie enlisted in the U.S. Army and died at Fort Benning, Georgia, in 1928... so this will give a rough idea of the timeframe.  Though it was rather small because the coastal
location stunted growth, there was still virgin timber to be cut in the
Brevard County area at that time.  This sawmill operation was probably centered around a contract with "the railroad" to cut cross-ties.

My father gave me this information orally in a conversation on 8
February 2001.

Richard White
Tallahassee, Florida
Miami Herald, The (FL) - May 18, 2003
Deceased Name: Matthew B. Sellers III
FL United States
SELLERS MATTHEW B., III, passed away Monday morning, May 12th. He is survived by his beloved wife, Marilyn Witt Sellers; his daughters, Wendy Sellers and Tracy Sellers; his grandchildren, Morgan M. Howell, Shannon Howell Esco, Danielle Livoti, Gabriella Livoti, Farah Ali, and Jason Ali; his great grandchildren, Alexandra Esco and Zachary Matthew Esco; his stepsons, Fred Witt, Chuck Witt and Lou Witt, all from Fort Lauderdale. He is also survived by his brother, John C. Sellers of Corona del Mar, CA, and his sister, Patricia Coulter of Duxbury, MA and their families. Mr. Sellers was born in New York City on November 13, 1919. His mother, Ethel Clark, was an artist and sculptress. His father, Matthew B. Sellers II, was an early aviation pioneer and inventor who currently has an exhibit at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Mr. Sellers was educated at Tome School, attended Lehigh University and graduated from Franklin and Marshall College. He majored in chemistry and minored!
in math. He was commissioned in the Navy before the start of WWII. He was chief engineer on the destroyers the USS Blue and USS Morris. He participated in every major naval battle in the Pacific Theater during WWII and attained the rank of Full Commander. The following heroic deed (one of many) was detailed in my father's memoirs: After the Battle of Leyte Gulf, Typhoon Cobra was heading right for Task Force 38 of the Third Fleet. On December 18, 1944 Mr. Sellers was ordered to begin deballasting his destroyer in order to take on fuel. Mr. Sellers knew it was foolhardy to deballast in the face of an obviously bad storm, so he went back to the engine room and turned down the pumps. Thanks to my Dad's insightful thinking, when Typhoon Cobra struck, my Dad's destroyer pulled through unscathed while seven others capsized with great loss of life. On June 1, 1946, he married Gene Marion Herrick and they were married until she died on April 12, 1986. They had two daughters, Wendy!
and Tracy. Mr. Sellers joined the Coral Ridge Yacht Club in Fort Laud erdale in June 1960. He was the only man who served as Commodore of the Coral Ridge Yacht Club twice. He was also in the Optimist Club and the Navy League. He was National President General of the Sons of the American Revolution and an active member since 1970. He was also a member of numerous other genealogical organizations. Mr. Sellers was active in the Republican Party and was Republican Committeeman for his district for several years in the 1970's. During that time he also ran for the Republican nomination for State Representative from Broward County. Mr. Seller's most recent venture was breeding and raising cattle on his ancestral land in Kentucky. The following are personal dedications by family members: "I hope you can see me in my Navy ROTC uniform from up in Heaven, grandpa." Gabby "Dad, I will miss your insightful wisdom, dauntless courage, insatiable curiosity, eternal optimism and unconditional love. Throughout my life, you have always been there for me with emo! tional support, advice and help. Even though you know about my many stupid mistakes, foibles and idiotic decisions, you never failed to make me feel loved, accepted and needed." Wendy Grandpa, I will miss your mind and voice. Your great grandchildren will grow up knowing all of your amazing accomplishments. You inspired me to be a better person. I love you Grandpa...give Grandma my love." Shannon "Dad, I will truly miss you. Your wisdom and knowledge, your advice and guidance along with your remarkable sense of humor is a great loss to me. My love for you will never diminish and will always be forever." Tracy "Grandpa, we will miss your encouragement to strive for the best and never give up. Your wisdom and insight will be forever impressed in our minds. You will be greatly missed." Farah and Jason "Matt, you were a wonderful man. We will miss your carefree spirit." The Witt Family To visit this Guest Book Online, go to Miami Herald, The (FL)
Date: May 18, 2003
Record Number: 1020164
Copyright (c) 2003 The Miami Herald

BC Canada

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I am looking for obit for Mattew B Sellers died May 12,2003 Broward county, Ft Lauderdale.
Thank you in advance.
kristeen Galloway


fromDAVID FEEZOR [] A couple of postings that might help on your family tree.

Sellers, Bert W, Sr 9065888 b. Jun. 7, 1916 d. May 20, 1987 Oaklawn Memorial Gardens Titusville Brevard County Florida, USA Sellers, Daniel L 25776884 b. Apr. 5, 1947 d. Aug. 28, 1967 Crooked Mile Cemetery Merritt Island Brevard County Florida, USA Sellers, Jerry 25771682 b. May 5, 1912 d. Jan. 19, 1987 Crooked Mile Cemetery Merritt Island Brevard County Florida, USA Sellers, Margaret Catherine Coleman 25771711 b. Nov. 3, 1915 d. Jul. 24, 1999 Crooked Mile Cemetery Merritt Island Brevard County Florida, USA Sellers, Peter 14659688 b. unknown d. 1916 J N Tucker Memorial Cemet... Melbourne Brevard County Florida, USA Sellers, Victor Robert 7663195 b. Feb. 26, 1989 d. Apr. 2, 1991 Melbourne Cemetery Melbourne Brevard County Florida, USA