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             SAMUEL SELLERS 1788NC to AL

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Marie,  There are two Samuel Sellers who were born in 1788 who went to
 The Samuel Sellers who was married to Stanaland was a son of Elisha
according to the Watters book.  He moved to Pike County Ala in the early
1830's according to the Watters book.
        The other Samuel, my ggggrandfather, married Alice (Ailie) Cook,
and moved to Wilcox county in 1928 or 1929.  I traveled to Camden Ala this
summer and viewed their graves.  The inscriptions on the headstones are
reported at Ernest's Page which you have linked to Wilcox County, Ala.
According to the Watters book, the Samuel Sellers who married Alice, is a
son of Isham Sellers (sometimes listed as Isom Sellers on census records).
I believe part of the confusion resulted from an error in the Watters
 Watters at one point in the book appears to have confused the two and
listed the children of Sellers/Stanaland as the children of Sellers/Cook.
Since both have sons named Calvin, the mistake is understandable.
        The Samuel Sellers who lived in Wilcox County and who married
Cook, was born Sept 23, 1788 and died Aug 23, 1852 in Wilcox County.
        I initially believed that Calvin Cook Sellers was a son of the
Sellers/Stanaland marriage and reported that in several messages found at
Ernest's Page.  I have now got the two Samuel's cleared up but have not
corrected the error.
        Please file this letter at Ernest's Page linked to Wilcox County
correct the error.  Yesterday, I mailed my Watters book to Don Sellers for
his use in his research.  As soon as it is returned, I will supplement
message with the precise quotes from the Watters book which I believe
created the confusion, and quotes from another part of the book where she
correctly reports the marriage and children of the two Samuels.  Very
Yours,  Ernest A. Sellers.

             Re: SAMUEL SELLERS 1788NC to AL

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   ERNEST - Thank You Very Much - Please send new chart SAP.

Evidently Calvin Cook SELLERS birth is proven thro CW records?

lay Next to each other

Samuel SELLERS married ALLIE COOK, dau of Daniel COOK and All to AL
(I have No source of proof, maybe a will in AL? or war record?msh)

AND more work needs done on this family = checking/proving  ages etc

ALSO  an ANSON,NC  note that a WILLIAM SELLERS went to AL from here and
died - No dates
Don't believe I saw on a census and don't remember if we knew his wifes

I will try and go back to AL/NC and post census info for a DANIEL COOK, -
would be just an

ANY DANIEL COOK wills in AL? - perhaps Wilcox Co, AL?

I am also Very Interested in this ARCHIBALD SELLERS on the 1820/30 WILCOX
CO, AL census -
just haven't connected him to NC - altho we had 2-3 there -

Thanks for sharing Ernest, marie, iowa

Sellers in 1810 Chesterfield County Census: Head/Male Under
10/10-16/16-26/26-45/45+/Female under 10/10-16/16-26/26-45/45+/Slaves Page

Abraham 0-0-1-0-0-1-0-1-0-0-1
Hardy 0-0-2-0-1-0-1-3-1-1-7
John 4-0-0-1-0-0-0-0-1-0-0
Mathew 3-2-0-1-0-2-0-0-1-0-0
Samuel 0-0-1-0-0-0-0-1-0-0-0
Philip 2-3-2-0-1-4-0-1-1-0-0

1820 Chesterfield Co, SC =
1820 ANSON CO, NC =
for some reason - ages NOT posted? thought we had - Need
Please use our census/info to work on this family - Perhaps, you already
Samuel SELLERS 1788 would not be son of Roland-as stated somewhere-
possibly Hardy, but NOT listed in his will, which doesn't always list the
older kids
possibly Philip
I believe much of our ANSON CO, NC/CHESTERFIELD CO,SC  sent by Belinda=
(who also has the Anson Co, NC web page)
and should be links to other county/states
DO we have a COOK history?
marie, iowa

Ernest Sellers wrote:

> Marie,  There are two Samuel Sellers who were born in 1788 who went to
>  The Samuel Sellers who was married to Stanaland was a son of Elisha
> according to the Watters book.  He moved to Pike County Ala in the early
> 1830's according to the Watters book.
>         The other Samuel, my ggggrandfather, married Alice (Ailie) Cook,
> and moved to Wilcox county in 1928 or 1929.  I traveled to Camden Ala
> summer and viewed their graves.  The inscriptions on the headstones are
> reported at Ernest's Page which you have linked to Wilcox County, Ala.
> According to the Watters book, the Samuel Sellers who married Alice, is
> son of Isham Sellers (sometimes listed as Isom Sellers on census

This ISHAM SELLERS married Lydia Barr ca 1820 Henderson Co, Ky,
This Isham SELLERS and Unis VANN doesn't show a son SAMUEL, but,
they did have a son William born ca 1788 Chesterfiled Co, NC/SC -
don't know if they have more info on him by now - Should check and add to
proper county/state.
Thanks ERNEST, marie, i owa

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Wes Edwards,  from Ernest Sellers, 105 N. Ohio Ave, Live Oak, Fl 32060
Pg 323 of book "Some Descendents of William Sellers Who Was In Tarboro, N.C., In
1750" states "...Samuel Sellers was the son of Isham and Eunice Vann(also
spelled Unis Vann) or his second wife Lydia Barr.  The idendity of the mother
was not found.  Samuel was the grandson of William Sellers; the great grandson
of William Sellers of Tarboro, N.C.   Samuel was one of eight sons and five
daughters of Isham Sellers and his two wives.  Samuel Sellers wife was
Alice--last name unknown.
        Samuel Sellers was known to have lived in the Chesterfield district of
South Carolina, from whence he migrated to Wilcox County, Alabama, about 1828.
        Samuel and his wife Alice were the parents of twelve sons and two
daughters, namely:  Huey, Daniel, Gamaliel, Luther, Hosea, Cornelius, Matthew,
William (1807-1861), Calvin Cook (1811-1852), three sons whose names are
unknown, Harriet (1821-1897), Sarah.  An 1850 Wilcox county census shows a
Samuel Sellers as being 62 and born in North Carolina..."

I would appreciate receiving a photocopy of your bible entry.  Thanks, Ernest

        Ernest Sellers <73174.1247@CompuServe.COM>
        "" <>

Carol,  Daniel Sellers, son of Calvin Cook Sellers and Eliza A. Howell Sellers
served in the confederate army.  He is buried in Randolf, Alabama.  Calvin Cook
Sellers married Eliza Howell in Wilcox County Ala in 1836.  Calvin Cook Sellers
is a son of Samuel Sellers and his wife Sarah Standland Sellers.
        Samuel Sellers is a son of Elisha Sellers.  Samuel was born in Brunswick
County, N.C.. in 1788.  Samuel married Sarah Standland on July 31, 1806.
        Elisha Sellers was born about 1744.  He served in the Revolutionary War
in the Wilmington  N. C. district.
Send me your mailing address and I will mail copies of sourse materials for
above. Regards Ernest Sellers.

Mr g grandfather Calvin Cook Sellers II was born in Ala in 1837.  His
father, Calvin Cook Sellers was born in 1811 or 1812 and moved to Ala from
the Chesterfield district of  S.C. along with his father Samuel Sellers.
The Cook-Sellers relationship must have started before 1812.  Regards,
Ernest Sellers

ERNEST - thanks - I think I see your family -Samuel in NC and Al-
NEED Chesterfield ,SC info=
can you send us Calvins childrens names/ages /married whom and WENT where
very important=
hen you can help others connect to them. SHARING these children are as or
important than others.
Thanks, marie, iowa

ERNEST - re SELLERS/COOKS before - YES, but, NOT connected/provedn-
Did you read the Cook/Sellers marriages of Samuel SELLERS in Duplin/Sampson
Know anything about LAZARUS COOK?, some of family went to GA and perhaps Al?
Read and send any info you can find - marie, iowa

marie,  The 1974 compendium compiled by Clark Heaslett Watters and
Elizabeth Stone Watters titled "Some Descendants of William Sellers who was
in Tarboro, N.C., in 1750"  states as follows : "...Calvin Sellers was born
May 5, 1812.  He was one of eight sons and seven daughters of Samuel
Sellers and Sarah Stanland; the grandson of Elisha Sellers and his third
wife Mary Willis; the great grandson of William Sellers of Tarboro, N.C.
        Calvin was born in North Carolina and migrated with other members
of the family to Alabama..."
        At page 326 the following appears.  Calvin Cook Sellers was born in
Chesterfield District, S.C. in 1811 (note the 5/5/1812 birthdate above).
He migrated with his father, Samuel Sellers, to Alabama about 1828 and
settled in Wilcox County.       In 1936 Calvin Cook Sellers married Eliza
A. Howell in Wilcox County, Alabama.  Their children were:  Samuel,
(4/7/1843-Aug 1885), married Leecie Ann Johnson;  Calvin Cook, Jr.; Daniel;
Syd; Dave, who went to Texas ;Ella; Rose and Lucy whose children were
Willie and Olive..
        ...Calvin Cook Sellers died March, 1852 and is buried on his
plantatiion near Camden Ala.   Calvin Cook was clerk of the court for
Wilcox County,  a member of the Alabama Senate from Wilcox County, and the
Whig candidate for Congress from the Mobile District of  Ala in 1849.  He
is profiled at page 391 of the publication "Reminiscence of Public Men in
Alabama" by William Garrett.
        At page 333 of the Watters book the following appears; "...Calvin
Cook Sellers II (March 3, 1837--March 26, 1900)  was one of the five sons
and three daughters of Calvin cook Sellers I;
                Calvin Cook Sellers II (referred to above as Calvin Cook
Jr.)and his wife Susan Seltzer were married 3/18/1858.  and were parents of
the following children:  Calvin Cook III, born June 2, 1859.  ;married-
Martha Ellen__________;  William Thomas, (april19,1863-9/17/1905) married
Mary Anne Givhan;  Pauline, 12/16/65-1/5/66); Rebecca Emily, born April 1,
1868;  Elijah Benjamin, (June 12, 1872-September23, 1872);  Ernest
Augustus, born February 19, 1876; and Clarence   Eugene born April 7, 1879.
        Calvin Cook Sellers II, and his wife Susan A Seltzer were buried
at Randolph, Alabama.
        Calvin Cook Sellers III children are shown at page 334 of the
Watters book to be James Benson (1888-Dec 20, 1964),  married Carrie
Autrey;  Calvin Cook IV; and Elizabeth who married Albert Tait.
                James Benson had one daughter, Dorothy who married Larry
Owsley (pg 335 Watters Bk)
        William Thomas Sellers, son of Calvin Cook Sellers II, and Mary
Anne Givhan (9/5/1866-5/12/1958) were married Oct 8, 1891.  and had three
daughters and one son:
                 Susan Mable, (8/7/92-4/16/53), married William Eugene
Wideman 7/21/20.  Their children were William E. (8/8/21 -4/16/43) and Mary
Sellers, born 7/21/28, married Jerry D Worthy 9/14/51.  Their children were
William Eugene Worthy, Mary Jo Worthy, and Martha Susan Worthy.
                Ethel Clyde, the second daughter of William Thomas Sellers,
born 4/22/94, married Stanley L. Strobert 8/24/22.  They had two children:
Stanley Miller Strobert (11/24/26-5/22/40), and Mary Frances Strobert.
Mary Frances married Howard B Merrick 9/11/54.  Their children were Steven
Howard, and Robert William.
                William Walter Sellers, son of William Thomas
Sellers(3/6/96-7/30/58) .
                Lillian, daughter of William Thomas Sellers

Rebecca Emily Sellers, daut of Calvin Cook Sellers II,  married a Williams
and lived in Birmingham in 1936.

Ernest Augustus Sellers, son of Calvin Cook Sellers II, my grandfather,
graduated from the College of Medicine at Birmingham and moved to Altha,
Fla. where he practiced medicine until his death in 1930.  He married
Esther Williams in 1910.  They had three children;  Florida Sellers who
married Jack Higgins had one child James Higgins;.  Calvin C. Sellers who
married Mary Pichard in May 1936 and had four sons,  Ernest A Sellers,  C.
C. Sellers Jr.,  John Franklin Sellers and Claude Pichard Sellers; and
Ernestine Sellers who married Raymond Bell and had one daughter Barbara.

Clarence Eugene Sellers, son of Calvin Cook Sellers II  graduated with a
degree in dentistry.  I know he had at least on child Merrium who married a
Eufnuel, and has at least one son named Jerry.  Jerry and Merrium (Myrium)
live in Mobile Alabama..

SAMUEL SELLERS, son of Calvin Cook and Eliza Howell, married
Lucy(Leecie)Ann Johnson 6/30/1869.  Their children were Mary Ella, who
married Robert Underwood;  Viola Pearl, who married John Pearce; Samuel who
married Maude Wilkerson; Edwin Moren who married Lutie Ransey; Calvin, who
never married and William David who married Yrma Ivey.  Samuel died in
August 1885 and is buried in Randolph Alabama.  He was head of he school at
RandolphBibb County Ala.

Marie,  time constraints prevent me from providing more at this time.  I
will try to forward  additional material that I have on the descendants of
Calvin Cook Sellers soon.  Regards, Ernest Sellers

RE:     Copy of: Samuel Sellers-Alice Cook

Marie,  I visited the cemetary where Samuel Sellers and his wife Alice
(Ailie) Cook are buried near Millers Ferry west of Camden Ala.  Alice's
tombstone recites ..."wife of Samuel Sellers who was born June 23, 1788 and
died February 7, 1857."  Samuel's tombstone recites..." born Sept 23, 1788
and died Aug 23, 1852.  I made photo's of the stones.  If anyone wants a
copy, I will provide.
        Alice Cook  was the daughter of Daniel Cook and his wife Ruth
Moultrie.  Daniel Cook was the son of Abram Cook and his wife Phoebe
Mastin.  Abram Cook's father was also named Daniel Cook.  Ruth Moultrie was
the daughter of Dr. John Moultrie who came to this country from Scotland.
The information in this paragraph was obtained from Joan Sellers Johnson of
Decatur, Ga. She has a limited publication book on the Cook family of South
Carolina.  The book reports that Samuel and Alice moved to Alabama in the
late 1820's.
        Calvin Cook Sellers, the son of Samuel and Alice Cook is buried in
the same cemetary.  His tombstone contains the inscription "Sacred to the
memory of Calvin C Sellers who was born inChesterfield District, S.C. Sept
30, 1811, was married to Eliza A. Howell of Wilcox County, Ala and died
March 22, 1852 in the 41st year of his life..."   I have photographed the
gravestone and will provide a copy to anyone who would like a copy.
        Joan Sellers Johnson advised me that Eliza A Howell was a daughter
of William H. Howell who was a son of Caleb Howell.
        Please add this information to "Ernest's page" .  I will try to
obtain dates of marriage and names of children to go with the Howell and
Cook  family members mentioned above.  Regards,  Ernest A. Sellers