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I am looking for any information on Henry Clay Sellers. Born in 1835 in Virgina and died in 1919 in Illinois. I am at a dead end. I know he was married to someone from Iowa. They had 2 boys Leonard R Sellers and George S Sellers. They possibly had a baby boy Henry that died in infancy in 1861 in Iowa. He then went to Illinois and married Lucille Smith Sweet. I think he may have married a 3 time to margaret Sill Bird. I would really like to know the name of his first wife and his parents names. Thanks.
EMILY, which child do you connect to and who married and went to, etc. =

Do you have a death certificate/obit, etc on Leonard Sellers ca 1867?
What happened to George Sellers ca 1864?

Is the Henry C. Sellers died 1919 Clinton, our/your Henry? Do you have copy or his age at death? as I see Another Henry Sellers 1850 OHio here in 1910 Clinton that I'm not too sure who he is. And our/your Henry is still in 1910 Marion Co., IL?

Send a little more info and help fill in some blank spots. Any document, even on a younger child may help.
And I will send you want I think = unproven .

THANKS for sharing SELLERS.

marie, iowa
I found that Henry Clay Sellers b. 1835 was married to Lucille K Smith Sweet from a note that my great grandmother (Helen Louise Sellers King) wrote in 1981 on an envelope in response to a letter from my grandmother indicated their marriages and children. I found that a copy of marriage lic for this union is on file with the state of IL They were married 6 Apr 1882 in Marion Co. Vol D Pg 154. I do not have an actual copy of this. They had 3 children Benjamin b 10 Aug 1884 d. 13 May 1933 the old sandoval cemetery in sandoval illinois, Joseph & Delilah. These 2 died young and are buried next to Henry & Lucille.

Benjamin married Emma Louise Abel they had 4 children
Frederick Rollen Sellers b. 6 Aug 1907 d 7 sep 1907
Henry Clay Sellers b 18 Mar 1911 d 18 Jun 1967 in Oregon
Helen Louise Sellers b 23 Apr 1914 d 6 Dec 2004
Mary Magdaline Sellers b 18 Jun 1917 d 15 Dec 1936 in Illinois
These are all (except Henry) buried together in New Sandoval Cemetery, Sandoval, Marion Co., Illinois

I hope this help close some gaps.

I'm still looking for the parents names of Henry Clay Sellers ca 1835. I will have to try is death cert and see if it is there. Emily
EMILY, thanks, yes, filled in some blanks and I also found the marriages in Marion Co., IL.

Did you check out the links in Jackson Co, WV?
otherwise, send me your email address and will explain more simple.

I am Not too sure about the George Sellers obit you sent, being ours/yours, but, it will help someone in Pike? Co., MO.

Keep in touch. best wishes, marie, iowa

jan 4, 2007
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I finally had a chance to look at the Jackson Co., WV Sellers website. Is there more you can explain to me? I'd like to contact whoever has that portion to see what I can contribute.
Thanks Emily

any members pages our linked on our Jackson Co., WV page and you can click on the name and read their connection.

The family I thought might connect be your Henry SELLERS 1835 WV had brothers and perhaps cousins that went to IL.
YOU would need to check Each child out and make a family chart on these kids.

AND collect documents on Many SELLERS kids here to help Prove a connection.

I will you to these pages , so others can find you.

Best Wishes.

marie, iowa