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I recently read a note on ancestry.com with which you had
responded to an inquiry about Drury Sellars/Matthew Sellars.  The person
sending the original note to the board , Jacqueline Curti, had no e-mail given
and my effort at replying was not successful.  I am quite interested in the
Sellars line and my gggrandfather  was a Jordan Basil Sellars who married in
Cannon County TN in
1840.  He had siblings with the same names she listed as
those of Drury--Matthew, Archibald, with another , Alfred.  I have
been unable to locate any info about their parents so am quite interested to
correspond with any of you who have further information.

If you have any help for me or found Jacqueline's e-mail
address please let me hear from you.  I do have a written "history" of some
Sellers who appear in VA and No. Carolina by mid 1700s and two Matthews of the family
moved on to NC
(part of which became TN later) just before 1800.  I found
it in the library at Wilmington NC  and secured a copy  from the Sellars
descendent who prepared it.
He lives south of Wilmington near the coast along the Cape
Fear River.  The names included Matthew, Benjamin, etc.  Thanks for any help.
Elsie Fox 2910 S Catalina, Columbus IN 47201--e-mail, elsie@reliable-net.net.

ELSIE, thanks.
Don't recall and don't see the letter. Maybe they didn't respond?
WE would like info and kids and ages of your JORDAN BASIL SELLARS and where they went , etc.
WE have some Cannon Co, Tn info , documents posted =
The links to connecting counties may show more info on TN and maybe NC.

THANKS for sharing, marie, iowa

Thanks for answering, Marie.  Checked the page on Cannon Co
and see Jordan Basil's marriage listed--I copied the note in the marriage
record down there sometime back as Eliza Curtis was my gg grandmother-his
first wife.  I will get the info on the family you requested and send soon.  Will
take some time if you want it down to now as I have all.

We use Family Treemaker and I have run down most of the
living descendents ,but as you may experience, have a hard time getting all the info
I need.  Jusr can't tie up Jordan B. with earlier folks.  Elsie  P>S>  It might
be simpler if yu send me your mailing address -- and I would like any info
then, that is not in my submission, if we are the same line anywhere.

ELSIE, at a fast glance, I couldn't prove or find him.

Just give us some of his kids names/ages and where born or where married or where anyone born.
Then I'll check what we have and try and See something that we can prove or check on
I BELIEVE you have to check the counties Next to CANNON CO, TN to find family.

IF you send as an email , I can get it posted to our pages.
Snail mail just doesn't seem to get retyped and entered, I am sorry!

 YES, our members need  the chart info to where they went etc, so the Younger SELLERS can find You and Your family. Does Not have to be up to YOUR family.

ANY documents on your family appreciated.
Thanks for sharing.
marie, iowa

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Marie--the children of Jordan Basil Sellars and Eliza Curtis,
who were married in Cannon County TN  June 28, 1840.
(She was born Nov 24,1822
and he born Oct 3, 1818--
she in Howard Co. Mo and his place of birth unknown)
(He died Sept 10,1908; in Cedar Co MO -- buried Omer Cemetery near Stockton
MO--she died July 101861 in Linn Co MO and buried  Old New Garden Cemetery

William Newton Sellars  b Jan 5, 1844 TN, died Feb 9, 1914
Cedar Co MO b. Omer Cemetery MO.  To Linn Co Mo about 1848 moving to Cedar Co
about 1867 and living the rest of his life there.  Married Julia Ann Whitley had
13 children live--including my grandmother.

Sarah Ann Sellars b July 24, 1848, died 20 Aug, 1913:
married 25 Feb 1863 to William P. Whitley (brother of Julia Ann).  Lived all her
lifr in MO and both buried at Omer Cem. MO.  (He lived into 1920s.  They had 13
children also, each family losing one as children.

Matthew Anderson Sellars b. 20 Dec 1844?
                                                         No information on these two.
John Riley Sellars b.23 Dec 1850, ?

Celia Catherine Sellars, b 18 Sep 1853, d 26 Feb 1886; m Andrew Jackson Whitley
24 Jan 1869, had 9 children.  Born in Linn Co MO died in
Cedar Co. He by lightening 12 April 1924, she 26 Feb 1886.  Both buried Omer
Cemetery MO

Twins, both dying, probably when Eliza did in Linn Co MO.

Jordan Basil Sellars remarried 27 Feb 1862 in Linn Co MO to
Elizabeth YAKEY Whitley.  (She had 3 Whitley children  and they then had
three Sellars children in addition to the youngest of his children--she had reared
two of her first husbands brothers  orphaned children--Julia Ann and William
P Whitley. (See above)  Their own children:

Elizabeth Louise Sellars, b 7 Sep 1863, married Wiley
Umbarger d 1939.  Lived always in MO and both buried Omer Cem.

Andrew Jordan Sellars, b 3 Jan 1866, d. 9 Oct 1828, m Nettie
Bell 3 July 1887--both buried at Omer Cem.  One son, Paul Sellars OK/MO
also buried Omer. d. 1960.  Had married Opal Locke, no children she also at Omer
as he inherited the Wiley Umbarger/ Elizabeth Sellars farm.

Leonidas Flin Sellars, b 7 Nov 1869, d 26 Sep1931, b Dry
Creek Cemetery, Belgrade MT.  Married Margaret Vassar 19 Apr 1893 in
MO--moved to MT about 1927 as his daughter Lora and son Forrest Glenn had moved there earlier.

My father had known some of the above folks as he lived in
MO til WW1 and again when he retired. He and my mother also at Omer Cem along
with his parents and other O'Connors.  It was started by his grandfather John
O'Connor, altho the immigrant O'C from Ireland is in  another cemetery nearby.
I correspond with the MT Sellars descendents and many of the others.  Have
seen the name John Riley Sellars somewhere in records but can't relocate to
verify possibility of its being this one or perhaps a relative.

Any help appreciated.  Elsie

ELSIE, thanks. this is very good and what we need. Added to your page with links.
Check out the neighbors in 1850 Chariton Co, Mo page.
Do we know Eliz CURTIS parents?
Can we check CW records in MO for Jordon? if we knew Where born in TN might help.
1840 census - WHEN was it taken? IF before June 1840, he should be living with parents!
If after June, 1840 , he should be listed on a census, maybe between here and MO!
1830 census has 2-3-4 SELLERS with males born 1815-1820
1840 census maybe only one SELLERS with male 1810-1820
Check all these connecting counties, etc
But, I think I lost Archibald SELLERS and his family?

JORDAN SELLERS doesn't appear to be on any of the wills that we have. Our we missing any?
OR he was an adult and had been given etc before?
My index only goes to 1850, but, may show more on line?

DIED 1908? - did he have an obit with any brothers/sisters listed?

IF you find any info, Please advise.
Thanks for sharing . marie, iowa

MATHEW, ARCHIBALD, JORDAN SELLERS all have males 10/15 = 1815/20
FLIN SELLERS has son 20/30= 1810/20

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       "Elsie" <elsie@reliable-net.net>

Marie:  I have visited Cannon, DeKalb, and Warren Co. TN and
haunted their Courthouses, libraries etc trying to place Jordan Basil
Sellars with no positive help. I did, once, find a record in DeKalb--made out of part
of Warren as was Cannon--where the Jordan Sellars was appointed guardian of
the children of a John Sellars--with, of course, no names given for the
children.  For a lot of the time I have felt Jordan Basil was the son of that
Jordan--who is different
than JB as he died in TN in 1846.  His will and
administration only accounts for two minor children and wife.  No obit discovered otherwise., but thought JB may
have been one of Johns children, or a married older child
getting no patrimony.
He was, however, the oldest of the ones we know ofexcept for
Archibald.  The two younger children of the Jordan had names I've discovered
were still in school when Jordan died in 1846.

I do have the 1830-40 TN census and haven't connected to JB.
The children of JB
and Eliza Curtis appear to have been born in TN
except the last 3 births.  He is listed in MO 1850 and 60,
near Elizas parents Enoch and Celia Catherine Curtis who apparently
lived in MO when she was born.  I cannot account for her
presence TN in 1840--but there is another Curtis in Cannon at that time.
Eliza had several siblings and I do have an obit for a
brother, Jefferson, who was apparently rather well off and a civic light.

As to Archibald, ours, --there were other Archibalds down
there at times--was born in 1815 and died in Oregon Co. MO in 1856 or close.
His daughter by  Letitha Huddleston, who also died--thytfoid-whose name was
Mary, survived and JB and brother, Mattthew went to Oregon Co. and returned Mary,
who was always known as Molly, to Linn CO. MO.  She and a daughter of Alfred, who
apparently died about Civil War time in Linn Co, tho I have only a note by
my aunt to go by.
Alfreds daughter was Susan.  Alfreds two sons, William and
Thomas were reared by nephews of Alfred--Wm P. Whitley and Wm. Newton Sellars

Mollie married John Frakes in No. MO and there are many
Frakes up there yet--as I once visited my GGgrandmother, Elizas grave up there while
searching records--lots of propeerty records but not much genealogy
help otherwise.  Sorry about the long stories but I do need help and I thank you
for yours.  My cpmputer has been intermittantly a pain lately and it looked
as if I'd "sent" the last message three times.  Hope I an get this one opff
in better order.

ELSIE, thank you. We did Not have the Oregon Co, Mo info. Will add a page - just have 1850 census.
If you want to add any documents, etc. will post contributed by you.
Please do so on ANY of our pages that need info.

NOW you name a MATHEW as a brother of JB  = JORDEN BASIL 1815?
And the Mary, dau of Arch was born ca1850?
Alfred is who? age and place in 1850 and maybe I can find/place him?
Don't I get lost easy!
DID they have Land in MO? have you checked the MO blm land = I see they are off line now!

ONE thing that I always think about is =
1841 FLYNN SELLERS died/wb-1-396=
Warren County Records =
7-29-1841= Allowance for Widow of FLYN SELLERS DEC'D
7-30-1841=Sale Bill of Flin SELLERS, dec'd=buyers=
W.C.NG  (?? is there more name? msh)
Money due the estate of JOEL F. SELLERS
They have mispelled names and crossed out, etc before. But JOEL B. SELLERS is interesting.
DOES anyone have COMPLETE papers on this probate of papers that might show if and by whom this was paid?
WE only have the extraction.
DOES ANYONE have wills listed after 1850 and copies or abstracts of same?

ELSIE, thanks for sharing so willingly. Hopefully, it will help all of us!
marie, iowa

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          "Elsie" <elsie@reliable-net.net>

To add to Archibald--his adm. was by Isaac Perkins--a
brother in-law I think as we have that J.B.s  sister Sarah (Sally) married a Chas.
Carter and the other one, Lucinda (Linda), married Isaac Perkins.  After Carter
died Sally married a Case.

Alfred was a brother of J.B. and the Matthew and Archibald
and birth uncertain  but we have 1832 approx., in TN.  He died when his youngest
son was less than 3 which seems to have been around 1863.  He married first a
lady named Fane (surname) and then a Mary Jones.  was in LinnCo. MO about
1850 then in Cedar Co.
but I have found no burial site (haven't really concentrated on him.

I do not understand the question as to W.C. NG.

I have a Sellers write-up which follows the Sellers from VA
in 1600s to the Matthews who went to KY and TN about 1800.  Their route
would tie in with Drury Sellers who had siblings with "our " names  That line has a
Joel.  Can you reach
Jacqueline Curtis and give her my e-mail?  And if you have a
way, check on Drury as I believe I've seen that name around Warren and DeKalb
Co. TN in land papers.

I did find in last nights reading that Matthew Sellars had
married--her name
"Hulda" without surname, but he also died pretty young and
still in Linn Co. MO,
I think, as Mary whom they raised married in Linn.  Next

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Again already.  I just ran a copy and may be ableto answer
some questions I didn't in the other sent.

The Flin Sellars has always interested me and I'm sure he is
a relative at least, as one of the boys in JBs second family was Leonidas
Flin Sellars.  I saw land records at DeKalb courthouse mentioning him but found
no real connection--by the end of a day doing that sort of thing I'm
not really very sharp, tho--and away from home.  Our library has no help so
I have to go to Fort Wayne (Allen Co. IN) or to the locality where I see the
names in Census.
Usually it is on the way home from two weeks of archeaology
work beyond where the census says they are.  And the last couple of years
haven't done that...just travelled to theTN area and have a hard time finding lodging
near where I need to be.  Fort Wayne has great genealogy siurces, but quite a
way away and lots of bad weather.

I have one paper where Jordan Sellers was a bondsman for a
Joel Medcalf up in KY.  Have never run across the Joel Sellars paperwork.
You mention JB with
1815--that is Archibald's birth date as we have it.  JB was
1818--and he is well
remembered in Cedar Co. as he lived to 90.  Archibald's Mary
was I think 5 in 1856.
Don't know of land for Alfred, but would have been in
Linn Or Cedar.
Strange he is not at Omer--I'll have to see about Polk Co.
and others nearby..
A cousin, a Whitley who has her genealogy papers and desk in
the Nursing Home at Stockton MO,  has cemetery records for that area so I will
see if she can find Alfred. She has been trying to find some of the 1st
generation O"Connor girls
info for me and sends possible cemetery records.  My
daughter and I have printed and sold or given away a family history book on my mothers
people (Hill) and have the O'Connor one ready to print, almost, with 1800
O'Connors.  The Sellars were my father's maternal relatives--his mother was a
daughter of William Newton Sellars--JBs oldest son.


JULY 5, 2003
We have corresponded before and you have also heard from others in my Sellars group.  I have recently done somewhat more on the line and at Smithville where the family lived in TN and have some further info that has helped to clear up some of the discrepancy as to our line.
We are descendents of Jordan B. Sellars, born in TN in 1818, died 1908 in MO.  I am presently quite certain that Jordan B. was the son of Jordan Sellars of DeKalb / Warren TN, who died in Warren in 1846.  Since our Jordan B. and siblings were not mentioned in the will and other children were, I could not be sure he was their parent.  The wife of the will was Evan, when we were pretty certain that was not the name of Jordan B.'s mother due to other census sources.  However, I have recently found quite clearly that the mother of J.B. was a first wife of the older Jordan.
The first wife, carried in Census as Elry (different spellings in various census records) was evidently divorced before the second marriage.
One older daughter was mentioned in Jordan's will and was evidently by this first marriage; I have also found another of J.B.'s sisters receiving "her portion of her father's land" tho there seems to be no record of the other siblings shares.  They seem to have been sold to a Thomas Simpson, who also moved later to Oregon Co. MO, where J.B.s siblings lived.   (He must have been a relative.)
The original Jordan was the son of John Sellars, who also was married twice and died after 1830, leaving his property and the guardianship of a minor daughter "to his son, Jordan".  This John was a son of the original TN immigrant, Matthew, who also was the father of Archibald, Drury, and Matthew Jr.
I have done little to trace Archibald, and Drury seems to have left DeKalb before the rest;  however Matthew Jr. is the person who married Charlotte Hart, daughter of Thom. Hart, and whose sister married Drury Sellars.
Jordan B. (I cannot be sure that our interpretation of his middle name is Basil, as we have always used it, as it may well be a rendering of Braswell--Basell or Brasel since I learned at Smithville many of the Braswells changed spelling to indicate branch.)  J.B. and all of his siblings except Chole (who married Wm. Braswell) moved to MO before their mother died as she was also in MO in the 1850 census.
As to the first Matthew from N.C. I cannot be certain.  An in-depth Sellars document I have of earlier generations says there were three Matthews in N.C.  in the same area in 1790; only one in 1800.  One Matthew went to KY and his family is quite clearly covered in records to the present time.  One Matthew remained in N.C.and the other is said to have moved to TN.  Tracing this Matthew is not quite clear and there may have been more than one, unless he moved rather erratically within the state.  The KY Matthew married Ann Corbett, but I find no good documentary on the wife of the TN Matthew.  It would be very helpful to learn that.
Thank you for the time involved here, but I did want to let you have the latest info I have on this group, and will add info now or later as you think helpful to other Sellars researchers.
Elsie Fox  elsie@reliable-net.net

ELSIE, thanks for the update and sending thru SELLERS discussion group for any help, etc.

DO you/we have ALL probate/adm papers of Jordan SELLERS =
only extraction i could find right now =
 1847 =JORDIN SELLARS WB-2-201Warren Co,Tn=
9-25-1849 - R.P.MARACKvs SELLERS heirs- Jordon SELLERS,dec'd wife Eran having married Synder/Sinder/Linder. Part of estate was to be sold and divided. Heir Clory BRAZZLETON having received $200 of share. Adm=R.P.WOMACK 3-28-1858
NOW , this appears his wife was ERAN = any spelling and she Remarried a Linder
 and in 1850 =
SOMETIMES there is more info in the Probate/ADM papers = do you/we have?
WE also NEED more info on this heir CLORY BRAZZLETON, etc
1850 etc CENSUS?

DO you have copy of JORDAN SELLERS'S WILL? I believe we need complete copy and any papers with it.

ANY DOCUMENTS on these family members appreciated.
 HELP where you can.

THANKS for sharing,
marie, iowa
I do have a copy of the old Jordans will; wife, Evan, four children, 2 or 3 minors, and many later reports by guardian of the minor children.  The daughter, Chloe Braswell, who already had $200, was the oldest sister of Jordan Basil? Sellars,  a son, along with two other girls and three boys by Jordan's first wife Elry, shown in the 1840 census with all the children except Chloe.  The Braswell family sy Chloe died in 1852 and Wm. Braswell remarried twice.
My scanner and such are "out" right now as I'm getting a new hard drive, etc.  Can send copies later or put on TNDEKALB if needful.  I do have, also, a copy of Jordans father's deed showing him as a son.  I do not, however, have anything to show what happened to the daughter of John of whom Jordan was made guardian except one report by Jordan of income in her name.  She would have been Anadney Sellars as a minor when John and wife died about 1830.
Let me know disposition of these items that might be helpful to other family searchers.  Elsie

july 2003
I forgot to explain the suit in 1858? where Mr Womack, old Jordan's admtr tried to keep  Eran's Sellars land from being put into the rest of the estate before dividing with the rest of the children of the earlier family.  (He was successful, as the court upheld Jordan's naming that portion all hers.)  This land was in Warren Co, while that given the early family was all in DeKalb.)
Also Eran did very shortly marry Mr. Linder and had Linder children before he died quite soon.  She later married again, tho I cannot remember the name off-hand.  Elry, the first wife,  moved to Oregon Co., MO with Archibald, Sarah, Alfred and Matthew, J.B.s siblings--Arch was married,  the other three were living with Elry a few houses away.
J.B. went on to Chariton, then Linn Cos, MO,( the birth area of his wife, Eliza Curtis,  (my ggggrandmother) and later all the rest of the children lived and married in Linn Co. after Arch died in 1856, and his children were taken to Linn.  I do not have a death circumstance for Elry, tho her name is spelled Early by the census taker in Oregon Co., MO.  A sister of these people, Malinda Sellars, married an Isaac Perkins in Ripley Co., MO in 1843, and may have been the reason the others moved nearby.  Melinda and her youngest children are living in Linn Co in 1860, So Isaac must have died.  I find an Isaac Perkins in the cemetery book for Cooper Co., MO but as yet have not secured a copy of his stats from people there.
A few years ago, after working for the U of SC on Parris Island, I stopped in Wilmington NC where I had seen many Sellers listed with the right names to be relatives of my branch.  One of the things I found in the library there was a Thesis by a local Sellers Descendent tracing the Sellers from arrival in late 1600s to when many left to go inland.  This material showed a Matthew going to KY and one going to TN.  The wife and family of the Kentucky Matthew are known, but the author and other descendents think TN Matthew is the father of "our" Matthew Jr, Arch, John and Drury.  I am not too certain as ages of children in 1790 are not conclusive--so I still look, altho it would appear a William Sellers family is closer in ages.  My family has always considered J.B.s ancestor to be a William, tho I have no documentation, and I know how word of mouth can get distorted.
J.B. has always spelled his name Sellars, and I have thought perhaps he did that change due to the circumstances of his own line--however, in TN a couple of weeks ago I saw several spellings of Sellars outside our immediate groups.
Thanks for all the reading time of which I'm depriving you.    Elsie