Received your  Very Nice packet of family history. Lots of names, dates and places!
And you have done a Very Good job of following thro on these families!
With Documentations! And their history.

SOME of our SELLERS connect these families to the NATHANIEL SELLERS  in 1785 Fayette Co, KY
to the will of SAMUEL SELLERS  will of 1776 of Cumberland Co, Pa

I don't seem to SEE the ROBERT SELLERS chart/connection you mention = IF you have , please send, so we can study.

AS ALWAYS, you must check out the documents yourself.

I wish you could send this to me via computer, so could place some of it on a page for you and links to these counties/states.
This would allow me to Link you to these families on the SELLERS web pages.
We need ALL  documented pages on these families.

We did  Not have this Nebraska  link to JANE SELLERS BRIDGE and will try and link YOU to same. BUT, no info there.
BUT, they were JANE SELLERS BRIDGE'S children! so would like them.

We did not have the War of 1812 Info  linked to this family.
KY war of 1812?
AND we were living in PREBLE CO, OH?
HOPEFULLY, I can extract this info YOU have sent and ADD to their FILES.

I NEED YOUR HELP on Adding this Info to Correct Places
OR a copy or Extract of your file is fine!

I have NOT studied all of your chart.
And some  family history charts do NOT print out correctly.
And I think that is what it is?
(Reread chart you sent?)

(this is on your  JOSEPH SELLERS SR chart

DO YOU show Matilda SELLERS married MICHAEL MOWREY  as a child? of ??
I show her as an Heir to ROBERT SELLERS, (son of JOSEPH Sr).= she would be a child of this ROBERT SELLERS?

AS I said, I have NOT time to continue thro ALL these kids. I WISH we could.(WE need relations help)
JUST thought you might be able to ADVISE me quickly.

I AM SENDING this ON to you and HOPE you can see the way we post/share our info.=
WE don't have much on your family of BRIDGE.
HOPE you understand and can SEE.what we NEED to continue these families ON.

I would like to have a Chart on JANE SELLERS BRIDGE that we can post to the counties/states on our SELLERS WEB PAGE, contributed by you and links to same.

SORRY, tired, late, etc.
THANK YOU for sharing = WE Need YOU!
HELP where you can.

SENDING thro our SELLERS discussion group =
They Connect to these SELLERS and Perhaps will  send us a Copy of Links and Families connected.


AND THANK YOU for sharing YOUR family.

marie, iowa

       "Verne D. Hegge" <verned@c2i2.com>

Sorry I am so late sending this, a friend in Omaha, NE has this line,Her address Glaydas Hedstrom, (GSHedstrom@aol.com) 809 South 173rd
Plaza, Omaha, NE  68118-3102.  Jane Sellers Bridge, was my Great gt. grandmother.  The Sellers were in KY in the War of 1812, before moving to
Ohio.  I have nothing on Robert, how ever one of the grandson's in a write up from IN, gives the father of Joseph Sellers, Sr. as Robert and wife
Matilda.  I would think the people working on the family lines, would check out the War service for the men.  Also the County History,  Preble
County Ohio has a lot of information on the family.  The DAR also has material that I sent in, from the Bridge Family book.  Must close for now,
I have had a terrable day with back pain.  I have all kinds of records around here,  have been working on this for years.  Regards, Elsie

       "Verne D. Hegge" <verned@c2i2.com>
       "marie sellers hollinger" <mari@netins.net>

Just read the nice letter you sent,  I have much more to mail to you,  one thing is a picture of Jane Sellers Bridge.  I really think my Joseph,
William, and the brother Nathan, had Nathaniel Sellers for a father.  The man who had a write up and in the IN book, said his Gt.Gt. grandfather
was Robert Sellers and wife Matilda.  I think he was mixed up.  What do you think about me paying some one to work on this mess in KY.?  Let
me know.  I had Matilda Sewllers married to the Michael Mowrey as a child of Joseph Sr. how ever I have a copy of his Will, will mail that to
you.  It sounds like in his Will that she was the daughter of Robert.  He had a Robert, maybe this was his daughter ?  The mother Rachel in her
Will does not name this Matilda Mowrey ??? My Joseph Sellers, Sr. and the boys were in the War of 1812 from KY.  Than they moved to Eaton,
Oh. around 1806.  I have a copy of his papers, had to have them to join the Daughters of 1812., here in AZ- It was in Eaton, Oh. that his
daughter Jane meets Ebenezer Bridge, and they get married.  Some records have her as Nancy Jane, and the rest just Jane ??
   The Bridge family has a old book, the DAR has a copy of this.  How ever they did not have my line.  Just Ebenezer Bridge and Jane.  They did
have a copy of a letter written in 1850 I think, it is dated, that Ebenezer Bridge has written.  Will send you a copy.  Thank you so much, I will
help all I can.  We just have to get this material down and out to our peolpe.  Thanks you so much for helping on this for me.  I wanted to know
your lines, on the family?  Elsie-AZ

ELSIE, Thanks.
This is the SELLERS family discussion group and we Share ALL SELLERS
families and their connections and Where they Went and Came From.
AND I send  All copies of letters to our group unless marked private,

DO you have Internet connection so you can go to our pages of
states/counties, etc?
Otherwise, I could just send you this info, But, you can't follow the
Links to our members pages, etc.
That's like I can't get YOUR info to our group, Unless, you can send to
me on the computer.
Could you check this out for me? I believe you said it was on your
husbands computer?

NOW, I do NOT want ANY  solicitations from our SELLERS group to ANYONE
asking to HIRE someone.
BUT, I am sending your letter (even with  that statement)
Because I believe our SELLERS members/group
SHARE Most  info collected, available on these families.
AND are more knowledgeable on these SELLERS because of that sharing.
AND I don't Know ANYONE that knows more than they do!
I AM SURE there are More Documents available that have Not been
Collected or Sent.

NOW, we still Need to Buy DOCUMENTS, esp some of the newer ones being
published, that we didn't have access to before and keep on Searching
for New info/documents that become available as Others share with us and
the usgenweb.

We  have a copy of Joseph SELLERS 1760/1834 Will, but, have ONLY
Extractions of same on his page.
We would appreciate anyone transcribing same for our SELLERS pages.
(Yes, I show Matilda Mowery as dau of Robert, son of Joseph 1760)

RACHAEL, we only have=

8,1845 Cass Co,In Term of Court=
Rachael SELLERS, dec'd, Wills BUZAW , Adm , final settlement (no info)
SO, we could use any transcription on this.
KY WAR OF 1812 =
We don't have a page listing our SELLERS. (just made one, so anyone can
send SELLERS names)
Quess No one has sent. IF you have an extraction of same, Sure would

I DON'T think I have or have read the article RE: father ROBERT SELLERS.
and maybe since it was written, more info?
This is in Preble Co, Oh files?
Thought we had most of them? Maybe newer ones? or date?
WE should proably post info, AS someone may still be using?
AND we would like ALL SELLERS to see ALL links, etc.

SOMEWHERE, I have read this letter re:Ebenezer Bridge = SELLERS LETTERS?

WE should try and post a copy of this on the Ebenezer Bridge page.
WITH the info you have sent us.
Do you have it extracted and copied to the computer?
 is it copyrited? need permission? Please Ask.

IS it on the internet on BRIDGES' PAGES? They will usually give
permission as long as we use their name and we Gladly give credit to
Anyone sending info/documents.

MY direct line is MONOS T. SELLERS 1785 VA/1861 IA, married 1820
PICKAWAY CO, OH and 1830/40 MADISON CO, IN, and 1850 TIPTON CO, IN and

THANKS for sharing, helping and trying to get this info to us via the
computer. If you need help, yell.
marie, iowa