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I just learned recently that ELSIE S. HARVIN passed away last
year. I contacted her son Andrew Fitchett
<afitchet@statesville.net> who indicated Elsie had left all of her
genealogy with him and that he was going to take it up where she
left off. I encouraged him.

        Here is what I have:
Michael Sellers m Susan Rebecca Johnston 1839 in NC(don't know the

I am from Isaac Johnston Sellers.  He left Horry Co. after his mother
died. He bought land in Orange Springs, Marion Co., Fla in 1879. m
Melissie Stokes in 1879.  They had 1 child Susan Gertrude Sellers Feb.
1880 (Melissie Stokes had 4 children by a previous marriage).   Melissie
died in 1885 (according to Aunt Susan) and  Isaac brought Susan to
Brunswick, Ga.  Don't know what year.  There he met My grandmother,
Esther Arvella Drury.  I have a copy of their marriage cert. from Camden
Co. from
Their children

Isaac Marion Sellers m Effie Collins April 12, 1911 Duval Co. Fl.
     1.  Joseph Marion never married
      2. Margarite m Robert Thomas
      3. Isaac Grayson m Voncile Rabb
      4.  Mildred Elizabeth m Orlando Russell
      5.  Samuel Herman m Dorothy Thomas

Herbert Spencer Sellers, Sr.  m  Sarah Jane Conner  1917  Duval Co.
Jacksonville, Fl.
      .1.  Rachel  stillborn
       2. Frances Hellen m Joseph Frederick Smith  (had 8 children)
       3. Angie Estelle m Theodore Marshall Bailey (had 3 sons)
       4.  Herbert Spencer Jr. m Jewel Fay Parnell (had 4 children)
       5.  Sarah Elizabeth m Carl Bruton, Harold Dowling, Benjamin
Ayers, Russell Dean Womble  (had 8 children)
       6. Elsie Ruth m 1 John Watson Stewart, Jr.  2 John Wesley
Fitchett, Jr.  3. Henry Ellis Harvin  (had 9 children)

Isaac Johnston Sellers died Oct. 1898 and is buried in an unmarked grave
in Horse Stomp Cemetery, White Oak, Camden Co. Ga. according to Susan
Gertrude Sellers (she m 1 Hugh Nahum Littlefield 2 William Bembridge
Nelson in Camden Co., Ga.  She lived in Waverly, Ga. Camden Co. and is
buried there in the Quarterman Cametery).  I have a list of her children
if you want it.

Herbert Spencer Sellers died Nov. 16, 1927 and is buried in Evergreen
Cem. Jacksonville, Fl.At another time I will send a  list of  all our

Sarah Louvenia Sellers m William Clifton Collins Duval Co., Fl.
     .1.  Stillborn
      2.  Alice Louise Collins m 1 Albert Springer 2  Frank Thomas
      3.  Dorothy Angelina m William Herbert Harrell
      4.  William Russell  went to Texas m Pearly Roena  Oliver
      5.  Wilbur Clifford  m Viola Rigdon
      6.   Robert Louis m  Minnie Lee Hodges
      7.  Phyliss Jeannette m Carl Miller
      8.  Winfred James m in Va.(He was in the navy) and had 2
daughters, I have their names, not his wife.)
      9.  Richard Norman died 1 month old.
    10.  Frederick Eugene m Wilhelminia Youmans

Alma Irene Sellers  m James William Golden in Morristown, New Jersey.
They had no children.    She is buried in Morristown, N. J.

All my sisters and my brother have died since July 1990.  I am the only
one left and I was born Feb. 22,f 1928 (3 mos. after my father died).
He died of pneumonia


MARGAARET CHRISTINA (married John Cherry)
REBECCA SUSAN K. (married George L. Reaves)
VIRGINIA CURULLA (married John T.Harrelson
                                                   or T.M.Branton
ROSE MELINDA (not married on 1880 census)
SUSAN LAVINIA (married John Harrelson
                                           or T.M. Branton

Because of first son's name , I'm prone to believe ELISHA was a son of a Geo SELLERS-
the second SON was named for MICHAL and my GRANDFATHER
ISAAC Johnston was named for his MATERNAL GRANDFATHER =

I have been unable to find anything on Scoveland since the CW- he was not listed in ANY of t he armed services - even though he was 21 in 1861 and a LANDOWNER in COLUMBUS CO, NC
Further research may show-
MICHAEL'S will was missing from courthouse-
SION SELLERS who lived near and associated with MICHALL - will was missing-(believe Sion was Michael's uncle)

215 N 7th ST
Macclenny, FL


Elisha Sellars 2,0,0,?,?,?,2,0,0,1,0

Amelia Sellars 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1

Matthew Sellars 2,0,0,0,1,0,1,0,0,1,0

Joel Sellars 2,1,0,0,0,1,0,2,2,0,1

Mathew SELLERS= 1210001-110101

Elisha SELLERS= 1102001-1110010001 (has 2 sons born 1810/15)

Joel SELLERS= 120001(reread=I show male 1780/90-one more 0?)-0003101001



when to HORRY CO,SC=
when to Marion Co, Fl=
when to Camden Co, GA

            marie sellers hollinger <mari@netins.net>
   ELSIE ,
thanks,I believe  we do have your list of children of Michael Sellers 1812

BUT, where did they go?
names of any of their children=
and married whom=when=where=
and Where are they in 1880
and 1900=
IF you have proven land in 1860's - description of land deed could help =
Much of this land was same earlier and creeks, etc names same- may help.

MAINLY, you have NOT sent us a continuation chart of the child you connect
NEED 1840 COLUMBIA CO, NC CENSUS posted - if you have ages - please send-
HE is propably there and perhaps Not another this age?
JEHONICAS SELLERS was a son of ?, maybe never married, and Maybe He had  a
Some of our Land info only goes to 1850 -
Do You have description of  his land
AND any land descriptions in Columbus Co, NC
Remembering , this counties all connect by a LINE = county/township line-

SHARE some of these kids families and where they are - Others can see and
help -
But, you do need to send this info. Thanks, marie, iowa

Betty Sellers wrote:

> Sorry Elsie but I don't have a Michael Sellers -
> I am forwarding this to the Seller Surname list and maybe they can help
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> From: Elliott Fitchett <ElliottNewell@bigfoot.com>
> To: kyseeker@comsource.net <kyseeker@comsource.net>
> Date: Saturday, August 08, 1998 2:13 PM
> Subject: Sellers-Most wanted
> >I am looking for grparents of Michael Sellers b NC 1812. Believe he is
> >son of Elisha & Rebecca.  Lived in Columbus Co., NC.  Moved to Horry
> >Co., SC 1865-67. Died  there.1874
> >
> >Elsie Harvin
> >215 N. 7th St.
> >Macclenny, Fl  32063
> >
> > 


        Elliott Fitchett <ElliottNewell@bigfoot.com>
             Re: Sellers-COLUMBUS CO,NC
             Mon, 17 Aug 1998 21:36:32 -0700 (PDT)

        ELSIE - I can hardly wait to study this - Thank You!
will try and make links to your page /info - marie, iowa

And to ALL - Remember the county lines =
Columbus Co NC made in 1808 from Bladen,Brunswick
Columbus Co now, lays next to Brunswick,Pender,Bladen,Robeson ,NC
Columbus Co now, lays next to Horry, SC
this part of SC was NC previous and very hard to trace without including
Can we connect this land back into Brunswick/Bladen? and who owned it then?

        Elliott Fitchett <ElliottNewell@bigfoot.com>
> OK, I got some of the papers out.  It's been a while since I went to
> Co.NC
> 1828 - Michel Sellers witnessed purchase of 100 acres of Elisha Sellers
> William
> Spivey.  Michael ws 16 yrs. old.  $60.00
>            East side Big Pond Branch   P 375 Bk?
> 1836 - Michael bought 245 acres  Both sides Beaverdam Swamp and
> Branch
> from Amelia (Milly) Sellers for $75.00.
>             Wit:  Elisha Sellers and George W. Sellers  24 yrs old.  Bk
> p.345
> 1851 - Michael bought  200 acres from Elisha Sellers  Northeast side of
> Beaverdam
> Swaamp and both sides of  Sweetwater
>            Branch for $20.00.  Wit:  G. W. Sellers and E. W. Sellers.
Book "O"
> p.
> 701-702
> 1851 - Michaael bought 200 acres from Sheriff for taxes $3.35 Land of
> Sellers
> 1867 - Feb. 20 -Michael sold to Molsey Sellers 140 acres where she now
lives -
> North
> side of Beaverdam Swamp, West side of  Big  Pond Branch where Molsey now
> (an
> agreed line between Molsey and Rebecca Sellers) for $188.00  Book "O" p.
>   1867 -   Feb. 22. - Michael sold  for $188.50  on the Northeast side of
> Beaverdam
> Swamp and both sides of Big Pond Brnch including the plantation where she
> lives .
> Test.. Elisha Sellers and M. M. Sellers  Book "O" p. 148
> 1867 - Feb. 25,  Michael; sold to J. C. (Joel C. ) Sellers  175 acres for
> $188.00
> Northeast side of Beaversdm Swamp and both sides of Horsepin Branch, the
> plantation
> where he now lives,
> I have many more copies of land transactions--too numerous to copy.
> In 1865 Michael bought land i n Horry Co. S. C. known as Floyds Township
> that
> time he was listed as living in Horry Co.
> In 1874 -  All children sold their land inherited from their father,
Michael to
> Isaac
> Johnston Sellers,  their youngest brother-my grandfather EXCEPT Scoveland
> William Jacinths Sellers , the eldest son.  I could find no record of him
> South or
> North Carolina.  At this time, Margaret Christina Sellers Cherry was
living in
> Martin
> Co. N C.  .
> In 1880  - All the children signed their inherited land (Susan, their
> died
> 1876) over to John T. Harrelson (the husband of one of the daughters)
> In 1880 Isaac Johnston was in Marion Co., Fl.  Margaret Cherry was still
> Martin
> Co., N. C. Uncle M.M. was still in Col. Co. but soon moved to Tavares,
Lake Co.
> Florida near his wife's brothers and father--the Reaves family).
> Icbarticus Branton was in Dogwood Neck  township, Horry Co. S. C.
> Note Elisha Sellers II and Rebecca's children listed on page 80 "RECORDS
> TO THE SELLERS OF BRUNSWICK COUNTY, N. C. " by James I Marlowe, Phd.
> I have found nothing on the Joel son of Elisha I.
> I do hope you will be able to find something in this to help me.  I've
> stumped
> for a long time now.
> My Uncle Isaac Marion said his ggrandfather was Elisha A. and was called
> "Elic."  He
> also said thaat Michael was born in Northwest N. C. near Hendersonville.
He was
> not
> from the German Sellers that were in that area in 1812.  When Michael
moved to
> Horry
> Co. He lived near Sion Sellers.
> See my page under Sellers Family Genealogy Look under the name CHERRY.
> Isaac Johnston Sellers (my grandfather) M 1 Mellissie Stokes, 1879, in
> 1. Susan Rebecca Sellers
> M.2 Esther Arvella Drury, Brunswick Ga.  , 1888
> 1. Isaac Marion  b. 1889
> 2. Herbert Spencer b. 1893    <=============| My father, Herbert Spenser
> 3. Sarah Louvenia b. 1896
> 4. Alma Irene b. 1898
> All children were born in Ga.
> I have a complete list of these children thuough 1989/90
> > BUT, where did they go?
> > names of any of their children=
> > and married whom=when=where=
> > and Where are they in 1880
> > and 1900=
> > ===
> >
> > MAINLY, you have NOT sent us a continuation chart of the child you
connect to
> > NEED 1840 COLUMBIA CO, NC CENSUS posted - if you have ages - please
> > HE is propably there and perhaps Not another this age?
> the 1840 Census wouldnt show anything as he was married 1839, and had no
> children.
> > JEHONICAS SELLERS was a son of ?, maybe never married, and Maybe He had
> middle
> > name?
> I have no information on a Jehonicas Sellers, I dont think he is in our
> > SHARE some of these kids families and where they are - Others can see
and help
> -
> > But, you do need to send this info. Thanks, marie, iowa
> >
> > I hope this will shed some light on your research...Let me know what
else you
> need.
> Elsie 

Mailed Jechonias 1748/1813 file

Mathew SELLERS=#12= 1210001-110101
Elisha SELLERS #19 = 1102001-1110010001 (2 sons 15/20=1810/1815)
Joel SELLERS #7= 120001-0003101001
Now whose son is this ELISHA SELLERS born before 1785 -
We should post the land deeds/court minutes from 1808 to 1820's-
marie, iowa 

        Sellers-Isle of Wight

   From: ELSIE
        Betty Sellers <kyseeker@comsource.net>, marie sellers hollinger <mari@netins.net>

I've been reading James Marlow's book again.   On page 26 he writes
about a Jechonias--could that be the Jehonicus(?) you were asking about?

On pages 7-8 &9 he writes about George, Arthur and William in
Northampton and Bertie Counties.  Has anyone done anything on them?  I
somehow believe George may have been Amelia's husband.  A son of
William.  There was a George in Columbus Co (if I can find the land
transaction) that was associated with Michael and Elisha and Joel, the
father of Amos and Daniel.  He said William was in South Hampton.  It's
not hard for me to get confused.  You would think I'd get some kind of
training since this is such an obsession with me!

Oh yes.  My Uncle Marion was only 9 years old when his daddy (Isaac
Johnston) drowned while fishing.  He may have just added "near
Hendersonville" when he said his grandfather was born in Northwest NC.
I understand Bladen Co. was called "Northwest District".He also said his
grandfather was Elijah Sellers.  I know from Gr. Uncle Michael Marion
that his (Uncle Marion) grandfather was Michael. He told other tales
that did not hold up.  Some did, some didn't.  He said we definitely did
not come from the Sellers in South Carolina.  Which was Benjamin and
Sion.  However, Michael moved down a few years before he died.

I found a few entries that I copied from the Florida (Brevard Co) Census

Vol 1 page 5462  Sellers John W M 50 b NC   Dist East St Johns River
Sheet 1     Line 23

                                       Mary Wife  46 b NC
                                       Nancy  Dau 21 b Fla
                                       Edith    Dau 14 b Fla
                                       Simeon Son 10 b Fla.
                                       Mayfield son  8 b Fla       #1
see #2
John Sellers
Continuation                   Riley son  6 b Fla.

Vol 1 page 5462    Sellers, Edith  W F 40 b. Fla          Dist. East St.
Johns River        Sheet 3     Line 28
                                          John son 15 b Fla
                                          Bunyan son  9 b Fla

Vol 1 page 5462  Sellers, Amelia W F 25 b Fla Dist East St. Johns
River    Sheet Sheet 23    Line 32
                                         Lucy  dau  4 b Fla
                                         Pearl  dau 5/12 b Fla

                               Sellers, Asbury  W M  61  b NC   Dist.
West St. Johns River    Sheet 7     Line 2
                                           S. R  Wife  62 b NC
                                           Lucy dau  18 b Fla
                                           R   dau 16 b Fla
                                           Josey granddaughter  07  b

Don't know if you want any of these , if not, let me know,

I'll send you the  census record I have of Margaret Christina Sellers
Cherry in Martin Co. NC  and the one where I found out that Icbarticus
Mercillia Sellers  Branton was female instead of male in Dog Wood Neck
Section of Horry County, 1880.  Don't know if or who Rose Malinda
married.  She was still at home 1880.

This is enough for today!

I will appreciate ANY and ALL help.


ELSIE, Very interested in Isle of Wight, VA which probably connect to our
Very interested in Craven Co, NC which I'm sure connect to our New Hanover,
SELLERS = JOHN and JACOB SELLERS =(Betty's line)
JOHN SELLERS born before 1718
JACOB SELLERS born before 1723
(Owned land in 1738 and 1743 Craven Co)
These appear to be the SELLERS connected to the River - boats,etc

CANNOT prove the connection from Craven Co, to Northampton, yet
NEED to work on neighbors, relation, etc-
Please Send any additional info you have and Thank You for Sharing SELLERS,
may help you and I work together. Thanks ELSIE, marie, iowa 

      From: ELSIE
            Elliott Fitchett <ElliottNewell@bigfoot.com>

Scoveland George William Jacinths (pronounced Ja- senths) Sellers was
called Scoveland.  I'm pretty sure he weas dead after the Civil War.  I do
(from great uncle Michael Marion Sellers ) Scoveland did not have any sons.
I do not know about daughters.
Michael Marion Sellers had only daughters..married in Lake Co. Fl.  Isaac
Johnston had 2 sons , Isaac Marion and Herbert Spencer.  Isaac Marion had 3
sons, Marion,  Isaac Grayson and Samuel  Herman.  He had 2 daughters,
Margaret and Mildred.  Herbert Spencer had , Frances Hellen, Angie Estelle,
Herbert Spencer, Jr., Sarah Elizabeth and Elsie Ruth (me) .  I have a
complete list on Uncle Marion and daddy.  I also have an extensive list on
Michaael Marion's 2 daughters (Not all the great grandchildren--they're
being born every week!)  I have 9 children, 32 grandchildren 24 great
grandchildren and 3 more great grandchildren due this year!

Jechonias belonged in another family...not ours (Michael).


marie sellers hollinger wrote:

> ELSIE - you may not have rec'd this if not a member - marie, iowa

> ELSIE - believe we are discussing the family of=
> married
> children=
> ============
> EDGECOMBE CO, NC June 1762= Orphans of Benjamin SELLERS dec'd 1761 =
> Matthew - choose mother, Sarah as guardian
> Jeconias         "        "          "        "      "
> Joel                 "        "          "        "      "
> (probably 14 yrs of age=to choose guardian)(born ca 1748/)
> Mary, court appointed mother,Sarah as guardian (under 14)after 1747)
> Simon, court appointed mother, Sarah as guardian (under 14)after 1747)
> Elisha - no guardian - over 19/21=(before 1743/41)
> Benjamin - no guardian over 19/21(before 1743/41)
> ===========
> Edgecomb Co,NC=
> ========
> DEC 1769 Arthur ROBBINS grant 200 acres on both sides SHALLOT SWAMP
> ==========
> 1769 BRUNSWICK CO, NC tax list =(MOST of these are the brothers above
-proven in
> the will and estate and guardian papers )
> BENJAMIN*- In 1773 sold land on the west side of Waccamw river(which is
> Columbus Co and also where son Jordon was in Rev War)
> JAMES (1778, bought 100 acres in the fork of 7 creeks)must NOT be
brother- not on
> will - UNLESS older son? already given land?
> JOEL (1779 bought 100 acres on so side of 7 creeks)
> SIMON (1773 -100 acres on a tributory to 7 creeks)
> *This Benjamin SELLERS is father of JORDON SELLERS-
> father of Wm W.  SELLERS 1818 -
> ========
> Sept, 1784, Brunswick Co,NC = JECHONIAS SELLERS witness for Arthur
> sale of 100 acres on West Side White Marsh to Dennis FOWLER of Sampson
> Wit = Jechonias SELLERS and Matthew SELLERS
> ARTHUR ROBBINS, PAGE 189=3-2-3-0-0
> JAMES SELLARS, PAGE 189=1-0-1-0-0
> JORDAN SELLARS, PAGE 189=1-0-2-0-0
> MATHEW SELLARS, PAGE 189=1-0-1-0-0
> MATHEW SELLARS, PAGE 189=2-1-5-0-0
> SIMAN SELLARS, PAGE 189=1-1-2-0-0
> ELICHA SILLARS, PAGE 189=1-3-1-0-0
> JAMES SILLARS, PAGE 189=2-5-3-0-0
> MATHEW SILLARS, PAGE 189=1-2-2-0-0
> ===
> APRIL, 1798 ARTHUR ROBBINS granted 50 acres west side of Mill Careek,
> Horse Pen Branches
> ======
> ARTHUR ROBBINS=01101-01101 PAGE 39
> 159, Sellars, Tho., 3, 3, 0, 1, 0- 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0 ,PAGE 39
> =====
> April,1808 Arthur ROBBINS sells to Absalom ROBBINS 320 acres on Mill
> previously owned by Simon SELLERS and sold and later bought by Arthur
> ===
> 1808 COLUMBUS CO is made from Brunswick and Bladen Land
> =====
> M. SELLERS, page 222
> Arthur ROBBINS, JR swears that Jechonias SELLERS stated on 10-25-1813
that after
> his death,
> Arthur Robbins Jr was to have his cattle
> Sister Penelope ROBBINS to have his money and collect debts owned to him
> Daniel ROBBINS to have his rifle
> ========
> JEHONICAS SELLERS brothers and sisters probably named children after him
- Even if
> that wasn't there 'call' name
> JACINTHS  is pronounced HOW?
> JACONEAS is pronounced HOW?
> ========
> 1808 COLUMBUS CO was made from Bladen and Brunswick and we have in
> 1830 COLUMBUS CO, NC =
> Mathew SELLERS=#12= 1210001-110101
> Elisha SELLERS #19 = 1102001-1110010001 (2 sons 15/20=1810/1815)
> Joel SELLERS #7= 120001-0003101001
> Hinson's
> Now whose son is this ELISHA SELLERS born before 1785 -
> We should post the land deeds/court minutes from 1808 to 1820's-
> marie, iowa
> =============
I believe Elisha and Joel Sellers of the 1830 census are bros.   I
believe this is the Joel whose sons are Amos and Daniel.  I believe this
Elisha is the father of my Michael. Somewhere in my papers I have a land
transaction where Amos witnessed the deed for Michael.  I have a son in
the navy.  He lives at Chesapeak, Va., Not too far from Franklin, the
county seat for Isle of Wight.  I may be able to get him to go and do
some research for me.  That is probably my only hope.  I need to find a
will or something and I feel it's in Isle of Wight or North Hampton.

 Where did Debie get the info that Amelia was married to Joel ?  Is
there documentation?    I have wanted to join the DAR since I was  young

I will be "down" for about 2 weeks.  Then I'll be back.  Please send any
info anyway.  I'll get it when I get back.


            marie sellers hollinger <mari@netins.net>
            Elliott Fitchett <ElliottNewell@bigfoot.com>

Yes , ELISHA looks like father of your Michael
(don't have his age out here!)
I did post ages in the 1840 census - and we can compare ages on other kids=
Believe MILLY SELLERS is connected to JOEL because of having land in
1830 = JOEL SELLERS born 1790/1800 and female 1780/90
I am not convinced on the MILLY and MILLIFORD that Marlowe connects -
NEEDS more work
The land transaction of AMOS and DANIEL =COLUMBUS CO, NC -
which I do NOT HAVE those land deeds=

1842= JOEL or ELISHA deed land to AMOS/DANIEL,sons of ?
REREAD original - whose sons'?

MUST have original to tell Whose SONS?
 ELSIE - If you have COLUMBUS CO, NC land deeds from 1800/1820 -
WE need to Trace these families and land
NO Wills are listed

BUT, could be Probate records in court minutes=

COLUMBUS CO, NC = lists from 1817 in my records=
LETS try and fill in these years
AND recheck these ages -

Have posted SELLERS in ISLE of WIGHT -
These SELLERS are here very early -
SAME Land as ?
I'm Not sure - Need to trace Beaverdam Swamp into Brunswick Co =
Thanks - Keep sharing - marie, iowa

THANKS  ELSIE, marie, iowa

I was looking for records in Marion C., Florida of my grandfther, Isaac Johnston Sellers, and found
a George Sellers bought property Witnessed by Hugh Stanaland and Daniel Stanaland in the 1800's.
These are connected from Brunswick County, NC. My gfather was born in Columbus Co. to
Michael and Susan Johnston Sellers I would like to know how they are all connected since Isc left
Horry Co., SC to move near George, Hugh aand Daniel. There was also a HANDY
(Hardy?) Sellers close by.

Do you have any idea who your George Sellers father or brothers were?
has it that my great grandfaher was born in NW N. C. near Hendersonville.
However, he married and lived in Columbus Co., N. C. where all his children
What I would really like to know is Elisha  or Michael a son of George.
Was one
of his brothers Arthur?
What was the approximate year you are referring to.
Would love to hear from you.  I was born a Sellers.
Elsie Harvin

WOLF14BLS@aol.com wrote:

Today I met a cousin, desc. of Michael Marion Sellers, 2nd son of
Michael and Susan Sellers of Columbus Co., N. C.  He had original pages
of an old family bible.  He gave me copies of some of the pages.  On
these pages I have finally found Scoveland George William Jacinths,
Michael's 1st son.  Below are some that were important to me.

Scoveland G. W J. Sellers departed this life October the 29-1858 aged 17
years 10 months and 23 days.

Virginia C. Sellers departed this life December the 11,-1862 aged 11
years 10 months and 29 days

Susan Lavenia Sellerss departed this life October the 12-in-1866 aged 12
years 6 months and 18 days

Michael Sellers departed this life Nov 3   1874 aged 62 years 4 months
and 2 days

Susan Sellers departed this life October 13th 1876 aged 59 years ten
months & 17 days

Elias J Sellers the grandson of M and S Sellers was born November 11,

I do not know if this was Michael Marion and Louisa Sellers' son or
whose.  Isaac Johnston was only 17 and not married...and I have not
heard of him before.  He may have been a son of Michael Marion that died
in infancy, but there is no record of him in the record Michael Marion
and Louisa left.

Now I have to account for T. M. Branton and John T. Harrelson that were
recorded when Susan Died in 1876 in Horry Co., S. C. Further research in
Horry Co, S. C. May
reveal this.